Fantasy: Men in Sportswear

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Sportswear or sports gear fetish, do you have one?  Do you attend regularly or maybe have been into a sportswear party once, care to share the experience with us?

No, you don’t have a sportswear fetish?

But you do get turned on when you see an attractive guy in a pair of swim trunks or in a football gear, yes? I mean it could be a guy in a motocross gear or a wrestling singlet but the point is that everybody is guilty of admiring a guy in a sports uniform at least once in their lifetime. Do you agree?

If you fantasize about these guys while masturbating, it is quite understandable. It’s probably the thought of them getting all hot and sweaty while in their sports ensemble or maybe it’s the outfit itself: tight, sexy, emphasizing the man’s bulges in all the right places especially the one down below. Yep, I do mean his dick. *Grins*

Whether you are the one who does the looking or the one being looked at—either at the party scene or, you know, you really love sports and you’re often wearing a sports uniform (triathlon, basketball, etc.)—share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Atomicare

    Have a few guys I regularly hookup with for fun in sports gear. Football,wrestling and baseball are favorite. Recently added piss play to our gear play, makes for a nice change from sweat

  2. Rick

    Love hot good looking men in sports wear but find it ludicrous when older out of shape men think that sportswear is going to some how make them hot…

    • Chris

      That may be true for you, but who really cares? Since you have that proscription for the rest of us, make sure YOU remember that when YOU are an “older out of shape” man.

  3. Thad

    Why do you think I go to the Y? I love when a younger muscled guy comes to his locker and tugs off his swimsuit or running shorts . . . and, damn, there’s his big dick and taut ass. Yum!

  4. Jon

    Absolutely loveeeeee the gear. I find nothing hotter than an in shape guy sporting bulge and muscle. Speedos, spandex running short, football, baseball, singlets, love it all. Used to hookup with a guy into singlets. I never had a good time like I had with him. I wish there were more into it, and playing in it. Email me men, and let’s play 🙂

  5. Jon

    I love the way a hung man looks in some tight pants, speedo, etc, who doesn’t? Lol. I wear tight underwear for that reasob, and as a vottom, I live when a tip gets turned on by what I’m wearing

  6. Jon

    I love the way a hung man looks in some tight pants, speedo, etc, who doesn’t? Lol. I wear tight underwear for that reason, and as a bottom, I love when a top gets turned on by what I’m wearing

  7. latinlust69

    Oh yes i love looking at guys in gear! Swimmers, singlets, jockstraps, you name it! Nothing like a hot guy in soccer or Aussie rules football shorts and visible strap lunes framing a sweet sweaty butt.

  8. BattleBorn

    Having played sports myself, I’ve always found it to be very arrousing. Some of my first sexual experiences with other dudes was in the back street of a school bus on the way from from a game. Those experiences are now what fuel my sports gear fetish. From jock-straps, to football pads. Or baseball tee’s to hockey jerseys. Not only is it a way into my pants, but it’s a mind fuck too.

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