Gay Rights : Chechnya’s Concentration Camp for Gay Men

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Chechnya allegedly has several concentration camps for gay men, Novaya Gazeta reports, one of which is located at 996 Kadyrov Street in Argun which is said to be a former military headquarters. The information came a week after the news that suspected homosexual men are being rounded up and detained by the authorities in Chechnya surfaced, an effort which resulted to the detention of over a hundred and death of three men.

Reports said the concentration camps were authorized by the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, to “completely cleanse Chechnya from men of non-traditional sexual orientation.” The incarcerated men are being tortured using electric shocks, beaten to death, or are being “forced to promise to leave” the Chechen Republic. A victim who escaped from the camp spoke of bribing Chechen police every month with thousands of rubles prior to his incarceration, a move he made in order to survive. Another claimed they were beaten to “force them to name other members of the gay community.”

Alexander Artemyev of Russia’s Amnesty International told MailOnline in an interview that they are calling on the Russian authorities to investigate the allegations. He was quoted as saying that “Homosexuals in Chechyna are treated very harshly and prosecuted daily and they are afraid to talk about it.” The gay men’s only choice, Artemyev added, is to leave or hide but that their organization is communicating with LGBT network that “helps people in Russia to find shelter.”

Kadyrov denied the reports saying that it is impossible because Chechnya is homosexual-free in the first place, calling the allegations nothing but “absolute lies and disinformation.” His spokesperson told Interfax News Agency, “You cannot arrest or repress people who just don’t exist in the republic.”

Chechnya’s concentration camp is the first in the world since Hitler’s in the 1930s.

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  1. Mike

    Is there anything that we can do to help these persecuted individuals?
    I would like to help if I only knew how to go about it. I’m not talking about writing protest letters or contributing money (although I’d be willing to do those things) I’m talking about helping to get them out of that God forsaken place.

  2. David

    Why is it I only see this news on gay sites and not on any other news sites? I have seen different versions where it is stated that the UN and world governments are in an uproar. If this were the case major news sites would have this news. I remain skeptical of this article right now

  3. BryBry

    Absolutely horrible. In the same category as rounding up Jewish People in Germany or Chemical Warfare against civilians and babies in Syria.

    Man’s inhumanity to man still boggles my sensibilities. I will never understand it

  4. Truth

    And if these allegations are true its the very catalyst to why ALL GAYS. BLACK, WHITE, LATINO, ASIAN & OTHERS need to unit and put this bullshit “preference” thing to an end. Because regardless of shade, if youre gay in a place as such your life will have no damn meaning to them.

    So unity in full across the globe to shut this foolish shit down of animosity towards our people is needed on all levels. You have these supposed MASC str acting males who want to play the role of man. A man is a protector. So where are these supposed men protecting their own?

    Violence is a resort that should be considered as last means to ends. However in cases of such unless gays grow a real pair and learn to pick that brick up and bash a skull in this worldwide crisis wont stop. Theyll continue killing and prosecuting our own across the globe in lgbt unfriendly countries.

    Resistance groups should be formed. And our ppl need to militarize and cut the shit off at the head. Politicians need to be held accountable and justice needs to be felt.

    It sounds harsh but its the inevitable truth.

    You must rid the plague otherwise it’ll spread. The theory and idea of harming our ppl can be shattered by shattering their world when they come for ours.

    Until thus truth is realized, Pulse will happen again. Suicide will continue because of fear and bullying. Dls will live on because of outside expectations and societal approval.

    Its all connected and it must be brought to an end.

  5. einathens

    “…first in the world since Hitler’s in the 1930s…” ?

    tell that to the japanese-americans interred by the US government from 1942-46.

  6. Jim

    Kadyrov’s biological ignorance and the innate stupidity of his “no homosexuals in Chechnya” statement defies belief and raises wonderment about what cave such people have been living all their lives to make such a ridiculous claim.

  7. Truth

    Fuck you for censoring my message you simple bitches. This is why issues as such happen for punk asses like yourself who are too weak to stand up and do something.

    Weak Cowards like yourselves deserve things like these camps.
    Now censor that bitch.

  8. Elixirmixer

    Sp the head of the republic states that there are no homosexuals in Chechnya? How can a gov’t leader be so ignorant? And expect to be taken seriously?
    Doesnt the fact that Amnesty International is concerned make you think “hmm maybe beating up all the non existant gays isnt nice”
    Makes my blood boil. In the US we have progressed, but homophobia is still very prevalent. One comment said the people have to revolt..easier said than done.
    The USA claims to be involved in the middle east to bring democracy to oppressed people…bullshit because if that were true, we’d be in Chechnya instead

  9. RatedVV

    Only another man is concerned about what men do privately. Who we are is important. But he has much greater things to concern himself with being the leader. It blows my mind at how people like this are allowed to be leaders… It always looks and acts the same… Vicious cycle and disappointing.

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