Hot or Not: Harness

Photo Credits: Adam4Adam

What do you think about harness, guys? Do you love looking at men who’s got their leather harness strapped on? Do you find it hot or not?

There are guys who are into this and it’s not hard to see why. Harness screamed rough and masculine and therein lies a huge part of the appeal. Perhaps it’s the way the harness frames a man’s chest, I don’t know, but personally I do find it hot. I prefer the plain black leather harness though, not the colorful ones but eh, that’s just me. The colorful ones exist because there are others who love it that’s for sure.

But me, I love the simple ones, like Nasty Pig’s Paratrooper Bulldog Harness. The style is classic and versatile—made to highlight a guy’s shoulders and pecs. I also love Nasty Pig’s Asymmetric Holster Harness. It has a pouch that allows you to put your cellphone, cards, and cash—talk about fetish, fashion, and functionality rolled into one and if you are finding these awesome, you might want to head over here to check out our new arrivals and latest styles from Nasty Pig.

Anyway, I guess you can say it boils down to how the leather harness or the harness in general can make a man look hot and irresistible in someone else’s eyes. And of course, how it can turn a man on, let’s not forget that one.

Also, I think this is one piece of clothing that sends the: hey, let’s fuck signal. Moreover, a person doesn’t necessarily need to be into BDSM or pup play in order to appreciate it. Harness can be worn and enjoyed for its aesthetic value or appeal not because you’ve got a fetish for it. Do you agree? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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    • HunterWI

      Agreed! And all too often, tattoos are a detraction as well.

      But as with all things mansex, if the guys in question are into it (whatever it is), more power to them.

  1. einathens

    The right harness on the right guy can be irresistible.

    So was this a Nasty Pig commercial? No mention of Fort Troff, Mr S….

  2. Trent

    I appreciate a4a for created this blog/topic and where to get them. I think it’s very hot on “some” men esp one with nice body. I do have a very nice firm big chest and want to try it out. Went to a circuit party in sf last month on gay pride and saw some real hot men with hot harness on. Turn me on lol

  3. Dave

    … the photo shows a guy wearing a necklace, that’s NOT A HARNESS.
    A harness strap sits below each pec at least 3 inches. Most of the young
    homos these days have no clue. It’s just leather drag anyway, so no huge
    deal. But the 22 year-olds think they’ve invented everything. They should
    stay in their skinny jeans and bun-hair.

  4. Stewie

    Call me naive about male-on-male sex, but what is the function of the harness? The article discusses the fashion & fetish of the harness, but not the function.

  5. Goldenloverinmym

    yes i like the harness’s not big into the hard core BD/SM stuff but i do like the lets fuck look. not a rough dom/sub kind of guy either but good hot fucking man sex is what it’s all about. talk it over so you dont get in over your head or not meet anybodys expectations

  6. Subbottomboi

    I’m getting a harness. After over 40 years of oral only, I have found the joys of getting fucked. I am getting a Harness so hold on, pull me back fuck me good and give me a good fuck. I have here to please. Hoping Tops will find it hot.

  7. Exmil

    Can be hot on the right body and mindset, but often not because the wearer shouldn’t be wearing it all. Too much fetish wear and too tattoos and piercings is just over the top skeezy but I admit some are just into that scene (to each their own, my opinion).

  8. nyfreerider

    If he likes/wants it, fine. But doesn’t really do much for me. Sometimes think guys over do the kinky stuff. A little goes a long way.

  9. stesm-enth

    I bought a harness sometime ago. Leather used to be a fetish ( I am 68) but no longer. I wear it occasionally at a resort, have had a few approvals but mostly ignored, but that is my age disadvantage. I like it anyway and like it others both leather and none leather colorful styles.

  10. Dylan

    I agree with Dave that that pic is more of a necklace.

    I love harnesses esp on a chisled body. I actually make my own. I do use leather and make a lot of them out of white rope along with brass and stainless steel. I consider myself some what of a bondage master. I have Put many (wow…now that I think of it…MANY) subs in harnesses and have tied them up acutually using them for what they were designed for. I use leather for locking a sub down to my bed if it will be quick (hour or less). I use my rope harnesses for all nighters. On my bed I have 8 ropes spliced around the bed frame and can snap a sub in like hooking up a dog to a leash. One pull of the master rope underneath the bed and tie off to a cleat at the base of the bed and he can NOT move at all. he stays in the position I demand. All of my harnesses have grab handles either in the centre of the back or two along the lower back. Or along the obliques..Nothing like pulling your sub on to your cock deep and hard.

    Nothing pisses me off more when I’m at a club and I see tops wearing harnesses. Sends the wrong signal. But it is a cool fashion statement and they are fun to play with. I just take my harnesses more seriously than most.

    I did have a TSA agent leave me a phone number and email addresss when he saw three of my home made harnesses in my luggage. I called him and he said he would love to try them on. He was in Miami. He sent me pics that night via email. Two weeks later I was back in Miami. He filled them out perfectly. I could watch him throw luggage all day. I did many body cavity searches on him being tied up to my bed. He is an amazing sub.

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