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Contest: Win $250 of Underwear!

Who’s up for another Facebook contest! We’ve always gotten a great response from you guys on these contests, so we’re back with another one. This time, we’re giving away $250 worth of underwear, a full year subscription to the Underwear Club which will give you 1 new designer underwear per month.

The contest mechanics are simple.

  1. Like our Facebook Page.
  2. Like the contest post on our Page
  3. Tell us your favorite underwear brand in the comment section of the contest post.

That’s all you need to do! You have until Wednesday May 10th 2017, at 11:59 AM E.T., to join the contest. We’ll announce the winner later that day. Good luck!

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    • Dave

      Most of our contests are on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but we’ll make other contests all through the year that won’t be on social media. It’s simply that social media is a great platform to organize a contest. Why not create a FB account?

      • TChristopher1

        Yes, thank you…..all of that social media crap is an incredible waste of time.
        If I want to get in touch with someone, I use a nifty little gadget called a telephone.
        The only thing social sites do is cater to peoples huge egos, as if everyone on Earth actually cares about all of the minutiae of their everyday lives.
        It’s just way too superficial…..there are far deeper aspects to life than such drivel.

  1. Reece

    I just don’t FB. Its my personal choice. If that’s how A4A wants to do the contest then that’s their way. A question asked and answered

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