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A few days ago, forecasts predicted that the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area was going to experience eight inches or more of snow. Gay local news anchor Blaine Stewart couldn’t help but tweet that he’s not much of a size queen.

In a tweet that’s since gone viral — and then deleted — Stewart said “Get ready for a pounding. Some of us could see 8 inches or more. That’s too much — even for me.” (see above)

Of course, some readers here on the Adam4Adam blog don’t think of eight inches as “too much.” Reader Friendsorbust, for instance, experienced “full body orgasms” because of his experience with a guy with a 10-inch cock. In a comment on our post about bottoming for the first time, Friendsorbust explains that the guy “knew what he was doing”. He enjoyed it so much that they ended up fucking four times that year.

In the same post, readers Gregg, Ioe, and George all professed their love for big dicks. Gregg says he gets “intense pleasure” from nine-inch cocks. George says after years of being a top, he became a vers after having sex with a guy with a “think 7.5 inches”. Ioe just simply states that he loves to bottom “especially for a big dick.”

We’d love to hear from our Adam4Adam blog readers. Tell us about your experience with big dicks! What would you consider a big dick? What’s the best experience you’ve had with one? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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  1. latinlust69

    So… One night i was out at the bar and got good and cocktailed. I know not to drink and drive and since i didn’t hook up at the bar i went to the abs down the block. They had booths which faced the porn screen. This guy came in. About 6′ dark hair, trim and good looking. He came into my booth and we started making out. He went down on me first then gave me a good taste of his 10″ cock. Then he went back down on me and turned me around to eat my ass. He stood up and slid right in and gave me a great bb fuck. After he gave my hole a cream filling he went down and took my load. Then we kissed.
    I was sober enough after that hot fuck. But had to wash my pants the next day as his load leaked out a bit on the drive home

  2. Tony

    My bf is fairly thick and 9in long. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to help myself to his huge cocktail and go down on him while he slept. Well apparently I fell asleep sucking him bc I woke up while him in my mouth. Needless to say we both had a good morning. With him standing staight up I just climbed on and rode him til he shot his load all up in me


    Honey. Ive had sex with guys who have had dicks that were thicker than Coke bottles. Some bitches would have to snort coke just to get the pronounced egg edible egg mushroom super mario brothers koopa mushroom head in. When your mouth on your face has to be stretched to oblivion just to give the guy a nice completion blow job you know the mouth in between your legs will have a hard time accomodating his schlong. He was from East Texas. Big dick country when you can find a top lol. It had to be 9.5 by 7 inches and i still have WALLS lol and i did not leave Duncan Hinds brownie mix on his shaft either honey lol

  4. Mr F

    Years ago I hooked up with this really handsome younger guy. When he dropped his drawers he turned out to have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life. It could easily have been 11 or 12 inches. He wouldn’t let me suck it but he was willing to fuck me. He put on a condom and I lubed myself up, but he only got maybe half way up my ass before I shot this huge load without even touching myself. That ended it for him and I never saw him again. Can’t actually say it was “great” sex–but it certainly was memorable.

  5. bibutleaning

    Bottoming for me was a pleasant but not intensely pleasurable experience until I met my 8″, thick friend. He was the first guy big enough and hard enough to top me in missionary position with my legs in the air, and recalling “Young Frankenstein,” I refer to it as my “Madeleine Kahn Moment”. Like her character in the movie, I wanted to start singing, “Ooooh, sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found yooooou!”

    The feeling inside my body was so new and so intense that couldn’t help but gasp and moan with each stroke. That day my friend made me a size queen. Since then I’ve met another 8.5″ friend who is thinner but really knows how to hit my spots. I’d hate to lose either of those friends! They’re the biggest I’ve ever had but I’m always looking for more.

    Just because I like them big doesn’t mean that average or smaller guys can’t thrill me. One of my best friends is average in size but turns up nicely to massage my prostate. A second is small but has a sharp downward curve which hits me just right doggie style. So size is never a reason for me to turn down a cock!

  6. BJ

    I met this big guy online. And though I don’t usually invite guys over without meeting somewhere first I was really horny and he had a killer body. We started making out and it was a real turn on. But in the bedroom he started to get rough. He through me on the bed and slammed into me pounding away. I told him to slow down and take long strokes because he was hurting me. He didn’t care. He said if he went slow he’d cum too soon and he liked that it hurt me. He even said, scream for me bitch, it turns me on. I bucked him off and threw his ass out. He was the biggest dick I ever met! Oh, wait. Maybe that’s not the kind of “big dick” you wanted to hear about. Never mind.

  7. quetzeldude

    After spending a weekend in Salisbury, Md, I was on line .I began emailing this guy. He had no photos of himself, but he was in the area I would be passing on my way home. I had a bud with me. We stopped in this guy’s home that he was renovating. Man, was he hot looking. We chatted awhile, then when up to the bedroom to play. He had a foot long thick cock .I could only get 11.5 down my throat. When he came, he shot upwards but it never came back down.

  8. Vinnie

    Love big Dick’s. 1st time was a older guy with a solid 9.5 that felt like he was gonna split me in half and have been hooked ever since.

  9. Gregg

    I have a friend that has a 9 incher and he pounds that beast in me hard and works my prostate to explosion. It’s the biggest cock I ever been fucked with. I love it!

  10. Sammy

    Two stories:

    A few years ago I saw a Dom who had his way with me. After a long session (almost 2 hours) of nip play, cbt, flogging, spanking, etc he tied me into a sling and fucked my ass mercilessly with his 8.5″ cock. And it was thick too! while he was fucking me he lubed up my cock and edged me for what seemed like an eternity. When He finally let me blow my load he kept jerking me off. My head was so sensitive but he didn’t stop torturing my cock until he came. My whole body, especially my ass was sore for days.

    A few months ago I hooked up with a twink who had a 9 ” cock. He wanted oral service and I was up for the task. I never sucked a cock that big and didn’t know if I could take all of it in my throat but Inwas going to give it my best effort. When he got to my hotel room I laid on the bed with my head hanging off the side and took his flaccid cock in my mouth and let it grow and snake its way down my thoat. There was a little gagging but I eventually adjusted and he was fully hard he started throat fucking me real good. We tried some other positions (standing, sitting, him laying on the bed) but thr only way I could take all of him was with me on my back getting throat fucked. I made sure I worked him nice and slow and it took about 45 minutes for him to blow a huge load all over my face and chest. My jaw hurt like hell for a couple days after that but it was well worth it.

  11. Jerry

    That was very clever presentation. Love it.

    I hope you mean an experience rather than something clever. I met a guy on line who was a top and I a bottom. He invited me to his house that he shared with his male partner. I got there and they were very nice guys and we were all about the same age, mature. One of them was cooking so we went into the kitchen. Chatted for a few minutes and one left. In a minute he came back into the kitchen totally naked with a beautiful, long nine inch cock. He came over to me and began to help me undress. Fully naked he began playing with my ass, all I could think was is he going to put that huge cock in my little ass…answer yes…and so he did with some lub thankfully. As he started to enter my hole the other guy came forward totally naked with another nine inch cock hard and ready for a face fucking so I offered my face. So here we are all naked in the kitchen with me bent over being pounding delightfully in the ass by one and faced fucked by the other. I know it was a kitchen but it was like heaven to me. As the action continued they both changed places and continued. The both shot their loads in my holes. It was terrific. I went back several times for more. I know 9 inches will work for me, I think I will go for more.

  12. Calgary Bi

    When I was just starting to explore my gay side, I met a guy who had an honest 13” cock. It pointed down when hard, so there was so inventive positioning. Once in, it felt great. I’ve had a few other monsters in my ass- some white, some Asian, some black. If the guy attached to it has a good attitude and knows how to use it, there’s nothing better. The best sex I’ve ever had as a bottom was with a guy who had a fairly thick 8” cock. Hands free orgasms for me!

  13. Thad

    A decade ago, I was working in Atlanta and staying in a hotel in Buckhead. I live in a small town — 500 people — in rural Michigan, so I have little opportunity for gay sex and even smaller opportunity for gay sex with big dicks. I placed an ad on a website saying I was looking for big dick, 8 inches or bigger, to fuck me. I showered, lubed up, kept my door ajar and waited naked on the bed. A black guy showed up, young, good looking, with a plump 8-incher. His 8 inches felt great up my ass. He left, and about an hour later, another black guy, in his 30s, showed up. He unzipped his pants, and a nice hard nine-inch was pointing at me. After sucking it awhile, it then went up my ass and felt so good. I was just about to go to sleep at midnight when a white guy showed up, nice looking, tall, in his 40s. “I don’t know if you can take ten inches,” he said. Well, I did — and he had incredible lasting power, fucking me in a dozen different positions for an hour. I slept well that night after having taken 27 inches of dick that evening. It was a memorable evening.

  14. Matt

    My cock is an honest 10 inches without any creative measurement needed. It’s circumference fully erect is an honest 6 inches. I have a big dick and many men want me to fuck them for the bragging rights of how big was their biggest dick. Fair enough.

    The problem is with men who will not work through their initial pain and therefore let me enjoy. The ones who want big cock bragging rights typically want a fast fuck with a lot of lube–so much lube that I can barely feel pleasure–and then they call it quits before I get off.

    Men who have experience taking big ones are more fun to play with. But it’s still often all about cock size than connection.

    I just find it ridiculous that I’m a “better” man because my cock is big. There’s a definite shallowness around the pursuit of big cocks for sex.

  15. txbro

    My encounter with a HUGE cock was with two black truckers staying the night at a local motel in my hometown of Laredo. Said they were straight and asked “where the party at”. I said ” Ha ha my mouth”. We took it from there. From us getting take out at Whataburger turned in to us crossing the street and me sucking their cocks. I took turns on them while each looked on and they drank their beer. Then one held my mouth open while his bud busted his creamy load in my mouth. I sucked the guy while his bud showered and I asked if I could see if bud would fuck my ass. When he saw me by the door I guess I looked cock hungry that he said “Want yo hole pounded?”. I said “YES!”. So I jumped in the shower and he lathered my ass good before sliding his huge cock deep in me. His bud watched. Then once done his bud said, “bring that ass ova here”. I went to the bed and sat on his cock. Pumped that curved cock for more of his creamy cum.
    They’re was one other time with an uncut guy from Mexico that I blew at a Dairy Queen restroom while his wife and family were eating. Fucker jizzed my face and mouth good. Zipped up and walked out and left me there on my knees with his warm cum on me. Ignored me the whole time after that but I got some good pics. I loved his underwear though. I started buying those preppy undies for me. Total fresa. A fresa with a 8″ uncut verga.

  16. Krismandume

    A guy asked on a hook up website if I was hung. I said yes. He said he had never bottomed before and asked if I would break him in easy. I said yes. He came over, already lubed, and I pressed in slowly. I could hear him moaning, and that got me harder. I pressed into him a few times, deeper each time, and was apparently hitting the right button because he came, screaming out as he did. His hole got super tight, and I pulled out in time to dump my load on his ads and back.
    It was months later his profile read, “bottomed for first time, much too big. Need a small dick.”

  17. Andy

    I once was at a bathhouse and in room sleeping or close to it, and two younger guys came in, and one proceeded to hold me down, and other put one of socks or something in mouth,, then he processed to get on top of me and forcefully ram it in,hurt bad, never thought I’d cry, but cried for awhile, it was very big and thick, after he was done his friend had a turn, as other held me down ,not much smaller then the first, after both working on my for bout an hour, my hole could not take anymore, fact it was bleeding some. As they finished and let me go, I had a chance to see who abused my hole, it was two white guys,I’d say upper 20s, the one first guy was about 11 to over inches, and as thick as most wrist, I have never seen one that big, let alone feel the force of it,his friend was not that smaller,,, sometimes b careful what you wish for,when you least expect it you may get it.

  18. Sal

    My ex was 9 x 6 around. HATED it. Luckily he was all bottom, but he was I was willing to top me. I was new to receiving anal and there was blood the few times we tried. The sex was crazy hot enough to keep us together for a while but it ultimately ended. I am almost exclusively bttm now and tend to find that the big dicks are too often attached to big dicks.

  19. Bud

    I prefer guys with bigger dicks. 8 inches or more. And thick. The kind of dick you have to ease onto as it stretches you open.
    Had a guy with 9 inches really fill me up a couple months ago. It was amazing

  20. Dan

    I met a handsome man years ago who surprised me when he dropped his pants with a thick 10 in dick. I wasn’t sure he was going to fit in my ass, but he fit like a glove. He also surprised me when he flipped and sat on my dick, he said I was the right size for him, 7c. We dated more and I fell head over heels in love with him. He was also personable and successful. But, when things began to get serious, he panicked and pushed me away. He had intimacy issues. I wound up walking away, but he kept coming back in and out of my life and we would have knock down drag out sex every single time but eventually I had to limit it to friendship bc I wanted a relationship, something more stable. He died 2 years ago from cancer at a young age and when I saw him the last time before he passed, he said I was the one that got away. Although we were only friends at the end, I still loved him. At any moment throughout the years, I would have left everything behind to be with him – all he would have had to do was just ask. I think he knew that but also knew we were better off as friends. He only dated after me, never had a LT. I miss him and think about him every December when his birthday rolls around. Big dick, handsome, successful, but his intimacy issues came between us.

    • LEO

      I’m so sorry for your loss. May your friends spirit, guide you to finding true joy, love and happiness.
      Happy New Year I hope all your dreams come true in 2018.


  21. brukinameole

    Living in the islands I had a honest 99% big dicks experiences, sometimes am afraid to hookup, cuz I kno 9 out of 10 are guys with big dicks. I doh mind, but these guys seem to have no ends when fucking. I love being filled up with my kinsmen warm cream.

  22. Milford

    Hey @ SAL, You couldn’t be more right. I see it way too often, which coins the phrase:
         “Just because you HAVE a dick, doesn’t mean you should ACT like one!”
    Biggest I have ever played with- 11.7″ X 7.25″. Blond Haired, blue eyed, Scandinavian, 5’11, 170. Gorgeous guy. Dumber than a tree stump and the personality to match. Poor basterd can’t get laid in a whorehouse!!

  23. joey

    I’ve had some fun times with hung men , I’m not little either 81/2″ thick , my ex was also 8 1/2 “, he was my first bf and he taught me how to give head ,incredible head he never topped me nor let me top him and I didn’t know about it , when I left him (21years) I discovered that I luv sucking dick and don’t enjoy sucking 6″or less , I’ve done it but I like to feel my mouth full of hard throbbing dick .

    anyway where I live you b lucky to find a Top , so i hosted a party at a hotel , wow 5 men showed up at 8pm and they were 81/2 -11″ ,holy cow , I was thoroughly topped by all 5 and 2 of them wanted seconds .they all left about 11pm and helped cover the cost of the room …about 12 1230 their was another wave of guys ,all younger than me or the first group,, sadly none of them were over 7” and once I started sucking them ,they all wanted head , except 1 guy…
    much to my surprise 2 of the guys from the earlier fun came back at 5am ,, and I had my first ever anal orgasm…and continue to play with both of them and occasionally a third or fourth …just luv my luck with big men

  24. John

    The first real cock as opposed to a dildo that was in my ass was 9”. He knew how to use it to pleasure both of us. I came hands free as that 9” blasted a huge load in me. Wish every top was as skilled.

  25. Stretched&happy

    I have a regular sex partner who’s an older gentleman who’s 9.5×8.5. lucky for me, he loves sex but is understanding when it comes to me accomidating his girth going down on him or bending over for him. One of our hottest encounters was at a gay hotel in Palm Springs. It was nighttime and there was plenty gay sex happening in the pool area facing our balcony. My partner and I got really horny and decided to put on a show from our 2nd floor balcony. With a small crowd watching, I went down on my knees wearing only my red speedo. My well-hung partner, stood facing the crowd took off his robe so the crowd could see his naked body and massive 9.5×8.5 hard-on. Cheering ensued. He turned toward me and I commence fellatio by licking his shaft down to his balls. I stoked his thick shaft with one hand while licking his nuts. More shouts and cheers.. I opened my mouth as wide as I could to accommodate his thick shaft while slowly massaging his balls with one hand while stroking his shaft with the other. The clapping and cheering grew louder… My saliva and my partner’s salty pre-cum began to spill out while my sucking sounds grew louder. My partners two hands moved my head back and forth while I worked his shaft. Then, suddenly, he stopped moving my head while his fingers interlocked behind my head so it was imobilized while the rest of his body grew temse… He then let out very loud groans while ejaculating down my throat. Because I couldn’t move my head and my mouth was stretched to the limit, I had to guzzle his load consisting of a quarter cup of seman in 4 gushes… Needless to say, the biggest cheers went up while my partner shot his wad in I struggled to swallow it…

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