Happy New Year Everyone!

What are your plans and resolutions for 2018? Do you have a list of things that you want to do for your career? What about in life, dating, and love? How about creating an ultimate sexual bucket list for things you want to try in bed this coming year?

Say, have you perhaps fantasized about doing a gangbang or a threesome for so many years now and finally decided to do it this 2018? Maybe have sex with a girl for the first time? What about giving double penetration a try?

How about finding a boyfriend or maybe, be nicer to the others online (to the members here at A4A for example)? Stop drinking or taking drugs? Maybe you’ve resolved to finally go to the gym this 2018? What about spending more quality time with yourself? (Does that mean more masturbation is in store for you this this coming year? Ah, aaaand we are back to sex talk. Lol.

On that note, we’d like to thank each and every one of you guys for being with us not only this whole year round but for being with Adam4Adam these past 15 years or so. We have such an amazing time day in and day out because of you and we sincerely hope it’s the same for you.

Did we help you have fun? We hope so, because that’s the reason why we created Adam4Adam: for people to get together and enjoy themselves.

As we welcome the coming year, we wish for you all the good things that life can bring. We also wish for you good luck, good health, and good fortune this 2018.

Happy New Year!

Dave and A4A Team!

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  1. Thad

    Have a happy new year 2018, guys! My resolution: go to Phoenix this month, Trinidad/Tobago next month, New York City in March, and Montreal in April — and has as much gay sex as possible. Have a great year, guys; I know I will.

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