Pornstars: Cliff Jensen Talks About His Sexual Orientation

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If you’re a gay guy with a certain “type”, then you probably know all about adult performer Cliff Jensen’s filmography and often debated sexual orientation.

Well, Jensen didn’t help clear things up about his sexuality in a recent video posted on his Twitter. In it, Jensen goes on a two-minute “explanation” of his sexual orientation. It’s not long before Jensen’s explanation takes a turn towards the questionable when he starts talking about “fat bitches” and loving “the shit out of feet”.

Jensen then goes on to state a hypothetical situation, where “We’re both straight but you can’t do nothing without a fat bitch and I can’t do nothing without feet. You and me don’t vibe at all. You and I aren’t at all on the same wave length. We cannot hang out together.”

Then at the tail end of the video Jensen goes on to say that “gay, straight, whatever. You know I have what I like. When I go hunting, I go out after what I go after. All these titles, the gay straight stuff, that shit don’t work anymore.”

Watch the whole video below:

At least one of Jensen’s Twitter followers had a follow-up question to ask of him:

Did any of you guys understand what Jensen was trying to say? Are any of you curious as to whether he really is into feet? Share your thoughts and comments with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Dee

    Translation: I like whatever gets me off male/female/whatever. Labels don’t apply to me.

    He got a little hood in him lol

  2. Antonio

    This is just another example of a gay male who’s sought after by women but he’s upset that he’s gay so he speaks in hypotheticals and gibberish to avoid simply saying “I’m gay”. Hot but stupid

  3. tony

    That’s the most dumb ass shit I don’t get what he’s saying but who cares and if it’s a new era he shouldn’t either……… you do gay porn then expect people to call you gay

  4. edward

    This post-gay stuff sounds garbled and mildly homophobic The current generations soft consciousness and their aversion to “labels” gives rise to terms like “alternative facts”
    The guy is bisexual with a foot fetish

  5. Thug

    It’s not all that confusing really. Categorizing people by sexual preference is nothing more, nothing less, than homophobia. The need to draw these lines is just the need to categorize, distance, deny, project, compartmentalize, etc. (phobia, phobia, phobia, phobia) Other than the tired old sexual dichotomies, what homophobia is there? Kinsey and just about every sex researcher since have clearly shown that the neat binaries are a lie. Give it up already!

    You keep writing these articles like “Straight guys who have sex with guys” etc…. What does it take for the lights to wake you up? There’s something obvious here that you don’t seem to grasp.

    Straight identity is a creation of the 20th century. What if the reason no gay gene has been found is because there isn’t one? What if there’s nothing wrong or at all abnormal with gay brains, pre-natal hormonal environments, nurturing environments, hormones, etc.? What if gay folks aren’t really a different species or visitors from an unpopular planet far, far, far, away after all?

    What if all these sexual categories are entirely cultural concepts that describe no underlying biological reality whatsofuckingever?

  6. gina

    i believe he’s straight and just beating around the bush with analogies that dont apply here, dont mistake a sexual orientation for a fetish,, but whatever we are not in his shoes so he can say whatever

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