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The foreskin is not an optional extra for a man’s body, or an accident. It is an integral, functioning, important component of a man’s penis. An eye does not function properly without an eyelid – and nor does a penis without its foreskin.

Among other things, the foreskin provides:

-Protection: The foreskin fully covers the glans (head) of the flaccid penis, thereby protecting it from damage and harsh rubbing against abrasive agents (underwear, etc.) and maintaining its sensitivity

-Sexual Sensitivity: The foreskin provides direct sexual pleasure in its own right, as it contains the highest concentration of nerve endings on the penis

-Lubrication: The foreskin, with its unique mucous membrane, permanently lubricates the glans, thus improving sensitivity and aiding smoother intercourse

-Skin-Gliding During Erection: The foreskin facilitates the gliding movement of the skin of the penis up and down the penile shaft and over the glans during erection and sexual activity

-Varied Sexual Sensation: The foreskin facilitates direct stimulation of the glans during sexual activity by its interactive contact with the sensitive glans

-Immunological Defense: The foreskin helps clean and protect the glans via the secretion of anti-bacterial agents.


What circumcision takes away

The foreskin is at the heart of male sexuality. Circumcision almost always results in a diminution of sexual sensitivity largely because removing the foreskin cuts away the most nerve-rich part of the penis (up to 80% of the penis’s nerve endings reside in the foreskin).

The Taylor “ridged band” (sometimes called the “frenar band”), the primary erogenous zone of the male body. This unique, highly specialized and exquisitely sensitive structure is equipped with soft ridges designed by nature to stimulate the female’s inner labia and G-spot during intercourse.

The frenulum, the highly erogenous V-shaped tethering structure on the underside of the head of the penis.

20,000 specialized erotogenic nerve endings of several types, which can feel slight variations in pressure and stretching, subtle changes in temperature, and fine gradations in texture.

Thousands of coiled fine-touch receptors called Meissner’s corpuscles, which are also found in the fingertips Are you circumsized?

What is opinion and would you use the foreskin regeneration if it would be free or covered by insurances? If you would like to have more info about foreskin regeneration, click here!


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  1. an

    The foreskin of the penis is a magnet for HIV, British researchers report.

    Uncircumcised men are at higher risk of getting the AIDS virus during sex than men who have had their foreskins removed. The new findings offer an explanation.

    Elizabeth J. Soilleux, PhD, and Nicholas Coleman of the Hutchison/MRC Research Center in Cambridge, England, performed detailed studies on nine normal human foreskins.

    In each, they found cells bearing the CD4 and CCR5 molecules that HIV loves to use as a doorway to infection. But they found something else, as well: A molecule called DC-SIGN. DC-SIGN is known to act as a chemical chaperone, capable of picking up HIV and carrying it inside cells.

    “We suggest that DC-SIGN may contribute to HIV transmission in the foreskin by enabling the infection of permissive cells,” Soilleux and Coleman conclude.

    The researchers report their findings in the January issue of the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

    The finding is just circumstantial evidence. It doesn’t actually prove that men with foreskins get HIV more easily. But studies of circumcised and uncircumcised men show that circumcision cuts a man’s risk of getting the AIDS virus.

    Even so, many circumcised men DO get HIV infection from unsafe sex. Circumcision is no substitute for safe sex.

  2. sparks

    Foreskin ftw I like it. Its appealing and I must say the head of my cock is sensitive to the point where too much stimulation can cause me to urinate.
    now doesn’t mean I don’t like head or topping just gotta use the right techniques.
    but I’m primarily a bottom so the info helps in probably why I need a guy who knows how to give head to an uncut dick….there is a difference.

  3. Trousersdown

    My bf regrew his foreskin, which is actually shaft skin regained using a stretch method for 3+ years. He looks intact, and it’s great. I’ve intended to do it, but the apparatus is not as easy to conceal as I’d like. Having the option to re-generate genuine foreskin would be amazing.

    Because I like most American males were circumcised as an infant…I sort of feel like having my foreskin restored to me is not something I should have to foot the bill for. However, to do that and reverse the mutilation, I’d pay a fair amount of $$.

  4. cravenmoorhead

    What a Stupid Pic you posted. Show us Some Great uncut Cock Pic’s. That pic is just SAD. I’d Rip my Whole Cock off it that was my Cock.

  5. Helios

    Im uncut Im actually very happy with that.. the only issue I have with it is the fact that there are a small amount people “picky” that won’t touch/blow a fully natrual uncut cock.. and there are even people that obsses over getting the foreskin cut. you always hear that person go on about how having a cut cock will reduce the chance of bad health problems “practice good hygene” the only other thing I don’t really like being uncut is PPP some people may think you have something because they’re cut and they won’t ever have to worry about PPP. It just shocks me that some people don’t know what pearly penile paupules are..

  6. luvseekngmissile

    I’m uncurcumsised and sex is very pleasuranle for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so thankful I was born in Germany in the 80’s, since they only did circumcisions if requested. Seems like it was almost automatic for males in the US. Love finding out a guy I’m talking to is uncut, its like a surprise when you pull the foreskin back.

  7. Mitch

    I think givin the choice men would keep their foreskin. It is not a choice many of us were givin here in USA. About 150 years ago a Dr. Said it cured masterbation. Men knew it was false but once women found out they head to have something a little more believable and everything from improved sexual function to reduced risk of STDs. The only reason there may be an increased risk is because the slip of the skin cause of condom to slip.

    Foreskin removal has been declining with some doctors refusing to do it without some medical or religious reason. It is very painful for the intent. Before puberty the skin is actual physically attached to the head and fur infant circumcision it is literally ripped a peels away from the head almost like having it skinned. During this the infect is strapped to some sort of restraint straight out of a midevil dungeon.

    There can be issues that cause the skin to be to tight. But the recommend treatment is daily masterbation. If it is a serious problem and not clear up by you early 20’s circumsion can still be done and this time you will be numbbed and also the ski. Has already detached from the head so it is not sheard off.

    I am lucky that my doctor did take the whole he left the bit that make lube. I have strech my skin and now when I’m soft it givers the head and keeps iv most and over the years the head has softened and become more sensitive. But the nerve ending I. The skin are still gone.

  8. totalfuckbuddy

    Wow..what a one sided biased article. No mention of the positive benefits of circumcision at all. I am circumcised and actually prefer playing with cut men.

  9. sjohnson

    “-Immunological Defense: The foreskin helps clean and protect the glans via the secretion of anti-bacterial agents.”===if this is true then why does uncut dicks STINK (gagging type of stink) when NOT cleaned.
    i used to be uncut and had to get cut—thank goodness….cut over uncut anytime. but to each his own.

  10. AllNaturalBlk A Proud Supporter of Uncut Men

    If there was a quick and easy way to regrow foreskin I would def jump on it. I personally think they are sexier than circumcised dicks. I think if we gave boys/men the opportunity to choose for themselves to become circumcised or not it would cut down on the stigma that comes along with foreskin. To me the more foreskin the better. Uncut dicks can be just as clean as a cut one. And nothing like sucking an uncut guy and him begging you to stop sucking because the sensation is so powerful after he nuts.

  11. Jacob

    I am circumcised and wish that I weren’t. (They didn’t ask me, and I WAS just born yesterday when they did it LOL) I did try some restoration techniques for a while, but it was difficult to live with everyday and I got disappointing results. If there were a way to do this well (without surgery), I would jump on it in a minute. I did not circumcise my boys when they were born-more people should do this and let the boy decide when he gets older. I was also appalled by an NPR story from Africa touting circumcision as an AIDS prevention, despite NO credible evidence. This needs to change-circumcision is Male Genital Mutilation, period.

  12. Nick

    There is a mountain of studies showing that circumcision cuts down on the communicability of STIs, so I’m not really sure why this was posted, especially since it sounds like an advertisement. And the last thing we need is more men that can cum in 30 seconds versus 5min. 🙂

  13. Still the same

    I was 19 when I got circumcised. I sometimes wonder how sensitive would I be if I still had the 4skin. I have great stamina for getting head now. Maybe that wouldn’t be so then. Too late now…and where do they get the regenerated skin from?…lol

  14. argcub

    Um…. this article is a little biased. Also doesn’t mention the benefits of circumcision.

    Also, I have talked to several adults who were uncut and had a circumcision as adults. They either felt the same, or were actually happier being cut.

  15. Scarpien

    Interesting. I’ve never liked the fact that I was circumsized. And since the procedure was done when I was about 5 years old I remember the pain–screamed the entire trip back home afterwards–associated with it.
    I tend to find an uncut dick more attractive since its in its natural state. The only thing I don’t like is that many uncut men don’t wash themselves properly and therefore have that distinctive odor most of us associate with uncircumsized dicks.

  16. RootsWithWings

    I made up my mind years ago to be happy with what I have. I am cut. I don’t worry about it. I enjoy being a man and all the pleasure it gives me.
    Why fight it. Be happy with what you have and live on.
    Bate on, suck on, fuck on. With all the masturbating and other things I have done in my life. There is nothing to worry about. Would like more of it. Why drag up issues we can do nothing about.

  17. RithmR

    Stem cell research should not be used for these moronic reasons. It’s to help disease and injuries victims not for dudes who’s parents themselves were idiot savants.

  18. Keith

    No I would not! Being cut is so much better for reasons that known. While being uncut can be fun and in some ways, I would guess better for some, it is not the clear cut answer for us all.

  19. I M

    I was snipped too short, so I have used the tape method to stretch the skin.
    I have been successful in stretching it so that when I am flaccid I look uncut.
    I don’t have the sensitivity of an uncut guy, but am thankful for the discomfort from being snipped too short being rectified.

  20. mike

    They forgot….stinks…smells…looks gross….stinks…tastes gross…smegma…

    I’ve only had a couple of uncut that were tolerable. Most have all been nasty. Even right from the shower. I don’t even consider it anymore

  21. restorer

    Restoring for a few years now and wish I had started earlier because it has made a huge difference in how sensitive my gland is now. It does take a long time and dedication but to me it is worth it. I know it will never be like it was nature intended but it is still worth it. The emphasis should be to stop all circumcision at birth,no more unnecessary butchering. Circumcision should be done only by a consenting adult.

  22. David St.Amour

    Circumcision is “MALE SEXUAL MUTILATION” flat and simple! For this barbaric behavior to be not only commonplace, but supported by physicians who know it is NOT required is ludicrous! Female circumcision gets plenty of headlines covering its cruelty and unjust infliction, but male circumcision outpaces female circumcision exponentially! In the 21st century it is mind boggling to believe that this archaic behavior is being carried out in state of the art medical facilities that profess “Do no harm.”

  23. Epguy4fun

    I’m not circumcised and I absolutely love having my foreskin! It makes everything feel so good during sex that I would just die if I didn’t have it lol. Even just a blowjob feels amazing because my head is kept sensitive by the skin. I have many friends that have kids and they ask if they should circumcise their kids or not and I would never advise someone to do it. Best gift my parents gave me was not circumcising me at birth.

  24. JAy

    I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years now as a social worker/counselor. I have never seen such a biased, flawed blog that is not balanced with the other views. First of all, it is a fact, that more uncircumsized men get UTI’s(urinary tract infection) as opposed to men who are circumsized. Secondly, the immunological defense presented is highly debatable. In the hospital where I am based, we have more men getting circumsized as the they get older due to all the complications associated with being uncircumsized. It is far better for a little boy to be circumsized as a baby and reap the benefits as opposed to having to go through the painful recovery period of having circumcision surgery later in life.

    Dave, you need to present both sides of the debate on this subject!

  25. Namake

    I’ve been using some different foreskin regeneration device, like the DTR, for a few years. I think if they weren’t so difficult to work into my daily life I would have “regrown” a “foreskin” by now. This sounds interesting but the costs are outside of my range right now.

  26. Brett

    By default, I was born into Catholicism…so yea, mine is long gone. I have always been fascinated with my partners who’ve had theirs still intact…honestly I find playing with it extremely erotic…wish I still had mine to play with! Circumcision is pure and simple mutilation for cosmetic purposes only. After hundreds of years cutting it off, evolution has still made sure it remained in place. It should be an adult decision and not another religious decree forced upon society. Hell, Orthodox Jews go as far as to bite the damn thing off with their teeth…REALLY? It’s true, and recently Rabbis have given newborns herpes by doing so…how nice, a virus for life! These religious ceremonies have created a stigma around foreskin deeming it dirty, unhealthy, and a receptacle for disease…none of which are true…old wives tales with no scientific evidence. Leave it be; the males body is perfect just the way it is!

  27. BlueSteele

    I am glad that I am uncircumcised. It makes topping so much easier. I just have to be more thorough when it comes to keeping it clean.

  28. steve

    I would be totally lost without my foreskin. I wouldn’t know how to handle it. Uncut cocks just seem to taste better too.

  29. MidMOMan

    I am uncut and would not trade it for even a winning powerball ticket! If you are born with something, it’s there for a purpose, and the last time I checked ALL males are birthed with foreskins. Witches and doctors sold this off as being unhealthy. How? You keep it clean, just like any other body part….that is unless your partner likes cheese!

  30. runrun

    I was uncut until the age of 28, during that time I was always moving the skin out of the way to recieve more pleasure. What you wrote about all nerve endings was not my case. The receiver would enjoy cut I suspect about 40% more because of the cockhead being able to rub the receiver better and not having the skin in the way to soften the pleasureable irritation.

  31. Charlie J

    I’ve done nonsurgical foreskin regeneration and would recommend it to anyone. It increased sensitivity dramatically and is just a lot more fun to play with both by myself and with others. When most guys see my tool they think Im uncut even guys who have foreskin. I did a strapless method using a device called the tlc tugger

  32. Charlie

    What’s done is done. Leave it alone. I was cut but did not even think of it when my sons were born so when the Dr asked I said leave it alone. I know that some get cut for medical reasons but can not imagine after it is done that I could ever imagine regenerating it.

  33. pozoh

    Sexual sensitivity, protection, lubrication issues aside, once that piece of skin is gone, it’s gone, right? And any surgery that simply tries to recreate that flap of skin CANNOT restore all those nerve endings, lubrication, or anti-bacterial secreting cells. Or cause them to grow back. Once it’s done, all you can restore is the visual impact, but none of the corresponding benefits of the original. Yes, I’m sure you miss it. But why should I have to pay for your elective plastic surgery?

  34. really?

    absolutely fucking gross…almost always smells, gives an ugly look, can’t be spontaneous with that kind of odor! Overly red and wet looking under the skin
    CUT, CUT, CUT…what were your mothers thinking?

  35. blond511

    I am glad that my parents did not have me circumcized when born, and resisted the norm of what had been told to them by the medical info at that time. I think circumcision is just plain weird.

  36. Me

    I’m uncircumcised and I wish whomever I settle down with will be intact, but I have dated guys who were cut and I definitely wouldn’t turn anyone away for being cut. What has been done is done. I don’t know how possible it is to restore foreskin since the important parts were removed so I would prefer my guy be comfortable with his dick instead of altering it again, and I would gladly help him overcome any insecurities 😉

    I’m always afraid I’m hurting circumcised guys when I jack them off since I’m tugging on tight skin vs moving the foreskin along the shaft in the gliding motion that I’m used to. I have noticed the glans (head) of cut guys looks very dry so I also wonder about lost sensitivity due to exposure. When cut guys jack me off or blow me most of them don’t know what to do so they default to treating it like a circumcised dick which isn’t as pleasurable for me. It can definitely require a learning curve for both parties.

    As far as hygiene, why are we cutting off body parts that we don’t like to keep clean? The majority of men in the world are uncircumcised. As for cutting down on the risk of getting HIV through unprotected sex, that might help the circumcised pitcher due to a reduction in friction which reduces micro tears since there is no foreskin moving around. Research has also shown that if you do have unprotected sex with someone who is positive, HIV “clings” easier to mucus membranes (i.e. The skin in mouth, rectum, and under the foreskin). However, there are many circumcised men living with HIV so its not fail proof and condoms are obviously a safer choice.

    I have heard gay guys make derogatory comments about circumcised dicks when 1) those same guys engage in anal sex- the same orifice where shit & corn come out of. Many guys have had a bad experience with someone who didn’t douche properly or have gotten shitty dick, but that doesn’t cause them to swear off ass altogether. Hygiene is important no matter the orifice. 2) we are all BORN with a foreskin, so let that circumcision scar remind you that you were once uncircumcised yourself. You’re circumcised BC of a doctor or a rabbi- it wasn’t via evolution.

    In the land of the US where circumcised cocks the majority, I guess foreskin hygiene isn’t being taught at school or at home because yes, some uncut guys either don’t know how to keep themselves clean or are too lazy to. Whether uncut or cut, male or female; it’s amazing how many people don’t use a washcloth in the shower! Smegma is produced by both men and women, (in women it is produced by the clitoral hood). Smegma has a function in preventing infections – maybe if you live in the desert or cannot take a bath for weeks, but it doesn’t need to build up under normal circumstances. I haven’t seen smegma on my dick since I was a child when my foreskin was still attached to the head. And no, I wasn’t taught how to clean it growing up so my mom took me to a doctor. Fyi, there is a membrane under the foreskin in young kids, the foreskin is supposed to remain attached to the head and will gradually separate on its own as the child gets older. Masturbation generally speeds up the process. Don’t let a doctor try to forcibly retract the foreskin since that can be very painful and can damage /tear the foreskin. Kinda odd to talk about, but it needs to be said BC it’s just a part of life. Too much misinformation out there.

  37. Ayden

    Circumcision on non-consenting infants where not required to save his life is illegal, and barbaric. Circumcision is mutilation, and needs to be stopped when there is no health risk. I will not go near a circumcised man. It just looks wrong and disgusting without a foreskin.

  38. Lee

    I’m an old man and uncut. I can’t even stand for my foreskin to pull back while I am wearing underwear or most anytime really. My glans are so sensitive that it is very uncomfortable. I have always wondered how men who are circumsized stand it. I have never had any problems with mine but I had my son circumsized.

  39. Scorpio7

    I love my circumcised penis. It looks and feels great. Perhaps I am missing out on super sensitivity, but the alternative is more favorable to me: I can pound away for hours without ejaculating and when I do, I can sometimes go again and again if I am horny enough. The sensation from stroking my penis and testicles is quite pleasurable and my orgasms generally are the bees knees. I am quite content with my equipment and am thankful my parents/doctor made the decision to cut me. It was when I was born so I have no recollection of the pain. Imagine having to wait until I was older so I could give consent. I would remember the pain and my penis would be out of commission while hormones were raging through my body. No, it is done and over with. The decision wasn’t mine, but the results are nothing I’d argue with.

  40. renwofl18

    I was circumcised and I’ve never felt my dick was anything less than super-sensitive–a single tap in some cases is more than enough to get it up, and sometimes just rubbing against my shorts can get me there. Not to mention, sex and oral can be so intense, I literally have to throw myself across the room because I can’t bear the intensity. I can’t imagine my cock being any more sensitive than it is–if it were, sex would no longer be pleasurable, just uncomfortable.

    Not to mention, I think an uncircumcised penis is not as attractive as one that’s cut; it looks cleaner and more palatable, I think, and I like being able to wrap my tongue around a guy without having the foreskin get in the way.

    Not that I turn away uncut guys (diversity is a good thing), but if I had been able to choose, I’d change nothing.

  41. Truehorrorfan

    Male Circumcision and Male-to-Male Transmission of HIV

    Observational studies have yielded mixed results in attempts to detect a protective effect of male circumcision among men who have sex with men (MSM). While some cross-sectional22 and prospective23 studies of MSM have shown statistically significant increases in risk of HIV acquisition by uncircumcised MSM, others have found no evidence that being circumcised was protective against HIV infection among MSM.24 In a recent meta-analysis of 15 observational studies of male circumcision and HIV acquisition by MSM, a statistically nonsignificant protective association was found (OR, 0.86; 95% CI, 0.65-1.13).25

    so case in point. circumcision is not valid for homosexual preventative measures against HIV

  42. Michael

    Definitely wish I had my foreskin. It looks better, tastes better, smells better, and most importantly, *works like it’s supposed to*. Those people who disagree are certainly welcome to, but they’re not interesting to/interested in me anyway. Self-mutilation a choice that should be left to an adult to engage in, just like any other body modification.
    As for any sort of surgical restoration – I’d be very wary of trying. Should technology allow for a *very* low-risk regrowing in place, I’d be all over that. In the meantime, I’ve been engaging tension-based restoration, and that has at least loosened it up some.

  43. dan

    Anyone that has sex with multiple partners and without a condom is risking any STD or UTI. Foreskins will not increase that risk. Just stop being whores. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, yet we don’t see girls having their breasts “circumcised” when they develop. So the cancer argument is useless.
    As for the smell from an unwashed penis, that depends on the persons chemistry. Some men can go a day or two and not have any odors from ANY part of their body. Some men have bad odor from all parts of their body . Should their anuses ,feet,tongues or armpits be circumcised too ? If you’re complaining about your encounters with the many uncircumcised penises that have bad odor, the problem is YOU. Stop trying out every penis in town, whore.
    The decision to have a circumcision should be by that individual when he reaches 18. To perform circumcisions on BABIES without any immediate health risk is nothing short of rape/molestation by all those involved. A babies penis is not there to be admired by adults.

  44. jason

    I wish I were uncut. If I were younger and someone else was paying, I’d have the operation. A lot of posts mention, medical reason, smell, cleanliness. As well as protection and helping to keep the penis head more sensitive to provide easier stimulation. The American medical culture says cut all boys,and yet the women want equal treatment. They scream bloody murder when another culture circumcises women. For uncut men, it’s easy to flip the member up and skin it back and inspect and CLEAN it. The clitt is hidden in a dark moist environment. Because the operation can be done at any age, lets make it the usual practice to leave both boys and girls intact and let them make the decision as adults.

  45. marc

    I cannot stand or look at or touch or god forbid suck on an uncut cock. They are so ugly. Just one man’s opinion: don’t hate me.

  46. Fred

    I’m uncut and uncut takes effort at lease morning and night to pull the foreskin all the way back and clean the under side of the foreskin as well as the head thoroughly and that’s especially important before getting head ! So very true, it gets nasty if you ignore it but if it’s nicely cleaned, it’s more of a pleasure to suck than a cut cock and so very sensitive !

  47. Dexx

    Uncut cocks have always turned me off. The odor for me is a big turnoff. I call it the duck butter syndrome and never ever touch it. Sorry!!!!

  48. Kevin

    I was born in Mt.Zion hospital in the fifties Thanks Dr.Wolf.

    Anyone remember the skinny Captain America with the oversized helmet? Well, I’m sorta like that. <>

    I’m quite pleased with it; one of my better attributes imo. If I felt any more pleasure out of it than I have in the past, I think it would kill me.

    I don’t think I would like to suck on an uncut cock.

  49. Aidan

    well….I may change opinion in a couple of years, but I had to be circumcised 3 years ago for medical reasons and I have to say I love it (granted I miss playing with the ticklish feeling when it’s dry lol)

    my bf on the contrary was circumcised at birth and is always bitching about how awesome it would be to have his foreskin back.

  50. Jimmy

    What does Catholicism got to do with it Brett? Now if you were Jewish or a Muslim then that’s understandable. What country do you come from?

  51. Slugger

    I’m cut and my Cock is beautiful , my buddy is Uncut and so is his .
    Aren’t there more pressing issues to discuss ?
    You got what you got . Now get to the business if bring a Cockworshipper .

  52. Ryan

    I am totally opposed to circumcision on infants.Let men decide when they are in their teens.I was cut but i still have quite a bit of skin on my small irish dick.Plus I love the smell of ripe UC dick.So for every guy who thinks it is gross there are guys like me who fuckin love it!:)

  53. Hunter0500

    When millions of cut men realize the great sex they’ve been having their entire lives is a farce, there’s going to be hell to pay. Riots in the streets, massive calls for legislation, law suits … oh the horror.

    For me, whether a guy is cut or uncut is no more of an issue than any of his other physical attributes. Being cut or uncut guarantees nothing when it comes to play on the workbench. With an uncut guy, once the hood is slid down, it’s all the same. Some uncut guys orgasm quickly, but some cut guys do too. Some uncut guys have a “flavor” that may or may not be attractive, but some cut guys do too. Sure, there’s a foreskin to play with on the workbench, but it’s a play area just like the scrotum skin is.

    Men in the US have been circumcised routinely for decades … at the “routine” advice of the major medical community. In recent years, parents of newborn males have been giving the matter a second thought, with more opting for no circumcision. Opting out of unnecessary surgery is generally a good idea, but in this case it’s nothing that “major social change” is made from. And nothing that definitively defines who the boy becomes when he reaches manhood. A whole lot of drama and controversy where there really isn’t one ???

  54. Xtn

    I was circumcised as a baby without my father’s consent back in ’74. The doctors told my parents that in order to regenerate the skin around my cock they would have to do pull exercises. I was taught to do them at a young age. That’s why I’m now considered uncut.

  55. keengRandum

    I’m uncut and I love it. I love the sensitivity. Like some other people took much stimulation my head will cause me to pee but a good dick sucker knows what to do. I like both cut and uncut probably uncut more though. I’ve never had a white guy with an uncut dick wish I could find one.

  56. BryBry

    I am cut, and have a brother 3 years older who is not. I have Erectile Dysfunction and have experienced it since I was in my late 30s. He does not have ED… I don’t know what cause the ED, but when I was a teenager I used to be able to make myself cum with little more than a thought, almost no touching. But now the sensitivity is very low and it takes a lot of stimulation and thinking and fantasizing to reach orgasm.

    My doc seems to think that all I should do is take Viagra, and has offered no other solutions. But there is a power that men seem to need from being able to obtain an erect penis.

    I wonder if the the removal of the foreskin when I was an infant was a contributing factor.

  57. PeetC

    I see NOTHING here but biased views regarding circumcision! The only relevant opinions that could possibly have muster are from those who have been cut post puberty as adults. Only they have experienced both sides of the ‘totem pole’.

    Traditions and conventions are hard to buck, no doubt.

    Let’s end All genital mutilation on children the world over.

    Lastly, consider that this is how we’re born; evolved; our natural state; if it wasn’t meant to be, mother nature would have atrophied it just like our prehistoric tail!

  58. e4effort

    I’m uncut and had no problem with cleaning. I’ve had no complaints from my partners either. I haven’t had anyone complain about foul odors and I’m perplexed as to what other uncut guys are complaining about; just take a damn shower and clean it. I guess some guys don’t believe in proper hygiene.
    I have to admit, I like my uncut cock and I like other men who are also uncut. I like the way the skin moves around the shaft.

  59. BTJ

    Intact here and love it.

    I have yet to come accross another intact guy that was stinking or dirty. I must be lucky. It takes like 3 seconds to wash your cock.

    And it baffles me that something the way nature intended can be considered ugly.

  60. Taylor

    I grew up assuming that all men had foreskin, that circumcision was a practice only done on men that had health issues, like penile cancer, or phimosis, etc. I had gym class, like most of us, but I was shy and did not disrobe in front of my classmates, or if I did, I turned toward the wall.

    It was only when I was 23 when I was on a website and a guy asked “are you cut or uncut?” I said “what do you mean?” He explained. I didn’t know the answer, so I checked myself, and was very happy and relieved that I had foreskin. No wonder my masturbatory sessions were/are so pleasurable!

    I found out that religion had gotten involved. Isn’t it ironic and sad that the only thing that Muslims and Jews agree on, is circumcision — the one thing they should both decry! Although I have learned that the Christians in the Philippines are very pro-circumcision too.

    I learned the reason that so many U.S. men were cut, was due to wars in the last century, that men in a foxhole, with grime and dirt and not having access to a shower over long time periods, that the foreskin was likely to become more problematic. But then men are not meant to go long time periods without showers, either. Those soldiers passed on the new tradition to their sons, and this has continued to this day. Fortunately, a lot of new fathers in our era are more educated, and disinclined to mutilate their son. Centuries ago, I really doubt most U.S. men were cut… I bet 90% of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were uncut! Imagine how stigmatized those signers would have been on the wording of the document had they all been circumcised.

    Circumcision 99% of the time, is practiced out of ignorance. If a guy has nothing wrong with his genital, leave it alone! For those of you that are also anti-circumcision, if you have friends who plan to get their son circumcised, ask them “do you plan to give your son a tattoo, or a piercing as well?” Your friend will look at you oddly, but you should reply “All 3 are done for cosmetic reasons, and not out of necessity”.

    I actually find 9 out of 10 penises unattractive, because of the fact most are circumcised in the U.S. A man’s uncut cock, especially the head, looks healthier and full of life… whereas a cut man’s often looks dried up, withered away, and dull. Obviously there are exceptions, as I was with a Jewish cut guy whose cock was beautiful.

    For those that parade the idea that uncut men smell and are unclean, I have been with my share of men, and only one of them had that situation — the other uncut men did not.

    If circumcision was introduced for the first time in 2014 on male babies, the people would be put in jail for child battery. Sad how this isn’t the case today, as it should be.

  61. Jeff h

    I am not cut but my bf is and I love not being cut love looking at my foreskin and pulling it back of my head and my bf loves to work it on and off my cock head it turns him watching it

  62. dee

    Got cut when I was 20. No regrets, my confidence and sex life both improved after. But to each his own, I’ve hooked up with uncut guys and I love it on them.

  63. vafratboy

    “It is far better for a little boy to be circumsized as a baby and reap the benefits as opposed to having to go through the painful recovery period of having circumcision surgery later in life.”

    What an idiotic statement. It’s “far better” for an infant to go through a painful recovery period against their will, than for an adult who CHOSE to? Why exactly; because infants can’t talk and therefore you don’t have to listen to them complain? The fact is medically unnecessary surgical procedures really shouldn’t be being done on folks who aren’t able to give consent.

  64. mecocklover

    So, the point of this blog post was to shame guys who were circumcised as babies, or what? Or is it just someone trying to justify their preference for uncircumcised guys (when no justification for such a preference is needed)?

    OR, and most likely, is it just a paid post by foregen, who is the “click here” link?

  65. Southernboy20

    I like this post although it should bring up both sides to the argument. I live in the south where most everyone is circumcised, but my family actually doesn’t practice it. And I have to say I love being uncut! That is to say I really don’t care if your cut or not just as long as your clean and there is an attraction. The sensitivity is amazing and for those saying cut guys last longer I beg to differ. None of the guys I’ve been with have made me orgasm through their own means. Ble jobs always get weird and a little sad when I see them try so hard. I’ve always have had to masturbate afterwards or during to get close and let them finish. I think cut guys are use to getting to the point and just letting go while uncut guys have sort of trained themselves to “edge” the pleasure in a way. But with all this said I’m pro cock haha just be clean.

  66. NslashA

    Here, here!! This is something that I really haven’t ever forgiven my father for having done to me. He is a Christian and believes that it shows the sign of a covenant with God, and as I grew up I was obligated to go to church services, (which I always found incredibly boring. He was a Methodist, which I guess means that you’re so dumb that they have to first read something out of the bible, then since you’re too dumb to understand what it said you have one priest then paraphrase the story for you, and because you’re still so God damn dumb, they then have ANOTHER different preist paraphrase the same story for you again, because you didn’t get it the first two times around.) Since the time my father and I had our falling out “I won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say he owes me a small sum of money, that would be pocket change to some, but it is about the sum of a new economy car would cost in total), I have found myself to only be able to accept proof, data, and evidence, which no religion has ever provided in my opinion, and it makes me angry that my father had part of my genitials cut off, for some belief system based in nothing besides a book written by who knows, about 1500 and. 3500 years ago, when, just like the people before them, were trying to explain what we know as life and our universe. I think that if there were really a God, he would want the person with the penis to make the choice based on reason, not to just cut off a body part that God gave us 7 days after were born. Which always made me wonder: if were made in God’s image like the bible says, does that mean that God is uncircumcised? And if he is, why does he get to keep his foreskin while the rest of us are supposed to get it chopped off?

    I would personally like to see this practice stopped everywhere around the world on infants, not only because before sometime I believe in the 1990’s, they did not administer anesthesia to the infants, because they thought that it didn’t inflict pain to them (ARE YOU FUCKING DUMB? NO THOSE BABIES THAT WEREN’T CRYING PREVIOUSLY ARE NOW BAWLING THEIR EYES OUT, AND WHAT CHANGED BETWEEN NOW AND THEN, OH RIGHT, YOU CHOPPED OFF PART OF THEIR DICK!), but also because I think nobody has the right to make that decision beside the person who’s body it is. I’m not saying NOBODY could get a circumcision ever again. If you reach an agreed upon age by society and you want to get one, then have at it, because it’s your body and your decision to do with it what you want. But stop forcing it on men just some book,which has never proven the existence of a god, let alone THEE God, says they should.

  67. Andy

    I’m currently in the process of foreskin restoration. As a circumcised man, I am upset about how I lost such a sensitive, healthy part of my body. Foreskin really is an amazing organ, and sex isn’t the same without it, given all of its features. We condemn female genital mutilation overseas, yet we promote male genital mutilation as ‘medicine’ here. Just say NO to circumcision!

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