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(Photo : Randy Blue)

I love rough sex, I don’t know why…I just can’t have calm plain sex, it bores me to death. I don’t like extreme things though, no fisting, scat and other “weird” things, this is definitely not for me. I don’t like toys either…give me a hot body and cock and I’m happy!

I simply like to get fucked hard, get facefucked, when a guy holds my neck (like the picture above) and when he is verbal while fucking.

Am I the only one into that? It is very hard for me to find a hot top into rough sex. The fact that 95% of the gay men in my city are bottom doesn’t help much tough!

Like it hard too? Let me know what excites you about giving it hard or receiving it hard.



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  1. andy

    I once was looking for ruff sex with a guy that was 12.5 inches, exciting at first,,, but (last time i wish for ruff sex) ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh and then some.

  2. jimbo

    I am with you. Enjoy. A hot top that takes control uses me. Enjoy. Rough nip play while i get face or ass pounded. Makes it all the hotter

  3. Farshot

    I am a construction supervisor so I have to be the alpha male over other alpha males, day in and day out.
    So I get VERY turned on when the role is reversed and I let a strong, aggressive man have his way with me.
    It is sort of my alter ego. Absolutely drives me wild.

  4. John

    Dave: I couldn’t agree with u more. Especially for those of us who like to flip fuck. I like to give it as good as I get it. Nothing hotter for me than two really powerful guys going at it.

  5. bi_cock_sucker

    I love servicing an alpha male. I get off on having a guy put me on my knees, grab the back of my head and thrust his throbbing hard cock into my mouth while calling me his cock sucking little bitch. And then when he’s had enough of my mouth he’ll pick me up off my knees and bend me over the bed and fuck me hard to finish. The whole time I’m begging him to fuck me harder. There is nothing worse in my opinion than a guy who comes over and just lays there and you can’t even tell if he’s enjoying himself. Hey guys, the more vocal and active you are the more I get into giving you the best head you ever had and the more willing I am to let you take my ass.

  6. 1dlbiguy

    I like to do Sub/Dom role play, very verbal, but not necessarily physically aggressive…still very sensual. I might spank a smooth ass or thump a naughty cock that got hard before I said it could, but I’m sure the responses will run the gamut.

  7. john

    No rough sex for me. I like it slow and passionate. I love it when my lover kisses me at the same time he is shooting his cum deep inside me.

  8. Ike

    I’m kind of in a midpoint about that, when I’m bottom I like to get penetrated as deep as possible, which doesn’t really happen if the guy is thrusting as fast as he can like a dog (lol) but if it’s slow and passionate….yeah, it’s still slow….some mid-fast, passionate deep penetration is the best thing I can experiment but it’s rare to find guys that like it that way =/

  9. Bottom boi

    Yessss! Love it rough! I’m a little tight so I have to start slow, but once I’m opened up its game on, plow me as hard as you want (just make sure you spank me and verbally abuse me while you do it!).

  10. ernest

    I have in the pass turned off guys. But I can’t stop the way I do it. To me I’m trying to break my penis up in them. I want a guy to beg me to stop. I’m not into beating and whips and crazy stuff. I don’t ask for it I take it. I love to make a guy cum when I’m hitting it hard.

  11. Dylan

    NOPE! We see eye to eye on this. Plain sex is fun and I have it a lot. But the sex you can write a book about it the hot, face paced, forced primal sex. There is something that triggers in mine/BFs brain once we start making out real hard. All he has to do is kiss me and put his hand on the back of my head while doing so. It’s like flipping a switch and we better not have plans cause were gonna be late. We have take it to many levels and keep pushing each other’s boundaries. He is 6’3″ former Marine and this guys has some boundaries that are hard to reach. But just like in your pic, that’s where we excel. Nothing like making out and having this huge muscled arm reach up, rip off your t shirt a and grab you by the throat and cover your mouth with his, making out furiously and maybe a pinch to the nose where we have to share each other’s air. It only gets wilder. Rough sex is AMAZING to say the least!!! You blog resonates with me on so
    many levels. Getting face fucked….don’t even get me started how HOT that can be. I could go on for hours. One day the movie will come out and you see what I’m talking about

  12. Darryl

    I like getting fucked hard and raw by my husband. The biggest turn on is when he is about to cum and drills me till I try to run. He pulls me back on his dick and slams harder till he shoots his but in me.

  13. Kirt28202

    Don’t want any part of it. To me it is a sign of an abusive and disrespectful partner. Normal, sensual sex all the way.

  14. Matthew

    I LOVE it rough, I actually got fucked really rough last night by a dom top. I totally agree that non rough sex can be really boring. Pull my hair, slap my ass and call me a whore! haha

  15. Steven

    I feel the same way. I love all of the things you mentioned. Getting facefucked while I’m on my back with my head hanging off the bed, a guy wrapping his hands around my neck to show his dominance, hard fucking. And I especially love a top who gets verbal.

  16. mike michaels

    I’m a top that loves it rough, from choke holds to holding your face down on my cock while you cough and choke on it . A little gag spittle makes a good lubricant for when I assault your hole. I love to beat / smack a guys pecs and ass while I fuck him. Grabbing onto the hair on the back of his head like reigns as I pound his pussy. Literally throw him to the floor and pounce on him shoving my cock back home. I’m not at all abusive but I love leaving my marks to remind you I was there and you’re mine. All the while verbally humiliating the guy w/ words and spit.

  17. Facefucker

    Love rough sex but not every time. I like to mix in the nasty with the nice. Kissing followed by facefucking. Ass biting long with a long deep pounding. We are queers so we can do whatever we like outside of “vanilla” sex,

  18. MrTop4u

    Earlier this week my boyfriend surprised me with an unexpected visit. We live at opposite ends of the city, and for him to drive all the way to meet me, I felt both a love for him and a need to be inside of him that was both real and unreal. As we kissed I felt my cock harden, and I felt his stiffen against me, too. I pushed him down onto his knees, tore open my pants and jammed my rigid cock deep into his throat. I could hear him gag and choke as he tried to take my cock deeper than he has ever before, and hearing and feeling this caused me to want to take him right there. So turned him round onto his hands and knees, and as I yanked his shirt up, he was hastily undoing his belt and the button on his jeans. He squirmed his little ass out of the jeans until they lay crumpled at his bent knees. I could smell the freshly washed scent of his ass, and I felt intoxicated! I pushed him forward and pulled his ass cheeks apart, driving my tongue deep in his ass. His face was crushed against the linoleum floor, his chest heaved with short breaths and he moaned and groaned arching his spine downward and his hips upward trying to get my tongue deeper inside. I rimmed him and spat on his cute little button hole until I felt my spit slather his ass and dribble down his crack, and then shot a wad of spit onto the head of my purpled, throbbing cock and shoved it deep inside of him. I felt him yield then resist and yield, again. I felt him grind against my groin, like his ass was trying to suck me deeper inside, and then I pounded his ass, thrusting with hard spear-like jabs. Short and hard, fast and determined to feel his body react to my lust. He fell flat onto his stomach, forced down by the might of my thrusts. I slid deeper up inside of him, I felt him squeeze his legs closed and his inner muscles contract around my cock. His words, harsh and demanding, “Fuck me! Own me! Use me!” bellowed out of his throat as I drove down into him, each strike like I was mounting him to impregnate him with my fluids. When finally after what seemed an hour but was only 20 minutes, my cum shot out of me, splashing and bathing his ass in my lust for him. We lay still, me on top, still dripping cum into him, kissing, and cuddling on the floor, the imprint of the linoleum patterns on his face cheek. I felt at that moment a Love for him like I have not felt for anyone in years. I wanted to protect him, and hold him forever. And all he could say, as our breathing calmed, was, “Oh fuck that was hot!”. What makes rough sex hot…is the spontaneity of it. The Lust, the Love, the Desire, the Fierceness of it all.

  19. Takingpoundings

    I love it rough. I love getting choked a little, spanked, having my nippers bitten, and spanked. I also love when I’m throat fucked and getting spit on in the process. WS are hot too


    I’ve been told by numerous playmates that I must love having rough sex. I just assumed it was because I get so into hot sex, that I forget how strong I am, and tend to manhandle my playmates. I enjoy the intense interaction of sex. So hard and rough seem to be stops on route to pleasure.

  21. Mitch

    I love hard to be strong pounding. I love to give my dick hard and deep and take your cock in my ass hard and deep. It’s men having sex as men fucking other men like they deserve to be fucked not some pansy woman you got to be gentle with

  22. Jeff

    I love a Dominant rough take it the way he wants it man. I too love to be roughed up by a Strong Dominant Stud. I get into more than the posts writer. I too get off on being face and throat fucked. Into forced oral. Also really get into him choking me. Being choked while deep throating a nice big hard cock just sends me way over the edge. I get so into sucking and throating that big throbbing hard. Just love a selfish Alpha man to use me as he pleases. No scat here either. Blah. Love more cock sucking than anything else. I can worship a nice big hard cock for a few hours if the man is only in it for himself. His hands on my throat had head pumping it down on his cock as he pleases. Balls deep face fucking. Name calling some slapping and getting a good hard deep throat fucking. I like men that have no concern for me and my feelings.

  23. Eric

    I like it rough ot not. I can enjoy sensual and aggressive in one episode, from the top or the bottom.

    To respond to Kirt above, it’s not disrespectful if it’s agreed to ahead of time and if the aggressive guy (doesn’t have to be the top) adheres to limits of his partner(s). It can be a fun way to learn about our limits and new ways of being sexual. I learned that I don’t mind piss play because I was led there one time.

  24. janus2005

    Oh thank goodness Dave. I thought I was the only one. Give me a man, a real honest to goodness man, that has across his forehead – NO TRAINING NECESSARY! And right under that “KNOWS WHEN TO BRING IT ROUGH”…
    I met this guy once, nice guy, he had beautiful colored eyes, not exactly green not exactly gray and the most luscious red lips. Not classically beautiful but very masculine, rugged and handsome – he worked on an oil rig. Honestly he looked a bit geeky and unsure of himself at first but we struck up a conversation and we made each other laugh. Fast forward to another night that we met up and we ended up in bed. That man knew what he was doing. From kissing me hard until I was breathless, to holding down my arms, rubbing his body up and down all over mine while marking my skin with his lips, to lifting me up and pining me to the wall while grinding his cock head onto mine to thrusting with powerful strokes that just did not let up, that man let me know that he was IN CHARGE!
    The bed was as wet with sweat as we were when we finished.
    Yup, slow lovemaking has its place but good rough sex…the best!

  25. Ian

    Long ago, I was fucking a Marine recruiter on a regular basis at my place. He loved it when I was aggressive. Of course, we weren’t in a dating/loving relationship. We were fuck buddies, nothing more. Sadly, he changed his MOS and moved out of state.

  26. Juan

    I like it rough – both giving and receiving – as well as sensual/erotic. I’ve often wondered why I like it rough but after a while gave up trying to figure it out and just enjoy the fact that I do.

  27. HngTOP

    I like having a regular sexual buddy. I prefer masculine bisexual submissive men. Not really into ‘power’ bottoms because I like to be totally in control sexually. Even with so many bottoms, it’s hard to find a masculine guy who prefers to be submissive and willing to try new things. Slapping a guy’s ass before or during sex is hot. Face fucking turns me on especially before fucking a guy. Sometimes I get off on Fifty Shades of Gay. Then there are times when mutual Jo watching porn with a Str8 buddy can be hot. Only one regular of mine is fun to 69 with but most of the time. Since I have been a bottom and versatile and now Top, I know what I like best. It’s just finding the right guy to Top.

  28. Mil

    I love to be fuck rough. I want my partner to treat me like his bitch. I want him to enjoy dominating me and verbally abuse me as I suck him and when he fucks me. I know it makes me hornier when he takes control and “rapes” me if he feels like it.

  29. Richard

    Somewhat aggressive okay. Like it when they’re vocal. Like a man when he’s sweating. Even better when he cums and is very vocal. So many guys these days don’t make a sound when they cum. I yell the walls down.

  30. Frank860

    No rough sex for me. I like it slow and passionate. I love it when my lover kisses me at the same time he is shooting his cum deep inside me.

  31. Steve

    Take what you want – I am here for your pleasure and enjoyment
    Any pleasure/enjoyment I get is secondary
    I love to be fucked and fucked hard
    Sadly it doesn’t happen too often but when it does
    It brings out the total animal fuck pig I am

  32. Taker of cock

    My black lover has been rough lately, kissing me then slapping me in the face calling me a whore and a slut and I don’t deserve to be fucked by a black cock. He humiliates me and makes me suck his dick until he pulls me back up again just to slap me again. Making me call him sir. He face fucks me while stroking my dick and then he puts on a condom and fucks me mercilessly. Choking me and slapping me and telling me I am his slut and my hole belongs to him. And no one else’s. He likes to cum all over my face and smirks at me like the piece of shit he treated me as. There I am in the corner with cum all over my face and he’s gone.

  33. lilwhitebutt

    I guess I really fall in the middle of the road when it comes to rough sex. I really like when my lover first enters me and slowly strokes his hard cock in an out of my ass. As my ass opens up an the pace picks up I do get off on deep hard thrust into my ass. A top taking control and using me gets me excited an keeps me hard. Not really into the choking or abusive behavior, don’t mind a little ass slapping at all. What’s the hottest to me is a top that will change it up from rough to sensual…now that is totally hot sex!!!

  34. Kyle

    I enjoy being used. Someone to take control and make me take his cock. I am mostly a top but at times vey much enjoy being forced to get fucked.

  35. Willow

    Slow, sensual, gentle drives me nuts. Brush your hand over me and when I cum it’s amazing. Fuck me slow and please don’t stop.
    I have a friend who’d like me to be rougher, but if I pound him I cum in a second. He likes to be fisted, and fisting him is an unbelievable turn on.

  36. usemymouthplease

    I like to be dominated, let a guy talk dirty to me and call me names turns me on. Like to be face fucked and just getting into anal too with a small or medium cock. Love to suck big black cocks and eat their cum. Want to be used by a dozen guys some day, if I can and be a cum bucket. A little rough is okay, I don’t like pain, well not too much…lol.

  37. Mark

    A few years ago i was having the best sex i ever had, he was thick and hard as hell had me on my back knees pinned back to my ears, pounding the hell out of me! A few times i winced. Out in pain.then he pulled out and told me i was bleeding. I thought maybe i just broke a hemorrhoid, how wrong i was, when the pain kept up.! I ended up in the er, wheee when i stood up the blood just flew out. He had punctured my anal wall. Spent 4 days in the hospital. Went home on heavy antibiotics to heal. NO. SEX FOR 6 MONTHS. It sucks, i do like it rough, but more careful now. But preference is slow and easy

  38. Rod

    I like rough and normal sex it depends on the top I am a bottom and I feel one the guy gets his dick in your ass then have all the fun you want.

  39. CentralFLBttm

    I’m a bottom who loves it a bit rough. I enjoy being dominated by a masculine top, straining against him while he roughly fucks my ass. Feeling his muscles bulge as he pulls me back onto his dick when I’m trying to squirm away, very, very, very hot.

  40. Hunter0500

    Man sex is not an all or nothing thing for me. Rough sex is great when both guys are up for it, the mood is right, and the hormones are flying. But other times the great experience is just the opposite. Slow, attentive, deliberate and gentle. All part of the fabric of mansex. As one bud says, “sex with men is like a buffet. You never know what will be on it. That’s what makes it great.”

  41. Pedro

    aggressive top… I love a good rough fuck, smacking an ass while I pound away, or pull the back of my bitch’s head to force a kiss while he rides away!

  42. thundernuts

    I detest any form of abuse… verbal, physical, consensual or not. In my younger, more promiscuous days I have walked out on more than one sadist, or distracted porn addict. There’s enough pain and debasement in this world already. But just like tattoos and highly modified hotrods, I can appreciate them on others just not my personal taste.

    To me it’s more about the passion. I need to know and actually like the other person as more than just a sexual object. Spooning all night and trading massages is just as fulfilling as a good romp in my book. I love a lot of foreplay and edging, but do not accept fists or toys. I prefer to save it for the real thing and keep tight. I have to take it slow at first to get used to being opened up. I especially love a man on his back at first so I can take him in at my own pace. About 8 thick is enjoyable, and once I’m acclimated I will let him turn me over and tear it up, especially when we’re close to a climax! I love being in tune enough to reach that point simultaneously. I used to have a man that was just too big to take every day like he wanted. I had to limit him to every other day to keep him from wrecking my ass. He used to BEG for it, and while It was mainly for self preservation, I loved having just a little bit of power over such a mountain of a man.

    I’m not disparaging the SMBD scene at all, in fact I would love to restrain a big bruiser of a man and take advantage of him. There just aren’t any submissive tops in my area.

  43. Smoothbottom4BBC

    Yes I love it rough! Big turn on for me has a bottom. Very much into dominant Blackman with a big dick. I love my ass slapped hard while taking it deep n hard. Call me his bitch, slut … Like my face slapped with that big dick. Yes I love it 😉

  44. charles

    I love it especially when it is in the woods, bookstore, behind a building,that’s were I have done it at.I am a top that love to lick ass.It is also good with more than 2 ppl.Homo sex is boring,spice it up.

  45. Dave

    I love it rough. I have no gag reflex, hence, I love it when a guy jams his cock down my throat. Size matters to me, and I love big ones. I also love when he folds me up double and jackhammers my ass while he’s got a chokehold on me. Flip me over and pull on my hair while pounding me from behind. Oh, that I could find a never ending supply of very well hung tops for sex like this!!!

  46. Mark

    I absolutely love it when I am fucked hard and when I am used as a cocksucker by multiple guys I also love to be tied up as I am used

  47. BiGuy4Oral

    Pinning a sub dude down and fucking his throat is one of the hottest ways to orgasm. That is, of course, the sub’s reward for pleasuring me with it’s mouth, lips and tongue. Usually look for an hour plus of oral worship before I kneel over the sub’s head and fuck the mouth as I would pussy. But a talented submissive mouth, tongue and throat is definitely more satisfying to fuck.

  48. troy

    I like rough sex sometimes and love to experiment and explore willing to try once and enjoy toys and little cock torture especially urethral play

  49. fuck me 54zero three2five nine6 one7

    I love rough hard sex n big thick cocks dominating me n my hole n love big toys n fisting no scat but love bein forced to plz a man n his urges he owns me so cum fuck me hard n cum in my face

  50. digger123

    Heck YES, I’m a total vers. and love to give it as much as take a hot aggressive type. esp. if he is verbal. but draw the line if he wants to get into that nasty stuff that is better done alone in the bathroom.

  51. joey

    I believe the few comments I have read here are more about passion then being in control…..TO EACH HIS OWN, DO WATEVER IT TAKES TO GET OFF WITH WILLING PARTNERS OF COURSE.

  52. Smoothbottom4BBC

    Like it rough! Has a bottom, nothing better than taking a big black dominant top. Put me on my knees tell me suck it bitch, slap my face with his big dick! Bend me over and pound me good n hard. The whole time calling me his bitch, slut… Slapping my ass good n hard too. I do truly love it

  53. DesertBill

    I never knew how much I would like rough hard sex until I met a guy who told me he wanted to use me. He was very hot, so I said yes. He fucked me seven times the first night we were together, had me begging for him to fuck me harder and deeper and faster. It felt so good to know that I was giving him so much pleasure.

  54. Moby

    I’m not really into rough sex myself, I like it to be pleasurable for both me and my partner, but tings were going south for me and by boyfriend Mike and I knew it was going to be the last time we fucked, so I pounded him out as hard. It was fucking great and he didn’t complain!

  55. Greg

    rough sex deferentiates the line between top & bottom. Entensifies whose top (in charge) &whose bottom (serving). Makes me hotter en hell & only wanna please MORE!!

  56. Alphamanlooking

    I love fucking a bottom hard, turn me on . I like the feel that I am rapping a boot man pussy, love to hear him cry and beg me to stop, when when I am sucking on his tits,which I love sucking on a guys tits, ,love making him moan. My goal when i fuck a guy, I want both your man pussy and tits to know you were with me the next day, sucking a man titties really turn me on , love eating man pussy, sucking his titties and fucking him like hes was getting raped. The greatest thing about man sex to me, is you can have your way with a bottom , and he will do what it takes for you to bust your nut if he wants you and I do not like vanilla sex got to rough kike I own you for me to enjoy it, name calling the whole nine yards ,You are my property, my bitch when I fuck you, I am your black daddy, I own you. And having said this, I respect you even more if you are willing to go the distance with me and give me the pussy the way I want it.

  57. Hunter0500

    Does rough sex always mean one guy is dominant and the other is submissive? A while back, when a bud and I finally got our paws on each other we about broke everything in his house. Both of us were tearing into each other long before we made it into his bed. That was the first night of a long weekend of fun.

  58. latinlust69

    I’m a vers top and love it rough. I love face fucking a hot guy as he pretends to resist. Then wrestle him into position for a hot hard fuck!
    Also love to be face fucked by a hot guy with a nice size cock. Hold my head and make me take it!

  59. Nativetop

    Total Dom/rough top here… Nothing better than taking charge of a masculine, beefy guy (esp. a hot black bubblebutt stud), and putting him in his place in the bedroom! Love to facefuck him rough, love to slap and spank a beefy ass a lot, then mount him and drill him deep and hard!
    Wish there were more masculine guys around here (esp. men of color) who were into that. What’s with all the guys on here and on Grindr, talking about how they just want to “cuddle”?!? WTF?!

  60. Zrizt

    I am VERY much so the same way. I consider myself vanilla in that I’m not into any other fetishes like feet or fisting or toys or leather, but I do like my sex to be rough. Not break my neck rough, but I generally like it to be harder rather than smarter.

  61. justme

    I love rough sex. I never understand why some guys want the slow sex. Who says I will fuck ou so slow at a snail’s pace ? The harder the top goes the better. The top should be the one in control not the bottom

  62. bottomboy4master

    I’m an inner city school principal who loves to be fucked hard. I have one top with a thick 9 inch cock who loves to tie my hands behind my back and have his way with me. He throat fucks me until I’m gagging and gasping for air, but he only relents enough for me to take in a quick breath of air before plunging back in until his balls are on my chin and I’m struggling to get free. He then puts me on my hands and knees and only uses just enough lube to get the head of his cock in. He then smacks my ass and fucks me as hard as he can, taunting me the whole time about how if my students only knew that I was a sissy cock sucking whore, they’d never listen to me. I’m crying and begging him to stop but he just keeps pounding me mercilessly until he finally holds himself all the way in and shoots his load. Still on my knees, he makes me lick the last bits of his cum off his cock, taunting me even more by telling me all about the fact that I’m sucking his cock clean from my ass juices, lube, and come from his cock that has just fucked me silly…

  63. redboi48

    OMG! i’ve been raped in jail it was easy since i’m a sub bottom luv a man to force fuck my throat making me gag n choke slapping me calling me his slut wish i could find one around here to fuck me hard me begging him to stop hurt me with that cock i think i just came!

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