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We’d had a good holiday, my wife and I. A couple of weeks spent lazily wandering around the Venitian islands and soaking up the sun had been just what we both had needed after a few crazy months at work.

Thanks to the hot weather I was also a lovely shade of brown; I’d been able to show off my reasonably defined hairy chest plenty of times on the beach at Lido and had met with a few admiring glances from both guys and girls so was feeling pretty good about the way I looked.

It was our last morning in Venice and we’d packed up our things and were ready to head to the vaporetto stop to meet the boat that would take to the airport. While my wife fixed her make-up in the room, I took the luggage downstairs and went to pay to hotel bill. Outside it was raining hard, the weather had finally broken and ominous rumbles of thunder were coming from the other side of the lagoon. We said our goodbyes to the hotel staff and made a dash for it. Within seconds, the crisp white linen shirt I was wearing was drenched, it stuck to me uncomfortably and turned embarrassingly transparent as we dashed through the streets, trying to avoid both people and puddles. When we reached the canal, the boat had just arrived so we clambered aboard and made our way down the few stairs that lead to the seating area. It was packed with people, so my wife and I had to sit separately, she found a seat at the back next to an old lady reading an italian newspaper and I was a few rows in front, facing the opposite direction. My seat directly faced two guys, obviously british and apparently a couple. There was obviously a few years between them, the younger guy was in his late 20s he was slim, dressed in a t shirt and shorts and had a trendy hair cut and a rather camp air about him. The other guy was probably about 40, his short dark hair had started to go grey at the temples and he had a few days stubble growth on his chin. Wearing a well fitting blue shirt that showed off what seemed to be toned body, he was handsome and beautifully tanned.

As I went to take my seat, my leg brushed by his and I felt a spark I hadn’t felt for a long time. His gaze met mine as I sat down and after a few moments his blue eyes broke away and I could feel them running over my body, checking out my pecs and hairy chest through my soaked shirt. I enjoyed his attention and involuntarily tensed my chest as my dick began to stir in my shorts.

I hadn’t played around with a guy since I’d met my wife; before her I went through a stage of bringing either guys or girls back to my flat depending on my mood. I enjoyed sex with both but after marrying I hadn’t given much thought to sleeping with men. I’d made my decision and was faithful. The desire on this sexy stranger’s face had reminded me what it was like to be wanted by a guy, it gave me a familiar rush.

Oblivious to his boyfriend checking me out, the younger guy carried on talking about the rain and the busy boat and I watched them converse. Every so often, the older guy’s eyes would rest on mine and linger there for just a little bit too long before darting away back to his boyfriend and his chatter.

When the boat finally arrived at the airport, there was the usual hustle and bustle to get off. The two guys got up just before me and I ended up behind the older guy in the queue to leave. It was pretty crowded so I was almost touching him, so close I could smell his expensive aftershave. Without thinking I moved my body towards his, gently pressing myself against his back. He responded likewise, carefully rubbing his arse against my hungry crotch. I let out a sigh loud enough for him to hear and as I did so I saw his face break into a very sexy smile.

My wife was waiting for me on the jetty. None the wiser thanks to the suitcase I was holding in front of my stiffening cock. As we trudged the
few hundred meters into the airport I couldn’t get the guy out of my head. They were already almost out of sight and I didn’t want to lose him in the airport. I didn’t know what I thought would happen but I wanted to see him again.

Once in the main terminal, we deposited our luggage and went through security. My eyes searched the crowds for the two guys but there was no sign of them either there or in the departure lounge. Finally I spotted them on the other side of the main hall sitting on a row of seats that
overlooked the runway, they both looked pretty bored. My wife and I sat down at a restaurant table in the centre of the hall, my seat facing the two guys.

After a few minutes I saw the older guy get up to leave. I didn’t know where he was going but I made an excuse about needing to use the loo before the flight. As I walked into the huge toilet, there he was washing his hands. He turned around and once again I felt though brilliant blue eyes boring into me. He smiled and without speaking turned in the direction of the cubicles. I followed him unthinking, as he chose the cubical furthest away from the door, he went inside and held the door open for me. I locked it behind me and turned to face him. A big smile was spread across his face and inches apart now we kissed, hungrily devouring each other. His hands explored my firm arse and he unbuttoned my damp shirt and roughly felt my hairy pecs. It was electric. My hands were undoing his belt and I dropped to my knees, rubbing my face against the lengthening bulge in his jeans. I tugged open his fly to reveal a pair of white Calvin Klein trunks, stretched impressively, covering what appeared to be a very big cock. Hungrily I pulled them down and his meat sprang out to great me. It was uncut, thick and probably about 8 inches or a little more. I looked up into his face and smiled. It had been a long time since I’d tasted a cock and  I was ready. Still keeping eye contact with him I eased his length into my mouth. He let out a moan as took him right back into my throat, he
clearly didn’t expect a guy with a wife to be an expert cocksucker. For the next few minutes I serviced him for all I was worth, feeding his huge tool in and out of my mouth, cupping his low hanging balls with one hand and exploring his muscular hairy chest with the other. His engorged dick was dripping with pre-cum as he finally hauled me to my feet and once again kissed me, tasting his precum on my lips.

I could feel his hands exploring my crotch as his tongue was exploring my mouth. He unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside, stroking my now solid  cock through my underwear. Then crouching down, he began to nuzzle at my dripping bulge through my tight Calvins, before pulling them down and setting my tool free. He took my fat 7 inches in his mouth expertly, making me gasp. It had been a long time since I’d had a blowjob like this. Without taking me out of his mouth, he put my hands on either side of his head signalling that he wanted me to fuck his face. I was happy to oblige and watched in awe as he took the pounding I gave his throat without gagging. After a few minutes I could  take much more; “I’m going to cum” I breathed, at which he took my throbbing dick out of his mouth and looked up at me smiling. He pulled back my foreskin and gently flicked the end with his tongue, tasting my precum. Then he winked and plunged my cock into his mouth once more and began to suck me as if his life depended on it. I could feel the orgasm bubling up within me as I watched him service my fat cock, never once breaking eye contact with me. As I went over the edge I let out a low moan and pumped my seed into his mouth. The force of my orgasm nearly knocked me off my feet and I to steady myself against the cubical wall. He stood up and we kissed, letting me taste my cum on his lips. My hands reached down and found his fat dick, still solid and while we continued to kiss, I brought him to a shuddering orgasm, his cum spurting across the floor and reaching my underwear which were pulled down almost to the floor. “Sorry” he whispered, spying the pool of cum that had landed in my trunks, I said nothing but smiled and touched his seed with my finger, bringing it to my mouth to taste.

We dressed hurriedly and before I knew it he was unlocking the door and had gone. A couple of minutes later I left too, feeling the unfamiliar damp warmth of his cum in my pants as I walked through the airport. It was all I could do to not to get hard again. I’d had an unforgettable experience and I wanted more, but when I returned to my wife waiting in the restaurant the two guys were nowhere to be seen. I guessed they’ve moved to another part of the airport or boarded another flight back to the UK and resigned myself to the fact that I’d never see the guy again. Once on the plane I dozed in my aisle seat for most of the journey, my wife sleeping beside me. The journey was almost over when I felt someone brush lightly against me as if walking back to their seat. I opened my eyes sleepily but there was nobody there, moodily I shifted in my seat and was starting to settle back down for another snooze when I noticed the corner of a piece of paper sticking out of the seat pocket in front of me. I was sure it hadn’t been there before. I pulled it out, it was just a scrap of paper really, folded in two. I opened it and what was written there made me smile; just four words followed by a mobile number: “Next time we’ll fuck.” I put the piece of paper in my pocket and grinning, closed my eyes again.

Mark H

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  1. Hunter0500

    Sex with an anonymous stranger …
    In an airport bathroom …
    That took the better part of ten minutes, maybe more …
    While his partner was yards away …
    And your wife was too.
    A wife who later you were asleep right next to …
    While a note was left right in front of you both.

    Oh, yeh.
    Not getting caught in the bathroom and arrested … lucky.
    Not having the wife question how long your “dump” took … lucky.
    Not having the wife notice your smell of mansex … lucky.
    Not having the wife see the note or its delivery… lucky.

    Believable? No.
    A “fairy” tale? Yes.

  2. Karl

    Okay, as one cheater to another… for the love of heaven do NOT keep a note that says “next time we’ll fuck”… sheesh.

  3. vulpixninetails

    Oh great another story enforcing the fact that so call gay men be cheating on their wives… This website preaches that it wants ti break down walls, gay stereotypes, and what not, but yet you post a story about a gay man whose married and hook up with another dude without his wife knowing.. All these stories promote random sex and shows people that gay people are nothing but horny, sex freaks.. How about a story about a couple, whose honest with each other, love each other, and not involve in some 3some or group sex..

    • blog

      vulpixninetails : ok honey, stop crying now. You can believe in love if you want. You can have an open relationship with your wife if you want. Stop judging others if they don’t think like u!

  4. fuckmagnet

    this was indeed a really hot and exciting story enjoyed it fully, but just wish it could have these stories up for reading more often on A4A

  5. AngelFalls

    Been there, done that. Several years ago I was with a female friend at the gate waiting for her to board her flight at LAX. I needed to use the restroom and excused myself. As I went to use the urinal the guy next to me kept looking over my way and started stroking his growing cock. It definitely caught me by surprise. Not what I was expecting! But I found myself instantly turned on! It helped that he was really good looking and had a beautiful 7.5″ or so, thick cock. Men were coming in and out so we both pretended to just urinate, and the moment the area was clear we both moved into the last stall. I really don’t remember the exact order of things once we were inside. I just remember trying to be extremely quiet and us taking turns sucking each other off. There was so much tension from the danger factor and I think that made it all the more exciting, even though I normally am not one to go for the kind of situation that could put me danger. But there we were, taking turns deep throating each other, working up some hot creamy loads to shoot down each other’s throats. It was sooo hot! I love the taste of cum, but I don’t swallow. I turned and spit his delicious load into the toilet. We gave each other a sweet kiss and mouthed the words “thank you, that was hot!” and discreetly left the stall. I remember feeling a bit embarrassed at having left my friend for a little longer than I planned. It was just my guilty conscience. Of course, she never suspected anything… 🙂

  6. username: captainhooklives

    Laughing. was wrote like a novel. .I love it..BUT FUCKING SO TURNED ON RIGHT NOW!! offshore captain here..making crewchange in 2 days..and that story got me PRIMED! WOOOOOOOOF! !

  7. Charlie

    Has there ever been anything on this site that didn’t get some negative comments? Of course this is not real life and fairy tales are what a lot of us live for 🙂

  8. Tom

    That was a hot fuckin story.
    as I read it my cock got so fuckin hard and I had to drop my jeans and let it out
    n I started to play with it and jack it
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm felt so fuckin great
    and as I got to the part when he came in the guys mouth I shot my load all over my stomach
    fuckin hot
    keep writing more

  9. unlawfulreason

    Why do guys read these stories apparently ABOUT ‘untowort’ sex or drug use, then complain about the content. You read one story and lament the fate of the gay community but forget that being a MAN is CENTRAL to being GAY… Men a sexually deviant. Why do i have to be any more chaste then my STRAIGHT bestfriend who can be just as lustfull as me. The thing that gives homosexuality that ‘prized’ air of superiority is the honesty and acceptance of our higher AND lower nature.

  10. Antonio

    @blog.. I have to agree with vulpixninetails.. Story is great, but promotes the stereotype that gay/bi (and i don’t believe in being bi, but being nice)will cheat or are cheaters and thats not true.. Story was excellent, exiting, and full of passion, but the fact it shows supposedly a str8 man cheating on his wife and a gay man cheating on his partner makes all men look bad. Not long along thosr who work for the site got upset when you posted sonething on gay pride and how upset you guys were because thise who posted comments felt that gay pride is not achieving what it was set out to do, but promote the negative aspects and stereotypes of the gay community. Thats vulpixninetails (one of my favorite pokemon)point.. Yall promote the stereotypes and negative aspects of the gay community.. I bet you didn’t even know he sent you guys multiple e mails with great topics and stories for you to post, but never happen.. Even a story on how he meet his husband (husband deceased).. Yes i had a chance to talk to vulpix and very nice and funny guy.. Loved his profile too.. In short how about putting stories more of an positive aspect/image if the gay community. We all are not some drug out, sex deprived, cheating men that all on here are…Oh obe more thing.. Do something on Theo James.. He so freaking sexy..

    • blog

      Antonio, do you have a double personality? Vulpixninetails and Antonio have the same email address and same IP.
      So it is the same person, you. Why do you write like it is 2 different person?
      I never got your stories by the way…
      But the fact that you play a game with me is a bit creepy….

  11. GT81

    Quick sidenote: I agree with Antonio on only one thing…Theo James is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to see the site do something on him. Watched Divergent the other day and had to google him he was so sexy 😉
    Keep the stories comin’ @blog! People keep saying we are being typed due to these stories…they’re stories guys! If you don’t like them…don’t read them! Lol Just as simple as flippin the channel on TV if ya don’t like the show…ppl just need something to feel indignant about I think.

  12. bi-guywife

    As a wife of a bi man, I was devastated when I found out about all of the cheating, lies and deceit. Our marrige and life together had been a joke so I thought. After alot of reading, chatting with gays and searching I have a better understanding of his needs. Doesn’t make me approve because homosexual or heterosexual it is cheating when you step out on your partner. Back to the question. …..trimmed is nice…..need some hair on my man. In case anyone is curious, hot tastefully done gay porn makes me wet.

  13. fluffynerd

    I wish I had a guy to suck off and for him to give my throat a good fucking and for him to blow his load and cover every inch of my mouth.

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