Sexuality: Straight Guy in Lust With Another Guy

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Is it really possible for a straight guy to be in lust with another guy? I guess this is one question we’ll be perpetually asking.

In the past, we talked about the reasons why straight guys end up sleeping with another guy. It could be that they’re not out yet, that it’s just a phase, etc. And then, recently we also talked about the difference between a gay and a straight man here which—according to a famous saying—is six beers.

How about if we removed the beer out of the equation? Would straight guys still be open to sleeping with other guys?

Yep, it would appear to be the case, at least in these two particular Redditor. This first guy inadvertently caught his roommate fucking another guy and the incident left him feeling confused and horny over said roommate. He waited for the feeling to pass but alas, it would not go away so he ended up talking to his roommate about it and the two of them even came up with a solution: sleep with each other. This second guy on the other hand, thinks he’s straight but he wonders how it would be to get a head from a friend. He is willing to try to reciprocate and go with the flow if he so ever finds an opportunity to experiment.

Is it simply curiosity?

Or maybe we are all wired that way. Maybe we all have that aha! moment waiting to happen at the right time given the right situation just like guy one above. That’s just me though. Whatever the case is, ever been that first or second guy above in the past? If so, have you ever acted on your curiosity? On the contrary perhaps you were the guy on the receiving end of propositions like the ones mentioned above? Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments below!

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  1. Ezra wallace

    I have been with a lot of my straight guy friends for consecutive years now. It is our business so of course the wife girlfriend baby momma whatever doesn’t know…and if they found out oh well we have been friends longer than they have been together. I have slept and messed around with a lot of my straight guy friends. Everything about it is AMAZING. No alcohol needed. Some were curious, some were horny and some just wanted to know the true meaning of friends with benefits. But either way sexual activity with a straight guy friend or not is an orgasmic accomplishment.

  2. BJ

    Isn’t this fascination with straight men wanting to have sex with gay men just a fantasy? Think about it. If there us such a thing as an “aha! moment” that we ALL have then why aren’t gay men having them about sleeping with women?

    • Andrew

      Thank u so much bro, for pointing it out, it seems the writer and majority of the gay/bi men here is overly obsessed with having sex with straight men, and fyi, a true straight man has no desire nor attraction to other men, the men who they are talking about are men who are curious or just plain DL aka bi, noting more noting less, what about 100% gay men have sex with women. Are they truly repulsed having sex with a woman, do they really say ewwwww a pussy. And all that crap. I am so over this fad with gay men obsessing with straight men.

  3. Joe

    I have always identified as straight, but I did give in to my curiosity years ago and had some of the best sex ever. I still consider myself straight, but I do enjoy men from time to time. I find it totally different than sex with women. With a guy it’s just raw sex and that’s why it’s so much fun. I check my feelings at the door and just do it.

      • Greg

        I am not sure something is wrong with him. I have had terrific sex with both men and women. I love man sex, but identify as straight. So to be clear, i sucked my first dick at 11, I loved it. But I can say I am about 100 to 1 sex with women vs. men. Am I really Bi? Yes I assume so. Many on here say that is not possible, if I cross over to men, that makes me gay. Nope, It makes me a guy that loves a cock in my ass or mouth, the taste of cum, the feel oh a hot man from time to time to quench that thirst. I love sex with women too.

  4. Luigi Nonono

    Silly musing. Straight guys have feelings too. They may fall in love or have a crush on another guy that could lead to sex, but only in that emotional context. They’re not just sex pigs, like so many gay men become. Some are so into their dicks that they respect other guys’ dicks and end up wanting to handle and suck them. Some love anal stimulation so much, they are willing to be fucked. Look at fetish sites and see what the range of sexuality is. You just can’t categorize people.

  5. Ronnie

    I had a experience kinda like this i had some porn on my phone one time i forgot to close it out had a buddy over spending the day over i walked to the store to get a drink amd walked back well while o was gone he looked thru my phone well there it was pulled up and it was gay porn well he asked me bout it i told him i was curious cause i wanted to have sex with a guy well thats when he told he was gay i was like ok cool man we talked for a few. Looked at my phone we both was hard as a rock so we ended up having sex that evening i for one loved it he was awesome ive hooked up with guys every now and again im ‘straight’

  6. David

    I have had a few experiences with my straight friends on this topic. I am convinced that there is someone out there who may turn just about any straight cock hard if the chemistry is right. I am an attractive , athletic Latin american who has had a few sexual trysts with my straight male friends. I was bi for many years but now I say I am gay and my straight buds know and respect this. I have had sex with three of them two married and the other has had a girlfriend for many years. On one occasion the single guy had heard that I had a good romp with one of the married friends and was jealous because I had never made a real pass at him lol. Well ,we soon fixed that. We do not have sex often and they never have sex with one another even though after all these years of friendship they are aware of the sexual activity between me and the other guys. It isn’t romantic kiss, squishy sex but it is good.

    • anonimatovato

      Why are you guys always messing around with married men and with girlfriends? Just sayin’! I don’t care what you guys call it, it’s still cheating, but go ahead and have your cake and eat it lol!

    • Trent

      Okay and how how many children you think you got with this so call married straight man with 8 kids in the last 7 years ?? …… 225 ? Lol

  7. HunterWI

    “Is it really possible for a straight guy to be in lust with another guy?”

    No. A 100% straight guy would not think about sex with you or let you near him. Any of the other 99.99999% of the guys on the sexuality spectrum you’d have a chance with.

    We really need to stop trying to make a VERY grey issue into something that’s either or.

  8. C. J. G

    I consider myself to be me-sexual. I enjoy whatever turns me on. I was introduced to the bi side by a woman who was an ice dealer. She slammed it and said that I was going to do it the same way as her if I was going to stay around. Needless to say, I took almost a half g for my very first shot and while spun, I was introduced to her boyfriend’s black cock. Bbc has been a turn on for me for years and I went from straight to being fucked balls deep in my ass by 8 inches of bbc in less than 15 minutes. Honestly, I’m in lust with most most black guys and I knew that I was always going to be that way.
    I also believe that there is no such thing as “completely straight”

  9. JohnnyD

    I think a lot of married guys who experiment do so because they are either lonely or the sexual relationship between he and the wife has completely fizzled. The first time I was ever with a guy it was amazing. 2 bearded men deep kissing, holding each other tight, feeling desired. At some point you say “what the fuck” and just go with it. If you get lucky and the first time is with the right guy, you do it again. I had a married fuck bud for years. He had several kids, as I do; and it is hard to put into words what we felt when we were together. For 6 years it was very comforting, passionate, and I always felt loved for lack of a better word.

  10. Matt

    This is and always been kinda strange to me. Here’s an example. We have a 23 year old extremely gorgeous half white and half black guy a work. He work in the personnel department. He played wide receiver in college and is 6’3 and have the most perfect 180 pounds slim muscular built. Beautiful chest and narrow waist with the most perfect little round bubble butt in the world. He wears slim fit dress shirts to show his perfect built and skinny pants to show off his ass and muscular thighs and legs.. He is married to a beautiful white lady that is a trainer at our local gym.. My point is a lot of straight guys at work go out of their way to talk to him. He is very popular among the men and women. I see married straight guys young and old drooling over him. They be secretly checking out his body especially his ass. I often wondered why nice looking guys gravitate toward each other. You rarely find a good looking well built guy and a not so good looking overweight guy on the beach or in the mall together. I wonder why is that? We shouldn’t be attracted to our friends. Just something I often wondered about.

  11. okzebra2

    The Kinsey study from the 1950’s showed human sexuality to be a continuum in which a small percentage were “straight” only and a small percentage were “gay” only. The rest of us, myself included, fall somewhere in between. I’ve slept with men and I’ve slept with women. I prefer men but if one or two of the women I slept with had an emotional strength to bond with me, I’d be married to them today. They did not. That does not mean, certainly, that the gay men I’ve slept with have that capacity. NOT!

  12. william

    If you’re a guy and have sex with another guy, you’re gay. Have never met a straight guy that, when he looked at another guy, say he wanted to have sex with him. He might say, that is a good looking guy or even, that guy is pretty, but not, I wanna have sex with him.

  13. Thug

    Give it up already!! Stop promoting homophobia. Kinsey clearly demonstrated the gay/straight binary is a lie. It is only homophobia that insists people be categorized and segregated by desire. Why not join the revolution and begin to forge a new paradigm that actually reflects the truth of human sexuality?

  14. LuckyBiChucky

    We need to stop putting people into boxes and categories of gay and straight. In my opinion, based on Kinsey’s research, and more recent research, there is no such thing as gay or straight. Very few people, if any, fall into the 100% category. We are all bi and sexually fluid and fall on different levels of the scale.

  15. MisterJ

    Im married, to a woman, since my early 20’s. I’m still 95% devoted to her, but there’s this powerful 5% curiosity lust factor for another guy that’s seriously challenging me. Ive been chatting to someone on grindr, he’s really hot and he’s keen to meet up. I haven’t told him I’m married. I should slap my face in the mirror and just walk away right? Me doing this is wrong and unfair. But then Im only alive once and its purely lust nothing more. If I do nothing will it go away or keep eating at me until I experience it, has anyone had to deal with this straight-involved but curious mindset before?

  16. Lamar

    …. I’ve been listening to gay men for decades now, thinking-wanting, what ever it is, about seemingly a lot of gay-men; wanting straight men to want them…psychosis, perhaps? It’s like, if every male period was gay, then on a much deeper level, it makes it/me ok, being gay? Is it “misery loves company?” On a psychological level, it’s not good, what ever it is. You’re either bi/gay/hetero… that’s it, nothing wrong with either one, only what’s wrong with you. That’s like women, who think they can turn gay men straight, shoe on the other foot, so to speak, ego perhaps?

  17. RrL

    My friend has admitted he’s got the hots for me for a few years. I think it’s silly we clicked pretty fast as friends considered me his soul mate as I donhom but it is more a bromance. We haven’t did anything except exchange a few photos and figure out what wed do if it ever happened.
    Other then that we talk all the time and are still friends first.

  18. JohnnyJ

    You gay guys just do not get it. It’s not cheating if you have g/f or wife. There is no emotional connection like that. It is a guy thing not a gay thing.

    It is probably hard for some of you to grasp but let me tell you. There are more straight guys sucking, jacking and getting fucked than anyone realizes.

    This is one stereotypical site!!!!

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