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Speak Out: He Has “Yellow Fever”

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So, I read about this online, how this white guy that a gay Asian man has been seeing seems to have yellow fever. I was confused at first but apparently, he was not talking about the disease caused by a “virus that is spread through mosquito bites”—specifically by the infected female Aedes aegypti. You know, that disease which gives people fever, chills, headache, backache, and muscle aches among many others.

When he said yellow fever, he was actually referring to the “attraction certain non-Asian individuals may have for Asian men or women.” He then related how the guy hits on their Asian waiter during their date, how all his chatmates are all Asians, and how his exes were and yes, you got it right: all Asians. And because he himself is Asian, he is naturally worried whether the interest in him is genuine or not.

Usual concerns of people (both gay men and women) who are in the receiving end of yellow fever include feeling objectified. They fear that they are not seen beyond their race (what about their personality and other traits?); and they also feel angry because the only “prerequisite to become the guy’s potential partner is the color of their skin.” With this one, people feel offended as well and of course, hurt, because they felt replaceable. Their explanation being that, since the guy isn’t really looking at them per se, then it means anybody with the same skin color will do and therefore they will be discarded when someone better comes along.

That being said, we have a question to our Asian A4A users: how do you feel when guys tell you, “I only love Asians.” Do you feel objectified? Or like my Asian friend Ryan told me few weeks ago, he received a message from a guy saying ” You look good for an Asian man.” He was obviously pissed and it is understandable. And what do you think about the expression “yellow fever?” Do you find it offensive?

Personally, I feel that the law of attraction is complex, that there are many factors and reasons why we feel attracted or drawn to each other, not just our ethnicity, but that’s just me. What about you, guys? Sound off in the comments section below and also, don’t forget to download the new Adam4Adam app from Google Play for Android and from iTunes Store for iPhones.

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  1. ISOLTRjock

    I am not Asian. It seems to me that Caucasians generally approve of being called “white” and Afro-Americans generally accept being called “black.” The approved color references seem to end there. If any Asians approve of being called “yellow” it would be news to me. If any native Americans approve of being called “red” that would be news.

    Is it even possible to calmly and rationally discuss race issues in today’s America? Not in my opinion. The hair-trigger misuse of the words “racist” and “racism” is a disgrace.

    I don’t support racism but neither do I see it as either as the big sin (not mentioned in the Ten Commandments) or even as unlawful. Acting on racism can be unlawful.

    A healthy cohesive society is a colorblind society. Sadly America is far from that thanks in large part to divisive politicians.

    • Ryan Smith

      It’s easy to say since you are not the victim of the racism. Question: Do you actually need things written down on paper in order to know if it’s wrong? I thought that was the purpose of common sense.

      • Jackson

        I totally doubt that ISOLRTJOCK meant any disrespect to YOU or anyone else for that matter. He is, however, correct about the “hair trigger misuse of the words racist and racism”. The only thing he forgot to mention is not thanking the news media in addition to the divisive politicians. They constantly fan the flames on any given subject and are disrespectful to a lot of people with their BS.

    • JaysSN

      To be colorblind is to be blind to the troubles experienced by those of color. Which prevents you from contributing to the end of those troubles. It may seem noble, but it continues the elevation of white people in the end.

      Regarding the assignment of a color to a skin tone or ethnicity, I stopped calling black people African American once I realized just how many places of origin outside of Africa. We may stumble upon better terminology someday, but for now most black people I know prefer the term “black”. Most white people I know are good with that term. If Asians don’t prefer to be called “yellow” or Native Americans “red,” (and they don’t), don’t call them that. It’s simple. Figure out what people are good with, do that, and try to avoid the assumption that your mindset is superior.

    • Lamar

      Ha, you’re either Republican, or maybe just upper middle-class-suburbanite, foibles-gaffs, galore.

      Afro-American, lol, how antiquated! That just means, in hind-sight “we” were just getting over our programming; figuring out our identities’ as we had been cut-off, removed as per “our conqueror’s” (idiotic) descriptions of “who” were are. As oppose to who we; in all actuality are, I mean, really, named after a fuckin’ hair-style, lmao!

      Additionally, Africans, as ‘real’ history would have it, never, called themselves black, that, was the advent of the first European evasions of those days. “White” sounds better than “pale-face” doesn’t it? Well that’s ‘why’ white folks like that so much, again, as real history would have it.

      Secondly, it was considered, “closer to thee-heavenly,” (white) that is, we all, know better given the history of course, lol, wow, man, anything but, in all actuality, awe come on, man, you know, “mirror-mirror, who’s the fairest of them all?” Lmao! Fair, again, sounds better than pale doesn’t it? Always complimenting themselves, lol.

      “Calm, rational,” Personally, I am, because I have a very firm grasp of reality in the, real, of history; to the point of laughing at it, that would be the perpetuation of lies, by “our conquerors” that is. Hell, I think the real “disgrace,” lies with the idea of ‘superiority’ by “our conquerors” don’t you; that wasn’t an African invention, nor Asian, nor Indigenous, right? Just thought I’d lay that out for you, baby.

      Almost lastly, and this, is the biggy, I think you just want to stir something: you clearly, know nothing about the intent of the bible and I’m leavin’ it right there, as far as original sins, “genocide”, “slavery.” As it sounds like you think, or, you want us to think that you actually believe its ok, by the scriptures, that is, lmao!

      “Colorblind” what a poor choice of words as to quash the evils, ignorance of the past, by not seeing all of this beauty, which, is why we’re still in the dark or most of us anyway, ‘nough
      said, about your ignorance.

  2. Richard

    I think we all have types of men we are attracted to more than other types of men. Personally, I like ethnic guys. Hadn’t heard it called Yellow Fever. Generally white guys who like Hispanics were Bean Queens. Asians were Rice Queens. Blacks and you like Soul Food. Probably a bit racy, the terms may be outdated now.

  3. Andres

    Well I feel it could be just the superficial. I’m mixed Hispanic and Asian but since I was born on a Hispanic country I identify myself as what my culture is Hispanic, when some guys meet me they say you are not Hispanic, so because I do look more Asian then Hispanic. Yes I feel some guys only look at the color of the skin or shape of the eye not the actual person.

  4. Lamar

    That’s not a term I would use, out of respect. That’s like calling Native Americans or the (Indigenous) “red-skins,” or, even as far as Asians go, calling them “Orientals” totally antiquated as we (in our USA) use to refer to them as such, when that’s, actually, a locale. I think, historically, ‘mostly’ white men in general; think they’re more “passive, dutiful, ect.,” again, antiquated. I gotta say, the men and women have their own uniquely physical beauty, now, assumptions = disrespect, never a good thing.

  5. 1versfucker

    I am into all colours. Yellow fever is kind of a fun way to reclaim the bad term associated with yellow fever. You have to have a sense of humour these days, but in this political climate we are all in big trouble if someone feels offended. When are you going to post blogs regarding short; fat; tall; skinny; albino; blue-eyed; small dicks; huge hung; bow-legged; nice people; assholes…get my point?. Most of your blogs are pretty trite in the grand scheme of things. it seems you are damned if you have a preference, and damned if you don’t. Let’s move on to more important topics. This one gets rehashed way too much. 🙂

  6. JJ

    I think it depends on why said white man suffering from “yellow fever” likes Asians to begin with. I know a white guy whose parents are in the military and he grew up in Chengdu, China. To this day, he is partial to Asian guys with his reasoning being he feels at home with them, but he also has a history of dating other non-Asian men as well. Though he’s partial to Asians, I don’t think he has any controversial reasons for preferring the company of Asians.

    However, I have heard many older white men say they like Asian guys for adjectives including “young-looking, smooth, hairless, submissive, and innocent looking.” That isn’t just offensive, it’s legalized pedophilia. If you like Asians (or anyone, really) for those reasons, you need therapy.

  7. Bill

    So, what about the profile of an asian guy that wants to meet only “old white guys”? Is that any different? Racism goes both ways, but it’s not usually thought that it does. I lived in Mexico for 40 years and often came across the person who would not talk to me because they did not speak English. This was done without ever saying a word to me. Sometimes I would feel like a fly on the wall, listening but never being included in the conversation. As though I didn’t exist, and yes, I do speak fluent Spanish. At times I felt that the only way I could convince some people to try to talk to me was after I said something very offensive.

    • Torc

      Ah, the self-victimizing gay white man. It’s not racism if you’re left out of a conversation, that might mean they have nothing to say to you. Racism would extend between someone’s profile saying “whites only” (I mean, can you think of a more Hitler-esque quote?) to physical violence based on race. If you think people will only pay attention to you if you said something offensive, maybe you’re just not as interesting as you thought.

  8. avesraggiana

    Much prefer to meet guys suffering from so-called “Yellow Fever” than to be shut down by guys who bluntly tell me, “No Asians.”

  9. Joe

    I am not Asian, I am African-American. Any time anyone says I only date any race, I lose all interest. There is feeling that One’s race is more important and attractive than one’s being and that is unattractive and close minded to me. W all have preferences, but to only allow race the be only arbitor isn’t living life fully.

    Regarding “colorblind world” – our world is not and should never be colorblind. We should value people and their cultures alike and learn to appreciate and acknowledge them.

  10. Alvin

    I am black and my husband is Thai. I have always had a overpowering attraction to Asian men. I’ve been with my own race among others several times. I feel something deep in my heart when I see a attractive Asian man.

    I have been told I had yellow fever several times. My answer is always “so what, I love who I love” Black women have often given my husband a evil look. My husband feels be it’s because they can’t have me.

    To address the part of the blog post that says that a Asian man can be replaced with a better looking guy. Honey you can always be replaced. I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s life. Unless you are married you have little guarantee.

    Every race can be replaced. It’s not race that that keeps you with a guy, it’s personality and morals. If your man wants another guy and you love him you should talk things out. If you can’t see eye to eye then you brake up. start over until you find the guy you love who wants only you.

    I run a personal concierge company company in the DC area. I can’t tell you how many White, Asian ,black and other guys ask us to help them find escorts for stress relief while they are in town. Most of them are happily married. It’s called being sexually mature.

    • lee truong

      you are 100% right and i am totally with you on this…beautiful men come with all kind of shape and colors, it’s so diversity …why not come out enjoy it and appreciated of what God creations

  11. Kim

    As far as I am concerned, race, ethnicity or skin color means nothing. The only thing that matters is the person and if there is chemistry.

  12. Hunter0500

    Mainstream media has widely reported the announcement by Hawaiian Pro Golfer, Tadd Fujikawa, that he is gay. CNN, CBS, and even Golf Magazine.

  13. bjjj

    I wish people would start accepting all races as equal. Asian guys are nice, so are whites, blacks, Hispanics, native Americans, etc. We are all part of the human race. Yes, some people prefer one nationality over the other, but it all depends upon chemistry and attraction. I have been with white guys, black guys, Asians, and others. Many guys are mixed race. Yes, there are good and bad people in any race, and many have been hated, enslaved, persecuted, just because of their skin color, religion, or nationality. I prefer to call those I know by name. I remember the children’s song saying that there were 4 races, red, yellow, black and white that is frequently sung in churches. I guess I have never referred to Asians as “yellow”. Most commonly as far as identification the ones used are white or black. Yes, some prefer to be with their own race, nationality or color. Others like me make no big issue of it. Also why should people be critical of those who are gay, bi, lesbian, straight, or TS, TG, etc. What difference does it make. I am white, and my best friend, boyfriend, lover, and sex partner is black. We love and care about each other for whom we are, not our skin colors. Relationships come in many forms, friends, lovers, sex partners, acquaintances, and people you can trust and don’t trust. Liers and honest people, Some hit it off, others don’t. Lets just start respecting each other tho for whom we are.

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