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Ass-to-mouth, ATM or A2M, is that your thing? In porn we often see a guy suck a dick that had just been in his ass. It may be common in porn, but what about in real life? How many among you guys have already tried ATM? If you have not done it yet, have you thought of or have you ever considered doing it?

They say the appeal of this fetish lies on its “dirty” nature. There’s something taboo about it and that is why not everyone practices it. This very reason however, is what makes ATM so appealing to others.

As for me, well, I have neither done it nor would I ever consider doing it. I mean I couldn’t even lick someone else’s armpit what more a dick that has just been in my ass; and no, not even when that dick is spurting cum. And no, I don’t want to find out how my ass tastes like.

But if one day, you should find yourself curious or horny enough to try this, it is important for the bottom to clean himself first because an undesirable taste will definitely cling into the top’s penis. Also, ass-to-mouth poses a high risk of transmitting STIs; it spreads the infection to mouth and throat which is why use of condom is recommended. Because of the risk, it is also not advised to engage in ATM on regular basis.

What do you think about ass-to-mouth guys? Do you find ATM hot or not? Why or why not? What about those who have done it before, did you enjoy it? Are you going to do it again? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. MattK

    Question to the author: Whole premise of your piece goes on the assumption that that cock has just been up an ass with no protection. Why even write about it in the first place? Isn’t the nature of these posts – safe sex as a given? P.S.: If I were insane enough to let someone fuck me BB, no that dick would not enter my mouth after – disgusting.

  2. J. Edwards

    yes only with a guy that I was so crazy about that I asked to marry me in the heat of the moment and to have any part of him inside any hole was a huge turn on. It was a huge turn on for him to have me do oral on him when he pulled out and knowing it was his cock in my mouth was a huge rush….then came the facial when he pulled out and was a bonus when he let me lick his nut sac while he shot his load.

  3. LittlePig4BigCock

    While it is not a common occurrence for me… I have done it. Mostly to refresh the lube that has gone sticky or to add more spit to a cock as it glides in and out of me. And sometimes if I cum and can’t take it to get fucked anymore (if the top is a marathon top) . Then I will do my best to suck him off even after his meat has been in my ass.

  4. Mark

    I have done it and have been made to do it. As a sub bottom, I do as the top orders or wants. There are times I do not care for it, but I will not tell the top NO. If I’m some what dirty,,, then I take that as my punishment for not doing it right. Will I do it again? HELL YES.

  5. Cumdump

    Its great!!! Like eating ass. But totally better when you have lots of cum in your hole and suck a dick clean after makes my dick super rock hard and cum without jacking off

  6. Xnetminder8

    I’ve definitely done it…not sure why it’s so hot for me but, I love it I’ve sucked the cocks after they’ve fucked me and it blows me away. And, for me, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH dirty! My ass is (inside and out) is sparkling clean and I’m NOT into any ass that isn’t. I just love the thought that it’s just been inside me and now I’m sucking it….can’t explain it any better than that.

    • Jack

      luv it when my top fuck me good then pulls his creamy shinning covered dick out my ass and tells me to clean his dick off with my spit. While sucking his dick clean I know he will soon cum in my mouth as I finish him off.

  7. Bigcockneedass

    I love A2M its not as uncommon with me and my playmates. It can differ from ones desire to be fed or bred. Most times I like to taste my top. Then there are days I want the load to fill me and overflow…. It just depends on both parties consent and comfort

  8. David

    Being a top, its my cock in the guy’s ass and I have to admit, while I’d never do it, it is hot when I’ve completed fucking and making love to a guy, we’ve been kissing and as I pull out of him, he immediately grabs my cock and starts to suck hard to get every last drop of cum. It usually keeps me hard and then we can go for round two.

  9. Ox1140

    Yes I have regularly engaged in A2M action. I find it very stimulating and highly sexual. I have a full beard that I use in conjunction with my tounge and mouth. I really enjoy eating a clean ass while mine is also being eaten. Nothing gets my dick harder than being eaten out.
    If you have never had your ass eaten before you get fucked then you are missing out on a lot of pleasure in your ass.

  10. BananaBoy

    I certainly have tried it; of course, after knowing and being able to trust my bottom; or in other cases, my top. However this isn’t something I do regularly. But I must add, I do have a “musk/manly scent” fetish (depending on the sex partner). As a health care professional, I am also aware of the risk that come from “A2M/ATM”, therefore I get tested regularly. I’d also like to make others aware, when being tested for STDs/STIs, make sure the health care provider checks for GC/Chlamydia with a SurePath swab (oral/rectal).
    Happy Hunting/420 guys..(=

  11. hhiplayer

    I might throw away a piece of cake if it fell onto the floor but take
    great pleasure putting my mouth around a hard cock just pulled out
    of my anus! Nothing says “my play area is squeaky clean because I
    have prepared” than taking your man in the mouth after giving him your
    ass. I become the pace setter, when to break, and what position to assume
    for some more anal fun. I do enjoy a very healthy lifestyle and am and
    being able to provide A2M is just one of the benefits and sure can make
    sex a lot hotter.

  12. Brian

    One of the hottest moments for me is when the guy Ive just penetrated sucks my cock immediately afterwards. It isn’t a dealbreaker for me but it is what turns me on.

  13. Michael

    I always have my ass completely cleaned out when being topped, so I’m fine with having my partner pull out and let me suck the load from his cock.

  14. Jack

    Thats the one thing, and there is only one thing that I hate about being in a three way with two tops. One fucking you, the other feeding you. It’s that switch that kinda gets me. I Try and make sure I’m clean as a whistle but still its kind of a turnoff. But you do get caught in the moment!

  15. Tigga

    I have done Atm many times without even thinking about it, that’s because I know when I bottom my ass is squeaky clean there is literally nothing on his dick except perhaps lube.

  16. hardrock34

    Definitely not. I was in a three some with two,of my good buds and on was getting fucked really good. When our other friend pulled out to change positions heptane bottom immediately went down on him. I’ve known this dude for over 20 years and I was quite surprised when he did that. It wasn’t hot

  17. JaysSN

    Super hot. To watch. If you clean your ass properly, there’s no bad taste. (Except lube if you use it.) Which is where the problem lies – virtually no one cleans their ass properly before sex. I basically don’t even have anal sex anymore as a result.

  18. Joe

    I’ve done it…my ass is super squeaky clean to start with…lol I have 2 of my boy toys that like to pull their cock out of my as, and have me suck it…then go back fucking… I kinda like it, and Im not into any poop/blood/puke fetishes….

  19. sweet

    I dont do bare…so if he pulls out for head..(not often unless a lot of alcohol) off comes the rubber!
    but i concentrate on the upper 1/3 of the cock lol

  20. Vinny

    ATM? Definitely not hot! Totally NASTY and yes a great way to transmit an STD. I don’t care hot it may look on porn ( which I’m sure they must stop the camera shooting for the top to get cleaned up before they reshoot the scene ). But regardless, It doesn’t matter how clean you might think you are, ass is still ass! Be safe guys.

  21. Thomas

    I personally think it’s hot. My ex- boyfriend and I tried to spice things up him being the bottom and myself the top. It was hot for me because I had never tried it he was cleaned out so no extra stuff came out but it was really hot. But you can’t knock it until you try it like they say. And it’s not something I have tried since.

  22. john

    I love this activity . Want to read about primates and find out how common it is in animal kingdom. Why do we do it and why besides being de rigeur in porn is its popularity growing !

  23. Matt

    haven’t done it. I do think it’s hot, but I’d need to be incredibly clean, & with a lover I was already enjoying bareback sex with. (Read: monogamously coupled)

  24. Vincent Martinez

    ATM is one of those pleasure that you have to be willing to try atleast once in this life time. It goes along with rimming so why not. I never rimmed and thought that was a dirty no-no! But once I tasted the sweet ass of the man I adore, notice not love, I was hooked. Whast is even better that that after you have plowed your lover or lovers, pull your wet cock out and fgo down on the hole in which you came from. The sweet tender inside of one’s ass is exposed and it is buttery soft and silky to the tongue. If you like that then your lover will like it even more as there are more pleasure points for you to devour ever so slightly or hard and deep. It is even better after you have cum, and that fresh clean cum is there for the licking. All that said just make sure you are comfortable with your partner in bed. I know I am!

  25. Luigi Nonono

    There is no reason to even talk about doing this. Porn is not an example for living. It is what sane people do not do. Rimming is as far as it is perhaps safe to go. Tongue-fucking, what you call ass-to-mouth, is asking for trouble. Parasites are a serious business. My brother got amoebas somehow, he wouldn’t say, and it took him years to get rid of them. Even animals don’t do this. If you don’t see a dog doing it, good chance you shouldn’t.

  26. D

    Totally hot! I’m even more into pulling out of one guy and sticking it in the mouth of another.

    Just gotta make sure each ass is squeeky clean.

  27. Doug D.

    I’ve done it several times. I keep my hole clean always and especially before play time. But it’s not something I do with everyone. But I tell you what , when a hung young twink is drilling your hole and he thinks he’s finished this will definitely make round 2 a lot sooner. Because I love having a fresh warm load messaged into my guts. Mmmmmmm love it with the right person.

  28. Bottom Dallas

    I have done it in the past, but usually only when I have been drunk and didn’t think about it beforehand.
    I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it if I were sure that my hole was perfectly clean, but that’s a big if…

  29. Rickei22

    I have done it once. It just so happened I had been eating pineapple and drinking pineapple juice, so when the top pulled out he said suck it. It was sweet, like pineapple, so I’ll only do it again if I’ve had pineapple.

  30. Tyler

    I’ve done atm before, but with a boyfriend that I was with for a few years. We would bareback and sometimes when he was ready to cum he would pull out and cum on my face and I would suck him right after. We didn’t do it on a regular basis, only when I was really horny and wanting a facial. Being clean is a must. Nothing worse than tasting shit on your man’s dick. I would do it again but only with someone I’m dating and trust.

  31. JC

    Not hot at all. Unless hot for you includes transmission of hepatitis, parasites, and more.

    I think Dave is onto something when he says the appeal, for some, is to participate in a “dirty” taboo. Some guys get off on that. It may also be a bit about self-loathing; it’s not exactly a self-respecting activity. But hey, can’t we find other taboos that won’t spread serious diseases throughout our community? If the tongue that went in some infected guy’s ass last week goes in my mouth tonight, I’ve got a real chance of developing hep or parasites just like you, and I may unknowingly spread it to someone else.

    I don’t care how “clean” someone’s ass may appear or smell, those pathogens are still there. Ask a doctor!

  32. doncore8in

    Sweet Jeebus. To even talk about this issue is silly. It’s not dirty nor taboo. I eat ass. Tongue fuck it. Lick it. I suck cock. I fuck ass. I feed my bottom my cock then and they suck it. I eat cum. I feed my boi cum. This is being gay. And if any man goes “eww” over ATM then they are silly when you think about the things they do besides. As for me, Viva La ATM.

  33. Scarpien

    Guys do it with my dick all the time, but yet it always comes as a surprise when they do it. As long as they’re into it I’m good.

  34. Jason

    I think with porn it is nasty and hot, and i n real life we don’t really go there. I notice in lesbian porn this is a big thing while in gay porn not so much. The women seem to get much, much nastier than the men…

  35. Dante

    It’s just a matter of preference like most things with sex are. I’m a slight kinky bttm and I make sure I’m very clean back there so atm is very common to me.

  36. tony

    i’m bisexual so it depends on the chemistry. I love it all though. Eating clean, fresh out the shower ass, clean pussy, clean dicks (but the dick has to be at least 8″ and uncut), and also suck armpits and I like to kiss!! Again, it depends on the chemistry. Impeccable hygiene is a must!!!! I will eat an clean ass before I bareback one, any day!!! I’m pretty well endowed, so sometimes I have to eat a tight ass just to get it loose enough just to slide my piece in!!! Bon appetite….

  37. Will

    I have done this a few times. Super hot! I was super clean, so the cock only tasted like the lube my top used. With a condom on it for fiucking , he or I removed it before I sucked him.

  38. centralflbttm

    As a bottom, I always make sure I’m clean before I get fucked, and I have done ass to mouth and find it very hot. To have a top pull out and shoot his load in my mouth after his dick has been in my ass…very hot to me.

  39. LuvthemBigDix

    I’ve done ass to mouth a number of times (probably more than 20,) but only when I’ve made sure I’m cleaned out and almost always with regular sex partners (a couple random guys got lucky.) It turns the other guy on in my experience, to be able to pound that round, pull it out and watch me grab it and go down on it as deep as I can, especially when he’s getting close to shooting.

    Pro tip: Flavored lube is your friend here. 😉

  40. bigBttm

    No comments yet!? Well, ATM is something I definitely love with my man. The problem is, he doesn’t.
    Getting fucked hard and long. Him pulling out, me turning around and catching the first shoot of cum with my mouth: heaven.

  41. GnRSM

    Straight from Ass to Mouth…. Not Hot
    I’ve have never not, nor would I want my partner to do it.
    I’m a versatile gentleman who is equally comfortable as a top or bottom and Extremely Hygienic.
    But the concept of taking another man cock into my mouth straight or putting my cock into his mouth after fucking him is repulsive. I the smell, the taste and as Dave noted in this article the high risk of transmitting STIs or getting an infection to mouth and throat.
    I love sucking a cock or having my cock sucked after being topped or bottomed. I make it part of the sex play we get into the shower to thoroughly our cocks or a hot hand towel (a couple times) with anti-bacterial soap. I just want our cocks to be clean as we continue to enjoy one another. As the old song goes “Different Stroke for Different Folks…”
    Ass to Mouth as no appeal to me.

  42. LEO

    Ass to Mouth may look hot in porn flicks, but let’s remember it’s a flick, which is edited to the hilt. I’ve never participated in A2M, which in my opinion is vile, unhealthy, and disgusting, especially when bare-backing.
    #Condoms-Always !

  43. DJ

    When I am taking a nice cock up the ass, I am already cleaned out, so Yes I love sucking a cock freshly out of my ass, especially to suck the cum out after a good fucking .mmmmmmm

  44. Del

    I have. It happened while having some of the best sex ever. I was clean and the ATM was spontaneous. There were no medical consequences.

  45. ME623

    I tried to do ATM once but the top used a condom. His dick tasted like the inside of the condom, very bitter, like the taste of a rubber band. I immediately made him wash his dick, before I would suck it again.

  46. Jerry5

    I use to have a FWB who was a retired cop and did a stint as a professional wrestler. He was a big, hairy brute. We would wrestle in our briefs and he would wrap me up in holds and put me in pins with my face and mouth pressed into anything he wanted. The stakes were that the winner got to use the loser’s mouth. He’d make me rim his asshole as part of it. It would sometimes be sweaty, but he made sure it was cleaned out of even the most remote fecal matter. It was hot.

  47. Barebackbuddy

    I tried it once and ended up on antibiotics for 10 days. I was terribly sick. As my doctor explained, there are bacteria in our ass, that while harmless there, does not belong in our mouths. The result can be miserable. Just because the cock looks”clean” coming out of the ass, some bacteria are not visible to the naked eye. Never again. It is great if you wanna lose 12 pounds in 4 days. Please guys, this is a bad idea

  48. Joey

    No way. Go to the bathroom and wash it before it goes back in my mouth. I’ve had a guy say to me “you don’t need to be worried”. Hell yes i do. Your cock was just in my ass bare! He won’t be the one getting sick. IF not use a condom and whip the condom if you want to cum in my mouth after you fuck me.

  49. Dave

    I have done ATM both as a Top and as a bottom. The dominant man who took my virginity expected me to clean his uncut cock afterwards, and I did as he expected. Have loved that ever since. I very rarely go bareback, giving or receiving, but when I do it with a guy I trust, I love to follow with ATM. As with the others here, cleanliness is critical. It ain’t happening otherwise.

  50. Dylan

    I’ve been fucking this 26yo hottie for 7 years. His body is to die for. He loves getting rimmed and after I get him good and wet I stand up and slide into him. I fuck for a while and when I see his back muscles tighten up it drives me insane. You could teach an anatomy class on his back. When I cum inside of him he can def feel it. I give him no warning. I just blast into him. He will start moaning as he feels the warmth flood his ass. I will keep ducking him after I cum and then pull out. He will guickly spin around and start deep throating me until I shoot again down his throat. My cock is spotless when he is done. I’ve never met a guy who has an ass as clean as his. It too is spotless. You’d swear he shoved a steam cleaning wand up his as. But he is so turned on by my cock covered in my cum that has just been in his ass. He becomes animalistic.

  51. Kerricd

    The first time I was told to do it…and without hesitating I did. Before I knew it I realized I was suckinbg him harder than I ever have before. He went back and forth about 5 times that night. I never would have thought about it…but I ended up loving it. So now I ask if my partner is interested in doing it and I’ve been surprised how many are.

  52. BudsnSF

    This is barely legible due to grammatical and syntactical errors throughout. Makes focusing on the question posed quite difficult to care about….

  53. Michael

    I am extremely clean and I just love doing it. i enjoy the taste even more. it’s a great experience for me and surprised when someone won’t let me afterwards.

  54. Damian

    Ass to mouth is a regular for me. After a guy shoots his load in me, I want his cock in my mouth to make him hard again to fuck me more! Love ass to mouth, love eating a fellow bottom’s cummy hole, love eating the ass of a guy about to fuck me.

  55. Oralxxxpert

    I’m an insatiable oral active bottom guy! I’ve done this several times. I always douche before because I expect to be fucked balls deep. I hooked up with this one guy he fucked me for almost 4 hours straight. He would fuck me for a while and then ask me to suck him for a while then it would plunge a dick back inside my ass pussy and we did this for almost 4 hours! I love it!

  56. DayShadow

    Hot, as long as the bottom knows what they’re doing. I personally don’t use lube so I don’t have the added factor of lube all over everything in addition to using pure for men I’m ready to go, and clean, 95% of the time.

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