Health : NYC Hits Record Low Of HIV Diagnoses

World AIDS Day reached its 30th year this year, and the landscape surrounding the disease has definitely changed. In a recent report released by the Department of Health, it’s revealed that 2016 was a historic year for New York City, as it represented the lowest amount of new HIV diagnoses in the city’s history, an 8.6 percent decrease in new diagnoses compared to 2015.

For 2016, New York City only recorded 2,279 new infections. When the Department of Health first started tracking statistics on HIV, New York City had 5,906 new infections. The report also shows that White, Black, and Latino/Hispanic men having sex with men all experienced declines in new diagnoses. White and Latino/Hispanic men had the largest declines among the group.

There has even been a decline in HIV-related deaths among people living with HIV. According to the report, two-thirds of the deaths among people with HIV were not HIV-related. Even suppression of the virus has increased in 2016, with 84 percent of those in care experiencing viral suppression and 76 percent overall among people with HIV in New York City.

As one would expect, PrEP has played a large part in this decrease of new infections. According to the study, 2016 saw 30 percent of men having sex with men were taking the drug. This could be attributed to the fact that PrEP is available for low to no cost at eight New York City health clinics, which you can find here.

Of course, the report also points out where the community can improve, specifically when it comes to substance abuse and transmission rates among men of color. The report notes that 64.9 percent of new diagnoses were among men of color having sex with other men. The report also noted that among people living with HIV that also report substance abuse demonstrate poorer viral suppression.

What do you guys think of this new report? For Adam4Adam users living in New York City, how has the scene there changed? Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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  1. dls245

    This article is of great news! As a HIV poz undetectable guy myself, I’m way more healthier now than I was when I was diagnosed with HIV 3.5 yrs ago. Prep is working and maybe the stigma is lesser so others are getting the medical help most needed! Keep up the awesome job guys!!

  2. Brad

    I worry that changing behaviors of sexual encounters because of prep will open the door to something new that will wipe us out again. This has been a blessing for many. It may be a curse in the long run.

  3. TiredOfIt

    NYC has always been ahead of the curve on HIV. Infections are increasing in LA yet again. Why? NYC has always had a more cohesive community….outreach programs have always been more effective there and in SF. LA’s big problem is meth.

  4. Matt

    That is fantastic news. I’m still baffled the virus is not curable by now. I just hope all the money raised for a cure is being used properly. I dread donating money toward anything because of crooked azz people out there…..Nevertheless great news and i will keep my ears peeled to hear that a vaccine has been created to wipe out the disease completely….

  5. Thad

    Such good news! Thanks to the researchers and scientists and health care professionals who have helped during this three-decade-long HIV/AIDS epidemic. My 39-year-old brother died of AIDS and cancer in 1998 before the new ARV treatments were developed. His life was cut short, but many million others can now live longer, more productive lives due to advances in science and medicine. This holiday season has good news, which makes my heart glad.

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