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Gay Stuff : The Perfect Penis Size

Recently, we talked about big dicks here and monster cocks here a few years back. Looking at the responses, it does seem like in the gay community, big is it. And yet, all too often I read stories saying that bigger is not always better. That the best sex they ever had was with guys who have average penis size. How true is this for you?

There is even an ongoing discussion at Reddit about it. The guy who started the discussion thread says that average dick makes for better oral sexperience. More than that, he found accommodating 5″ to 6″ more enjoyable. Dicks longer than that, he says, is “way too painful and not enjoyable.” Do you agree with this statement?

Some guys who responded to his query agreed with him saying they had problems taking big dicks because they are tight. Average-sized penis, according to them, is the hottest thing. The majority of them though, seem to agree that huge dicks are eye candy. Enormous dicks, they say, are sexy. And big bulges? They confess it makes for a pretty sight clothed and unclothed but that’s how far their admiration goes.

What about you? Do you agree with them? What is your idea of “average penis size?”

According to this study conducted on 2013 and published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average penis size is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters). The data was taken from 1,661 sexually active American men.

Anyway, what do you think of average penis size guys? Do you find it hotter than monster cocks?  Would you find 5.6 inches satisfying? Does anyone here prefer them? Do you agree that bigger is not always better? Why, or why not?

Lastly, what—for you—is the perfect penis size? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Lee

    I must agree that a 6 inch cock feels better inserted and is better for oral I like to be able to put the whole thing in my mouth not just lick it like a snowcone and it is a proven fact that to have a large ripping penis in your anus causes several different: rectal issues cancer being the number one the repetitive tearing of the delicate anus lining leads to diseases as well. So before you subject your colon wall to being ripped apart and seamon shot into the empty abdominal cavity as you lay there bleeding to death in your own enjoyment you really should stop and evaluate all the consequences. Enjoy the ride fellas

  2. headmaester69

    For me, around 7 or 7.5 just feels good. I can take it all in my mouth or butt, and there’s enough to stimulate me just how I like it. I rode a 10″ once and it was honestly a little much…

  3. john

    For me I have worked up to an 8 incher that is perfect for me. Now and then I want a guy who has 10 inches to really give me that special little stretching pain that I like. Now if I can find some guys that can last more then 30 seconds before blowing their wad in me would be just right.

  4. dls245

    For me, as a bottom and an oral giver I’m comfortable with a guy who is from 6.5 to 8 inches. I like to be able to deep throat to the balls and fucked balls deep. Large girth is awesome, but I’ll take average as well.

  5. John D

    I’m just fine with an average dick. Ive had some monsters and I really didn’t have that great of a time. Could be because I end up topping more than I want. I bottomed for a 4″ guy once, man he was intense and fun. Yeah he wasn’t hung, but a lot of fun and that really was important to me.

  6. Matt

    I think that 7.5 to 8 is perfect for me. Shorter dicks tend to pop out when I’m riding it hard. I have to be careful not to take too long strokes. I like them not too thick. Kinda slim and 8 inches long is perfect. Easy to suck and great to fuck. Goes in with no pain and long enough to hit the pleasure spots. The thick ones hurt going in and really hard to suck. I had to have surgery from a 9 inch thick one. I really liked the guy and let him force it in me knowing I was too tight and inexperienced for him. It was alot of blood involved. Never again!!!!!!!

  7. darlinglee43

    A small dick is much better for me, I don’t get fuck alot so I am not open for a big one and big cock don’t stay hard.

  8. N2biggness

    The perfect size for me: between 8.5-9″. And kinda fat but not too fat. That is 100% heaven.
    If 5.6 is average, i’m very fortunate to have only dated 1 or 2 average men in my life.

  9. jaime santos

    I like 9″ 10″ they bigger I always want have a bigger dick my dick is 7 1/2″ what can do make it bigger please like know Tks good day

  10. T

    I’m a top that likes to be serviced. I always thought I was “average” until I started playing around and the guys thought I was big, lucky me! I’m about 8″ X 5″ with a slight curve. Small, medium or big are all good to me.

  11. sjohnson

    i like average, actually long and slender, makes giving oral a lot better and easier to go down the throat, can give head for longer time without coming up for air. monster cocks are nice to look at. but your story is a little off since i feel that ‘most’ men that bottom are always in search of that elusive monster cock!

  12. Zane

    I was trying to give head to a very thick and long black guy’s dick, when he was pissed off at me for not being able to take it all in. My mouth would not open up enough and he kept feeling my teeth. We finally had to call it off, no hot load for me, no orgasm for him.

    So I guess, a bigger cock to suck on for me was not better. I love getting fucked by big dicks, though.

  13. Robert Bronke

    I’ve had small, medium, and big dicks. All are enjoyable if you have a connection with top. That being said – the size that Dems to hit just right is about 8 inches. Anything bigger than that takes a little work. Girth is also a factor. The dick doesn’t have to be too long if it’s thick.

  14. Mycal

    I’m average …. 5.75″ … my buddies like sucking on it. I consider myself a power bottom … I love throating and getting pounded by big, thick dicks, the bigger the better! Huge plus if it’s attached to a hairy, verbal dom!! Has to be atleast 8″ !

  15. Antonio

    The thing is, a lot of guys especially gay guys lie about their dick sizes a lot. 5.6 inches is the same length as a can of pop, here’s another good measuring point: a Direct TV cable remote is exactly 8 inches. My ex is the exact same length of that and I’m literally right below that, so I just say I’m almost 8 which I am. No lie, I’ve been bigger than most guys I’ve hooked up but because I have some weight on me, my dick looks smaller compared to skinner guys. I hooked up with a younger guy was 19, 6’1, 160 lbs so he was very skinny. He told me he’s only 7.5 inches fully Hard but he can get away with telling dudes he’s 8.5-9 because his dick looks larger on a smaller body frame. Average to above size dicks are more comfortable for fucking to me but I love trying to deepthroat really big dicks and they look nice in prints too lol

  16. Alter

    Good article. For me any cock less than 7″ is not worth the trouble. I do not have anal sex so my throat can take big ones. Surprised 5.6″ is average.

  17. versabottom4top

    It’s not so much the dick size as the guy who is operating it. I like to suck average to small dicks and big ones, too. I especially like a long dick that is slim enough to get into my throat and tickle my vocal chords. For fucking me, I like a dick around 7.5 inches but still enjoy an average dick, too. I’ve had some huge dicks in my ass and liked some of them and some not. If all a guy knows to do is just ram it in there and slam away without consideration of the bottom’s likes then he’s not much of a lover, big cock or not..

  18. Thrustin

    Love being naked with another hung guy Feel our huge cocks rubbing while we kiss. But if he’s smaller that’s fine. I’d be able to take his size inside me and even hotter if he’s a big shooter.

  19. Jack

    Bigger is better. Anywhere from 7.5 to 9.5. That’s as far as my personal study has gone. Nothing like the feeling if being stuffed with a big fat dick! Don’t get me wrong. Average size guys can be great but that’s where technique comes into play. Average dicks can get too hard and hurt if the guy doesn’t know or care what he’s doing

  20. Mike

    love guys with small cocks for oral that way I can get all their cock and balls inside my mouth. I do like big cocks also feel there cock while I’m deep throating them.
    Good size cock I had was 10″ but thin felt good while he was fucking me and have had average size fucking me it feels good also. love to feel monster cock sometime.
    I like all sizes of cock to play with.

  21. Marc

    I think big dicks are hot and fun to play with and suck but definitely not going to fit that’s for sure, the length isn’t what gets you its the girth! I prefer about 7 inches with a medium girth! marcgrey32at yahoo

  22. Joe

    I enjoy 5.5 to 7.5 max. After that it just hurts and it’s too damn hard to swallow. I like to take it all in and if I can’t, just not as hot.

  23. Burt

    I have had huge dicks and average size dicks. My first was 11×8…i was too young and stupid to know that i could hurt so that I was relaxed and took it all. For me the best sex I have had is with a guy who is 6 to 7 inches. It hits my prostate and ramps up the intensity. When its 10″ or more it goes deep but does not feel as intense. Im a very very tight but for some reason it just does not hurt. I do like it really thick however….that totally gets me off

  24. Marty

    I enjoy dicks of any size. It all depends on the circumstances. Short to long thin dicks are great for deep throating. Short to long thick dicks are great for anal. But that’s all a generalization. It’s all about the connection we make.

  25. J

    I like em small. Im a bi male and dont have man on man sex much so that might be why. I like to look at big dicks and watch it in porn though. The biggest i have had was 7″ but it was great. Ive had smaller and ima about 6″ so i like about that. I like to be able to go all the way down with my mouth also. Mbe one with a thinner head that gradually gets wider would be nice to give the sense of filling in the butt haha but we can see sometime i might have the balls to take above 8″

  26. Fred

    For me, a thick 7 – 7.5 inch cock is perfect. I am a tall man and it taps my prostate perfectly. I can take a good pounding easily, but much more than that and it can hurt too much. I used to have a top bud with about 8.5″, luckily he knew exactly how use it. He’d take it slow and build up to pounding my hole. I’d almost cum from just getting fucked. He’d have to pound hard to blow his load. Sometimes it would be almost too much!

  27. Mike

    I just wanted to say that I have little bit smaller than average penis size an I prefer guys about the same size as me is there anyone else that feels the same way just curious

    • Jacob

      I’m with you. Also on the smaller side of average. (P.S guys-scientific studies show that 84% of men are between 5″ and 6.5″) I don’t like to be torn up-I’ve tried larger and it just hurts. Much prefer on the smaller side-fits better in my mouth and ass!

  28. Seemoorelikes

    I’m an bi oral top so for me bigger is better . I rarely like having a smaller​than average dick to suck on. I think a lot of men, just like some women, have never had a true orgasm so that feel getting fucked by 8 or less is not satisfactory because they don’t”feel” it. I’m 7.5 and never lie about it. But I’ve yet to meet anyone who only wanted to fuck once. As I told this female size queen once, what good is 9+ if he cums in 3- ?

  29. dylan

    I love them big. My favorite hobby is going down on a big 9″-11″ (if there are 12+ out there they are hard to find) cock when it is very semi-hard. I like getting it in my mouth and letting it get hard as I swallow that head str8 down. I can take it. If I can’t…I don’t mind his hands on the back of my head pulling me towards him. My reward(s) are to have my nose buried hard in his bush and the head of his cock tapping past my throat. when he blows his load I like it when he is on the up and out stroke. It kind leaves a trail of cum and lines it up for his cock to slide back down and you get to taste it. For guys that cum
    And hold your head down, both of you are missing out. gotta have motion to get a good shot off.

    My new Latino bf is 8.5″uncut and thick. He is the third guy to fuck me. He is amazing at it. He def knows how to get every inch into you and make you beg for more. I’d love to try to take a double digit cock in my ass.

  30. Joey

    5-7″ is best. I’ve taken 8″ (and it was thick) and it hurt when he would fuck me deep. Sure a smaller cock slips out when you’re riding it, but smaller is better. In the end it’s what you want but size doesn’t make the guy, it’s how he uses it!!!

  31. Just me

    I look at girth more than length. I got 22 ft of intestines by my ass in o ly gonna stretch so far comfortably. Gimme girth of 5 or less and I’m happy.

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