Health: It’s World AIDS Day, Donate to Fight HIV/AIDS

December 1st marks the World AIDS Day.

It is a day dedicated to remembering those we have lost because of AIDS and AIDS-related illness. It’s a day meant for “raising awareness about the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and to unite the people all over the world to fight against the disease.”

How do we, the A4A community as a whole, do this?

These past few years, the A4A community has supported the World AIDS Day by raising awareness about AIDS and HIV through social media and by encouraging members to participate in our campaign. Today, as did last year and the years before last, 100% of the sales from the VIP/PRO membership on A4A will be donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF). The campaign is starting right now, December 1st, at 10:00 am and will run until tomorrow, December 2nd, at 10:00 am.

ETAF has been around for 26 years now “providing grants to organizations involved in helping the most marginalized people within the AIDS community.” Ms. Taylor’s Trust pays for ETAF’s operating costs so every dollar donated to them goes directly to helping people with HIV/AIDS.

Support our campaign by signing up for the VIP or Pro membership. Simply click this link and choose your plan: VIP at $10 or $25 or VIP+ProAD at $30 or $75 and your payment will be donated to ETAF in full.

With this, we get to help the HIV/AIDS community together in our own way. And at the same time you get a VIP membership here at A4A, which means access to nice features such as but not limited to: more photos in your profile, ads-free app and website, priority support, and many more!

Many thanks, guys, for your attention and participation. In the next few days, we will post an announcement on the 2017 total donation proceeds! Last year, we gathered $3,355 and A4A rounded it to $5,000, so let’s try to go a little bit higher this year!

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  1. Francis Asissy

    No. It’s not that serious anymore. It’s preventable and mostly treatable. There are worse diseases, and bigger problems in the Gay community. Too many of those we lost were simply irresponsible and careless. It was tragic but mostly unnecessary.
    Mental illness and loneliness are much bigger problems, as well as Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME, which gets NO attention, help or support, but is more common, and far-less treatable. Almost no money is going into research and education. AIDS/HIV takes up all the resources and I am literally sick of it. There is no excuse for anyone under the age of say, 45, to have it. It has been preventable by condom use since 1985. Grow up!

    • Dave

      Francis, yeah there’s hundreds of disease but this post, right here, is to raise money for HIV/AIDS, If you don’t want to give money, fine, don’t give.

  2. TiredOfIt

    Sorry…been ripped off by too many HIV scam organizations like APLA (was paying do-nothing administrators six figures while nearly NO funding for real AIDS patients (source: LA Times, LA Daily News) to fall for that one. Liz is dead and long gone…who’s minding the store? Elizabeth Glazer Memorial Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s where my money helped hundreds of kids. Now, there is NO EXCUSE for these rising MSM infection rates, other than drug use and stupidity. Call it “natural selection.”

    • Dave

      100% of the money given to ETAF is giving for research and to help people living with HIV/AIDS. The operating costs of the foundation are paid for by her Trust. That’s why A4A partnered with the foundation, they are very nice people as well, with a real desire to help!

  3. Eddie

    It’s complex subject . There are many HIV + spreading the disease still many in the bathhouse it’s sad to know some of my friends are bring vindictive spreading the disease to others healthy males just because they got it by someone who was selfish just like them. Never ending stories.

  4. Sparz18

    I remember reading an earlier article on A4A where people where arguing for why hiv+ men shouldn’t be held accountable for KNOWINGLY infecting others with hiv.

    Now you expect me to pay for your cause as well? Lol.

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