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A4A : Online Dating and Profile Pictures 

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What do you guys like to put on your profile pictures? Is it maybe a photo of your pet or of your asshole or your cock? Or perhaps you don’t put any at all? Why or why not?

Alternatively, what kind of profile picture attracts your attention?

I was scrolling down new profiles that were created on A4A recently and MANY of them didn’t have photos. Many profiles that have photos on the other hand were only showing just an asshole or a cock and I guess it’s a direct and quick way of saying the account owner is a bottom or a top. But apart from your preferred sexual position, profile photos can give others a glimpse of who you are and your lifestyle, what you love to do and where you love to go during your free time.

Profile pictures in short, are important.

Did you know that having a photo in your profile raises your chance of meeting someone by 90% more than those who don’t have a profile picture? We are talking about pictures of your faces, of course, not your cock or butthole pictures and this data makes sense. Ultimately the men, of course, want to know who they are talking to. Take note that if your profile shows only a dick or butt, you won’t show up on A4A app because Apple and Google don’t allow nudity.

Further, a study on gay men’s online dating habits revealed that 70% out of the 4,000 respondents are not willing to meet in real life if they haven’t seen the picture of the person’s face yet or if that person’s pictures were all from neck down only. Does this hold true for you or would you still meet someone whose face you have not seen online yet? Why or why not?

Speaking of profile pictures, every day we feature three A4A members on A4A’s official Facebook account so if you are interested in being one of them, simply get in touch with us on Facebook by clicking here. Send us a private message with your best face or body photo (G-rated of course, which means no dick or ass pictures) and your username and we just might feature you. This will give a boost to the visits on your profile which could help you find a lover or the man of your dreams.

Anyway, what kind of profile pictures do you use in your A4A account, guys? And also, what kind of profile pictures grab your attention? Share with us your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below. Oh and to upload a photo, click here!

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  1. Curved Cock

    I have my curved cock but I think it’s funny that most of the bottoms I look at show their cock instead of the nice ass that us total tops want to see.

  2. Jon

    I have to admit, seeing a big dick is what catches my attention first. But I have to read something in their bio that I’m attracted to. There’s plenty of nice big cocks to suck, I’m picky lol

  3. Jacob Sizzle

    I always use my face pics and make the best effort to use current pics. Being able to have some locked/private photos is a great benefit so I keep my nude pics there. I avoid messages from guys where only a dick or ass are the pic. It’s not something I’m interested in. I am usually inclined to reply to guys who have face pics, who show some skin (arms and chest — yum!).

  4. BJ

    A genuine warm smile is always an attention grabber. 🙂
    Why don’t more guys smile in their profile pics?
    Dick, ass or chest pics in the inside are icing on the cake.

  5. Eastsideprbttm

    If there’s no face picture I won’t bother taking to or responding to people. Its so bad to the point that every other profile is either blank, a meme or something other than the person that messaged you. Whats even worse is when the profile is completely unfilled or there’s a lot of blank information. If people want to have no face pictures and blank profiles, that’s on them but my preference is to see who I’m talking to. We don’t go around in public with big blank squares over us.

    • jetsetter

      You’re confusing A4A for some of these other websites (Christianmingle, match, etc.). A4A is geared specifically towards gay men and they advertise porn all the time. Therefore, people aren’t going to treat it like it’s a non-sex site. Yes some guys will, but they are only fooling themselves because no one is on there without the intention of sex. Not saying it’s the only reason but it’s definitely crossed everyone’s mind. And no, we don’t all walk around with a blank square over us, but we also don’t walk around watching guys getting fucked all the time either.

    • HunterWI

      Agreed. I pass on profiles where the guy has entered very little information and then writes “if you have any questions, ask me.” Jf a guy can’t be bothered to take the time to post two or three sentences about himself, he’s thinks he’s a prince deserving to be served by the rest of the world.

  6. Kirt28202

    Nudity in my profile pics and I like to see nudity on other profiles. I’m not on here to look at christian singles. That was easy……

  7. Sean

    I don’t know,what it is but when I see a dick I wanna i see a dick I wanna suck they don’t wanna play..mabye I’ll try and put an x pic up..but the last time I posted somethjing like that someone told me to put my cloths I did…its a hook up site, cause down the road that same person gonna wanna get in my pants..have a good day everyone.

  8. Eric

    I have a full body picture of me, as my main profile picture. I also have a few other pictures as well. I like to give the guy a chance to see most of me. I get a few potential guys, but the majority back out once I tell them I am a dialysis patent and can not always meet late at night(11pm or 1am). plus I find it a little odd that most gay men on here cant hook up until it is almost morning. sorry I don’t mean to babble on.

  9. Robin

    As a general rule the most response goes to someone who has at least one actor’s headshot one full body pic and one that shows some type of personality (one of you skiing or hiking or whatever it is you do.) that’s for dating. Hook ups I still want a headshot and a package shot big or small don’t care. Want to know what I’m getting myself into. Yes in all cases I read the profile text. Look for grammar and spelling. Get a sense of intellectual ability and/ or clever humour, Well mannered and honest . That should be enough to get you what you want.

  10. HunterWI

    A chest or torso shot gives a good idea of your build. That’s a good main profile picture. I save my face shot in private in until after I get to know a guy somewhat through chatting. The same for a cock shot. For me, an ass shot, especially with a wide open hole, seems to say the guy has a Holland Tunnel that he has given to every guy on the planet. An ass shot with a brown crack sends a negative message about hygeine. Guys should also be aware of what’s in the background. Unkept rooms, toilets, and art send messages. Face pictures where the guy looks angry or bored don’t invite me into wanting to know more about the guy. Not that every face picture needs a sappy smile. Always take a look at any photo and think about what it says to someone seeing it for the first time.

  11. flyview

    This is a hook up site. Guys look for what physically attracts them. If that is the face then great. For me it is not the face that initially gets my attention. Bottoms, I am a total top and I can guarantee you that those spread ass cheeks are a complete turn off. A well posed chest, ab or back shot are a big turn on for me. That said the quality of many pics are often crude and incredibly unattractive. Mostly I wish A4A made guys step on a scale before they post.

  12. Bkl83

    I’m fine with people having locked pics. There’s so many guys that want to bitch about someone who has locked pics (Excuse us for not wanting to brazenly post all our identifying info on a gay sex hookup site?????). But on the flip there are guys that have no pics or info at all and want you to drop everything to go get them off.
    Just use common sense, men. Have some pics, and if you don’t LEAST fill out your stats as much as possible. If you do this then it shouldn’t be an issue like people want to make it.

  13. rodney

    I don’t get it if you are bottom why show your cock not your ass I’m proud to be a bottom and I’m proud to show my ass to any man that wants to see and I’ll give it to any man that wants it.

    • Dave

      lol, why not? You think people will print your photo pout it on a billboard and write “fag” beside your face?
      C’mon man! Unless you’re in the closet I dont see why people don’t show their face…

  14. wantzneedz

    I prefer a locked pic. I rather read a profile and if I’m feeling what the words on your profile I’ll message. If there’s a connect then we check each others pic. I’ve found that on this site most are looking for a fantasy real and the others are just looking for a big dick.

  15. john

    As a total bottom I like to see a cock in the profile. I want to see what it looks like and how big it is, it gets me in the mood for a big cock inside me doing it’s thing.

  16. ama

    I usually have my face separate from the main pic. Why ? Im not photogenic. I’ve been told I’m physically attractive in person…but my face pics are awful.

    That tends to cause me to receive a lot of rejections unless the guy takes a chance.

  17. FitGamer

    I have clothed, neck down pictures on display and face pictures locked.

    Because I’m in a customer-facing position at work and work with the general public, I don’t like the idea of being identified on here outside of my control … I don’t need or want that kind of attention.
    In other profiles, I look for grammar, respectability, and consistency … I’m not going to bother with the guy “looking for friends” with nude pictures. A little effort does go a long way.

  18. Goredeck

    I am a bottom and I display my ass proudly. When I am looking a cock pic always gets my attention. I find it weird that some tops posts ass pics and some bottoms show cock pics.

  19. fluffy

    People on here seem universally obsessed with pictures.For that sad,vapid reason I don’t see why there’s any debate.You don’t really have much choice if you want a chance.

  20. VIH-Positivo-MMG

    If a man shows any lack of understanding of how a normal conversation should flow, I just don’t even bother with him. I could have my ass hole plastered all over my profile, but if I get a “where are you from” as the greeting, instead of an actual greeting, that tells me there is no way in hell this man will be able to appreciate anything anyone has to say.

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