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I met a guy on A4A recently. We talked for a few weeks before we discussed sex. A couple nights ago, we decided to meet up and go at it. Little did he know, this my was my first time ever being with a male sexually, but I’ve been with women multiple times, but I figured sex was sex.

We met in a secluded place outdoors. He was cute, tall, slim, and Hispanic. I’ve always been attracted to masculine Hispanic men, so I was instantly turned on. He wasted no time grabbing my cock, and kissing me. I was nervous, but he helped me get over it by taking the initiative. Kissing felt the same, but I’d always heard that men have better head than women, so I pushed his head down. He pulled out my cock, and went to work. For a second things were going smoothly, but then I started to feel too much teeth. I tried fucking his throat, but he kept pulling away. His blow-job definitely didn’t compare to any females of my past.

I told him I wanted to fuck him, and he wasted no time getting his pants off. He started to lube his ass and tried to sit on my cock.. raw. I pushed him up, and put on a condom. I don’t even screw pussy unprotected. He gently lowered onto my cock, and started rapidly pouncing up and down.. extremely hard. It wasn’t even a little sexy, so I told him to get on all fours and let me take control.

I could tell that this wasn’t his first time. I could barely feel anything. He was extremely loose, but still managed to scream like I was murdering him. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty well endowed, but I’ve always heard that an ass was supposed to be as tight as a virgin? I kept pounding away, and he kept screaming. I was extremely annoyed, so I contemplated pretending to cum. He asked me to lay on my back so he could ride me. He rode my cock until he came.. on my shirt. That annoyed me even more than the fact that he wouldn’t shut up.

I flipped him over, and started pounding, hoping that I’d cum soon. I realized that he was all if a sudden wetter than before. He started begging me to cum, and I wanted to tell him to shut up. I wanted to get it over with as badly as he did. I pulled the condom off and let me suck me, and again, he was using teeth. I moved his head, and rapidly jerked off until I came. For some reason he got dressed quickly, as if he were in a rush or something.

After we parted, I kept noticing an awful smell. It was dark so I couldn’t see anything but (what I thought was) cum on my shirt. When I got home, I quickly washed my hands to get the smell off, and noticed a yellowish brown dripping into the sink. I looked down at my shirt, and saw the same thing. I ran to the bathroom, threw up, and scrubbed all over, gagging even more seeing the matter on the base of my cock.

My first experience with a guy has to be my worst sexual encounter ever! I can only blame myself for not logically thinking about the horrors of anal sex, and should’ve done some research. I think I’ll hold off before trying again.


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  1. jeepnc99

    I wouldnt let ur first experience be ur last. There are some men who can suck cock so good u will cum in waves. Also, some men can clean their ass good and still come out with some sh*t on their cock. Dont give up yet because ur next experience could make a difference and have u screaming and moaning.

  2. BobbyLVC

    Sorry to hear your experience was so awful – it happens – it happens more than I care to think about. But just like a horse or a bike – you have to get back up and keep trying – Sometimes you get the right guy and it clicks and you will have an amazing time and the best head of your life. Sounds like this guy was not a really healthy kind of guy – maybe next time do more investigation – talk longer – meet in public first – Or spin the wheel and see what happens – good to hear that you had a condom on at the very least!!

  3. Luca

    Sounds like it was his first time sucking dick!.. Lol which brings up a better topic WTF is the deal with all DL/bi curious/ dudes on here!?! Seems like they should have their own site!!… Personally I hear DL or bi and I say bye! And anyone who says they like playing with those type of dudes is either one of them or just a damn lier cuz these dudes have no clue what to do with a man and have some serious hygiene issue!! Lol just saying if you’re gonna have a persons face down there you BEST clean that ass!!!! Oh and showering and then taking a big ol shit defeats the purpose!!!…

  4. dl_latinguy

    I hope that wont be your last experience. My first experience was awesome. Tall, blue eyes, blonde hair, 9 cut dick and he knew exactly what to do, I was 19 and he was 42 ;). I’m Hispanic myself and I don’t like messing around with other Hispanic guys since most act just like you described them. They kiss too much that its not even sexy. They want me to fuck them and they stick my dick in them and they start moving their ass too much that it makes my dick hurt. Then they start moaning the most annoying way and calling me papi, which I hate!!!!

    Now I’m not saying all Hispanic guys are like that, but most of them acted that way even the ones that look masculine, they end up being so feminine.

    My suggestion is to talk to them, have a small chat before having sex. I did, and found a few sexy Hispanic.

  5. sjohnson

    typical ‘st8’ man. anyway, if you were talking for so long before actually meeting, cleanliness would/should have come up. you wouldn’t fuck a nasty pussy. besides you didn’t ‘smell’ anything bad until you got home and realized what it was? wow you must have a bad ‘smeller’….LOL

  6. John

    Hope you didn’t ruin your nails too! If you’re going to fuck outdoors in the dark, ya get what ya deserve. Last thing the world needs is another bitchy str8 man.

  7. Matthew

    Jesus Christ.

    That’s some pretty bad luck, Jeremy.

    You should have followed your gut on this one and “abandoned ship” after noting his loose , disemboweled asshole…

  8. NMH

    I’ve had good and bad, and sometimes it really is just the guy. I lived with one for about three years. It was like trying to fool around with a complete virgin every single time. There was the one time he started stroking me and I had to make him stop right away. He had a vice like grip and jerked me so hard it felt like he was trying to rip it off.
    More often than not I prefer to jack off in private. Otherwise, the few encounters I do have are much better than the Perpetual Virgin.

  9. ThckRic8

    It’s funny, I started thinking about all of the sexual experiences I have had in my 53 years (33 of them actively gay) and I couldn’t come up with one that I would call my worst. Maybe I am lucky and have been able to maneuver the teeth and accidents into teaching lessons either for me or my partner. I have always been able to laugh off awkward connections and put them out of my head. All this thinking has gotten me horned up; maybe a bad blow job will jog my memory. Peace brothers!

  10. Andrew

    Some experiences are good, and some are bad. It seems that you have unfortunately experienced one of the bad ones first up, which isn’t exactly an encouraging experience. I have had bad encounters, one guy that came to fuck me, I’m sure he was straight, because he tried to shove his dick in me as if I were a loose pussy. But not all are bad. Some experiences can be mind blowing, they are just that great. It is hard to say who is to blame here, but it is not uncommon for some bottoms to just be dirty. I mean, you said he was pretty loose, you will probably find that the shit just slides out. He probably didn’t clean himself properly, which is a lot more common than you would think. We all have experiences that we are not proud of, but that shouldn’t stop us.

  11. Still the same

    True story
    His guy sucked my dick at a was good. I came and I left. As I was taking a shower and began rubbing soap on my dick I felt a large strange growth in my pubic area near the base of my dick. Naturally I was freaking out about this “growth” that was on my dick. As I frantically washed the soap out of my eyes and finally could see what the hell kind of disease/rash could be the size of a pea within a 90 minute time frame… heart was racing…I’m sweating in the shower..breathing hard…..i looked…that bastard had left his chewing gum in my fucking pubes….lol
    Not my worst but definitely one of my strangest.

  12. Daniel

    I met a guy on a different site, to spend the night with on a trip to St. Louis. He was gorgeous. And seemed really nice. Very tall, dark, sexy body… nice smile… great kisser…. nice and bushy down there, which I love. I am bottom, always, without exception, specify using a condom.

    It all went fine. But I awakened in the night to him fucking me again. I asked “condom?” and he said “of course”. But there wasn’t. It seemed… better somehow than usual. But after he came and pulled back, I saw the reality.

    I had myself tested 6 months later, negative, and still am. No infections. But that was a bad one for me.

    In fact, another time I had a very uncomfortable fuck and the guy pinned me down and kept pumping even though I said it was too painful. But the condom-less one bothered me more.

  13. Alex

    I love fucking guys but if they’re not clean it’s a complete turn off and I hate to say it, but the bottom needs to know how to stay and be clean! I hate that!

  14. Garrett

    Sounds like you just got unlucky and got the wrong dude that you weren’t compatible with. It happens, and it really sucks when it does. I hate the ones who continually ask if I’m clean while I’m in the middle of fucking them, that’s a major boner killer. And asking every 2 minutes if I’m ready to cum yet is another one that’s annoying as fuck.

    I agree with the poster, just shut up and enjoy the ride!

  15. Cubano

    Wow. I don’t think it’s the end of the road for you, but you need to relax. Sometimes it can get a little bit messy no matter how hard you try to keep things clean. If it was going so badly you should have just stopped, instead of ruining the experience. live and learn.

  16. Ben Literal

    I topped a guy who left large amounts of shit on my dick. I tried to spare his feelings by pretending it wasn’t there. But when he hopped off of me, he started licking it up. I promptly left.

  17. vulpixninetails

    Sounds like alot of the men i met on here.. Can’t kiss, been around the block a few times, and properly cannot ptep themselves for sex.. For me the worst turn off for me is using teeth during oral and the fake screaming during sex.. If those two things happen, i get soft faster than ice cream in the summer’s sun.. Thats when my scorpio side comes out and i just get up and leave.. No reason why, no questions asked, just up and leave.. Is it selfish i get up and leave, yes it is, but even i have my limits and make no excuses for it… Hey jeremy i sometimes hate it when the scream like they tight as fuck but yet i can stick my hand up there ass so they can feel something.. Stick a fork in me cause I’m sooooo done.. Lol

  18. homer simms

    This is a good topic, because I feel many have met in the dark somewhere, being gay or bi! I’ve had a few bad encounters that stand out. The first one was a guy that someone else online hooked me up with.when the guy got to my house and I pulled his pants down to go down on him he had such a bad odor that I simply told him he needed to pull his pants up and leave!
    Next one was I met a younger black guy who was a top, things started out good but when he started to fuck me I shit! I mean u fuck an ass it might happen. Lol anyways I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know anything aboutcleaning out at that time.

    I’ve had 2 guys put me in the hospital from fucking me too hard! So beware u can be fucked too hard!

  19. luv2swallow

    Two of my bad experiences were recently. One – A young guy who said he gave good head. Teeth. I said he needed to change his profile. He does not give good head. Nobody wants battle scars on their cock. The second bad bj, was a hispanic guy, who wanted to join in a 3-way with me and my friend. Well, he was watching me suck off my friend. As my friend blasted my face and throat (quite a delicious, huge load), the hispanic guy went down on my cock, cause I wanted to shoot. TEETH again. I told him he was hurting me. I think I may end up with a scar. I didn’t bleed, but the irritation lasted a couple days. First Aid creme, Hydrogen Peroxide – anything to keep it clean. I know I give a good bj. Especially when guys tell me they can’t cum with a blow job. I love proving them wrong.

  20. Me

    Who writes this crap. I’ve had sex with girls before. Uh. They were lame too. I’ve had sex with guys. Some where lame as well. Sex is sex. You have to work at it to make it fucking hot. Duh. It’s not always like a porno. Idiots

  21. exmil

    dirty bottoms…nasty bitches just dont clean out and dont care…ugh. i make it a point to make sure that anyone i meet understands…come clean and ready or i will just walk out when i find out otherwise..i tell em come clean fresh showered and cleaned out..ive had bad experiences with only one so nasty i nearly puked on him..guys can make you want to just go without.. but if you dont have clear communicated expectations of what you are going to always get let down.. i always ask as well about being hiv neg and ddf and how they play to determine if they are honst by how they answer…if i dont get a warm and fuzzy feeling from their answers…i dont risk my health on shady dudes…screw that.ddf

  22. Peter

    ANOTHER lame story!!! Where do you find these str8 guys who go from girls to hardcore gay sex in a paragraph? (not that I want to find them, they sound HORRIBLE!).
    Dear Jeremy,
    It’s your OWN fault for meeting a stranger in a park anonymously and go full-on gay! It sounds like he was a meth head (I’d be curious to what time of night this was.. 3am? 4am?). Another thing, try posting a craigslist ad for some pussy and see what shows up… something much grosser could be knocking on your door with painted nails in 6 inch heels! I’m also guessing from the public sex act, you have some kind of baggage yourself (a girlfriend? a wife?)
    PLEASE adam4adam… get back to good gay sex stories by REAL gay men who had some HOT encounters!!!

  23. Adrian

    I had this twink bottom come over to my place and I started off good, like most bottoms he knew how to suck a dick. I was pretty pleased with that, so then when it came to fucking him it was good, he was nice and tight, but when I had came and pulled out there was shit all over my dick. And then that little fucker dropped two more turds on my bed and another one on my carpet. He goes to the bathroom and comes out and acts like nothing happened and has the audacity to ask to stay the night. I told him to get the fuck out and I took an hour long shower after scrubbing my bed and carpet.

  24. Jim

    I’m an older man and I have to say that your experience with fucking a guy in the woods was horrible. But, fucking a man or a woman in the ass can have the same result. It’s happened to me and I know it’s pretty disgusting. I’d just be sure to move a little more slowly. Maybe he wasn’t ready for your large endowment and he didn’t want to disappoint. As for his teeth, speak up and tell the man (or woman) who’s sucking you to watch the teeth! That usually works. If you try anal sex with a man again, please be in a place where you can see what’s happening. It helps to have a shower close at hand.

  25. Ethan

    My worst is as a bottom a guy who couldn’t suck dick and was dirty and then wanted to flip. My best was a top who took complete control of me and made me his. He used his hips face fucking me and made me take him with passion! It was great and he left me begging for more!

  26. Greg

    Dear OP:

    You had sex the first time you met someone, you didn’t reveal that you hadn’t had gay sex before, you had sex outdoors, and you had sex in the dark with a guy you had never met in person before. Who is at fault here?

  27. Dan

    Not all gay guys are expert cocksuckers. Some of those blowjobs hurt! Especially from super aggressive men like the one you described. Better luck next time.

  28. Dragon

    I met a guy on a4a, when I arrived he looked shocked. Back story, I had been 150Ibs and gained back weight, so was 170Ibs-ish.

    Anyway, so we’re talking and he’s like “but you’re so young. Did you lie about your age?” I hadn’t. Then he asks me to take my shirt off so I do and he actually screams. Then says “you don’t look like that on the profile.” The only picture I had was of me in clothes. It was crazy cause he called himself fat, but was probably around 140Ibs.

    So I knew this was going nowhere, I could tell he was finding every excuse possible and I decided I wanted to bail cause it just wasn’t going to happen, but he’s like “No, I feel so guilty. I don’t want you to feel bad about your body image. You can suck me if you want.” He then turns on some porn and says “Those are the kind of guys I like…” think sean cody.

    Then he announces “Well, I won’t really cum because I already jerked off, but I wanna see you cum. Here’s a towel. Hurry up and cum on it…”

    I guess he planned on fucking me for a long time, if he had no plan of cumming… thankfully it wasn’t meant to be.

    So I came and he rushed me out.


    But I did learn from it and it’s not something that will happen to me ever again.

  29. ahablah

    This is funny, but it’s a bottoms worst nightmare. You knew you were fucking an ass, however, he should have known if he wasn’t “ready” to get fucked. Shit happens. Literally. As for the teeth during the bj, for-shame.

  30. jdawg5678

    I have had several. The first time was with a guy who I thought had at least an average cock. I was mistaken. It was below average and didn’t even satisfy me. The other one was with a black guy who liked to make out with my ear. It was really weird. He didn’t even get off. I left early. I am definitely not racist hoping that you have a better sexual encounter next time.

  31. Joe

    Possibly the worst experience I ever had just happened last night! I chatted a guy up (on a different social network). We never exchanged face pics, but he had a rocking body & I was blinded by lust! I agreed to meet at his hotel room. When I arrived, I realized he had to be 30 years older than his pictures. I’m not even kidding. But he still had the rocking body, so I was going to stick it out.

    He spent ONE ENTIRE HOUR talking about how his ex used to make so much money & they bought a winery & his ex cheated on him & his ex moved out in one weekend & left him with a mortgage & stole his antiques and art collection (I swear, I couldn’t get a word in!) ……… and that’s why he lives with his mother. I told him it was nice meeting him, but I had to go.

  32. Will

    I have only had two.

    One where a nice young black in his 20’s got naked at my place after we had some good conversation, but then very quickly fell sound asleep – I couldn’t even suck him to get him hard so that he’d wake him up. Or so it seemed… so I went to bed. In the morning he asked me what I did to him (!), and told me he would cost $80 though he never mentioned anything about money so I paid him reluctantly to get rid of him. Later I found two bizarre charges on my credit card and that some money in my pocket was missing. So not only was there no sex per se, the guy was a thief in the night and the sleeping was obviously all an act.

    The other one was where a Hispanic guy around 40 invited me over after his work (11 pm). I got to work sucking his cock and he seemed to enjoy it. But then within a few minutes I noticed he wasn’t responding – he had dozed off. He woke up and apologized but didn’t want to continue.

  33. John kenya

    Xory but dont give up .try another one even u can take a bath b4 anything, wash him gentle with yr smooth material.then be assured you’l never fuck a lady ever…

  34. BryBry

    This hot, worked out caucasian guy had been eyeing me for the most part of the evening at a bar in West Hollywood. He caught my eye, and came over and chatted me up and after a while, we ended up going to his place. He looked the part of a guy that knew how to have some fun.

    He was a biter. Not a nipper, but a guy that liked to bite a bit harder than i like, but I did not find that out until we were both naked and still standing. He started to suck on my dick, but scratched it with his teeth, and I politely told him to stop that particular action, which he did… for a while. He bit again, and apologized.

    As he stood up, and started to nibble on my neck and chest, he bit my nipple, and I finally had enough; put on my shirt, pants, shoes, and took off… On my way home, I discovered that I was in such a hurry to get out, that I had left my underpants at his place.

    I kept going without them. I had more at home! Sheesh!

  35. Cabron

    For me, it’s hard to find masculine gay men. I’m only attracted to MASCULINE men. Many guys get muscular mistaken for being masculine. Trust me, there’s a significant difference!!! For some, even though they look masculine, many of them have a feminine attitude. Therefore, I’m forced to find masculine guys in adult book stores. Most of these guys are married/bi/straight and stop book stores after they they get off work to have some quick fun before heading home to their wife whom they really “love”!!! So, the good thing is they are really masculine and they have really tight ass. The bad part is it’s a crap shoot for finding a guy that is “clean”. I ALWAYS wear condoms and use lube. I meet so many married bottom guys in these stores that feel they can top their wife when they have the desire. Who am I to judge? This is truly NSA sex and to be honest, I prefer it this way!!!

  36. Pierre Adeu


    I am so sorry on behalf of our community for your horrid experience. First off, why were you guys screwing in Public??? Risky and very dangerous… 2ndly,what exactly did you fellas discuss in the supposed few weeks of communicating? the gentleman you described doesn’t strike me as the type to hold legitimate conversations with anyone. Your depiction of him that I can gather is that he’s an extremely vapid and reckless queen…

    You should be much more cautious and selective (situational) with the men you meet on any site… most homosexual men give the best head ever… Myself included… most men check to see if I actually have teeth when we’re done cause I’m THAT good at what I do!!! not saying that all men are that great but no man likes teeth scraping his cock when receiving head so most won’t do that to another… as far as the un-cleanliness of this gentleman,,, I can’t comment… this never happens with me or to any other gay man with proper self respect…

    Give it another try with a better class of man and see what you come up with… you might like it…

  37. Aaron

    Still the Same – oh my God I laughed so hard at your story. Some people have no etiquette. Take your gum out before you give someone a blowjob!!

  38. latinlust69

    The event sounds rather awful.
    My worst.. Hard to tell. The hot hung guy outside Lincoln Park Zoo who was hung as hell and wanted my hand up his ass but didn’t douche?
    The time I went home with a cute friend and found out that he had a really tiny dick? Perhaps the time during Pride Honolulu that I went home with a dude who could kiss like so great that I precame in the bar but found out that was about all he could do and his roomie stole my cam while tried to fuck around?

  39. goldenloverinmym

    I have had 2 mettings with latino men 1 was bad the guy had not bathed in what I guess was a cpl days soon as o got my face close to his cock I gagged said this aint gonna work got up dressed and left.the next is still my best so far. Was with E for 9 great months. We were both versa he was nicely hung uncut and Hott !!! fucking and sucking and rimming was always a pleasure with E. E wasn’t just a fuck E was a lover AND the 1st guy I ever kissed and that made the sex hotter than I could imagine. Whenever E came over day or nite I knew we were gonna be at it for 4 hours minimum. And when E left we were both exhausted and satisfied. Alas E has moved on to a younger guy.I hope I can find a guy half as passionate an sexual an horny as E was.i’m just avg hung but felt like I was John Holmes with E…….Dean……………..Still The Same lmao when I read that

  40. Horny Top

    This story sounds like a bunch of crap. You were fucking this guy’s loose sloppy asshole and you didn’t smell shit until you got home? I’ve had the misfortune to meet up with a nasty bottom or two in my time, but I generally realized how nasty they are before my dick winds up in them. If this story is true, you got what you deserved and perhaps you shouldn’t be in a rush next time.

  41. AJ

    That story was word for word my first time as well. The difference is I saw it happen in the light as it happened. I had to run to the bathroom, it was completely awkward, but the other guy was (in his defense) inexperienced and completely into me. Somehow I was his sexual awakening. I told him never again, blocked him at least 4 times. He deletes his profile, rejoins, says hi when hiding photos to get me to chat again, unlocks face pics and the cycle starts again. Just shady and desperate. But I don’t feel angry as much as I feel bad for him.

  42. AGM-114

    it happens…I remember me and a guy got in a tangle in his hallway so were going at it and a door opens in the hallway…it was like he was the flssh he hopped off my SO fast and ran back in his moms apartment and I was left there with my pants down to my thigh. so I got my pants up and on like nothing happened but as im leaving I can smell shit so befor I got out the apartment I unfastened my pants and looked and the condom had crap all over it. so here I am with a shitty condom in my pants and I had to go home on public transit smelling it hoping no one else did. you have to understand that “painting” is a natural occurrence in this line of work…it doesn’t happen often but it happens

  43. Frankie_wills

    I had a similar experience. I picked up this guy in a neighborhood on the south end of town, right? It was dark, and seedy and I was just about to bail on this guy because I feared for my safety. As I made my way down the street I saw a black figure under the street light approach my car. Alas, it was him! I knew it was because, I finally call him for confirmation. Anyway, I could check him out until we got back to my place. He’s was short, straight-acting dark-skinned black male. He wore baggy clothes and definitely had a thug persona. We talked for what it seem like forever until we got down to business. He took off his pants and let me grade his bubble ass. I worshipped his ass so he made the grade, we took it further by going to my bedroom. We was no time after he sat me down in a chair in the corner and started riding my dick. It felt so good when the chair started scrapping my walls. Well, after awhile I told him to move to the bed so I could hit it from the back. He brace himself on the edge of the bed and I commence to pounding him but in the light I saw residue in my sheets. I thought nothing of it so I’m still pounding and then I look down to see his ass. I freaked! When I saw “pudding” on my dick! I stopped and ask him to go clean off. Guess what, he already knew what I was referring to. I then cleaned myself off, too! We got dressed to take him home. Adding insult to injury, my car wouldn’t start! He had no choice but to stay the night. Even, after what happened between us. I still was horny and needed to get off so back inside we tried again. Foolish, I know but this time he redeemed himself and rode me all night. All I wanted to do was quickly get off, we bust at same time and it was long b4 the sun came up. My car still stalled so I suggested he take the bus home. We parted ways and that was last time I saw him. I tried to get that night wipe clean from my memory but the mark on my wall kept reminding me. Ugh!

  44. Hunter0500

    The one and only “worst” sexual encounter I had was pretty early on in manplay. Chatted on another site with a visitor to town a couple of times. He was eager to get together. We agreed to meet at his hotel. As we started to play, he came quickly. As soon as that happened he stood up, started getting dressed and announced we were done.

    Had things worked out better, I would have met with him numerous times during his long stay. He knew I was put out by his behavior and when he later tried to invite me back, I let him know I based on what he had done I wasn’t interested … at all.

    I learned then to be sure to chat with guys for several days if not weeks before meeting for play.

  45. Justin

    The story sounds made up to me but if it’s true I’d guarantee the guy was under 24. Besides just having a boner most are just not up to having good sex until they grow up… Not all of course but usually over 24 is when you can count on some real talent and effort.

  46. Andy

    This whole story seems ridiculously homophobic, self aggrandizing, and utterly useless. A4A, why even have a blog if its just going to pander to closeted, narcissistic jerks?

  47. Ivan

    That sucks… I would definitely try again though. As a bi guy, I can honestly say that not all men/women are the same. You can’t really use this one experience to represent all gay sex. Next time, I’d be a little bit more thorough with what I am looking for. Communicate it to the other person before things get hot. Believe me, there are some dudes who do it way better the girls, and vise versa. You just have to wait until you find a good one(s) 😉

  48. fuckbutt

    My worst experience was with an escort I hired while I was in Toronto. I’m not a bad looking guy or anything, I just like knowing what I’m getting and not playing games at the bars in hopes of picking up a guy. So, I opted for the convenience of a rent boy. Well this dude was hot and had a decent cock (I’ve had bigger and better), but I really chose him cuz he was so hairy and I love hairy guys. We were having a pretty good time chatting and then it was time to get down to business, so i sucked his cock for a while and then I was ready to rim him. I had prefaced the meeting by telling him I loved rimming a hot clean ass. Well he backed it up to me and his ass was so hot and hairy…I got down there ready to lick it good and uh oh there was a smell of poo. AWKWARD!!! So, I massaged his cheeks and kissed it totally away from the smelly hole. Then we finished up quickly and I was so disgusted. I learned from that experience to be sure and preface that the hole has to be cleanly douched or something cuz I only eat a fresh clean ass. NO poo!

  49. Karl

    All of my worst experiences have involved annoynomous situations .. Bj from a homeless guy at a bookstore, rabbit humping small dicked foul breathed guy at bathhouse, ripe ass in tea room…

  50. Mike

    Either a really bad story full of shit or all that time talking before doing anything sexual was a big waste of time. Wtf did you talk about for “a few weeks”? Secluded spot? No one had a home or apartment to fuck in like normal people?

  51. Bob

    My first time sucking cock was not the best. I had been wondering would it would feel like sucking a cock. We met and I got down on my knees. He was much older then me and still had a nice cock. As I began sucking I knew I would do this again. The taste, the feeling I get is a great turn on for me. However, about midway through my first cock, he started thrust his cock in my mouth. He was face fucking me and I had a hard time getting him to slow down. He never did and came in my mouth. When I suck cock I enjoy controlling the speed and depth. To have someone just grab my head and fuck my mouth does me no good. Not quit like fucking some stranger in the woods, but if don’t have a condom get away from me.


  52. submissiveboy92

    i am a full bottom, im bi, i dont use my teeth, unless im going slow and deep, but i only use teeth very lightly, havent had any nah sayers, and i can state about anal clean outs, i clean out deeply, i wash out over and over till nothing if left, i would clean deeper, but it starts to hurt once i get the hose to 14-16 inch range haha and as of the tightness problem with the guy, he must of blown his ass out past the limit one to many times 😛 cuz i dont have the problem, some guys “try” to fist me just to loosen me up a little.


    well i have had the oposite happen to me, the girls i have been with wanted to do the lick and nibble on the head that was all. but the men i have been with go at it like a starveing wolvarine, you just encountered the wrong guy.

  54. The_Child_of_the_Fullmoon

    I met a guy on another app. We chatted maybe a month before meeting up. He lied about his height and his hosting location kinda sucked. It was in his family’s storage area under the house. It wasn’t really a basement, yet not a room. The storage room was barely 5ft tall. I was pretty much hunched over the whole time. While he could walk around freely (5’8″ tall may ass!). Well we begin to go at it. He didn’t really clean the soap off his body very well. The whole time I tasted Irish springs soap on him. All he brought down was a towel for us to have sex on the concrete. He couldn’t maintain a hard on that long and his cheap condoms kept on ripping. When we flipped everything was going fine till I started to smell shit. I looked down and saw shit dripping from the bottom of his ass. I quickly stopped and pulled out. I removed my shit covered condom. I looked down and he basically shitted on the towel. The smell was awful. After he asked me if I wanted to play with some of his toys. He had a wide variety of dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs
    s. Plus a few other anal toys. I shook my head no thanks. I told him that I had to get home to babysit my niece. I have never met up with him since then or had any contact with him.

  55. Kevin

    I concur with those above who mentioned that one can have good sex or bad sex and we all have had both! And its not necessarily the sex of the partner…
    I’m so masculine AND gay that I could never think of being with a woman ever again; and yes I’ve been with plenty while I was going up! I’d rather have bad and dirty sex with a MAN than any sex with a female! I simply “write off” the “bad and dirty” ones or make allowances…depending on how turned on I was by him! Everyone can learn something from another…
    I’m uber attracted to masculine, latin men. They are almost always so very passionate and sensual; as well as sexual. And they have the hottest bods and accents!
    My worst sexual experience is when I want them to stay and they act as those they can’t leave quick enough and vice versa-lol

  56. The_Child_of_the_Fullmoon

    @DL_latinguy: lucky I wish that’s how my first time would’ve been like, instead of my high school stalker drugging me at her friend’s house party. I agree with you on the Hispanic guys. Well the ones in my area have bodies like Ms.Darcy from the show “Married with Children” (the body of a 12yr old boy). Not sexy at all. Yet they think that everyone wants them.

  57. TB

    My worst time was about 13 years ago. I was 18 or 19, and this guy was dying to hook up. At that age I wasn’t on my own yet, so couldn’t take him to my parents’ house to fuck. He said, his car would work. He drove about 60 miles to my city. Yeah he was sexy and all, I had seen pics. He blew me a little which wasn’t bad. Then he straddled me in the passenger’s seat. Spit on his hand and rubbed it on my dick. Then spit in his hand again and rubbed it on my ass. I could feel spit dripping some. Then he lowered himself onto my dick. And I noticed more dripping. Then even more as he came off it to ease it in again. Then more dripping…. Until he said I don’t think tonight will work. Yeah… the dripping wasn’t spit as it was right when he first put it on my dick. He was having an issue with full-blown liquid diarrhea. I was mortified. We parted ways and I got home as quick as possible to wash myself off. Now things like that happen with anal sex. It’s not pleasant, but it happens. We all understand that. But you should know damn sure when your ass is full of liquid and you damn sure shouldn’t try to make a date to ride a cock. I’m sure it didn’t happen to him all of a sudden before he got to pick me up. I will never forget that experience

  58. Ethan

    Seems like you were the bad one in this escapade. I can’t say whether it was just you trying to compare pussy to ass or if because you were a “straight” guy experimenting with a guy. But either way you were just horrible. Leave our male asses to the professional tops. Maybe you’re better suited as a bottom or as a heterosexual.

  59. Should have known

    I met a young guy back in the day of phone dating. He sounded cute, hispanic, with a big cock. He came to my house, was awesomely cute. I sucked his cock for quite a while, it was one of those cocks that had a slightly downward curve that go nicely down your throat. Anyway, we went back to my bedroom, and he fucked me silly, That was the first time I had gotten more that I could handle, so we took a break, and did it again. He was such a cutie, he wanted to stay over night, It was dreamey (lol). So in the morning I got into the shower, when I got out, he was gone, and so was my car. I didnt have a choice to report it stolen. Of course the hottest cop came over and i had to explain the situation. What a dose of reality. So cut to the chace, they found my car in Florida. Yup, you cant make this shit up, I never heard of this at the time, but since the they found it, I either had to have it towed on a flatbed from florida to pa, or fly down and get it. AND the kid was underage OMG. Thank goodness he, nor I admitted to having sex, just stealing my car. Oh it was great in the courtroom me, him, and his parents.

  60. Shit Happens

    GUYS, ITS AN ASSHOLE!! Despite best efforts, you may on occasion strike oil when drilling.

    Guys, you watch too much porn. These guys don’t eat for days. You don’t want to see the outtakes. I’m surprised they have the energy to fuck, let alone get hard.

    Oh and the guys with shark teeth…. I send them home or leave before my dick gets shredded. Some of these guys have the nerve to call themselves expert cocksuckers.

  61. Chris


    I’m so sorry this was your *first* experience! Don’t let this scare you away forever. Just like everyone else is saying, it happens. It was totally the other guys fault. I have gone through a similar encounter and it sucks. It’s awkward but the only sure way is to ask your partner if they are “ok” to bottom. Frequent enemas always help too. When did they last eat, how was their last movement. Those kind of questions. I have no problem being upfront and asking if the ass is gonna be messy. Not after my experience!

  62. Nonito

    As bottom I could tell the worst one was another Hispanic guy, I am 32 and he was 25 and TOP, so how you could dismiss an opportunity like that, well… When got into the bed and takes our cloths off I was attracted to suck his dick.. But when I try to he told me not too because he said he cumm quickly … And yes that happened, I just could use my mouth on his dick like 20 seconds when he told me to stop and tell me that crap and finish it with “you see now” and he was cumming already, it was the first time I spend more time taken my cloths off than a guy getting off that fast… So we dressed up and taken him to the bus stop, there was no way for me to drive him up to his … And by the way I felt awful because I flushed my self out and then showered with for no reason whatsoever

  63. Mitch

    I fucked a guy in the ass when I pulled out diarrhea shot out is ass hit me in the crotch ran down my knee a made a huge puddle if shit in middle off bed. I’m just glad it was his bed and he had a working shower.

  64. Laughing_so_hard

    That’s what happens when you have anal sex! What did you think was down there? A flower garden? LOL It happens to everyone no matter the steps taken to avoid it! However, i should point out that since your very well endowed that is also an issue you’ll be facing your whole life. You’ve got a big dick and colons aren’t exactly a vast open space. ALWAYS WEAR CONDOMS! Even if the guy is completely clean and has proof! You don’t want to smell like fecal matter!

  65. Rich

    I met a guy on the site and he had me come over that night, he wanted me to meet in his backyard where he was sitting down completely naked on his porch. So I told him all I wanted to do was give him a bj, nothing more, so I started blowing him for a while. Then he grabbed my arm and pressed up against his ass, he wanted me to finger him. So I started and then eventually I had three fingers up there, while blowing him. After a while I started smelling something foul, as he pulled me up and started making out with me. That when I noticed the smell was crap, and it was all over my fucking fingers. I was done, I told him I wasn’t ready for all of this and ran. Eventually I blasted him over the site and he blocked me, I was so sick, I couldn’t eat with that hand for a while.

  66. Discreet1

    My worst time was about a year ago, I met this dude on this site. We had chatted over month and decided to make a connection in person. We met at a quiet motel. I felt thing were headed in the wrong direction because we both supposed to share hotel expenses. He conveniently forgot his part of the tab, so I paid. Things were going pretty when he started giving me head. The head was ok but could have been better, then I,began to bang him. Soon afterward, I smelled some foul odor. When I took my piece out, I saw all this shit on my condom. He told me thought he was clean, I lost my desire and all I wanted to do was wash and get out of there. I told him to keep the room and I left. I never seen him again. This was my worst experience ever.

  67. JR22

    Oh my God this story was terrifying! To ring out the guy shitted on your shirt was just horrible! I was not expecting to learn something like that lmao!

  68. AJ

    Lol, all I can say despite your horrible experience, it was fun to read the comments that followed.
    Thanks to all of you (including the original poster) you have definitely reinforced my decision to not randomly hook up – I live in NY (not out) and I find it difficult to find a person who motivates me to meet them.
    Thanks for the heads up (on what things are truly like) gentlemen !

  69. Gregman

    The worst for me is when I cannot perform as expected. I try but a few experiences did not go as planned so I just wanted to get out of there and I did.

  70. Lovin Cock

    How about a BEST experience now among the worst? I hired an escort to play and his pic was so amazing, all muscles, and sported easily a 9″ fat cock. I asked him to answer the door naked and he did. When he opened that door and his cock was hanging almost to his knees, I almost feel back. It was a BEAUTIFUL cock – the hottest I’d ever seen, muchless going to get to suck! Well, his rule is everyone showers before he gives his erotic massaage, so I did. And when out of the shower, he takes me to his bedroom and has a thick comforter laid on the floor. He has me lay on my stomach and he’s naked and kinda sits on my butt as he begins to massage my body – shoulders, back, butt, and makes his way to my legs. He massaged very well and then he started teasing my hole with his cock as he massaged my legs. I was so horny by now. Then he flipped me over and his cock n balls were at my face as he eased down toward my cock and took it in his mouth. I took his balls first because they were huge and hanging so nicely. I sucked them for a bit and then took his big cock in my mouth and began to suck it. He then flipped me to my side where we 69’d each others cocks n balls. I loved him sucking my balls…it was so good. Then we had both stopped to switch up positions again and I was just sitting there and all the sudden, my cock started shooting cum!!! He made me cum without ANY touch!!! That alone was so fucking hot, but it disappointed me cuz I had really wanted to feel him inside of me. Once I came, that was it, I paid and left. I did hookup with him once more, because I HAD to have that cock inside of me. It was EVERYTHING I had thought it would be. I don’t always cum with a cock inside of me, but this man knew what he was doing. He stroked my cock as he pounded my hole with his huge member and I shot a good one. He kissed me afterwards and we parted. I’d have him again if he weren’t so far away… Oh the memories!!!

  71. E4effort

    Wow! Sorry to hear all the negatives on here.
    Personally, I’ve never had that happen.
    I’ve had guys that were over 9 inches and really thick,
    I’ve had no problems because I always douche very well,
    As for sucking a cock, try sucking not biting down.
    Also, try meeting and having a conversation.

  72. 1versfucker

    My worst experiences are often repeated: Dirty hole, guys who give blowjobs with teeth included or this weird side-to-side motion; guys on meth and other chems.
    My apologies to the original post who had a bad experience and was chastised and judged by all the bitchy queens on here.

  73. David

    I’ve come to learn that Gay sex = selfish sex!!! I am totally embarrassed to be a part of a community full of people so unrealistically childish and utterly selfish. I read all the comments here about fecal matter on top’s condoms and I ask the question? What do you all expect? Most of these sex acts were randomly done in parks and cars? Don’t you know that even with the best efforts accidents happen? I also notice a bit of an attack on bottoms in general and as a total top it bothers me a lot. I have grown to be so respectful and understanding of bottoms because I have seen the care that so many of them take to prepare themselves. I am not gonna be turned off by a little accident. Grow up guys, get over yourselves and start having real meaningful intimate encounters instead of hookups behind trees in parks. So many more things that are far worse than shit on your dick could happen to you!!

  74. Bottom Friendly

    As for bottoms with shitty holes, I always douche really well prior to a cock entering my shit hole. Its primarily a shit hole and so remember that! Douching is really needed to get all that fecal out and make it a clean hole to eat on. I do it and douche till the water runs clean. I’ve even seen guys do it in porn. Can’t be that big of a secret.

  75. kinktop4u

    I would have to say my absolute worst sexual experience up until now was a hook-up from adam4adam about 2 months ago. Let’s start with the basics… I am a total top… this guy messaged me and stated he liked my profile and was available to play. I let him know that I wanted an exclusive bottom … one that loves to suck and get fucked. He answered me back and said we were a “perfect fit”… he was a sub bottom looking to suck and get fucked. He stated he loved poppers and that poppers made him more hungry to bottom. This all sounded great. We setup a time to play. I prepped my play area with a water proof sheet, lots of condoms, lube, rubber gloves and towels. When he showed up… he looked a little older then what his profile described. Not a problem so far. I got him in the house and we started out with him sucking my cock. I gave him a whiff of poppers and he got more hungry to suck. As he was sucking my cock I placed a rubber glove on my right hand and started to lube / play with his ass. That got him shifted in to 3 gear and he was really ready to get fucked. He continued to suck as I played with his ass… he took a second whiff of poppers…. he then took a deep breath… then it happened… he dropped his douche all over my waterproof sheet. All this shit just came out of his ass… it stunk… that was it for me… I grabbed a roll of paper towels and wiped up what I could… I did not know where to start to get this cleaned up…. I threw a towel over his ass and ordered him into the shower… I then put on a clean pair of rubber gloves and shoved all that was covered in “shit” into a garbage bag. I was so discussed …after he rinsed off he still wanted to play… I kicked him out.

    Lessons Learned… all you bottoms… make dam sure you are clean and ready. All you tops… make dam sure you are ready …FOR ANYTHING!

  76. Mexy05

    Thats why I have learned to be hesitant with hooking up with guys I meet online. I have had many bad experiences. And usually the eager ones are the least prepped, in terms of cleanliness.

    I had shit on my dick from a 60 year old, i was 24. I had a 55 year old ask me to fart in his face, he was a state police officer, and he BEGGED me to fart in his face after he started to blow air in my ass LMAO, i was 25. I had two guys kill my boner because they were so high and wasted they couldnt even see straight. I had another young guy leave some shit on my dick. And then there have been those awesome times, like the dentist who knew how to ride my dick when i was 20, or the Dominican who fucked me so good (i knew I was clean and made no mess) and then i made him cum again with some head.

    The point is, dont be desperate. There is no excuse to not being clean. I know if I am ready or not. People think they suck good and they dont. If you are not comfortable, STOP from the beginning. Anybody who begs, is sketchy and probably has not had any action in a while and that makes me suspicious. I’ve learned this after having sex w/35+ guys i have met online. Better luck next time. Keep fucking pussies if you want.

  77. Beginner

    My very first experience was prolly one of my worst. I was young and didn’t know anything about being gay, but that I liked men and found them way more attractive than gurls. Well, I was only 17 and didn’t know where to cruise. The local mall had urinals in their mens room that didn’t have the dividers, so everytime I went to the mall, I always monitored the mens room for guys going so I could get a glimpse of their dick. That was my action back then! Well, this older dude was in there and I was brushing my hair in the mirror. I noticed he kept standing at the urinal. I asked if he had a problem and he said yeah, and turned around and showed me his hard on. I went over and said oh, well what can we do? He was lucky to get me, only 17 yrs old and he was at least 40. I didn’t care because I just wanted to see what being with a guy was like. He said lets drive up to the park and we can play there. So we left and went to the park. We went in the woods and I sucked his cock and asked him about fucking. He told me to bend over and I don’t even remember if he used lube, he stuck his cock in me and fucked me and it lasted like 4 minutes. That was it. He sent me on my way. I got back in my car and felt so dirty and used. I thought if this is what its like, I’m really not interested. I felt so dirty. Luckily, things changed for me throughout the years and that experience was not the norm. All other experiences were much better and I never felt dirty again.

  78. R

    I have to say that I always chatted with guys for a while, days or weeks, before meeting. When I used to bottom, if I was ready, they knew it. If I went just to give head and they wanted to do anal, I’d say I wasn’t ready. Speaking up is key. Now, I mostly prefer to top, but I still try to be clean, just so I can relax when having sex. And if he wants to rim, he can. Or if he gets a sudden urge to try topping, I can let him. Two bottoms I knew a while got so turned on by my touch, they asked to try topping. As for bi dudes, you have to feel them out and ask questions. The best times I had were with bi guys. One didn’t eat all day so he was clean, loved kissing, loved being rimmed, and loved trading oral. Most experiences have been good. One guy had me over, and we were trading head, in the nightlight, when I heard breathing. He said his roomie wanted to watch. I said we move it in the hall or I leave. We did, but that was weird. I have a tip for guiding the toothy guys. Pretend it’s an ice cold popsicle. Most guys know how to dodge those with their teeth and take long, deep tonguing pulls. Bottom line, feel them out, set expectations, follow your gut, speak up, don’t be selfish or a doormat, and share the flow. But don’t be afraid to say, “sorry, this has to stop.” The Golden Rule is truly priceless.

  79. frsnobear


    what happened in your first experience could have happened not just from Anal Sex, with Women they can menstrate and you end up with a smelly, bloody mess on your clothes and cock (Some women do NOT get cramps before the curse), or they could have a yeast infection which again ends up with a dirty smelly cock and possibly transferring it to you. I had a bi friend that told me that he had a women that he was fucking, (He had 9″ and thick) she said oh, stop and because they had been drinking she had diarreah with him thrusting so hard well it ended that he had to throw away the sheets and matress pad. Remember if it hurts tell them to stop, nothing wrong with being direct, women will tell you what works or doesn’t work for them so you need to do the same. Time do it somewhere that is safer like a cheap tawdry motel so you can inspect the merchandise first, be a choosy shopper, one last piece of advice the hottest guys are usually the worst when it comes to sex because they don’t have to work for it and tend to be very shallow, pick someone average and you will be pleasantly suprised. Good luck in the future and always play safe!

  80. Helios

    My worst time was when I was 18 I met this guy off of a4a I live near an army base so the phrase discreet has or is taken to another level well I get a message from this guy with no profile pic messages me telling me he wants all of these photos and then that he wants to fuck me. So one night I go out to meet him he said he would pick me up at the local mc donalds and he never shows up. I call him and he hangs up anad asks me if I am the the police and I keep telling him no so I go to a waffle house and withdrawl money the go to the yellow cab then we follow the directions hes giving me then I start getting werid text messages “you know your going to take it balls deep right?” and then I started getting an idea of what I am in for or what’s going to happen so he tells me to get out of the taxi then to walk to his door he said I’ll tell you when to stop. I walk in the dark then he said to stop. he comes out and I am thinking he’s a criminal. he answers the door and takes me up to hhis room when I found out he was an army guy. he is in the shower I was about to get out of there well he walks in the door and I say oh shit. well then he showed me his 9×7″ cock then I start blowing him then he lubed himself up and not me and started to ram it in.. Im grunting in pain while he is ontop of me. I kept trying to get up but he kept pushing me down. So here I am under a solger and Im looking at everything from outside of my body. when he got done he came in me and while the same taxi came he asked if I needed to go to the hosptital because of the fulids was smelling and I said I just want to go home.. I go home my dad says I smell like a yak and I sit in the tub crying…
    I never bottomed again…

  81. mravalon

    Lots of bleh encounters and lots of good encounters. Some due to my ineptitude and some theirs. A steamy encounter at a bathhouse with an impotent poppered top. A deflated bottom attempting to ride an old flame. Lots of distinguished gentlemen.
    Lots of rambling conversations. Lots of bad bjs from “hot” guys and great bjs from “average guys” Lots of mistakes made which I am always learning from, learning to and enjoy a good nap.

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