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Watch This: West 40s and Dating After 40

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For others, the dating scene can be a bit tricky when we reach our 40s but who said we can’t navigate it with humor?

That’s what this new series called West 40s is all about: it tells us the story of five 40-something gay friends and their respective dating, sex, and love lives but with plenty of humors.  It stars Dalton Blaine (Jesse), Dan Domingues (Luis), Jeff Hiller (Ryan), Matthew Montelongo (Dante), John-Andrew Morrison (Franklin), and Mark Sam Rosenthal (TJ). Set in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan, creators Mark Sam Rosenthal and Brian Sloan call the show “coming-of-middle-age comedy” and indeed it is hilarious.

Viewers are calling it promising, great, and cute and many have expressed their excitement for the series that vows to give viewers a glimpse of what dating is like for gay men who are in their 40s. “In their 30s, they’d meet strangers on the Hell’s Kitchen sidewalk and have sex in less time than it took to climb the four flights up to their apartments,” said West 40s’ website. “But now past 40 they’re all wondering what they want for the long haul – and questioning whether they can still make it up those stairs!” As the theme song of the show says, “sex, love, and back pain.” The series also promises to explore online dating, open relationships, breakups to name a few.

Take a look at the preview of West 40s’ pilot episode coming soon this summer. You may follow West 40s’ Facebook page for more information on when and where to watch the episodes. Also, don’t forget to drop by and like our official Facebook page @Adam4Adam while you are at it.

To our dear Adam4Adam readers who are in their 40s, how would you describe sex and dating at this age? Would you say that sex and dating are better than when you were in your 20s or 30s? Share with us your thoughts and stories below.

Happy viewing!

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  1. anonimatovato

    Hot men in their 40s can still get a blowjob from a 20 something year old, so I don’t see the fuss on this series lol!

  2. bjjj

    Well, I’m in my 60s, and have never given up on having hot sex. Yes, it take me more time to get hard and get off, but still enjoy the company of other men. I love to suck and swallow, rim and finger ass, kiss and cuddle, well, just about anything, other than bondage or pain. But what I find is that friendship is even more important than sex.

  3. PostGayGrandDad

    I wonder what the same scene would sound like without the annoying stereotypical delivery. When can we start to see gay men whose only gay part is what they do in bed?

    Oh, right, we can’t. Because if we acted masculine no one would know we’re gay! MORE GLITTER!

    Someone please just shoot me.

  4. NewinLCH

    Well, let’s see, over forty is like this: I can attract a twink. Good, you say? Take pause. He’s looking for a sugar daddy when I can’t afford to be his Splenda Daddy. Furthermore, I don’t sleep with kids. I can also attract older men. Distinguished, you say? You’d be wrong again. I can judge their wealth by the size of their oxygen tank.

    So yeah, dating in one’s forties SUCKS ASS and it’s not enjoyable.

  5. Hunter0500

    In my early 60s and having the best sex of my life, a success I credit to avoiding one-time hookups. My time is spent cultivating onging relationships with a handful of guys who are seeking ongoing relationships with FWBs. The blog here seems to imply a bit of amazement that older guys can even accomplish having sex. A couple of my buds are pushing 80. They’re as much fun as my buds of other ages. I usually pass on reaching out to guys under 30, unless they say in the profiles they play with all ages or specifically like older guys.

  6. Lamar

    40’s is/was child’s play for me, personally. I think a good-looking young man, looks fantastic in his forties, 50’s has been most interesting daddy-dick becomes the term for those I’ve encountered in their twenties. Cute but not my thing, they look good enough to eat head to toe, literally, I still, have my eye on those handsome seasoned men my age though, those that are mature not just looking mature. But, I’m sensing a lot of men get intimidated if they don’t look good as the other guy/s at their age, bald-heavier, maybe dentures. I love mental maturity and good-looks, hard combo to find. Age for some, is a badge of honor; having survived some things.
    I think, many are just too damn shallow and immature which our country seems to nurture.

  7. John

    Well , here goes ! I’m in my mid 70’s but look and act in my mid 50’s. I’m a former model and actor , just a bit of background . I get messages from twinks to older guys like me and I enjoyn a wide range of types and ages. Honestly age is just a number, if you enjoy time with another man, sexually or platonically that is all that should matter . I have been with my partner 35 years and we haven’t had sex in almost 10 years. We are devoted to each other . He knows I have one friend I see maybe once a month that is in his mid 40’s and married with a couple kids. We enjoy each other’s company , wherher having lunch together or spending a romantic hour in bed together. Everyone has their like and dislikes and I am just happy I have a friend that enjoys the time we can spend together !

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