Watch This Time for Love

Watch This: Time for Love

Screengrab from BBC The Social YouTube

What does homophobia feels like in 2018? 

In this BBC Social titled Time for Love, a same-sex couple is seen strolling in a Glasgow park one lazy afternoon. The speaker says he has to make a choice: does he kiss the other man when it’s time to say goodbye or not? In the video, you can see how the crowd around them reacted to the sight of two guys walking hand in hand.

And that is when their walk in the park ceases to be a walk in the park.

In an instant they became the object of curiosity. Others smile at the sight of their linked hands, while others frown or glare and they’d also been told, “I’ve got nothing against gays, but do you have to do it in front of my kids?”

In the end, the man says he may sound angry but he was just scared and then there was the shame. Because at the end of the day, he says, kissing or holding the hand of the man he loves in public should be a small choice but then there’s all this noise in his head. “I should be holding a hand but I’m holding shame instead,” the man concluded.

Anyway, Time for Love received praises from the netizens. Take a look at some of the reactions which we gathered for you.


Does the man decide to kiss his boyfriend in the end? It’s for you to find out so check out the video below.

How do you feel about this film, guys? Does Time for Love strike a chord with you? Do you have similar concerns when walking hand in hand in public with your partner of boyfriend? Or are you able to hold hands with him in public without the fear of being judged by others or worse, the fear of experiencing homophobia?

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  1. Darryl

    Wow that was pretty powerful. We all have at one point or another had to decide what was important to us when it came time, to no longer let others make choices for you. No one knows what’s in a person’s heart, and mind let alone what’s happening behind closed doors. We all put on a public face, but in private we have a different one. In the end which one do you really want to be seen?

  2. Hunter4B

    Each of us has to think about something that no other person has had to deal with before … among all the other things that all humans must do; this makes us unique

  3. andy19806

    Remember so well 15 years ago. A rare opportunity to share a night in Boston with a lover in a downtown hotel. Beautiful night of love and sex. Taking a walk the next morning through Boston Commons on a beautiful Sunday morning and wanting oh so much to hold hands. But fear prevent us. Still think about about how much we missed. Especially because it was the last time we were together.

  4. Okzebra

    One needs a public and private face. It is called society. Being privately faced at work in the hierarchical social structure that is work, because it goes to primordial resources to ensure survival, is suicidal. Being public faced in the intimacies of one’s private faced life is to be distant and unfeeling. New age and bourgeois bohemian notwithstanding, a private face in a public space is self-destructive and a public face in private gives state power or capitalism or both total control I.e., the essence of fascism. Think about it. Gay romancing in public– is that private in public or making the private subject to public control? Besides, why look for public affirmations of S private nature that will not be likely anyway. Why? state power and capitalism

    • Hunter4B

      Agreed, except PDA is a broad brush, and holding hands isn’t gratuitous or overbearing … once while walking with my father, I had my arm around his shoulder, I was 19, I had been away at school and i missed him … you should have seen the stares, and heard the grumbling commentary as we passed others (I was much fairer than my swarthy Father). He is gone now, and i am glad that in that moment, NONE of them, nor their foolish opinions mattered to me (us). Another, among the things a myriad of others don’t have to think about when it comes to normalcy

  5. Hunter0500

    Discreetly hold hands or a short kiss. Even in my highly conservative town, there won’t be an issue. But many gays just can’t leave it at that. They’ll somehow just have to make a spectacle. Drawing attention to themselves “because that’s who we are and we just can’t dial it down.”

    People don’t care who you’re having sex with it are in love with. They do care when you’re an annoying, disruptive, attention whore.

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