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Today there are powerful incentives for everyone to know their HIV status!

If you’re HIV-negative, regular testing can confirm that the things you are doing to stay negative are working. Testing can also provide an opportunity to talk to a medical provider about PrEP if you’re finding it tough to use condoms regularly when fucking.

If you’re HIV-positive, incentives exist for starting treatment immediately. Experts agree that suppressing the virus to undetectable levels with anti-HIV medications can help someone live a nearly normal life span. And being virally suppressed means you are extremely unlikely to pass the virus on to sex partners. That’s a huge relief!

We know this because the PARTNER Study looked at 548 straight and 340 gay couples where one person was HIV-positive and virally suppressed and their partner was negative. After 60,000 anal or vaginal sex acts without condoms over 16 months, NONE of the HIV-negative men or women became infected. This was true even among gay men when the top came inside the bottom. It’s hard to guarantee 100% protection, but these are amazing results!

Supporting all HIV-positive people to be virally suppressed is the thing most likely to make new HIV cases extremely rare. And PrEP will definitely help to lift the painful burden of this epidemic. The combination of viral suppression and PrEP could also reduce some of the stigma and rejection HIV-positive guys experience, lessening the divide that exists between positive and negative guys. That would be a pretty good thing, too!

For more information about treatment of HIV and PrEP, visit Project Inform.

Dana Van Gorder, Executive Director, Project Inform

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Speak Out : “Masc Only” Mon, 22 Aug 2016 15:47:24 +0000 tumblr_myfmtc9IEV1qzna4vo1_500It’s one thing to be happily single. it’s another when you complain on social media about how awful and impossible..

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It’s one thing to be happily single. it’s another when you complain on social media about how awful and impossible ALL of the men are. I keep seeing and hearing this. You realize YOU are one men too right? Are you this portrait of perfection you’re seeking? (here’s a mirror – would you date you? seriously…) I can’t help but wonder if you’re not paying attention to great guys who likely notice you and you ignore them or desexualize them or shame them for not having game. I have little sympathy when you post occurrence after occurrence of someone who might’ve been a great first or second date that you shut down because he didn’t put a comma in the right spot or said something that didn’t fit the box you expected to put him into. He must be out of his league. Perhaps he used “you’re” instead of “your” in a reply. God forbid he was typing fast or autocorrect jumped in on his iPad….haha Guess what? It’s not everyone else…it’s you. And I hope the friends cheering on the smug posts in the comments box will be there to share your bed at night…

This world is so full of pretty people…lonely, pretty people who are afraid to make a lasting connection with someone. Or we just sleep with them so we’ve already gotten the milk…no need to keep the cow. We dote on the difficulty of dating when really, we keep overlooking people who could potentially treat us better than we’ve ever known because they aren’t the right height, race, color, size, body type, status….wtf is wrong with us?

The sexy that lasts also surprises…it doesn’t always fit into boxes.

I think of someone I spent time with who treated me better than almost anyone I’ve ever dated. When I first saw him, I wasn’t impressed. He wasn’t unattractive. He just wasn’t my “type”. People in my circle thought he was cute but I didn’t see it. He, however, made his interest known and it knocked me over. Like full blown, old fashioned, courting style..Did he have issues? Sure, everyone does! But after our time together I now remember him as one of the most charming spirits I’ve ever met who (to this day) left his mark on how I should be treated. Now, I’ve messed up and accepted less than that since then…but alas, we learn from our mistakes….right? But if I’d just ignored him or never actually paid attention, I would’ve missed the experience of him. That would’ve been an awful loss.

So, a guy says something that wasn’t the best pickup line…dating can be awkward at first – ESPECIALLY when it’s via social media or dating apps. It’s easy to be so judgmental when our own insecurities are hiding behind an iPhone screen. Cut them a little slack…I mean, unless of course someone is being blatantly disrespectful or rude. Then by all means…go IN. Complaining just too often seems to be the band-aid constantly being refreshed until we actually take a moment to deal with our scars…

I’m too often guilty of this myself and I really have to do better. Masc, Fem, Black, White, Asian, Twink, Muscle, whatever…when you’re being yourself it’s magic. It’s beautiful. Let’s love on each other a little more…

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Fantasy : Olympic Athletes Sun, 21 Aug 2016 13:24:35 +0000 IMG_0202Rio Olympics 2016 is really heating up our summer with the athletes’ impressive displays of muscles AND the impressive bulges..

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Rio Olympics 2016 is really heating up our summer with the athletes’ impressive displays of muscles AND the impressive bulges some of them sported made even more painfully obvious by their tight outfits. But of course no one is complaining and to be honest, those are more than enough reasons to keep our eyes glued to our television sets.

And so, before the XXXI Olympiad officially ends, let’s talk about… who else but the Olympic athletes?

Have you ever fantasized about them? Who in particular? Is there a certain gymnast, runner, boxer, swimmer, diver, golfer, tennis player etc. who you think is cute?

I happen to be partial to swimmers myself. There’s just something in the way their strong and broad back muscles ripple as they swim their way to their Olympic gold that I find sexy. Or how they seem to be constantly wet, rivulets of water running down their toned body that makes me want to trace it with my fingers.

What about those wrestlers rolling around the floor, grappling and trying to subdue each other? For some reason watching them makes me think they’re doing some sort of sexual activity.

What about the gymnasts and their flexible bodies? Heh. It makes you wonder what they are capable of in bed, don’t you? Or the divers and the teeny tiny swimsuits they wear? And the sprinters and their solid muscular thighs, their skin slick with sweat while they go the distance? Ever wondered how they will fare in the Sex Olympics?

The porn studio Gayroom even made a role-play scene inspired by the Summer Olympics to quench our thirst for Olympians. In this particular scene, hottie Paul Canon fucked the handsome Mike Maverick in his USA singlet! Paul literally ripped the outfit off right around Mike’s butt so he could fuck Mike with his big cock. Sexy, hmm? Check it out here if you’re curious!

Please hit the comment section below and share your Olympic fantasy with everyone. Tell us if there’s a particular Olympian in mind you’d love to do? Or if you’ve ever slept with an Olympic athlete or an athlete in general before? We’d love to hear your story.

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Sex : The Fisting Interview Fri, 19 Aug 2016 13:12:15 +0000 fisted-hand-signGreetings once again to the A4A Blogo-sphere, So this was a bit of a stretch for me (pun intended)… but..

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Greetings once again to the A4A Blogo-sphere,

So this was a bit of a stretch for me (pun intended)… but we here at the Buddy team had the opportunity to interview two Falcon Studio performers Axel Abysse and Brandon Moore.

For those that don’t know, I am pretty vanilla when it comes to my sexual proclivities. I’ve had my curiosities, for sure, but I can honestly say that I am petrified of the sportier side of sex… more specifically, FISTING. I am not going to write too much on this topic, mostly because I ain’t got the foggiest idea of what to say on the subject… that and I think the performers can do a better job than me. With that, I am going to shut up and let you folks read the interview! Got a story or spicy thoughts to share on fisting? I want to hear it. My favourite comment will get a free 30 day membership to!

Oh and if you want to see these two take it like champs, check out their scenes here and here!


What is fisting and why engage in it?

Axel – Fisting is more than putting hands in holes. For both fister and fistee, it’s a very unique intimacy. It requires trust and confidence. It’s about literally opening to the other. I personally don’t think it’s a dom/sub interaction. It’s never a punishment: it’s all about pleasure, the best massage your prostate can get. And it leads to the best orgasms you can dream of.


Brandon – Fisting is either putting your entire hand, arm, or hell even both of your hands and arms up someone’s ass or allowing someone to put any of those things up your ass. Sometimes even your own hand. You should only engage in fisting if you’re really up for the exploration of a more extreme side of sex. It can be really hot when everyone is really into each other and down to wreck some holes. You should not just do it for bragging rights or to satisfy your ego though, that’s when fisting becomes a chore.


With respect to fisting, how did it all start? 


Axel – Nobody really knows when and how it began. It used to be a niche. Although, internet and porn are clearly the reason why fisting is getting so much more popular in the past few years.


Brandon – I’m not sure about the history of fisting; I think it had something to do with the guys down on the docks in 70’s NYC looking for really machismo sex in an underground culture that could only operate in the shadows. I’m sure I am romanticizing it but it was a major player in pre-HIV gay culture when we were experimenting with what we collectively saw as masculinity for homosexuals, you know before they realized they could sell it to us. Males of any species I think have a lot of aggression which is linked to our sex drive so fisting is a nice blend of two really stereotypical “male” activities, f**king and fighting. Also maybe it takes receptivity on the bottoms part and makes it more of an athletic challenge than surrender making that experience more aligned with masculinity. But I honestly have no idea; I’m no expert I just stumbled upon it on the internet in 10th grade.


How long have you been doing it? 


Axel – Almost 10 years.


Brandon – After I found some fisting website on Angelfire or something when I was 15 I was pretty traumatized for a week, but you know what they say, curiosity caused the cat to put on a jockstrap and start trying to shove a bowling pin up its ass while looking in the mirror and wearing its dad’s work boots. I was always super curious and when my family wasn’t home I played with my ass as much as I could, the contraptions I made up were insane; crayon shaped piggy banks, hammers, tiny hand weights, a really long emergency flashlight wrapped in duct tape, and everyone’s favorite, the baseball bat. I remember using bar soap one time and almost getting my whole hand up my ass. 


Ever been fisted yourself? How did it feel?


Axel I’m versatile from the beginning. The first time I took a fist was a revelation. I came after a few moves inside me, and then couldn’t stop the spasms. My first anal orgasm. Addicted since.


Brandon – I remember my first fist was with a guy I met on some website when I was 18 and just fresh to LA. Clean out took forever, I didn’t have a sense for the full relaxation necessary, his hands were huge, I was too nervous to do poppers, but god damn when he crested his knuckles and slid down to his wrist I almost went blind. I’ve never experienced a full body religious experience of an internal orgasm like that. The first fist is the best. I still actually fist with him occasionally, he has an INSANELY talented hole, and I should hit him up.


Is it safe? (STDs)


Axel – As for any sexual practice, it is safe if the top keeps in mind a few elementary rules: gloves on, one lube for every fistee (no sharing) and a good cleaning between every hole. I play only safe and would advise everyone to do the same. Hands are definitely the dirtiest part of the human body, with all sorts of germs, and you don’t want to put that in your guts.


Brandon – I mean, as safe as putting your rectum through some pretty extreme stuff can be. Be it fisting, or just a blowjob in the back of a car you should always discuss your current status, when the last time you got tested was, and if you’re sexually active you NEED to be getting tested once a month for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis regardless of what PrEP you’re taking. Even if you have a casual attitude about STD’s like most of us do, other people don’t, and getting an STD is uncomfortable and a hassle to take care of, especially for those of us who utilize the free clinics. Sex is fantastic but so is the collective health of our community. Let’s respect ourselves and each other and discuss this stuff, you know, like they did in the 90’s! 


If one wanted to fist someone, what preparations would one have to make?


Axel – Cut your nails!! Very short, please.


Brandon – If you want to top, do your research, seek an experienced bottom to guide you through it. Everyone’s hole is different and if you want to top without the valuable experience of bottoming you have to learn to be mindful of another person’s insides or else you can seriously hurt someone. The walls of someone’s insides are your guide, start slow, and get a feel for the shape and direction of their hole. And for god sakes clip your mother f**king fingernails!!! 



Are there any other precautions one should take to prepare?


Axel – Get the right size of gloves (loose gloves will fold once inside and it’s the best way to make your fistee uncomfortable).


Brandon – As a bottom you have to become comfortable with the workings of your guts. Take the time to clean out. Light some incense, put on some music, and spend some quality time douching. Use toys to ensure the deeper parts are cleaned as well. I find that poppers help me relax and release. The more confident you are on your cleanliness the easier it will be for you to relax and get your hole stretched out. If you spend your time clenching, concerned about being messy it’s going to be a miserable experience. Also 2 Imodium once everything is cleaned out is a big helper. Oh and never let anyone who is gonna freak out over a little blood or a speck of sh*t put their hands up your ass. We are men playing with each other’s holes, if accidents happen, clean up, make sure everyone is fine, and continue playing. It’s not the end of the world.


Is there a right lubricant for fisting?


Axel – There’s basically two types: lubes and cream. I personally prefer lube such as X-lube. I like it almost liquid, very slippery. I love being wet…


Brandon – You have to experiment to see what’s right for you. J-Lube is incredible and cleans up easily from surfaces with sea salt, use hand soap and determination to get it off of your body. Crisco is fun and a classic, but it’s for more advanced players, more friction, and more fun. Crisco cleans up really well with dawn dish soap. Hell I’ve even used almost an entire bottle of Swiss Navy while out on Fire Island one time, someone slipped on the floor after though, so be smart about the boundaries of your fun.



Suppose I wanted my partner to fist me, how do I know if I’m prepared?


Axel – In most case, the first fist will require some training. Lots of play with your partner’s fingers and dick, for example. Step by step, never rush it. And please: no drugs. I believe those who need to get high to take a fist will never really understand the beauty of it, that intimacy.


Brandon – This is where toys and your own determination come into play. If you want to experiment with your partner you should be able to experiment with your partner that goes without saying but it’s really up to what you know your body can handle. Get a toy or toys that increase in size, like classic butt plugs or big dildos with a good taper. You need to become really in tune with your own hole before any extreme ass play. You need to learn how to fully relax, and how to stay relaxed. One trick I use is telling myself “it’s not my hole anymore, it’s theirs” and the idea of them wrecking me completely opens me right up and lets me get nice and sloppy. Experiment with your hole; see how you respond to intense stretching. Fisting takes hard work and determination at first, but once you get opened up your world will change.


Outside of your professional life, do you find it difficult to bottom?


Axel – I fist myself every day and get fisted by my friends every week. I find it difficult not to bottom…


Brandon – I love bottoming. I love getting my hole f**ked and fisted, the wilder the better. At the same time however I like a very high quality of sex so I’m extremely picky. I like experienced guys who like to experiment. I hate quickies with dudes who don’t know how to dick me down. I don’t just get f**ked for the hell of it, it’s more of an excursion for me and the guy I’m with needs to have the endurance to go along with me. I’ve had too many encounters where into the first minute I’m like “is this over yet?” because the guy was hot but a boring f**k.


Are you exclusively a top? Versatile? Bottom? 


Axel – I’m “exclusively versatile”. I don’t enjoy a total bottom or a total top (ok, this might not be true). It’s all about that link between a fister and a fistee. The eye-contact, the breathing, the kissing, the smells… It’s a communion, a fusion. I live for it and I need it at all time. It’s difficult to describe how good it feels, and I couldn’t compare to simple bottoming. It’s not only about the size; it’s all very chemical, very animal.


Brandon – Versa-bottom I’d say. I love bottoming but I also love to top and fist another bottom. It’s kind of like a brotherly bond to me, a symbol of solidarity. If you’re a good bottom and have confidence in yourself I can’t help but want to put a part of my body inside of you.


Can other men “live up” to the feeling or sensation you get when fisting vs. bottoming?


**Axel answered this and the previous question in one – see above for full answer**

Brandon – Absolutely! It’s truly all about attitude. I get more enjoyment out of flip fucking with a guy who turns me on than I do from getting fisted by a boring stranger I don’t connect with. Yeah I love getting fisted because it’s an athletic challenge, it’s extreme sensation, it’s pushing the limits of the human body, it’s beyond ecstasy, it’s surrendering your entire body to the will of another human being; but if the fister and I aren’t aroused by each other on more than just a superficial level, then sex, let alone fisting, isn’t going to be very satisfying. Now when you find someone you click with on a social level, who turns you on and who can stretch you wide and get your hole hanging open, nothing can beat that, that’s a spiritual fucking experience.

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Sports : His Penis Cost Olympian His Medal Thu, 18 Aug 2016 14:06:34 +0000 hiroki-ogita_-03Day in and day out we see someone else’s dream end right before our own very eyes it’s become a..

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Day in and day out we see someone else’s dream end right before our own very eyes it’s become a natural phenomenon. We saw losses and disappointments on regular basis we learned to shrug it off and move on, treat it as just another day in our life.

Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita’s 2016 Olympian dream however, ended in an unconventional manner, so much so that it’s gotten the attention of the netizens.

It was the qualifying rounds for the Men’s pole vault last Monday, August 15th, but Ogita failed to clear the height of 5.3 meters owing to certain body parts.

His shin and… his penis.

Yep, you read it right.

His shin grazed the bar first but it was his sizeable package that delivered the final blow, dislodging the bar from its place and subsequently, Ogita’s Olympic aspirations. He did clear his second attempt but only at 5.45 meters leaving him on the 21st place.

There’s no mistaking though, that not only did he place first in the hearts of the netizens all over the world for another kind of, ahem, pole competition—he also became the object of their wet dreams.

The positive side about dreams and aspirations is that every time we fail we can always try again just like how Ogita can try again in 2020 at the Tokyo Games—his home country.

Check out the GIF below

View post on

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Health : Watching Porn Changes Your Brain Wed, 17 Aug 2016 13:08:11 +0000 brain pornPornography physically changes the brain. Porn is like other addictive substances that flood the brain with the chemical dopamine, and..

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Pornography physically changes the brain. Porn is like other addictive substances that flood the brain with the chemical dopamine, and when this dopamine “rush” happens often (when you watch porn over and over again) it changes the entire makeup of the brain as the chemicals rewire the brain’s so called “reward pathway.” This can result in even more appetite for porn (porn addiction), which leads to several other related intellectual problems.


In the last two decades, one of the most interesting developments in the science of the brain is that scientists have discovered “Neuroplasticity”—the idea that our brain works much like an endless game of Tetris. It constantly lays down new “pathways” based on our everyday experiences. (Neuroplasticity comes from the words “neuro” (brain) and “plasticity” (ability to change).)


To explain further, brain scientists coined the statement “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” It simply means that when our brain cells (neurons) get activated simultaneously by something that you “sense” or experience, they release certain chemicals that further strengthen the connection between them. For instance, your brain releases the “feel-good chemical” dopamine when you eat something delectable, or oxytocin whenever you hold hands with a person you care about, helping you bond.


Here’s another example: You would most probably start feeling great about your uncle if every time you went to visit him he would give you a bear hug then take you out for some ice cream. This is because when positive things like this happen, your brain is building brain “reward pathways” connecting your thoughts about your uncle with feelings of being loved or being happy.


We have different pathways for these kinds of “good” experiences like riding a bike, playing with a dog, etc. When you look at porn, your brain also builds pathways for that. The only caveat is that the “good feeling” from porn can be dangerously addictive.


Like other addictive substances, dopamine floods the brain whenever you look at porn, and with constant use of porn, the overload of chemicals overwhelms the brain so much the brain responds by taking away some of its receptors for the chemical dopamine. (It “deafens” the message of the dopamine.)


With fewer receptors now, the result is that you almost no longer feel the effect of the dopamine even if your brain is receiving the same amount of dopamine whenever you watch porn. This is the main reason why the usual porn you used to enjoy doesn’t seem as exciting or arousing anymore. Many porn users start learning to hunt for other porn, or more hardcore porn, wanting to get the same level of effect they used to get from their earlier porn use.


At the same time frequent porn use can also leave one feeling down, desperate, or uneasy for more porn, most especially when they don’t go looking at porn for a while—they start craving the old feeling—thus, the reason why porn can be so addictive. And once addiction for porn sets in, you get a whole new set of brain-related problems.


For more than a decade, studies suggest that drug addiction can cause our brain’s frontal lobes to shrink (the “frontal lobe” is basically that part of our brain that controls decision making and logical problem solving). And recent studies show that it is not just drug substances that can actually cause this kind of “brain damage”—the same effect shows up with other types of addictions such as Internet addiction, overeating, and sexual urges.


Addiction can damage the brain’s limit-setting system, that part of our brain which helps us process thought properly so we can make sound decisions. And the scarier part?—the more porn you watch, the more severe the damage to your brain gets and the more difficult it is for you to break free from the addiction and its damaging effects. That is according to Neuroplasticity.


However the good news is that: Neuroplasticity also works two ways(!) It means you can undo the damage to your brain when you get away from the unhealthy habit and replace it with good ones.



Porn Changes the BrainFight The New Drug. n.p., 8 Aug 2014. Web. 1 Aug 2016.

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Hottie of The Day : Pietro Boselli Tue, 16 Aug 2016 19:47:58 +0000 Pietro teachingGorgeous Italian Pietro Boselli, 27, also known as the world’s sexiest maths teacher is currently hitting up the beaches in..

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Gorgeous Italian Pietro Boselli, 27, also known as the world’s sexiest maths teacher is currently hitting up the beaches in California. Snapped photos of him are making waves online !

For those who have yet to hear about him, Pietro is said to have been modeling since he was six years old. He not only has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University College London, he also finished it with First Class Honours.

Impressive, huh?

Pietro recently completed his PhD in engineering which he took while teaching undergraduate mathematic, computing, and thermodynamics to mechanical engineering students AND modeling on the side. The modeling bit he tried very hard to conceal from his colleagues up until a student of his captured and posted online a photo of him while teaching. His secret got uncovered and hot for teacher and other various memes mushroomed online, shooting Pietro to Internet stardom, and earning him the moniker “world’s sexiest maths teacher.”

Well, do you agree with that? Tell us what you think on the comments section below.

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Sports : Best Olympic Photos Tue, 16 Aug 2016 13:25:53 +0000 Olympic Kiss.jfifEver since Rio Olympics 2016 started we’ve been inundated with photos some of which were tagged as “best.” Time and..

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Ever since Rio Olympics 2016 started we’ve been inundated with photos some of which were tagged as “best.” Time and again I found myself disagreeing to what others deemed as “best” so I compiled a list of my own.

  1. Two male Olympic torch bearers share a historic kiss—literally. We all know that passing the Olympic Flame from one torch bearer to another is known as “The Kiss” but these two sharing a sweet kiss like that just redefined its meaning.

The Olympic flame, one of the most famous and important symbols of the Games, is said to represent peace, unity, and friendship.

(Photo was captured by local journalist and photographer Pedro Verissimo in Ipanema and shared via his Twitter account.)


Olympic Kiss.jfif-2


  1. Sexy and openly gay Tongan competitive swimmer Amini Fonua in his, ahem, flimsy swimsuit.


Amini Fonua


  1. Photo of the twenty-six-year old British track and field athlete Tom Bosworth while proposing to boyfriend Harry Dineley on bended knee at the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Harry said YES, by the way and Tom posted this picture on his Twitter account himself.


Tom Bosworth


  1. Censored photos of Olympic divers making rounds in the Internet.

a) Photo from London 2012 Olympics of openly gay—and engaged to Dustin Lance Black—English diver Tom Daley. He won the bronze medal in the men’s synchronized 10m platform dives at the Rio Olympics with his diving partner Dan Goodfellow;


tom daley


b) Steele Johnson of Team USA who finished second in the men’s synchronized 10m platform whose name Steele alone is cracking the netizens up


steele johnson


c) Photos of David Boudia, Jackson Rondinelli, and Sascha Klein. David Boudia is Steele Johnson’s diving partner while Sascha Klein is from Team Germany who finished fourth from the same diving competition. Jackson Rondinelli on the other hand, is from Brazil and finished on eighth place.




Best Olympic photos—like everything else in life—it’s all relative, don’t you think? Which among the pictures is your favorite? Share with us your thoughts below.


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