Fantasy : Do Farts Turn You On?

When one’s thinking of a hot and sexy activity to do with one’s partner, farting — especially in each others faces — isn’t the top of mind choice. But as Vice reports, there are people out there that are most definitely into it.

Fart fetishism is called eproctophilia, and there are a number of ways that members of the eproctophilia community enjoy their fetish. Some like to be farted on, some like to fart on people, some like to hear it, some like to smell it. And it’s a fetish that gay and straight men have.

Ric, the 52-year-old gay man Vice talked to, said he had admired “boys who were public farters, as they always seemed so uninhibited, confident, and a little subversive.” As an adult, he got a positive response when he farted in a gym changing room, and eventually parlayed that into encounters with people with the same fetish.

One of those encounters involved him meeting with a man and spending 24 hours with him farting in different locations, on each others hands, and eventually each others faces. Most of the time, he has Skype sessions with overseas contacts.

According to Ric, it’s not so much the farts themselves that arouse him, but the vulnerability and intimacy required to actually fart in front of someone and admit that it turns you on. Vice quotes Ric as saying: “For me, it is a shared intimacy, a form of liberation, and an acknowledgment of one’s basic animal origins.”

All that said, we’d like to know if anybody else here on Adam4Adam shares the same fetish. Do farts turn you on? When did it start for you? How have you been able to find like-minded people that share this fetish with you? We’d love to hear your stories and experiences. Share it with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Sammy

    A well-timed fart can be funny, but I have never been turned on by a fart. I sure as hell don’t want to go down on someone or fuck them right after they’ve farted.

  2. Rich

    Are you kidding? In my opinion NOTHING breaks the mood when your partner farts. Ever give oral sex and then the guy farts while getting a blowjob? See my point?

  3. jgensen

    I’ve fantasized about it but I’m too shy to pursue it. I picture an aggressive good looking guy pinning me down and farting on me while play-wrestling or something similar.

  4. JM

    Love it! Glad to see that we’re talking about some of the kinkier stuff now that eating ass is pretty standard. To the people who dont get it, dont ne haters!

  5. Francis Asissy

    Gross me out. But I just talked to a guy who was a top and was into it. When someone farts, they are spraying fecal matter, you know.
    Of all the fetishes out there, why bring up this one? There are a lot of really sexy ones.

  6. Clay

    Well I for one LOVE it. While I’m not into farting into each other’s faces, fart sounds while I’m pumping my dick in and out of a man’s ass are amazing. I actually use “fart fuck” as porn search keywords sometimes and I wish there were more videos of this. I know smell can be an issue but a lot of times it is just trapped air from the deep fucking the guy is receiving. I like it when his ass is properly broken in, middle to last part of the session. Never as foreplay.

  7. bjjj

    Well, sometimes it can be a turn on, other times not. I think some nasty play can be fun, including farts and ws. If your really into your guy (or gal), it can be really hot. But for just someone out in public or just an acquaintance and he or she farts, well, yea it stinks. Recently my BF are out driving, cruising down the highway. All of a sudden, I smell it, he says, “excuse me, I’m sorry”. I said “don’t worry about it, it’s just you and me”. Yes, we share it all. After all we rim, suck, and finger ass, so what wrong with passing some gas. Actually it kind of turned me on. When two guys love each other so much, a fart is just another expression of love.

    • bjjj

      Just adding some more comments. When your really into your love, like I am, we share everything including farts. Sweat, piss, snot, farts, bathroom duties, showers, toothbrushes, food, drinks, and of course cum. There should be no such thing as privacy between 2 true lovers. Bathrooms doors stay open (when others aren’t around), and if I’m showering and he wants to join in, he’s most certainly welcome. It’s hot when we run around in the nude, not worrying about how you smell, or if your cock is hard or soft. It’s fun to masturbate and cum at any random time when were together. He farts a big one, it stinks, well, so what, it’s just my lover!

  8. Eddie

    I have a major fart fetish. Especially nude farting with a dude that’s got a super hairy ass! I get an instant boner when I hear a dude fart.

    Would be great to fine other guys into the same fetish!

  9. Matt

    Fuck no.

    Farts are a date killer and makes me distance myself literally and figuratively from those who poor manners who do it.

  10. barry

    This is the biggest fetish i have ever had. I love a nice clean showered asshole sitting on my face and forcing me to sniff. the smell and sound are very arousing to me. i have had many experiences, too many to count, in which i was on the receiving end. i have even mastered the technique of blowing air from my mouth inside a waiting asshole and wait for it to forced back in my face and many times my mouth. if anyone ever in Baton Rouge, LA and want to give it a try, hit me up

  11. Nick D.

    NOPE, not my thing. If it happens when men messing around, no issues, it happens, but I sure as hell aint gonna put my face down there; wave it off and get back to the fun stuff.

  12. MF

    There was a Saudi Prince that made news in October 2015 for being into this kinda thing. I’m not kidding. Just google “Saudi prince farts”

  13. Dirty wolf

    I personally am ok with it as Ionh as it doesn’t smell like a rotting corpse haha.

    Anything can be sexy if you don’t give a fuck like me

  14. Hunter0500

    If you’re going to have sex with men you need to understand they belch, they perspire, they fart, etc. All part of the territory. I’m not bothered when they hapen. But fantasy? Fetish?

    Have yet to see “Farts” listed in a guy’s profile as a fetish. For sure, not something I’d seek, but as with all aspects of Man Sex, if the partners are willingly into it they can Fart On!

  15. Jay

    Wow this is different. This is where I’m shallow. A cute bubble but can fart but if it’s flat or not round it’s gross.

  16. Manuel

    Well. Well to keep it simple and sweet like my good beauiful jenix monsoon says water off a ducks back well farts are natual and as we gain insight and learn how to not be gross out about it then. Its all gravy. We all learn wgen we learn it. We cant be rush and told when to . that wouldnt be far. Now whouldnt it . expercince and grow on one own timing. However at the same time listen u may need it when u cross that brdge when u expercincs it. Well im out for knowbthoughts of. You xoxox manuel

  17. bjjj

    Farts are a natural occurrence, and I believe it should be shared between 2 guys who really love each other. Sharing everything is all part of showing your extreme love.

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