News: Male Escort Exposes 34 Gay Priests

The Roman Catholic Church is no stranger to scandal, and now yet another controversy hits it as a male escort has exposed 34 members of the clergy of being “actively gay”.

In a report from the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, gay male escort Francesco Mangiacapra came up with a 1,200-page dossier containing the names of 34 “actively gay” priests and six seminarians in Italy. The dossier contains WhatsApp messages, erotic photos and other evidence. The dossier has already been sent to the Vatican by the diocese of Naples.

According to Mangiacapra, he compiled the evidence because he was tired of the “hypocrisy” of the clergy.

“The aim is not to hurt the people mentioned, but to help them understand that their double life, however seemingly convenient, is not useful to them or to all the people for whom they should be a guide and an example to follow,” Mangiacapra said, as reported by the Corriere della Sera.

Mangiacapra’s massive dossier was forwarded to the Vatican by Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, an Italian Cardinal and the current Archbishop of Naples. Sepe says he forwarded the dossier to the Vatican because “there remains the gravity of the cases for which those who have erred must pay the price, and be helped to repent for the harm done.” Sepe also clarified that none of the priests included in the dossier were stationed in Naples.

This is just the latest in a string of scandals that have hit the Italian Church and the Vatican. A month before, a Vatican tribunal judge was given a 14-month suspended sentence by the Italian court for sexual molestation and possessing child pornography.

According to the National Catholic Reporter, the judge, Monsignor Pietro Amenta, was arrested for publicly fondling an 18-year-old man in Rome. During the course of the investigation that the authorities conducted, they discovered pornographic images of minors on his personal computer.

Amenta accepted the plea deal offered to him, was convicted, and given a 14-month suspended sentence. He then resigned from his post a week after the plea bargain.

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  1. Darrell

    25+ years ago I met a young priest in a chat room. He came back to my place. We showered together and we enjoyed each other. A couple more of months later I went to funeral where he officiated. I did not want to make him feel awkward so I tried not to make eye contact. The Catholic Church needs to change by eliminating the celibacy requirement.

    • Alex

      That’s not the point, these guys are there pounding the podium attacking homosexuality, talking ill shit about homosexuals, talking about how immoral this is. I am a Christian and bisexual, Not because I am bisexual but I am not dumb. The bible was written by humans inspired by God. It wasn’t written by God or Jesus Christ. We humans are flawed no matter under what divine force we are. If I had the opportunity to write a book, I would write some of my views such as Shrimp are evil simply because I am allergic to shrimp.
      I believe that the man upstairs is very smart he wont create all these planets without live in it or make us so smart that we could explore these planet and possibly populate them. The same way I believe that God created its own ways to control population. Both of my grandmothers had 13 children. Could you imagine if the 7 billion people potentially 3.5 billion couples have 13 children? this would be unbearable. So homosexuality, infertility, this is a way to control population. Nobody made me bisexual, I didn’t choose to be bisexual. My ex boyfriend happen to be a clergy man too. I realized why he didn’t make our relationship public. I mean, he was the one who started, I was simply looking for sex on Yahoo chat and he reached out to me, invited me to his place and we simply spoke for hours, invited me out to eat. I mean, dude was into me in a different way.
      I just cant’ stand these guys so against homosexuality but fondling young boys and contacting male prostitutes.

      • Dylan

        Don’t just someone simply because of their profession. I know a closeted minister who was affirming of our community and who never spoke against gays from the pulpit. His organization would not approve of his sexuality or his views so he introduces affirming theology slowly, in subtle small doses and with a tremendous amount of scripture. Personally I think there should be more people on “the inside” of the church attempting to change it from the inside out.

      • Dennisw

        There are places in the bible which speak of homosexuality. Man to man, woman to woman. Like anything else in life words can and are twisted to make the story the way you view it. Man was inspired by God to,write the bible. We all,will speak of things which we have been told, but it is in our words. Writters will write and put their personal feelings in their writings. Their feelings may be altered by their surroundings or leaderships.
        I too am bisexual, but lean more to the gay side of my lifestyle. None of us ask for the style of life we live. None of us chose the style. It is given. It is feelings we have within. I have a transgender son (F to M) wait til that hits home. It is difficult to understand styles. But we have to accept and love each as our self. They deserve it, and so do we!

      • Hunter0500

        How do you know the 34 priests “pound the pulpit”? You don’t. Many priests accept gays now just as many pastors from other Christian denominations do even though homosexuality may still not be officially accepted by their Church’s doctrines. The current Pope has challenged the Church to rethink its ways. Other denominations are rethinking as well. It’s an uphill battle yet, but it is filled with love instead of hate. Seems more hate these days comes from the militant gays, the anti-religious, and the Liberals than anywhere else.

      • Davis

        First, gay bashing for the holier than though is much more an evangelical thing in modern times than Catholic. It is interest when you think about it that homosexuality ran ramped in Rome (where’s the church roots?) and yet Messiah, though often speaking out against adultery (though unwilling to condem the woman caught in the act thereof) never once had an issue with “the gays” of his time. If you claim to be a follower of Him, shouldn’t you follow His example?

        SECOND, Scripture is not the issue as recorded where literally the prohibition is against male TEMPLE whoredom. The practice at that time was to have forced sexual slaves at the temples of other gods surrounding Yisrael. What was abominable was the rape aspect and that they rape these men and woman on the altars as an act of worship to their god. It was viewed as a creative act and emulation of Creator. This was naturally prohibited by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and as Yisrael is to be a Light to the world they could not engage in this practice in the same way they could not make a golden calf and put the name of their God on it and have it be acceptable to Him.

        THIRD, there is no issue with the Divine inspiration of Scripture, those choose for this sacred of text took the obligation much too serious to cavalier add in their personal hate of shrimp. The problem is with transliteration of Scripture for purposes of having it say what your particular religion or denomination says and support those traditions over the Word. This was already happen as Messiah spoke against it. For those who truly Believe into Him, there is a freedom from knowing the truth. If you rabbi, priest or pastor is twisting Scripture to teach an untruth, you probably have some thinking with much prayer and supposition to do.

        In my opinion, just as anti-Semitism is a toil of the enemy, so is all bigotry. This would include the modern elevation of homosexuality to being a higher sin than other abominations such as idolatry, gluttony and adultery. But I digress, each must come to his or her own conclusions.

        Finally, if same sex relations are such a sin than how can anyone use the vows between a same sex couple as their wedding vows. Yet our wedding vows are based on a pledge between Naomi and Ruth. If a woman dedicated herself in this way to another woman, what would you call that if not a marriage? If your congregation, church or religion would condemn such a practice, you probably have some thinking with much prayer and supposition to do.

        KING David had his Jonathan, a man with whom declared to have a love for greater than that of a woman. Greater. Than. A. Woman?!? Again,
        If such a declaration of love would raise, cause a rift or even raise a few eyebrows at your synagogue, church or congregation, you probably have some thinking with much prayer and supposition to do. Again, I digress…

  2. anonimatovato

    ok so it’s one thing to expose the double lives these priest live, but honey, you’re an escort, you’re no better than the cheated closeted religious men. and i saw your picture, you’re a pretty young handsome man, you obviously did it for the money, judging the way the older priest look.

    • Alex

      Why you attack the prostitute?
      I mean, seriously I see no wrong. Is prostitution bad? yes but you are missing the main point here. These men professing how bad homosexuality is, swearing homosexuals are a creation of the devil but yet some boys committed suicide because they were born in super christian families that weren’t agreeing with their sexuality that they didn’t have any choosing. You think I want to be bisexual? I could just date women but I can’t help my desires to be with a man. It was built into me. Why would God give me to hell? Why?
      But this is worse than what they say, this is worse than being gay. Lying, condemning homosexuals while they are gay as well is more disgusting than being a prostitute. In that position of power they are lying to the whole world. Hey, I am not effeminate, people can assume I am straight. I am lying? no, that’s people assumption and is not their business neither. What do I do? walk with a sign that say bisexual? I have met effeminate men that happen to be bisexual but they are effeminate they incline more to be with men but don’t mind a woman.
      I just can’t stand this type of lies.

  3. tom

    I am assuming the escort is returning all of the money he earned plus interest to the men he outed to “repent for his sins”. He is a disgrace. If you choose to be a sex worker, you take your client list to your grave.

  4. Rano

    Why should you destroyed other people. It gives a bad reputation for escort career. Let the people be at peace on their cubicle. If they want to be in closet, let them be. It you to be open, no one will stopping you. Respect boundaries.

  5. Dennisw

    That is sickening!! Disgraceful for him to take the liberties and out these men. We all are human so are religious leaders. We all have needs, desires, fantasies. There are lots of people who live you me lives. It is no ones business. I feel for those that have been wronged and outed. I know the feeling very well for one to go and disclose secrets.
    Now I guess this will be a snowball effect for men on men now. We have women digging,up,shit from decads ago on men having sex with them and touching them in areas that made them uncomfortable. It is a sick work and some of these female talks shows need to be ended or taken off the air completely.
    Sad sad story and I hurt for these men who have been outed.
    Thanks for sharing

    • EZAZEL

      The priests are pigs, they took the vow of celibacy – if they have desires and fantasies get a REAL JOB! Most of them don’t have the balls to come out to their families, they hide behind their faith ?? then try to tell the rest of us how to live. Just look at the RIDICULOUS get up they wear – all the LACE , RED, AND DECKED OUT IN GOLD RINGS AND JEWELRY- they put a Drag Queen to Shame ! Let’s just be grateful these priest had sex with an Adult – MOST PREFER CHILDREN !

  6. Brneyesrob

    Mr. Mangiacapra actions were despicable. I don’t care if his clients were priests and ministers, they all had a right to their privacy. Everyone should be able to make the decision to come “out” on his own terms. So sad that both Mr. Magiacapra and his clients thought this was the best way to express their sexuality.

  7. Gregg

    I don’t know why the Roman Catholic Church forces celibacy on priests. It’s not a biblical mandate and no other Christian church forces celibacy on ministers of the gospel. That is what is causing these men to burn with passion.

  8. chris

    Why are we in the gay life style have to be hell bent on destroying others. Priest, married men, single, in, out, discreet…let each person live their own life. Outing someone only hurts many others instead of one person you have prudence against. Come on guys…do unto others they way you want to be treated. Want equal rights then act as adults and not gossip tell all criers.

  9. andy19806

    Wow. 1220 page dossier. This didn’t happen because he was pissed-off one night. It was a long planned effort to hurt people with no evidence that children were involved. And the people being hurt are ones caught between societies demands and what nature made them. I hate the church’s position on gay sex and condemn men who put down gays and them are caught in men’s rooms, but those priests didn’t deserve this

  10. A recovery Catholic

    2 wrongs dont make 1right. I believe the services the escort was rendering deserved confidentiality. Clearly that market caters to married men and/or those that are needing to keep things clandestine.

    As for priests having sex,I think this is great! It exposes the hypocrisy of the church in terms of homosexuality and pre-marital sex. I think they need to define religion alot more than fire and brimstone.

  11. Dylan

    That guy (nor any of us) judge someone simply because of his profession. I know a closeted minister who has been careful to never say anything hurtful against our community. In fact he has made it a goal to introduce LGBT affirming concepts and theology he does so slowly and in a subtle way supporting his statements with a lot of scripture. The organization he belongs to is not affirming to our community, but he is. (He’s gay) but I for one am glad he is trying to change things from the inside out. If he were outed we’d loose an voice that is inside church leadership trying for change and championing love. People should not assume that a closeted minister is a hypocrite just because of his job there are some that lead incredibly complicated lives and are slowly trying to make things better. They are human and they deserve privacy.

  12. Randhirforboys

    I pay for young escorts to come to my hotel room so that we can get naked and do dirty sex acts. I don’t agree that the escort is any more morally righteous than I am and therefore cannot justify what he has done. You take money to fuck for gods sake

  13. Lamar

    I honestly think, that the Catholic religion is by far, the most evil, of all the religions. Religions are always, dominated-controlled by men, powerful-wealthy-hetero men, mostly, as such; they know nothing about the ultimate creation, LIFE. Except how to maximize their greedy lusty-wants of power through manipulation, murder, slavery, ect., Women on the other hand, have that power, truth be told, they’re also mostly, better at nurturing (physically-psychologically) the life they bring forward.

    Adam @ Eve, were, most likely very dark-skinned OK, by-location of the where life began, the worlds first humans; the cradle of humanity and culture, it seems, mostly everything about religion, has turned the TRUTH about ‘who’ humans are, up-side-down….

    But, that always has been the way of the evil, “baring false-witness” has been going on for millennia, as a way to sway, the masses for the purpose of control of said, masses. Our relationships with the “Creator” is just as separate-individual as it is with your parents,
    as we are separate souls-spirits…. it doesn’t matter how corrupt these religious are.

    YOU, YOURSELF, must find some kind of connection with “thee”, like feeling your way around in the dark; looking for a way into the “light of truth.”

    Alex, has made a point that I’ve been making for over a decade, about nature’s way of “checks and balances” of the populous on this earth, as ‘why’ I suspect, “nature” would allow-create humans that don not “procreate.” As a measure of protecting that which protects-nurtures us, as well as the rest of creation, just like a good and wise mother whom knows ahead, of what her children are capable of; what they will do far into the future.

    Religion, does not do what it could, for humanity in general, its all about power. I watched on 60mins about how the Vatican is run like a corporation! The guys there, were working for being promoted, they were going out to gay bars! The report-journalist had a hidden-cam; recording these guys parting like fucking rock-stars! Having gay-sex…. We all, know about the child sex abuses, in which, they spent a un-Godly sum, protecting their sins from the truth of the courts.

    We won’t talk about how the Catholic Cardinals, were helping the Nazis escape from Europe, once they got over the Swiss Alps; giving them new identities, ha! Man, I’m tellin’ you nothing but CURRUPT.

    How, can such evil people receive, “the calling,” how? More importantly, “what,” is calling them is this what really, worries me. Once you get away form the programming, pull the wool from over your eyes, the world, is a scary place.

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