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Watch This: Francois Sagat’s Music Video ‘Trust Me’

(Image credit: Screenshot from Youtube)

Most of us know Francois Sagat as a model and the subject of a number of gay men’s fantasies. But his latest video release is certainly going to surprise those who only know him from his career in adult entertainment.

Sagat, along with Russian performer and activist Igor Dewe, recently released a new music video for their song “Trust Me”. It’s a cut from their EP Chamelia, which includes three other tracks: Spit On Me, I Wonder, and Tes Yeux.

In the video, Dewe and Sagat both push back at conventional ideas of gender expression and prance around in flowing nightgowns and heels. As the video progresses, it begins to head into the territory of BDSM play.

Most of the people watching on Youtube seem to like it as well. Carlos Torres calls it “pure art”, saying that he loves “erotic male pop.” Medin Kadiric says “François Sagat is soooooo sexyyyy,” while Fairyboy Lumière comments “Awesome work guys.”

Watch the entire video below.

The fashions for the video isn’t anything to scoff at either. Clothing and accessories used in the video include: Pawaka sunglasses, Sarah Boubeghla custom Trench, Dior vintage boots, Palomo Spain vintage bustier, Aldo Järvsoo purple dress, La Perla vintage underwear, dress, and kimono, and Modus Vivendi underwear.

What do you guys think of Francois Sagat’s non-porn effort? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Andrew

    He should stick to porn, only thing interesting about this video is his body, not his voice, acting, or dancing. All i was thinking is oh a Giant queen, and oh my a mini queen.

  2. tomzuk

    The only thing decent was the setting. The clothes were terrible. The music sounds like a cheap 70s porn video. Nothing else was even decent.

  3. dazednaughtconfused

    This isn’t his first non porn effort, he’s been in a few other things too.. such as one of the SAW IV. and L.a. Zombie among other movies…give the man a break. i don’t see any of you haters putting yourselves out there… Its very easy to critique others when your not doing anything like that ya damned selves….damn y’all my people but y’all are such haters…just be supportive and have a freaking seat.

    • Andrew

      So you are saying the singing “if that’s what you call it” isn’t terrible, the acting also wasn’t terrible? support would be given if something is actually good, don’t go around using LGBT, to justify talent-less actions, and say he’s gay support him and shut up plus ignore all the bad in the video and applaud plus give him a gold star for effort and we would like to see an encore. Thats just saying trump is good regardless of his actions, applaud when something good is done and give criticism to better the person when its bad or else they will think what they are doing is good and keep releasing crap.

  4. Hunter0500

    “Dewe and Sagat both push back at conventional ideas of gender expression and prance around in flowing nightgowns and heels.” Some gay guys have pranced around in women’s clothes for decades. Nothing new there. The “conventional” world gets it; it’s what stereotypical gay guys do. What’s also not new is the desire here to “keep the hate alive” by claiming anything”conventional”, and anyone who adheres to “conventional”, remains the ever-unchanging enemy.

    Profiles on A4A where guys show themselves clothed conventionally are head-over-heels ahead of those who “prance”l. Where is the acceptance here that gay guys can also find themselves good in conventional guy attire?

    Just let guys wear them without the need to pit conventional or unconventional guys … as well as straights and gays … against each other.

    Watched the video earlier when it was still up. For me, it was hard to watch and harder to listen to. If floated some guy’s boats, hey good for them.

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