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Last night, I was having Portuguese chicken with my friend on a terrace when suddenly I saw this gorgeous tall black muscular man passing right beside the terrace. He entered the shop beside the Portuguese restaurant, a gay XXX store where you can mainly rent videos but also calendars, dildos, lube etc. I was hard already…

I told my friend that we need to hurry, pay our bill and then go inside that video place, I wanted to see this dark skinned man. He was hot, tall, muscular, oversized clothes, Nike basketball shoes, Nike cap, very clean hip hop style. I got closer to him, pretending I was looking for something. He was looking at bareback porn video, in the interracial section. It made me even harder.

He took this gang bang video where a group of dudes was fucking a lucky bottom. He paid and left. I got outside and my friend asked me if I wanted to follow him. I said no, but guys, you have no idea how I love my black men. African, Haitian, Puerto Rican, as long as they are dark, they all make me crazy!

I told my friend that I needed to pick up something at the pharmacy, so he said he would go home.

I got in the pharmacy and as soon as I was in, I got back out and followed that hot man! He was walking down on Sainte-Catherine street. Few blocks later he turned right and then I walked faster to get to him. 

“Hey” I said.

“Hey what’s up man?”

“I saw you at the video store and thought you looked amazing man.”

“Thanks dude, I was curious about watching gay porn…never did before…but I’m so horny right now.”

“Do you need help?”

“Sure man, but never tried before with a dude, but would definitely enjoy fucking a throat and tight hole with my BBC.”

“Perfect man, that’s exactly what I was gonna offer.”

“Nice, do you swallow?”

“Of course, love cum.”

“Yeah, u like to be submissive man? Coz’ that is what I need.”

“Of course, I’m a slutty boy, love a nice black man to use me good!”


We got to his place and guess what? The rest is history….I will always remember that night of August 7th, 2014. It’s not everyday that we get to feast on a 11 inches beauty!


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  1. Toby

    I don’t need more than 6″ or 7″, but the thicker, the better. One dude was 6″ and wrist thick. It was challenging, but fun to suck. No problem taking it in my ass, though.

  2. Still the same

    As a dark skinned black man
    I am always curious as to why white guys and porn heavily favor the dark brothers.
    No complaints because white boys love my thick meaty dick. But I guess whites are not into the lighter skinned blacks. I am aware that I get my dick sucked a lot because I have dark skin. Lucky me…lol

  3. Kaleb

    Can’t keep a dude happy for nothing. I enjoyed the damn story, for those of you that didn’t cry us all a pity river.

  4. cmat23

    So Dave, when are we gonna be able to start attaching photos to the comments? Here lately I’ve been seeing a lot that makes me wanna post that infamous photo saying ‘I only came here to read the comments’

  5. White Guy in Oak Park, IL

    my comment is directed at “Still the Same” I love all shades of black men, love the hot caramel, mocha and chocolate thunder. woof

  6. Peter

    Thought this would be a hot story, but the more I read, the softer I got! In 2014, where can you rent a gay porno??? The last shop in Philly, TLA Video closed a few years ago! I also take issue with some “straight” man wanting to try gay sex be so open and ready and AGRESSIVE the first time! Most of the “str8” guys I meet online want to swap pics and talk about gay sex A LOT! I googled it and find shops with porn booths and stuff… but rentals? LOL Sure it wasn’t 1994???
    This story is a fail.

  7. fattybumbalatty

    Sorry, this story is something I would share with my girlfriends at a sleepover. It should have started at the bookstore too. It is a very wellknown fact that you can’t suck cock right after you eat…or you’ll barf up your whole meal…unless you truly truly have no gag reflex…which means you are probably dead, because all of your saliva and everything else would go down your windpipe and into your lungs…but who knows…maybe I am just talking out my butt…lol

  8. Lorenzo

    I am a tall latino man with a bubble butt, last week I met a black man, he said he wanted to fuck me, since I herd so many stories about black cock and they say once you have black you will never go back, well all I have to say about that is FUCK BLACK, his cock was so small I could not even feel it when he was fucking my bubble butt ass…next time a handsome black man want to fuck me, I will ask him to tell me HOW BIG HIS COCK IS!!!

  9. ricky

    Blog – the same way you edit, and not publish people’s comments sometimes, the same way you can review, edit and use some intelligence and not publish some of the stories. You are so in dire needs to publish every story? This one was so bad – awful. Pathetically written with a yawning ending.

  10. Hunter0500

    Portuguese chicken or anonymous gay sex with a random black dominant virgin top.

    Not sure which is more intriguing.

  11. jasin

    Its been awhile since someone posted a story. Ppl need to do it more often. Haha.
    This story could have been longer nd better.

  12. godzilla

    I can’t get any black guys to fuck at all.then the ones im lucky to get want money or not into aggressive black men. I never. Been with a white guy but I been told that you can be aggressive with them. If there any white guys wanting black dick who want long term and DL hit me up brooklynyc.

  13. John

    I always look forward to these type of stories but thios one what a LET DOWN. All the build up to nothing. We want to read details………….Maybe you could have a part 2 ?

  14. David

    Started off well and just fizzled. I’m white and love my dark black men, whether they’re top or bottom. Makes my dick hard and my ass quiver.

  15. MikeS

    I wonder what was in the Portuguese chicken he was eating? There were so many important details of the story left out, I don’t know why anyone would bother to publish it.

  16. jamie

    still the same, whats your secret lol. i gota neg bbc and never find a nice white guy in my area to take it too stuck up. oh and the story was a letdown

  17. csvr

    what the hell was that , you call that a story it suck the worst i have ever read do better next time or dont post nothing

  18. funbottom

    Why can’t I live this story everyday.A nic hot black cock seducing my mouth and my hole and just one black cock.Make it Two!

  19. Harrison

    I admit I always wondered what I’d do if I was alone with some dark chocolate with two hershey kisses on the side…

  20. Aaron

    “I would definitely enjoy fucking a throat with my BBC” Really? Random, muscular never-done-it-with-a-dude-before guy goes home with random guy who followed him home from the xxx store and he actually says “…my BBC”?

    Erotic writing is better when it’s based at least a little bit on reality

  21. willswallow1

    I was rutting for cock at my favorite ABS and had already sucked one man. He was nice and polite and politely sat there as I politely went down on him. He so graciously came in my mouth which I gratefully swallowed, then he politely stood up, thanked me and left. The next man was in my booth right away and right away his cock was in my mouth, Now I felt not so polite. I felt like a slut and I wanted to be treated like a slut. I looked up at him and said, “Please mister. Don’t make me suck your cock!” I saw his eyes widen; he was into it! “I’ll make you suck my cock, bitch!” He grabbed me by the back of my neck and forced my face against his crotch. I twisted my head left and right as if to avoid his nasty tool, but all that did was to slap it against my lips and cheeks. He pressed the side of my head to his hip and pushed his cockhead to my tightly clenched mouth. “Open your mouth you slut! Suck my dick!” With the slightest parting of my lips, he forced his way deep into my mouth. Holding me firmly against himself, he repeatedly and rapidly plunged in and out. I made choking sounds, I gasped and panted and wimpered. “You’re good,” he barely whispered. “You’re real good” I wrenched my head away and fell back on my heels, gasping for air and looking at him like I was going to cry. The way he looked at me was almost sadistic. “Suck me off, bitch! Swallow my load!” Then came the grabbing both sides of my head, the furious pumping of his hips, the ramming home of his cockhead down my throat. With one rough thrust, he jammed my face against his pubes and left loose his orgasm of sperm. “Swallow it you cocksucking slut! Swallow my cum! Swallow all of it!” He made me keep sucking even after he was spent and withered. He finally pulled his cock rudely out of me, sneered and left without another tender word. (A true story.)

  22. Anon

    Okay this blog really needs to tell the users to continue a story before submitting. This turned into nothing. Also I hate it when the “never go backers”say “my black men”. What does that mean? Do you own us, or you have a selective amount of black tricks in your sleeve. Just say I love black men.

  23. gino

    Wow guys like this give good guys like myself bad reps. So many guys think I’m slutty? And only hit me up for sex knowing i wont hook up at all. I only will do it with a guy if im dating him. Just reading this article showed my proof that guys only want guys who are slutty. But then complain about catching something and say I wish I would not have done that. Whoever wrote this article? I pray you learn to respect yourself more. Posting an article calling yourself a slutty guy makes me want to puke. So many of us fight to be treated equal. We do not fight to be treated like we are easy sex objects or slutty. Just reading these articles really question my sexuality preference I’m scared to face that I’m slowly turning straight because the gay community is not all friendly all y’all want is sex with a hot guy with a big dick. Amazed by how superficial a lot of you guys are!

  24. Art

    I’ve always been fascinated with dark skinned men going back as a teen. I find as many well endowed darkies are, they are not as fascinated by white men. My first encounter, for the lack of better words was when I was in my early 20’s. They definitely have a different flavor than whites. But the same can be said about “gingers”. Crazy as it seems, I am reluctant to swallow from a dark skinned dude but I’ll take all the loads that a White boy can offer. Gingers are awesome in my book.

  25. uhh no he didn't

    From reading the title of this story, “He Fucked My Throat”, all I can say is: no he didn’t. LOL…At least you didn’t tell I about it. FAIL

  26. Will

    It’s amazing to me how people just randomly hook up, but if this is something that creates a door for opportunity hey it is what it is. But how does one feel after he has just had a few minutes of pleasure and not know anything about the other person? It just odd to me.

  27. ajlee

    I have a friend at work who I think may be in the closet. The only reason i became friends with him is because i have a crush in him . How can i find out if he is into guys when im in the closet myself?

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