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My Login Info

I forgot my login info.

If you are having problems logging in or if you are receiving the message "Wrong Username or Password!" just click the Forgot your password? link located on the login page ( Then enter the email address that you signed up with and click; "Reset my password". We will then email instructions on how to reset your password.

I have the right info but I still can not login

To be able to login and stay logged in, your browser must allow Cookies. If you've tried everything and you still can't login or if you keep getting logged out, it almost certainly means that your browser is not accepting cookies, cookies are disabled or there is another setting or program that is causing cookies to either be denied or deleted.

You must accept cookies in order to login and stay logged in to Adam4Adam. Here are links to more information on how to change your settings in order to accept cookies:

How do I change my password?

Login and click MY ACCOUNT > CHANGE PASSWORD and follow the easy steps!

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Can I change my username?

Your username cannot be changed. If you would like a new username the only option is to delete your current account by clicking DELETE ACCOUNT at the bottom of your MY ACCOUNT page and then creating a new page.

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Can I change my account email address?

To change the email address that is associated with your account click MY ACCOUNT > EDIT PROFILE, change your email address and to save the changes be sure and click the UPDATE button at the bottom.

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How can I login to the mobile sites and RADAR applications?

Your login information is the same for all Adam4Adam products.

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My Profile

How do I create a profile?

A: To join Adam4Adam and have FREE FULL access to the site and its features, just click JOIN FREE! Creating a profile is easy, and takes just a few minutes.

A profile is a quick sketch of who you are, your lifestyle, what you are into, and what is important to you. Profiles can show off your body, your personality and your interests, your profile is your marketing tool that will help you meet other guys.

To be sure that your profile is approved without a problem, please read the Site Rules & Policies for more about what is and what is not allowed in profiles. Also read the KEY RULES that are posted on each page of registration available as you create your profile.

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How long will it take for my profile to be approved?

The activation of your profile and pictures is normally done within 24 hours. There may be unexpected delays due to heavy volume or technical challenges. As ask that you please be patient, and do not send to our support team asking for profile approval or when your profile will be approved. Our team must read each profile to maintain the quality and integrity and security of Adam4Adam and our members.

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How do I update my profile?

To update your profile just click MY ACCOUNT > EDIT PROFILE, and then make your changes. For your changes to be saved you must click the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page.

Make sure that the changes to your profile are approved quickly by reading the KEY RULES that are posted in the EDIT PROFILE page.

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Can I change my HOME LOCATION (City & Neighborhood)?

Your Home Location is the area that would want your profile to display. To change your Home Location, click MY ACCOUNT, under the General heading, you will see HOME LOCATION, click the CHANGE link, then you may enter the first three characters of your home town, or select the area where you would like your profile to reside.

You must select the most local are presented in the list in order to continue. Your final choice should display as green text.

Once your final choice displays, be sure to click the CONTINUE HERE button at the top to save your changes. Once you click Continue here, your profile will appear in the area you have chosen.

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How can I post my travel plans and appear as VISITOR in the area I am traveling to?

To appear in the visitors page of a city click MY ACCOUNT > PLAN-A-TRIP (at the top of the page) and then schedule your trip. Your profile will display in the location you are visiting during your trip. You profile will remain in your HOME LOCATION but show in the VISITORS section. Your trip can be edited or deleted at any time from the PLAN-A-TRIP page.

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How do I delete my profile & account?

You can delete your account by clicking DELETE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the MY ACCOUNT page.

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Can I retrieve a deleted pictures or messages?

No, once pictures and email are deleted they cannot be recovered.

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How can I browse/view members in other cities?

To browse/view members in other cities click CHANGE CITY on the left menu then just choose the city or area that you'd like to view. Note: Changing your city view does NOT change your HOME LOCATION.

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What is a MATCH?

A Match is when you have added a member to your Friends List and they have added you on their friends list.

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How do I see which members are a MATCH?

Click the MY FRIENDS on the top menu to open your list of friends. In the Thumbs Up column, a GREEN background means that he has you in his list of friends and you are a MATCH, a BLUE means he does not have you on his friends list.

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My ProAd

What is a ProAd?

Members offering pay services such as massage, personal training, photography, etc must create a ProAd. Use the form below to create or update your ProAd.

Members with ProAds can switch between PRO and regular mode using a link found in the MY ACCOUNT page. When a member is in PRO mode his profession appears under his thumbnail which makes it easy for others to see that they are advertising a service.

Members who discuss business or offer pay services without showing a ProAd are subject to immediate suspension. Please remember that, even with a ProAd, it is illegal and strictly prohibited to discuss or advertise sex for money or to spam members by sending email to solicit business.

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How can I create a ProAd?

To create your ProAd click MY ACCOUNT > ProAd, make the changes you would like to make to your current profile and click CREATE ProAd at the bottom to save your changes.

Our ProAd services are reserved for VIP Access. A payment is required to activate your ProAd, when making your payment, be sure to select the "VIP Access + ProAd" option in the payment page.

Before using your ad, please be sure to read KEY RULES posted on the right on the 'ProAd' page.

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How can I update my ProAd?

To make changes to your ProAd click MY ACCOUNT> ProAd, make your changes and click UPDATE at the bottom. Before making changes be sure you understand the rules for ProAds.

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How do I cancel my ProAd?

To hide your ProAd go to your MY ACCOUNT page, you can use the link toward the top of that page to switch to hide your ProAd. To delete your ProAd go to your MY ACCOUNT page, you can use the SWITCH link to switch to 'Regular' or you can click the Delete ProAd link in the 'Create/Edit ProAd' page.

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What are the ProAd Key Rules?

DO NOT place an ad for a company, organization or agency.

DO NOT advertise or discuss sex for money.

DO NOT place links to any websites.

DO NOT upload explicit pictures (NO NUDITY), if you are a PRO member.

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My Photos

How do I add photos to my profile?

To add photos to your profile, click MY ACCOUNT > UPLOAD PHOTO, and follow the simple instructions listed on the page.

If your pic is larger than 100 kb in file size we suggest that you reduce it, or you may have problems uploading the photo.

To protect your images we suggest that you put your username or email address on your pictures. Before uploading images, please make sure to read the KEY RULES posted in the UPLOAD PHOTO page. Text other than your username or email address is not permitted on photos.

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How long will it take for my photo to appear?

Each photo must be approved to protect the site's members and to maintain the integrity of Adam4Adam. Your new photos should be approved within 24 hours. There may be unexpected delays, if so, please be patient and do not contact support asking when your photos will be approved, as this may cause further delays.e bottom to save your changes.

Text other than your username or email address is not permitted on photos. Please read the 'Site Rules & Policies' below for more info.

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What if I am having trouble uploading photos?

Your photo may be corrupt, in the wrong format, or too large. It may help if you resave it in JPG format and make sure the file size is under 100kb. If you've followed our Photo Guidelines and still have trouble posting them, email your photos along with your screen name and instructions (Primary photo, Public Photo, Private Photo) to

Saving pictures in JPG format:

Open your pic in any image application such as PAINT, PHOTOSHOP, etc then from the FILE menu select SAVE AS and you will see the choices of possible formats, select JPG.

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How can I transfer photos to the site from my mobile or digital camera?

If you are using the mobile site, an iPhone, Android, or if you are using our app you can use the upload feature and transfer them directly from your mobile device.

You can also transfer your photos by emailing the photos from your mobile device to your email account (Yahoo!, Live, AOL, etc) you can then transfer the photos to your PC and upload through the site.

You should also be able to transfer your photo to your computer using a data cable, a Bluetooth connection, or through a memory card reader.

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How does the private pic Lock/Unlock feature work?

When you upload photos you are given the option to upload them as 'Public' or 'Private'.

When a photo is uploaded as PRIVATE it is locked, and can be viewed only when you unlock it for individual members. Your own private photos will always be visible to you.

When you have uploaded private photos (locked) you will see a link on each member profile that says "Unlock my Private Pic for him". When you click this link your private photos will be unlocked for that member.

Once you unlock a photo, it will stay unlocked for 2 weeks. If you want to re-lock all your photos at once use the RELOCK FOR ALL USERS link located on the Upload Photos page.

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What options do I have with Photos?

You may upload images as Public or Private. You may also hide images that you have uploaded.

Your primary photo cannot be made private.

You may upload photos as public, private or hidden by clicking the link to the right of the photo in the UPLOAD PHOTOS page.

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What are the Rules for Photos?

Do NOT upload photos that depict sex acts including oral sex, anal sex, penetration, or masturbation.

The pictures on your profile must be of YOU. Do NOT upload photos of anyone else.

We recommend that you put your user name on your photos to help identify them as being your photos. Text in photos other than your user name, real name, date, or email address is NOT permitted.

Do NOT upload photos of more than one person (you), unless you share the profile with the other person(s) in the photo and your profile text states that the profile is shared. For example: "We are a couple looking for..." , "We are 3 friends looking for..."

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What is picture rating?

G-rated means approved to appear on WWW, Mobile and RADAR Web-based App AND the native apps.

X-rated means approved to appear on WWW, Mobile and RADAR webapp but not in RADAR native versions.

?-rated means approved but is waiting to be rated.

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What is a Primary App Photo?

If your primary image is NOT G-Rated you may upload a Primary App Photo that will replace your non-G-Rated photo for the native App. Your Primary App Photo must be G-Rated and can NOT show any part of your underwear, your butt, or your genitals.

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Adam4Adam VIP Access

What is VIP Access?

Adam4Adam VIP Access members receive space for as many friends and blocks as they desire, are given room for 8 profile pictures, enjoy longer mail storage, can save more searches, have access to a longer track list, and receive faster profile approval.

Feature Regular/Basic Supporters
Inbox 10 days 30 days
Saved Conversations 20 conversations 200 conversations
Conversation Length 40 messages 200 messages
Pictures 2+4 * 2+8 *
Friends 150 unlimited
Blocks 150 unlimited
ProAd no yes **
Priority Profile Approval no yes
Saved Searches 3 10
Track List Length up to 10 up to 100
  • * 1 primary + 1 Primary App Photo + 4 or 8 secondary pics
  • ** Must select the "VIP Access + ProAd" option

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How do I make a payment?

To become a VIP Access member, click MY ACCOUNT> VIP PREMIUM ACCESS, and follow the instructions.

We accept most major credit cards. All credit card transactions are secure and discrete. Transactions will appear on your Credit Card statement as SEGPAY.COM@A4A Network.

All money received is put towards the running and further improvement of Adam4adam. Thank you all so much for your support, your donations really are a huge help.

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How do I cancel my auto-renewing / re-billing VIP Access? (How can I get VIP Access?)

You can cancel your auto-renew or re-billing payment any time. Click MY ACCOUNT> PAYMENT HISTORY then look for the "Cancel Auto-rebill" link.

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What does the function BLOCK do?

The BLOCK function only affects communication, which means the member you've blocked can still see you online but cannot send you messages.

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How Can I BLOCK and UNBLOCK a member?

You may block a member by clicking BLOCK HIM in his profile page. To unblock a member click the UNBLOCK HIM button in his profile page.

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Abuse, Harassment and spam

What should I do if someone is harassing or abusive?

If you are being harassed or abused though the site we suggest that you BLOCK the member and forward any abusive emails to us at along with the screen name of the member sending them. Do not reply to emails or instant message from him and do not post comments about him in your profile, which will only inflame the situation.

You also have the option to use the "Report User" link that is found in each email received in your Adam4Adam mailbox.

We also suggest that you review our "Safety Tips". They may help you in the future. Please scroll down to the bottom of the Safety Tips page to see other resources that may be helpful in this situation.

In most cases if you ignore the member they will stop if they get no reaction from you.

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What should I do if someone is using my photo in his profile?

Because we have no way to verify who owns the picture please contact the member and ask him to remove the picture. If he refuses to take the picture down, then we must have verification form you that the picture belongs to you.

Please send an email to us at and explain that someone is using your picture that you have contacted him and he refuses to remove the picture. Please include his and your user name in your email to us. Also, to verify the picture is yours include several pictures of you holding a paper with your screen name or email address on it, this will help to prove that you are the owner of the picture. Please make sure that the pictures you are sending look like the picture in question.

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How can I report spam, scams, solicitation emails?

When you read your Adam4Adam mail on the site, you will find a link "Mark as Spam" in each email. Please click this link to report the email as spam. This link should also be used to report solicitation emails.

You can also report spam using the Contact Us page. Click "Contact the Adam4Adam Support Team" and select "How Can I report Spam" then use the contact form provided.

Be sure to describe the problem in detail and include the offending email if possible.

Make sure to block the member by clicking BLOCK HIM in his profile page.

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How can I report a fake member?

When you read your Adam4Adam mail on the site, you will find a link "Report User" in each email. Click the Report User link and describe the problem.

You can also report users using the Contact Us page, Click "Contact the Adam4Adam Support Team" and select "How can I report a fake or abusive member?" then use the contact form provided. To verify your claim that the member is a "fake" you MUST include some proof, evidence, and a detailed explanation to support your claim. Without the proof and information we won't be able to verify and take appropriate action.

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What should I do if someone got my password and took over my account?

If you suspect someone is using and changing your account information please make sure to change your passwords for your Adam4Adam account as well the password for your email account and be sure to secure your computer.

If someone has taken over your account and you want it back we must have proof that this was your account to begin with. Please write to explain the details of your problems and attached one or both of the following:

1. Provide a picture of yourself that is similar to the one in the account with you holding a piece of paper with your email address (the same email address you signed up with) written on it.

2. Send us a copy of the original welcome email we sent you when you joined.

Remember, it's your responsibility to secure your computer, passwords and email account.

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Other FAQs

I cannot view ANY PICTURES of members, why?

This issue is most likely related to a firewall or your privacy settings. Try temporally disabling your firewall, if that fixes the problem you know that you need to adjust your firewall settings.

Many Anti-virus programs have privacy settings and similar features that can block ads that may block images. Try turning off these settings to see if it helps. Lastly, check your browser privacy settings, they should be set to Medium.

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I'm seeing weird or unusual browser behavior. What's wrong?

In Internet Explorer go to TOOLS then INTERNET OPTION then under PRIVACY try MEDIUM setting.

If the problem persists please try clearing your browser cache (if you're a AOL try accessing the site through a regular browser outside AOL):

Clearing out your temporary files and the cache may help. To do this, logout of Adam4Adam and close all browser windows (this is important). In Internet Explorer go to TOOLS then INTERNET OPTION then under Temporary Internet files and click Delete Files and then delete all offline content. In Firefox open the browser, click Took, Options, Advanced, Network, then in the Offline Storage section click Clear Now.

You can also try reinstalling a fresh and updated copy of your browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome.

Removing any added browser features such as Yahoo or Google tool bars, web accelerator extension, browser control bars, etc . may also help.

If the problem persists please use our Report Bug form. The link is also in the CONTACT US page. In this form give as much detail as possible about the problem, your computer and your browser.

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Site Rules and Policies

We reserve the right to suspend members who do not comply with our Site Rules and Policy.

Adam4Adam has one purpose: to help you meet men. Profiles posted for any other intent than meeting men will be rejected. Offering paid services is not allowed, you must create a ProAd and be in PRO mode to offer any paid services. You can find out more about the PRO listing by going to MY ACCOUNT then click Create/Edit ProAd.

It is forbidden to send unsolicited business mail or mail to solicit business (SPAM). Profiles promoting businesses, events, parties, and/or other web sites will be rejected.

Profile text and messages you send to other members should not be threatening, insulting, abusive, racist, or harassing. Your photos, profile text, and messages you send to other members should reflect your desire to meet other members, no other purpose will be tolerated. It is forbidden to seek, sell, recruit, promote or to advertise any businesses, organizations, bars, clubs, product, event, website via your profile or email you send to members. It is forbidden to send unsolicited PROMOTIONAL mail.

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Photo & Profile policy

Based on our commitment to providing an honest and enjoyable meeting environment, the following will NOT be accepted:

  • Profiles or photos that portray illegal activity, underage children, or explicit drug use.
  • Profile or photos that do not accurately and honestly describe and represent you. Photos that are not of YOUR face or YOUR body.
  • Profiles with web addresses, street addresses or telephone numbers, these are only allowed in the ProAds text.
  • PRO profiles with links to sites other than your own personal professional service site.
  • Photos with web addresses, telephone numbers or any other text except for your name/username/email and date. We reserve the right to edit photos to remove or blur disallowed text.
  • Photos that are corrupted, too large, or that do not match the text description or not of your own face or own body. Photos that show less than 5 square inches of your body or face.
  • Photos that depict more than one person, unless the profile is for a couple and only if this is represented in your profile text clearly.
  • Profiles where either the photos and/or text indicate that the member's intention is not primarily to meet other members.
  • Emails or Profiles which advertise or are placed for the purpose of soliciting other members for a business, organization, event, club, or bar, product or service.
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Near Me (Geo-Location)

Location-Aware browsing allows websites to deterring your approximate location. Firefox provide some good information on how Location-Aware Browsing works:

In order for the near me sort option to be accurate, members must share their location.

To change your location sharing preference just click My Account, your visibility preferences can be changed there.

Not all web browsers are able to share location information, only browsers such as Internet Explorer 9.0+?, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 10.6+ have the capacity to share geo-location. If you are not using one of these browsers your location cannot be shared, we recommend that you update your browser to the latest version available.

Many factors affect the accuracy 'Near Me' results as reported. For example; a member may have their profile set to one location, but be logging in from another. It is also important to know that "Near Me" accuracy varies greatly from location to location. In some places, service providers may be able to provide very accurate location information while in other areas the information provided by providers many not be as accurate and the 'Near Me' location as reported may be way off.

Remember, all locations provided are estimates, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any 'Near Me' location as reported.

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