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Some of us like a clean shaved crotch, some prefer manly bushy pubes, I guess it’s a matter of personal taste.

To me, it depends on the guy I’m about to blow… The bush needs to match the rest of the package (lol). If the guy is smooth all over I prefer something trimmed, but if he’s hairy, I want some bushy forest … I hate shaved pubes, big turn off !

So where do you stand ? Is a full bush interesting for you or do you prefer it trimmed or shaved?
My question: full natural bush, Hot or Not?


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  1. workinitinu

    As a long time hairy top, I’ve found that most hairy men luv smooth men and smooth men like hairy men.. I rather shave around my dick before we have sex, because, to me,, the less hair on both part, the more sentative they are. More “bush” the less they can feel…And, of course, all this depends on the guy you’re with. To me what means even more than being hairy or not being hairy is the way the man you’re with knows how to French kiss you the way you like it. I like it wet.

  2. JC

    I definitely like guys who keep it natural and hairy. Even smooth twinks who are toned, that just have a natural really hairy cock is very hot. It shows confidence in their own body, and comfort with having some hair..its a personal view of a guy that is a huge turnon for me. Plus I love that natural look, scent and taste of a man with hair in all the right spots.

  3. Bushlover

    I love nothing more than burying my nose in a hot thick bush. I’m a total cum sucking crotch janitor and love licking and cleaning a hairy crotch. Natural body smells through a thick bush are even hotter. So I give 5 STARS for a hairy bush. A little trimmed is okay. I have no desire for shaved crotches. I think they look gross. Especially when it is freshly shaved with Goosebumps all around it. YUCK!!!!!

  4. Frankie_wills

    Hot! I don’t mind trim…shaved is no go for me. There’s always exceptions, if shaved. The guy must be have a anaconda or Mandingo dick lol

  5. jace

    I prefer guys who are shave or trimed I don’t like guy to have much body hair like said I prefer to see what guys got not a covered up

  6. Downstairs

    Love the full bush.. Love to have it all in my face when a guy is driving his cock in my mouth and burying my head in his bush!, Love it when hung guys have full bush, especially young hung twink guys with bush…yummy!!!

  7. David

    I LOVE a thick, natural bush. It’s MUCH sexier than a guy who trims or especially a guy who shaves. For me, it actually reduces sexual attraction to see a guy who shaved down or shaved off his pubic hair.

  8. darryl

    A natural Bush is hot to me. Some guys look hot shaved, so I don’t mind either or. Who doesn’t like a pretty cock surrounded by a nice thatch of hair.

  9. homer simms

    Years ago when I was younger I would not have cared, but as I get older prefer not getting the hair in my mouth! So no full bush! Trimmed or shaved much better

  10. Jeff

    What literally separates the men from the boys IS bush!

    Even naturally smooth men have some kind of pubic hair. I really don’t understand what’s happening to guys. They want to shave their chests, bellies, legs, arms, heads and the bush too?

    I’m not a pedarast! I’m not into women. I want a man with a bush!

    Now this may be subjective but if the bush is out of control then a little trimming is in order. Just make sure that you don’t wind up with it looking like your sister’s or your mother’s eyebrows, please.

    And forget about the cutesy shaped bushes that start looking
    unnatural. Men have hair and should look like MEN.

    And if that bush is a trap for a little man musk, not STINK, then so much the better. That bush should give a little tickle to your face, ass, or whatever part of you comes in contact with man cock.

  11. Matt

    Hot! Smokin’ hot. I love full bush. Trimmed can be OK, but I absolutely can’t even stand to look at fully shaved. It looks very childish to me. Instant softy :).

    Full bush on the other hand, insta-boner! Hells yes.

  12. Alex

    Yuck! I hate unshaved dudes… they look like apes.MAJOR turn off. I am a total bttm and love to suck and deep throat (really, really deep) and there is nothing worse than getting pubic hairs in your mouth or to quote Samantha from SAC I hate it when I see that “I need a weedwacker just to find his dick!” lol

  13. Randy

    As you said. Depends on the package. I see nothing wrong with a full bush. I think it looks hot when the chest is also hairy

  14. scrappy

    Over time my taste has changed. I don’t mind a bush but it’s got to match the body if you understand where I’m coming from. Though I don’t want it so I unruly that if I’m giving some head I don’t want to floss in the process. So a bush is fine and looks good as long as it’s not in my teeth. I don’t care for a totally shaved crotch give me a little hair. I need to know I’m with a man.

  15. Michael

    I cannot stand a shaved man. I would not refuse to suck a beautiful dick if it was shaved but if I know while chatting with someone, it does make it a little off putting. I like to feel the pubes tickle my nose when I deep throat. I dont like razor stubble leaving burns on my face. lol. just a preference. AGAIN I wont refuse a shaved cock. Just enjoy hairy men more.

  16. Mitch

    It depends. If their pubes grow in tight curls then in shaved is fine but if their pubes grow straight needs do be shaved if I’m doing oral not looking to floss my teeth. I do like a smooth Twink the is hairless everywhere. It makes the look young and innocent and I get to corrupt them. Lol

  17. Hunter0500

    I prefer men to be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), meaning presented generally without anything superfluous. If a guy is naturally smooth, fine. There’s some fuzz. If he grooms himself and does some trimming, fine. If he’s a beast, fine. There’s hair everywhere. Whatever he is, works for me.

    To a point …

    If a guy is waxed or shaved or plucked, there’s a disconnect. There’s a whole lot of superfluous work going on that does not add to his character. If a guy’s eyebrows look like someone mowed between them so their inner edges are straight or brought their outer edges to points, there’s a disconnect. No pit hair or chest hair and not a pube in sight … no thanks. If I wanted a mannequin, I’d get one from a catalog.

    Men, for me, need to be men. Bushy or tidied up, no problem. Beyond that, no thanks.

    But it’s the guy’s body and is, therefore, his choice. Wax, shave, pluck … whatever floats your boat.

  18. FreeRangeRadical

    Preferably shaven, but at least trimmed short.

    We trim our hair, our nails, our ear and nose hair; why should pubes be any different? Personally, I prefer the enhanced hygiene factor with shorter or shaven pubes, too.

  19. travis

    The mere question is cause for arguements to start. It s pretty obvious we all like different looks….i think it s time gay blogs n jpurnalism with gay content to grow up an discuss more important topics.

    I like what i like n u like what u like…pretty basic…

    As a pro ad member i vw had guys tell me they d hire me if i was trimmed more…as well as trimmed less….ummmmm i m cutting ur hair not modeling……i can t please everyone so just be who u are.

    If i was in a relationship, sure..i d try to please him n his desires but i m single so i look how i want to.

  20. Alan Gray

    I prefer a Man with a hairy bush, that I what make him a man. A man without a bush you, might as well be with a pre-teen boy.

  21. Dj

    I love a man wit a full bush. I makes me feel like fucking wit a man not a little boy, it’s nothing worst then pull down someones underwear & getting 12 year old boy between his legs

  22. dee

    it all depends to me also. myself, I am above average fur. I like to manscape it all to the same length. but I do shave my ball sack and shaft.

  23. blu1331

    ABSOLUT YES!!! SO HOT. For me it goes back to I am attracted to men and men have fur right? Not saying a smooth man isn’t a man it’s just so. . . I feel like I’m touching a little boy. It’s creepy. Fur and a light musk are mandatory. But that’s just me. My straight friend says it makes it look bigger. I say it’s quite the opposite. I think the fur ads to the seduction of its appearance

  24. NewdPir8

    I prefer natural, but keeping it managed (just like the hair on your head) is not a deal breaker. Bald, shaved crotches loses the appeal of being “manly”, and reminds me of prepubescent boys. HUGE turn off!

  25. scott

    full bush ..yuuuuk! when a guy drops his draws and i see a full hair bush..Im thinking STR8 guy! man the only time I got crabs was paying with guys with all that hair…oh no..not for me..let me see all your glory with no critters in there thank you very much…enough said…

  26. Chil_Cruise

    Depends on the guy. If he’s hot, it wouldn’t matter. If not, it makes him even more gross. I do prefer the balls to be at least shaved when it comes to licking, not necessarily in terms of aesthetics.

  27. Hipbriefdude

    I love a sexy trimmed bush. I love deep throating and burying my face into it. I just find hair on guys sexy. Not too much hair but just some. Total shaved pubes is a major turn off!

  28. goldenloverinmym

    it all depends, if he has a nice hunk of meat sticking out of a big full bush hell yes it’s hot, but a little stub of a dick that’s covered by hair HELL no

  29. brokerjo

    It does depend on the man. I like the pubes trimmed, not shaved. Shaved balls can be very hot. But as long as it is suckable….Ilike oit!

  30. BUSH!!

    A FULL BUSH is definitely more sexy and manly. Shaved crotches and asses, trimming of body hair are all for fems, CDs and women. Real men have a bush and are proud of it.

  31. Matt

    No to the bush! I don’t like to either floss my teeth while I give great head nor do I like to have find that continuous lonely hair that gets caught in my mouth. And completely shaved is not good either…makes me think he’s trying to be a kid. However, trimmed I definitely prefer!

    Trim them pubes dude, hell, it even helps make your dick look bigger!

  32. Alex

    When a guy is totally shaved that makes me think he hasn’t hit puberty–I don’t like it. I think it depends on body type as to how bushy he should be. Trimmed is good enough for me. I had an ex who, I swear, his pubes were literally inches long…looked hot on him but close up, I hated it!

  33. Massage Guy

    I think a thick bush is so hot and sexy. A shaved pubes is a a complete turn off, trimmed is ok but prefer an nice bush. We were created with pubic hair so guys keep it there. lol

  34. Griffin

    All we hear is masculine this and masculine that, then why the fuck are you shaved like little boys. Big turn off! We are MEN damn it, look like it!

  35. billy

    I love all natural and fully hairy, even trimmed is ok…i have laughed at one guy who was beautiful and hairy then…shaved dick and told him to leave

  36. Craig

    Full Bush is a must. It defines the area and makes it look sexy. I do agree that if you are smooth and your bush is out of control, trim it up a bit but leave the majority of it there. If you are hairy, leave it alone, it blends in with the rest of the sexy hairy body…

  37. mdana

    I prefer trimmed but hairy is okay one of those things is I love suck cock so nothing is more annoying then pubic hair in my mouth cock and cum are fine but hair not so much.

  38. Steveo

    Love a nice thick hairy bush. It’a a man thing, especially on dark haired hairy men.I am one of them and no complaints from the men I’ve been with!

  39. stephen

    i prefer trimmed or no hair at all, especially on twinks, i shave every other week, do not like 70’s bush hair, shaved or trimmed i love to suck and swallow

  40. Kirt28202

    I prefer that a man have a full bush or lightly trimmed. Bodybuilders are the only ones that should completely shave it off. What I don’t like is people that try to get creative by shaving most of it off leaving a small patch of hair in the middle. I’ve seen some really weird designs trying to correct the mistake…lol. Leave it, trim it or shave it all off. Another turn off is when they have a hairy chest and belly and shave all of the pubes off….Major turnoff.

  41. steve

    Hot hot hot. I love a hairy man and hairy bush. Men.are supposed to be hairy. A ok but totally shaved looks ridiculous chicken

  42. Jack

    like a man who has a man’s bush… Pretty much a turn-off when I’m down on a dude and I’m getting chafed from the stubble above his package… That said, have one buddy that shaves his nuts… I find it hot when they’re against my chin and all smooth…

  43. Joe

    full bush trumps those that shave it all. That looks so unnatural to me and is an instant turn off. Makes that area look more like a pussy than a dick

  44. Hallespeak

    I love a hairy thick natural bush on a guy around his cock. I prefer a guy that doesn’t manscape . I really hope the 70’s come back with bush it’s totally masculine to me. So any bushy guys out there please come my way!!! SAY YES TO THE BUSH!!!!!

  45. Roy

    i like a bush its super hot! but have no mistake if you a hair guy all together than you need to maintain your overall body hair.

    but defiantly prefer bush over smooth shaved crutch MAJOR TURN OFF

  46. samman01

    I am a hairy guy and I shaved my entire crotch to see what it would look like. A total turn off for me. I like the hairy look all the way down.
    If a guy is smooth, i.e. hairless chest, no treasure trail, smooth ass, etc, then a shaved crotch is fine as it goes with the flow.

    A hairy guy with smooth balls is also cool.

    Like the smell and scent of a man’s crotch as long as a clean scent.

  47. Jar Jar Binks

    I prefer a maintained bush. I hate a shaved cock. I just don’t want a guy’s bush to be completely lacking any maintenance. If your pubes are longer than your cock, we have a problem.

  48. Jockrightnow

    For me, I prefer less fur. But if they have a bush, it can look attractive. It really depends on the way the hairs grow. If the pubic hair looks like it’s all over the place, it’s a turn off.

  49. RootsWith Wings

    I like sucking and licking balls there for I like the balls shaved. I do like some hair above the cock but not on the shaft, also like that trimmed a little. I like a well groomed man head to toe. Like me.

  50. KELs

    I love it au naturalle. that has always been a huge turn on and shaven pubes for me Can be a deal breaker. I’d be curious to know how many guys know the function of pubes other than making my dick hard?? I do know but wonder how many others do……?

  51. Caleb

    FUCKING HOT BUSH!!!!!!! I want a man, not a boy. And women shave & trim, not men!! Love to play with a full, natural, very hairy bush. The more hair, the better! Stop with the “manscaping”. Yuck!

  52. Ed

    Shaved sacks (for teabagging) but full or slightly trimmed bush!!!! Love it!! Real turn on.
    Fully Shaved guys just aren’t
    natural and look like preteen boys…

  53. 1dlbiguy

    Not hot. I don’t like body hair of any kind. I am smooth, and like my guys the same way. Full Bush gets no play. Must be at a minimum nearly trimmed. Body hair harbors so much nastiness I just can’t deal.

  54. Sephiroth

    I like a shaved cock if they’re smaller, but a bush if he’s massive. Its a masculine thing when he has a bush hiding a beast lol!

  55. wks426

    Pubic hair is as much of a turn on as a dick is. Love the stuff. I especially enjoy a naturally smooth guy with a thick bush. I was a late bloomer so waited a long time to get mine. Was always so jealous in gym showers. I want a naked man not a naked boy.

  56. Jredrod

    I am into keeping my bush natural because my chest and body hair has stayed red while goatee and hair on my head has gone white. Guys love my fire crotch with my big red rod nestled in the red pubes.

  57. Lee

    I agree that men should be as natural as possible but I don’t like to see an untamed bush. At least trim it back and make it a little more appealing. I like the look of a completely hairless man myself.

  58. Hairydude8

    I am moderately hairy chest, stomache and cock. I keep mine more towards full bush but trimmed. I do have big nuts and those i shave as i dont like them furry
    My preference is between trimmed to almost full bush. Shaved is gross. Looks ugly, feels ugly.
    Smooth guys do look good, I know, i just sucked a dude off like that in his garage this am
    But a guy with hairy pecs,happy trail leading to pubes are hot.

  59. furryhole4u

    I don’t think fully shaved is hot but shaved balls drive me insane. I am hairy and keep my body hair under control. A well groomed bush is hot!

  60. Aaron

    I think I agree with Dave. If a guy is smooth, I want the hair to be trimmed. If he’s hairy I kind of like a little hair around his dick. I prefer shaved balls – I think that’s kind of a social thing now in keeping that area maintained. I’m not really into a fully shaved cock.

    Something about hair makes me feel like I’m actually with a man rather than a boy, or psychologically that I’m with someone who knows what he’s about instead of having to teach the person how to make sex worth it.

  61. edd

    For all you guys that love a trimmed or full bush I wish you were close to me! I agree a fully shaved crotch is not HOT. a little hair is natural.

  62. George Bush

    As David said in the article it depends on the guy one is with. When we were little we wanted pubes now that we are adults it must go. I prefer trimmed and tidy. Completely shaven HUGE turn off

  63. Ben G

    Natural is hot… Love the look and smell….love it when there is hair on the shaft as well…also love a hairy ass on a man…. Men who shave all look like prepubescent boys…. I love MEN…. Not boys

  64. Ben G

    And what is this about hair being nasty and harboring parasites???… What dirty men are you sleeping with???…. Hygiene goes a long way be you hairy or smooth

  65. Slick

    If we’re going back to the 70’s, why don’t we have sex thru a shag rug as well?
    Yes, give me a smooth naked cock and balls!

    At least keep it clipped.

  66. ranger1983

    LOVE the bush very hot espcilay on hot sexy slim trim younger dudes particular farm boy country boy types it tends to hold the man scent better an that is a turn on to me

  67. JR

    Well I know this will sound kind of strange but…I’ve always been turned off by excessive public hair on white guys but I’ve always been ok with hairy pubes on black guys. I don’t know why but it is what it is lol.

  68. Nudeman61

    I personally love a full pub of man, its really hot and for me is very manley, not into shaven guys!JUst love natural pubes and body hair as long as it clean.

  69. Hunter0500

    Contrary to what the mens’ fashion media and to what many holders of the gay brand push, if this blog post was a poll, men like their men with hair. A few like them shaved. A few like “trog”. Most men like their men to be men, reasonably hairy.

  70. JoggerNaut

    I don’t know why people shave just about anywhere but their faces. Hair has different purposes depending where it grows. That which grows underarm and in the crotch helps wick away moisture and is less friendly to germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. You can’t even get rid of the crabs by shaving – they dig into the skin and still need treated. Besides that, stubble isn’t fun to deal with down there. If you’re shaving everything, you’re spending too much time and not enjoying other aspects of life. It’s always pretty funny to me to see some bloated fat rat-bastard all dressed up in a suit and tie thinking that he looks hot – same thing here – trimming your hair unnecessarily is just OCD and it doesn’t work. If you’re hot, you’re hot, hair or not. If you’re the Son of Blubber, you’re only hot to a small fraction of guys – and then, whether or not you get all dressed up, you’re still hot or not. I wasted too much time typing this shit. Christ.

  71. ricosuavejj

    i like it hairy sow it is a real turn on for me….
    question on this?? im uncut so i let my bush grow (had it Trimmed) but hairs grow to half way on my foreskin. i shaved them but the guy i was with said not to shaved them because it scratched when i would Fuck Him how do you guys who trim and keep it clean do???

  72. Andrew

    I like guys to have hair down there, but I think it is that much better when it is maintained, I like a guy that does a little manscapping. I don’t like shaven, I really don’t like it. I like men, not little boys, men have pubes. I like a bit of hair on a man, just enough, but not so much that it feels like your trying to guide your way through the Amazon forest.

  73. Shaun

    I like it trimmed myself. However, being a bit OCD, I like to have symmetry which is really hard to achieve on your own. I found a guy who was into trimming another guy so after a few phone calls and chats we decided to meet. He actually was very nice and it kind of became a regular thing for a while.

  74. Duncan

    Far prefer natural. Prickly and looks too young. There are occasions that totally shaved looks okay, but it has to be on an extra athletic body, like a swimmer or muscle dude. (But, it sometimes looks silly on muscle dudes to have no hair too…)

  75. Rex Ganymede, esq,

    absolutely, “not.”

    and don’t give me that shit about “it’s manly” and “only little boys shave/trim”

    if anything, real men don’t let that shit get out of control.
    real men aren’t afraid of “hurting” themselves.
    real men can control themselves from wanting to automatically wack off just because they’re handling their equipment so intimately.

  76. bmw34

    A dick without pubes is like a cake without frosting!

    It’s a generational thing. A few years ago NOBODY shaved or even trimmed. Look at old porn. Guys had no problem with having a full bush. It’s just a silly fad and eventually it’ll change — THANK GOD! I can’t wait!

  77. Jeff Haus

    I like my lover trimed I don’t like a big bush don’t like it pressing on my ass as he makes love it me and when I go down on him I like to take all of him and not have the hair in my nose and in my mouth

  78. tubruk

    WOW nothing like burying ones nose in a deep bush whilst servicing a cock, well, actually, its a kind of turn off if the pubes are completely shaved, bushy crotch n equally thick armpits are a real turn on on, n the heady musk of both the regions, heaven can wait….

  79. Lou

    I don’t like when pubic hair interfering my sucking dick, but if I am not sucking dick, I like burying my face in a nice bush and taking deep breaths. I don’t like shaved pubes, I like it trimmed.

  80. Kevy

    A nice trimmed bush at the end of a guys treasure trail with smooth balls & ass it a complete turn on for me. I love to run my fingers through it while sucking that cock letting my nose hit that fur.

  81. Brad

    Pubic hair removal naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles left behind, leaving microscopic open wounds. Rather than suffering a comparison to a bristle brush, frequent hair removal is necessary to stay smooth, causing regular irritation of the shaved or waxed area. When that irritation is combined with the warm moist environment of the genitals, it becomes a happy culture medium for some of the nastiest of bacterial pathogens, namely Group A Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and its recently mutated cousin methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). There is an increase in staph boils and abscesses, necessitating incisions to drain the infection, resulting in scarring that can be significant. It is not at all unusual to find pustules and other hair-follicle inflammation papules on shaved genitals.

  82. Bryan

    The hairier the bush the better!!!! I love a hairy bush. Running my face through it…hopefully getting my nose/face in it each time I go down on the cock.

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