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Sexuality : The Difference Between a Gay and a Straight Man

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Have you ever heard the saying, “What is the difference between a gay man and a straight man?” The answer, they say, is: “six beers.”

Do you agree?

Well, it appears the saying has a grain of truth in it. At least according to this study conducted in the Midwestern United States by Breanne R. Helmers, Colin Harbke, and Julie C. Herbstrith. Published in The Journal of Social Psychology, the study is titled, “Sexual Willingness with Same- and Other-Sex Prospective Partners: Experimental Evidence from the Bar Scene.”

The researchers reportedly conducted the study outside of bars where they examined 83 straight male and female respondents and measured their “sexual willingness with a same- or other-sex partner.” How? By making the participants watch a randomly assigned 40-second video clip of attractive people—a male and a female—and then asking them if they’d buy the person a drink or maybe have sex with them. The researchers of course, took into account the amount of alcohol the respondents has had by asking them to take the breathalyzer test beforehand as well.

Results of the study showed that the level of alcohol intake is related to women’s sexual interest for both men and women. As the women’s alcohol intake increases, so did their sexual interest for both genders but the more sober they were, the lesser the interest is as well.

Men on the other hand, expressed willingness to have sex with attractive women regardless of the amount of alcohol they consumed. However, as their alcohol intake increases, so did their interest to have sex with the attractive guy in the video especially those who had over 10 drinks. The study however, stressed that the respondents’ sexual willingness is influenced both by their “alcohol intake and the perceived attractiveness of a same-sex prospective partner.” The researcher concluded that the result suggested a “potential shift in normative casual sexual behavior among heterosexual men.”

Anyway, what do you think about the results of the study guys? Do you agree with the aforementioned saying above regarding the difference between a gay and a straight man? Have you ever slept with an inebriated straight guy before? How did that go for you?

Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below but first a reminder from us to you to always engage in safe sex and to always keep in mind our dating safety tips which you can read here. Drunken sex is hot but thanks to the heat of passion it is easier for us to forget to wear that much-needed condom. In any case, you don’t have to wait for a potential straight fuck buddy to get drunk to test the waters. Don’t know where to start? Check out this site for awesome tips. Read, sit back, relax, enjoy, and good luck!

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  1. GotKush1028

    Yes I have of course it was in my early 20’s. It was OK except he was hung like a horse so no penetration it was good hearing him constantly say how good the head was,but it sucked the next morning because he had the regret “I’m not gay” all morning 15+ years later we’re still friends

  2. Marc

    I was a straight married guy until I went through a divorce, a few cocktails and a much needed ear( which turned out to be gay ) now I’m a remarried bi male with no need for alcohol to be sexually attracted to guys, if I hadn’t met my bi wife, I might be dating men only, funny how things work out, if any one wants to hear more hit me up , username is hornyat49

  3. Paulie

    I had a few experiences with (bi-closetcase men).Once they were high they would come ring my doorbell looking to fuck me in the ass an threaten me if i ever told anyone.

  4. ajpat

    It’s really cool that you are still friends. I bet that is rare… still a good testament to your integrity.

  5. TiredOfIt

    It all goes back to the “sexuality continuum” of Masters and Johnson in the 1950s….VERY FEW males are “exclusively” gay OR straight. It’s the great middle of the bell curve that is the reality. That’s where right wingers and church nutters (and gay guys themselves) screw up…they think only 1% of the population is “gay.” That might be true for “exclusive gays” who live in gay ghettoes like W. Hollywood and so on, but there’s a great deal, probably half the population who don’t do that and go both ways in various intensities.

  6. Coach

    The concept of “gay” as a strict men-only sexual identity is a relatively new social construct, and probably not a healthy one. Men have been having sex with other men since the dawn of time. Interesting bit about bonding in there as well.

  7. Sparz22

    Getting someone increasingly intoxicated as a measure of his or her sexuality doesn’t prove anything. At that point, does this person even have a will of his own? You’re basically damaging his or her brain damage until it can be manipulated.

    Articles like these need to be careful of encouraging predators to drug other men in hopes that these guys will “swing gay.”

  8. JIM

    I think all guys whether they say they are straight, bi, or gay have a gay side to them. Even back when when I was quite young, I remember being turned on by seeing guys naked, going to the bathroom. or sharing a room together. I had a cousin once that when he went to the bathroom, I would be right outside the bathroom door listening to him jerk off. (I think he knew I was there by the door). In my early 20s, I shared a bed with a straight guy, and although we didn’t have any sex, I of course had to do some touching, feeling, etc, as we both slept in our underwear. I don’t know if he ever knew I was touching him as he supposedly slept, but I bet he did and just didn’t say anything. When he got up and went to the bathroom, and I pretended to be asleep, but as he got back into bed I could tell he had massive hard on. I’m pretty sure he also saw me having a hard on as well. Back when I was in school and we had open showers after PE, and a lot of the guys had hard ons, and many of them were trying to hide it. Still today when ever I see a guy with a big butt, or a bulge in front, I can’t help but look.

  9. Westly

    Firstly pardon my retarded and retarding hacker…


    Traumatizing incident and human social “nature”?! The investing of a “toxic” substance impairs the conscious egotistical ability of the human being and encourages a pre to subconscious sadomasochistic coping mechanism to dominate perception and the humans capacity to express “need”?! That is all. Sexuality is often times attributed to self worth and value?! It is also socioculturally deemed to be an expression of affection that the less conscious mind “knows” it needs.That is all.

  10. soft & fluffy

    This ‘test’ probably explains why I’ve never been to bed with any ugly guys but I’ve woken up with many .

  11. Hunter

    We learned a couple of decades ago that sexuality was a spectrum. Exactly where “straight” ends and “gay” begins is a gray area. And it’s comingled with other sexual issues.

    The real interesting question is “why is this a topic … in 2017?”

    And (surprise!) getting into many “straight” guys’ pants (see ” dating safety tips which you can read here”) is really just a matter of taking the time to develop a relationship with a guy where he feels that you are a good friend that he’s comfortable and safe with ,,, alone. Any guy at the 100% Straight point on the spectrum would seriously blow your advances off from the get go. If he takes the journey with you, it’s because you found a guy who wasn’t at the 100% Straight point on the spectrum.

  12. Shades

    What about the opposite? Would a gay guy have sex with a woman after 6 beers? Would a lesbian have sex with a man after 6 beers? The statement “the difference between a straight man and a gay man is 6 beers” carries a bi-directional connotation, and if this statement was the premise of this research, did the research talk about whether a gay man would sleep with a woman or not while drunk?
    Or is it always only about if we can fuck a hot straight guy and how we can?

    • Andrew

      I was thinking the same thing bro , it seems the passion of this decade for gay men is to turn a straight man, I’ve seen the adds on a4a that how to find out if he’s bi/interested, how to fuck a straight guy etc, this need for the gay community to turn a straight guy I ridiculous, did the experiment involve women, 100% gay men having sex with women after 6 drinks etc

  13. Robb

    I have never met straight guy who didn’t wanna suck my dick at some point… drunk or not
    The one that confuses me the most is a guy that is 6 foot and above that wants to suck u while wearing there gf or wife’s panties

  14. steve

    Yes I have had straight guys over the years. They either say they are comfortable with me or enjoy the sex. But they still maintain they are straight. We always remain friends and they keep coming back when the time permits. Most straight guys have gay ideas but do not act on them, unless the right situation turns up.

  15. Andrew

    Well idk if ppl didn’t know but alcohol lowers one’s inhibitions as Mr GOTKUSH1028 said a person can regret the act when sober not just regret it later some may get violent wondering why he’s in bed with another guy and he’s naked, guys can have sex with sheep once drunk and a dare ensues, ppl have had sex with siblings/cousins because the drinks kept flowing and regretted it later, so no the results of the study isn’t news to me, every human being thinks or their minds wander to what if situations, straight guys watch straight porn and comment about the guys huge dick pounding the pussy after the porn finishes once they are comfortable about the company thats around them, they talk more about the huge dick and how it can fit in that small pussy and no it doesn’t make them gay or interested in cock. I never really found the appeal of gay men trying to turn a straight guy just to get another notch in their belt.

  16. ChicagoTim

    At some point it stops being casual fun and becomes a form of rape. I’d suggest that if a guy has 10 or more drinks and you get him naked… it’s nearly like using a roofie

  17. welcome

    straight men are more transparent, more eager and i think enjoy there dick more,horny, alcohol, and absolutely no woman good bad or ugly around might get you a bj .I think its that little boy thing straight guys have with their dick allows them to “drift”

  18. Dan Alan

    Yet another over simplified, straight focused question that is founded in a predetermined answer and HIGHLY FLAWED “RESEARCH” pulled out of the bloggers ass. It clearly never occurred to you that the alcohol intake just made for a more honest statement of the men’s attraction to other men, not creating new feelings? OR that consuming large quantities of alcohol and then waking up in bed with another man was pre-planned so one could have an excuse for doing something he wanted to do all along? This way, he’s not gay he just had too much to drink and didn’t know whatw he was doing? REALLY??? OK. if that’s the best excuse for sleeping with your frat brother that you can come up with!!! Any gay guys ever get so drunk you fuck a woman you’re not at all interested in sexually? I DIDN’T THINK SO!!!

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