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Few weeks ago I posted about Kevin McDermott’s book called Virgin Island that he was finishing and printing last time I was in NYC.

I finally got my own copy last week. Kevin chose model Todd Sanfield for his latest photography project. The combination of Todd and the scenery is completely outstanding. I mean Todd is gorgeous, definitely one of the hottest man alive in my opinion, but the scenery….O-M-G!

Crystal blue water, amazing luxuriant plants and flowers, waterfalls, white sand and rocks…it literally took my breath away when I opened the book!

On top of it, Kevin and Todd signed my copy!!

Anyways all that to say that it is a lovely table book and I couldn’t help but play with myself looking at some of the nude pics of Todd Sanfield! (As shown below)

Order your copy here and check out some of my photos after the jump!


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  1. Lorenzo


  2. enjoy_life

    I know you will not publish this as this conflicts with countless other things I have conflicted with, but the book is boring and not all that stimulating.

    Why waste money on a book for something that one can get much better photos for free online. and. in talking with distinguished counterparts on here as well as fellow gay men with careers in person, would anyone spend money on such?

    If you wish to try to heighten your stance and boring social events that you host with mediocre picture books such as this for mild entertainment, by all means buy this book. If you have the resources to show more engaging scenic photos at public events and private parties at your domiciles with projectors, monitors, and other more state of the art technology to actually impress individuals, there are multiple other venues to do so.

    This book is a poor-man’s means for engaging individuals.

    • blog

      enjoy_life : Yes I will publish your comment so that people see how disrespectful you are.
      The book is 65$, it is very affordable for the work of a well renown NYC photographer that I like.
      Now if you think his images are ugly, it’s your choice, keep on buying dollar store crap, might be more in your budget!!
      Personally I like to encourage artist that are gay and that I have great connection with. If you have a problem with that, don’t read my posts, because I will post more of that in the future!
      Dave (a4a blogger)

  3. Bad_Wolf

    Seriously Enjoy_Life, you know nothing.
    Have you never seen a beautiful coffee table book that uses photographs to transport the viewer somewhere? It doesn’t matter if it’s naked men or tropical frogs of the Amazon. The point is to publish beautiful photography that allows a deeper connection to the subject matter.
    I don’t feel a deeper connection with either Sanfield or Mcdermott through this book, but I appreciate both of their work to produce beautiful imagery that showcases the beauty of the human body, juxtaposed with the beauty of nature.
    As a photographer, I’m insulted by the idea of your comment “Why waste money on a book for something that one can get much better photos for free online?” Because some of us make livings off of our beautiful artwork!
    Gawd, educate yourself and embrace some art culture.

  4. Hunter0500

    Classy, expensive, soft porn. If someone is blessed enough financially to be able to spend $65 on such an item, great for them. Many guys couldn’t even think of it.

    I could, but porn is porn. For me it’s empty. I’d much rather invest $65 solidifying my relationship with a good, live bud at a great entertainment event (sports, a play, a meal, etc.) than a stack of pretty pictures.

  5. BiThomas

    Enjoy Life obviously isn’t. And some people are simply too stupid to be aware when they are diminishing nothing other than themselves with the expressing of their misguided opinions.

    What a complete ignoramus. Go back to the arcade.

  6. oceanbear48

    WOW! I am in agreement with Dave. This is a great book and if I could afford it, I would buy it. Every one has a opinion of what they would like to have, so to each their own.

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