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Movie : “In a Heartbeat” and First Crush Stories

Photo Credits: Screengrab from In a Heartbeat Animated Short Film YouTube

Hey, guys! What is your first crush story?

We are bringing up the subject because there’s a really cute animated film titled In a Heartbeat that’s currently stealing the hearts of the netizens. In a Heartbeat is a four-minute senior thesis animated film created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo at Ringling College of Art and Design. It tells the story of Sherwin who can’t resist following Jonathan, his crush, around. Sherwin does it as covertly as he possibly could but then his self-restraint proved useless because he liked the boy way too much his heart actually popped out of his chest and chased after Jonathan on its own accord.

Check it out, guys. The film is downright adorable, I can’t stop smiling myself and it brought back first crush memories, too, not to mention the feelings attached to it.  There was the fear and the anxiety that my crush might find out about my infatuation and yet my eyes couldn’t stop following him. He was cute plus he had a gorgeous singing voice and it was particularly hard to be stealthy when trying to steal a glance because he was my classmate. Unfortunately, he liked my childhood best friend instead. Oh, young heart! Lol.

Twitter of course, can’t get enough of the film with some fans going as far as to making gorgeous fan arts like the one shown below.

Anyway, we leave you with In a Heartbeat’s full-length movie below.

That being said, what is your first crush story? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

Happy viewing!

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  1. william

    My first crush was in 6th grade. It was my gym teacher. He was probably about 24 and a new teacher at that school. This was in the 80’s so, he had on some really short shorts (jack trippers) and a polo shirt. He was a very hairy man. In shape, tan and tall. I luv’d seeing his chest hairs coming out of his collar and often wondered what his hairy legs felt like. I always wanted to “catch” him in the shower, but alas never did. But over the long school year, I would steal as much glances as I could and would often try to be near him as much as possible.

  2. Ed

    My first crush was when I was 15 years old, I had just started High School and he was also 15, we were in the same gym class, my whole body would shake uncontrollably whenever he was near me and my throat would get so dry I couldn’t speak, we had to line up in alphabetical order one day, he and my last name start with a “W” so he stood right next to me, then we were paired up to hold each others legs down as we did sit-ups, he was dark complected and I thought I would pass out touching his legs, then to my delight his gym shorts would rise up and I caught a glimpse of the whitest underwear I had ever seen in my life, looking back they were probably no different than mine but next to his dark skin they seemed like they glowed…I changed gym classes the next day and for the next four years I admired him from afar.

  3. HunterWI

    From a production standpoint it is quite well done. From a storyline and screenplay standpoint it has more holes than Swiss cheese.

    In the end, it’s nice. But “oh God. It’s so gay.”

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