Gus Kenworthy’s Touching Samsung Ad

Gus Kenworthy may not have come with Olympic gold, but the out Olympian has certainly won the endorsement game. The 26-year-old freestyle skier currently features in an ad by South Korean tech giant, Samsung.

As OUT reports, the new ad has Kenworthy lying shirtless in bed and listening to messages of support on his Samsung phone. The first one is from his boyfriend, actor Matt Wilkas, who reveals that he doesn’t sleep on Kenworthy’s side of the bed and that he is so proud if all the hard work that went into preparing for the Olympics. It’s then followed by messages from Kenworthy’s family and another professional skier.

Kenworthy then listens to poignant messages from other gay men. Dan, a friend of Kenworthy’s, says that Kenworthy makes it possible for people to think that gay men “can do anything”. Wendle, one of Kenworthy’s fans, says that it was Kenworthy’s courage in coming out publicly that pushed him to come out and that doing so was the best decision he’s made in his life. It’s a message that actually moves Kenworthy to tears.

Watch the touching ad below:

The video is the second of three videos that Kenworthy is making with Samsung, with the first one discussing how his hometown of Telluride continued supporting him even after he came out as gay. Watch that ad below:

Before this Samsung endorsement, Kenworthy also had a Head and Shoulders advertisement, also made for the recently conclude 2018 Winter Olympics In South Korea. Watch that ad below:

According to Out, the fact that Kenworthy has been getting these advertising deals should not be taken lightly. Writer Rose Dommu says “In years past, athletes feared coming out primarily because it would destroy their opportunities for sponsorships, which help cover the insane costs of competing at an Olympic level. Ad campaigns like this, where Kenworthy’s sexuality isn’t only embraced but celebrated, are proof that things are changing.”

How do you guys feel about this latest ad? Which other gay athletes do you guys think deserve support and sponsorship from big companies? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Hunter4B

    Hee hee, It’s not about his hair, his eyes, his build, his body art, or what WE think of him…
    It IS all about what’s inside of HIM — ‘nough said.

    Congratulations Gus, you ROCK, thank you for representing yourself (and our community) with pride.

  2. 57GayYears

    Things today aren’t the same as when I grew up deeply closeted. I am so glad that the winds of change are favorable- even with the Toyota ad that degrades gays or effiminate men. (‘All Terrain or Mall Terrain’) Small towns are often the worst. A nearby town had 3000 people and “no gays”. Of course they were there. Guys like # Gus Kenworthy are heroes. Gus, if you ever read this, be assured that there are many guys out here that look up to you as a mentor in that they take courage from your actions. We all cannot be Olympians, but we can all be happy with ourselves!
    P.S. My company will be buying 20 new trucks at the end of this year, we looked at Toyota, but that ad put the kibosh on that, we’ll stick with American Made GM!

  3. Hunter0500

    Congratulations to Gus Kenworthy on his Olympic and post-Olympic achievements. Gus has shown that it’s hard work and humility that move us forward. The Samsung commercials fully reflect that. Going back to after the last Olympics when he announced his sexuality, the respect his community had for him was unchanged.

    No one cared.

    Not that they did not care for him, but rather that his being gay did not matter. He was ….


    Gus Kenworthy is an everyday, Main Street gay guy. He looks and acts like millions of men. He’s not a flamboyant, fem-ish, overdressed, over-acting, attention-whoring, success-deserving, “Rodeo Drive”, gay guy who demands acceptance and attention because “I am gay!!”

    Gus Kenworthy is an awesome role model. He’s a great guy who people look up to, who people respect, who people want to know more about, who people want to be with … regardless of his sexuality. He deserves attention.

    • Dave

      lol u are funny. So judgmental like if being flamboyant is bad.
      Oh well. You’re the reason why I continue to post Britney Spears-esque posts in here…

  4. Hunter0500

    Yes, some gay guys are flamboyant, but they are only one segment of gays and don’t accurately depict gays as a whole. It’ll be ever so exciting to see the post-Olympic commercials with a flamboyant flare! They must still be in production.

  5. Lamar

    I agree, actually, its like in the ‘Gay Pride Parades’, drag-queens, leather-men, these kinds of gay folk. While in real life, the positive role-models are or should be: teachers, college-professors, doctors, lawyers, masons-brick layers, architects, construction-workers and the like. Lesbian doctors, lawyers and such as well…. Decades ago, I wondered ‘why’ only drag-queens and leather-men, I’m bored with all of that, that heteros have come expect to see only the flamboyant. I think/know, we have a better and broader spectrum of populous to showcase as every day people that are professionals as well, not only flamboyant.

    I mean, its like black people catering to the negative aspects/expectations, of what white people believe about ‘us’ as ho’s and pimps and drug-dealers, while we know better these days…

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