Watch This: Italian Midfielder Federico Varano Dick Pics Leaked

Italian soccer player Federico Varano was photographed flashing his dick and now said pictures have surfaced online.

The Italian hottie seemed to have been on-board a bus when the pictures were taken. Or at least that’s the ongoing speculation. We aren’t sure about that however, because in the photos Varano was only wearing his underwear. I mean I wouldn’t be caught in my underwear when inside a bus, unless the bus is inside my house and that would be highly unlikely. Lol. Would you? Prance inside a bus in your underwear, I mean?

Anyway, Varano wasn’t prancing or anything in the photos. He was seated comfortably on what appeared to be a recliner chair. In the first photo he looked like he was checking out his phone while, ahem, feeling himself up when suddenly someone called his attention (and at the same time took his picture obviously). In the succeeding pictures he could be seen putting his hand inside his underwear, clearly putting on a show for whoever was watching and then he lifted his underwear bit by bit to reveal his dick. Take a look at the controversial photos on our Twitter account!

In any case, wherever he was, I think we can all agree that the man is hot. Do you agree? Comment below!

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