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There are very few things in this online world that really bother me. Here is one of them: I was chatting with this really hot guy the other day on A4A, having a really great conversation and getting down to business when he asked me:  Are you looking to get your man-pussy pounded?  My man-pussy?

Now I’ve heard guys joking about this and I’ve used the term before but to use it this way was a real turn off for me. Do I want my man-pussy pounded?  I really didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or shoot him. For future reference, it’s not attractive and it’s certainly not a turn on.

There was this guy a few years ago, younger guy. We were heavy at it when he asked if I wanted to fuck his boy-pussy, I kind of blew if off hoping I didn’t hear what I heard and when I started fucking his ass he kept saying fuck my pussy, it was the first time I faked an orgasm. Obviously you can call your hole whatever you want but remember, most gay guys don’t want to fuck a pussy.

Thoughts? Comments?
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  1. Aaron

    Where I live it’s mostly the bisexual men and straight guys who just want someone to fuck that call it a “man-pussy”. I can’t take that term seriously. The word “pussy” just sounds so…I don’t know…like a sprinkler system or something. If they keep using the word I try to go into acting mode and get through the experience but I don’t want to fuck a “pussy”.

    Now I was bottoming for a straight guy and he kept saying that so I tried to play the part and used language like “fuck my pussy” and so on. (I can’t even type that without laughing) but it turned him on so much that he just started jack hammering my ass, which turned me on so I kept using the word to keep him in that zone. So…I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Personally I find the word too squishy and unattractive to take it seriously.

    I have an ass. Sometimes you can fuck it. That’s about it.

  2. Hunter0500

    “manpussy” For me, no. If that’s were a guy’s head is at, it’s “thanks, but no thanks.”

    “mangina” or “ma-gina” isn’t gonna happen either.

  3. Jeffrey87108

    Lets keep calling what it is ASS. I love a tight clean ass that can take a good hard fucking. I will leave the pussy to the straight men.

  4. somethingelse523


  5. Justin

    Being a bottom I don’t call my ass a pussy. One guy called it a mussy….yes he mashed man and pussy together and I immediately stopped talking to him. It’s not hot it’s weird and the word pussy kind of makes me of women. I’m not a woman not do I have any desire to be one. Don’t use it -.-

  6. homer simms

    Well I do love it when I’m getting fucked and tell them to fuxk my ASS which is what it is! Its kind of like a top dressing up and fucking the snit out of u! I prefer my man to look like a man

  7. Adam

    I agree. Using pussy as a term for a gay mans ass is a huge turn off. We are gay for a reason. Its because we don’t like the pussy. Bisexual men excluded of course. I know some gay men like it. In my experience most absolutely do not. Only met one gay man in my life who was absolutely hot at the thought of another man carrying his baby and always called a mans ass a pussy. *shiver* I just don’t get it.

  8. David

    Get over it.. it’s just a term of endearment that us tops who really love a good hole like to use. There are lots of guys who are gay who still find the idea of a woman’s pussy intriguing and transferring the term to another man’s hole is a huge turn on! Many guys who are not even into female pussy, still like the playfulness of the term.. and a great number of bottoms actually love to sometimes view their holes as a pussy and this doesn’t make them effeminate in any way at all. Let’s face it during gay anal sex, the asshole is functioning pretty much the same way as the pussy does in straight sex! So it’s not surprising that the term is “borrowed” in reference to the asshole. In fact I like the term “man-pussy” even more as opposed to just “pussy” as it gives a unique quality and description of a hole belonging to a man!!! Totally totally hot!!! I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say about some other aspects of gay sex like an asshole “creaming,” or a guy having an “anal orgasm,” these are also terms that have been “borrowed” from vaginal sex and damn, they are so hot! I hope that I am not scaring you, but there are guys who actually have slick anal fluids flowing from their holes when they are really turned on. They can also have what is quite comparable to a female orgasm just from having their holes fucked well. Also, there are even guys who actually use “reality condoms” which are referred to as “female condoms!” I’ve used them with several guys. Therefore I think that all these terms are valid, creative and quite sexy!!! I feel myself getting really HARD as I type all this.. but what else can I do?? I’m just a man-pussy loving total top!!!

  9. joey

    I believe a lot of the bottom guys, boys, men, think of there asses as man pussy, because, if a guy isn’t going to fuck them, they have no interest in meeting the person.


    But a good amount of tops when fucking intensely will call an ass a pussy especially if your really wet like I tend to get. Also there are a number of guys that I have been with that do or have also fucked pussy so it just may be in their vocabulary. In the heat of the moment if the sex is hot and the top is in control he might call me his Bitch too. Although I think it depends on the guy saying it and the moment that it’s said in sometimes I will call my ass a pussy as well. It’s all relative to the situation.

  11. Slugger

    Men don’t have pussy ! We have COCK . Asshole , butthole , fuckhole , make any female reference to me concerning sex and it’s over .

  12. Marvin Segura

    I am proud to say I am hot latin pussy! With all of the negativity out I the world, the nickname we give our private parts should be the least of our worries. I understand some find it gross and even unattractive. However if it is that unnerving just let that person know. Ive been told I shouldn’t call someone papi because it makes them feel old or awkward. I understand and comply or just dont play with that person. We all have choices to make and what we call our privates shouldn’t be a huge deal. Have fun and live happy=)

  13. barefootnjeans

    Exactly!! If I wanted pussy I’d be straight. Not really into fems either for the same reason. I like my men to be all man.

  14. Phillip

    HELL yeah… Big turnoff! If a guy can’t refer to his own body parts without using feminine terms it’s unlikely that we’ll be a match in bed. I don’t understand why so many gay guys seem to think that term is a turnon…

  15. Dennis

    When I think of pussy it reminds me of the face of a sad old man. Maybe I’m older but not sad and I have a great ass. A man’s ass is the hottest thing on the planet. Pussy just sounds nasty 🙁

  16. Carl

    I agree with you!! There is nothing more of a turn off then calling a guy call your hole pussy. I don’t have a pussy that wants a cock inside! I have an ass hole, a butt hole,or you can even refer it as a back door or even a bottom, but please do not call it a pussy!!!! REAL TURN OFF!!!!

  17. hborobttm

    The term has never bothered me. I think you have to give some creative license, any time talking dirty is involved.
    I personally love a verbal Top wants to tell me different ways that i am about to be on the receiving end of his manhood.

  18. nsaguyinworth

    I think if its used in a joking way or said just once in the heat of the moment – its fine. But using it constantly by a bottom getting fucked — it is gross.

  19. Sly Evans

    I absolutely love MAN PUSSY!!!!,I love being versatile…I even cum out of mine when i’m being fucked the right way… I love dick too much to be a strait top and my dick is waaaay to big to be a strait bottom!!so yeah, I love my MAN PUSSY!!!

  20. dee

    I think it’s just that the phrase man/boy-pussy is kind of naughty and taboo. Don’t over think it. I don’t mind it at all if I’m bottoming and a dominant tops tosses it out there. Yes, I like my boy-pussy to get pounded. Sorry I’m not sorry.

  21. solid truth

    Yep. Definitely a turn off for me. And I want to be intimate with a man, that’s what I want. They kind of talk makes it sound impersonal and crass. Not for me.

  22. H O L E !

    Well, the term man pussy doesn’t turn me off, but I could see where it would. I’ve heard it called a whore hole and thought that was amusing. CDs call it their gurl hole. I just call mine my hole, fuck my hole, eat my ass, whatever. Its an ass and has a hole that is nice to fuck. LOL

  23. lyft

    Worst phrase ever….i m a man…we have assholed..u are fucking an ass..not a vagina..if i wantef pussy i d still fuck women…if u want a pussy get a sex change…u don t hear guys say SHOOT ON MY MAN TITS…

    Once my x an i were at a type..very quiet..low key..we were laying in our room n the guys next to us were going at it n boom….FUck MY MANPUSSY FUCK MY MANPUSSY….we startedcracking up…..let s just say…it got real quiet after that..

  24. Pussy? Ewwwww!

    Totally agree. I’m a bottom and I hate when guys call my hole a “pussy”. Never had a gay guy do it…or at least a guy who will admit that he knows he’s gay and is comfortable with himself. The guys who call my hole a “pussy” are usually the “straight” guys who get so horny while I’m blowing them they want to fuck my ass…or the bi guys who still want to cling to the fantasy that they still love woman pussy….either way, total turn off.

  25. Reggie

    I too find the word “pussy” offensive when referring to sex with another man. I was seeing a guy who would comment that I was keeping my pussy tight for him or make other references about my butt hole as pussy. Needless to say that we are no longer seeing each other. It’s a turn off. If you want pussy, find a female.

  26. whtlkn4blknil

    I agree, I don’t like the term “man-pussy” or “Boy-pussy” Even though I’m bisexual. If I’m with a guy, I enjoy being with a guy and eating his ass or or fucking his ass or vice-versa. If I wanted some pussy, I would be with a woman at that time.

  27. Drbottom4now

    I think ur taking the whole thing way too serious lol if they wanna call it a pussy or whatever let it be!! Who cares at the end it is what it is and just fucking a hole not big deal

  28. Derrick

    I hate that term. It’s absolutely disgusting and such a major turn off. I am a man, I do not have a pussy. Do not call it that. It’s hot when you call it a hole or your ass because that’s exactly what it is: your asshole.

  29. Ryan

    It’s not a term that I would use in bed, but I don’t think that I would care that much if someone else used it. I think more people are embracing gender ambiguity…especially younger guys…and so terms like that are playful and not a big deal. It’s certainly not just an online thing. I would probably suggest just getting to know someone a little better before you hop into bed with them. 😉

  30. Jay

    Yes. I hate that word. A lot if guys here in Dayton, OH likes to use that word especially the ‘THUGS OR DL’ guys. It’s such a turn off

  31. Manny

    ABSOLUTELY that’s the MAIN reason we are GAY, we don’t like to be sleeping over with women, or people that feel like them, for me it’s serious matter too, when someone mentioned the word puzzy to call his shaved ass or they think there’s no difference between one and the other, I gayly forward tell them I’m not interested, and even if it’s a joke for them, I make them dress and leave, I personally like manly attitudes and performance so definitely this is neither, what ashamed for them to call themselves GAY!!!!!!!

  32. Kevin

    I agree completely. I have an ass. If I wanted a vag I would transition. Then I could have it my ass and kitty. I don’t. Men have cocks.
    I have no desire to ever fuck a man in his “pussy”, if that were the case id be into f2ms. But im not. I am a gay male.

  33. R

    I admit a certain liberal attitude to the creative sexual language some people use. Some of it makes the event more exciting, more complicit. And if a guy refers to himself as a “pussy” when he wants to express his compliant personality, that can even be amusing. But I have to say I agree with the author. I want an ass, not a pussy. Certain associations turn me off. It even bothers me when a guy uses those vinegar douches that make him smell like, well, a pussy. The senses feed the brain and the brain is the critical sexual organ. I’m into guys, not grotesquely overmuscled, not thug butch, but just guys. If he has femme relaxed or animated behavior, but smells like a man, I’m cool. But certain things, like flowery scents, high-pitched squeals, or panties, or calling it a pussy, distract me just enough to make me remember what I am not sexually attracted to. Sorry, but that’s where my libido stands.

  34. Robert

    I’ve gone through the same thing. I didn’t think that something so trivial would matter but a guy called it his pussy while I was rimming him and I completely lost the desire to continue. For awhile I even had it on my profile that if you referred to your hole as a pussy we probably weren’t compatible. Pussy is just a major turnoff for me.

  35. FreeRangeRadical

    I’m right there with you; I think calling a nice b-hole a pussy is an insult, and disgusting. I put it right up there with calling a cock “meat” or calling cum “cream” or “man milk”.


    As you say, call it what you will, but for my part, you might have to work a little harder if you call it that while we’re together.

  36. Jon

    I’m a top. I dunno. I don’t mind it. Sometimes I think it can be erotic for my bottom to call his hole that. On the rare occasion I bottom I can’t see myself caring if someone referred to my hole that way. Not a big thing to me.

  37. Top Of The Class

    I’m bisexual black top in an LTR with a man.

    Nope, it’s an ass. Not a pussy. Not a ‘man’ gina. Not a ‘mussy’ or any other words that people want to be creative with.

    For the guys who think that’s hot, learn the human body anatomy.

  38. Marc

    Tops seem to mostly use the term, I think to augment their own sense of masculinity, and to emasculate the bottom, to turn him into the “bitch.” I dont mind it called that because i am admittedly taking the female role by taking dick, but i dont like the term much because i consider myself a masculine bottom.

  39. Markus

    There two kind of bottoms: the one who likes to be fucked as a man and the other who likes to be fucked as a pussy boy or man.
    I had few guys when they have seen my hole they thought it was better than a pussy and they called me pussy man…I found it very exciting and desired as a bottom, belonging to the second category. We are more submissive and we like to please a Top.

  40. Dman

    I don’t care what a dude calls his ass, whether it be a ass, butt, manpussy, boypussy, mangina, u all get the point. As long as the sex is good & there’s great chemistry who care about “Labels”. Also a dude calling his ass a “pussy” doesn’t have anything with masc or fem, i know very masc, thuggish & bi sexual dudes who bttm who call their ass a pussy. So to me it’s like whatever, that’s how I feel!

  41. Kenny

    I totally agree with you it really a turn off when a guy call his ass a pussy when a guy asks me if I want to fuck his pussy I say sorry didn’t know you were a girl I’m into guys

  42. Adam

    You got that one right. Pussy is a feminine term that’s a turn off to most gay males. Gay guys are masculine and want to plow a nice masculine ass. Call is an ass or some other adoring name (like muffin or bootie) but please, don’t call your ass a pussy. Yuk!

  43. ENERGE

    I said it once during sex to a guy I had a GREAT rapport with, thinking that’s what tops liked to hear. He stopped speaking to me, and when we later ran into each other he said that he cut me off because he found my use of the word to be a huge turn off.

  44. Pussy adjacent

    It’s a matter of perspective…. I first heard this term when I was 20 years old when an older man told me he wanted to eat my ” boy pussy” he was hot but drunk and it was a complete turn off but when I’m in the throes of fucking it’s a word I use to get my bottoms excited.. This doesn’t fly with everyone so you have to know your audience.. Gentleman on the streets pussy fucker in the sheets… Lmao

  45. Seven

    Thankfully, I just keep my mouth shut, lay back and enjoy the ride… Because, if I was very vocal during sex, some of the things I’d say would be quite interesting. However, I don’t think I would ever have the gall to refer to my anal orifice as a “pussy or man pussy,” not especially to someone I’m being intimate with; I just wouldn’t feel comfortable, no matter how badly I wanted to say it, I wouldn’t. I tend to think about what I say because words carry power. If the guy I’m having sex with, which one has in the past referred to my ass a boy pussy when he’d tell me how badly he wanted to lick it, and he certainly ate and finger it like he was imagining it was an actually pussy, probably because he was “bi,” go figure… He gave the best head too… Yet he wanted me to fuck him. Anyway, the term didn’t term me off, but it didn’t catch me off guard b/c most guys I’d dealt with never referred to my ass as such. To each his own.

  46. JR22

    I’ve never heard “man oussy” before but I have heard “boy pussy”. From that rap song by Fly Young Red “Throw dat boy pussy, throw dat throw dat boy pussy”

  47. Steve

    It certainly doesn’t do anything for me personally. It’s actually a turn OFF, but, (pun intended) to each his own. What turns one guy off may turn on another.

  48. Josh

    Pussy sounds soft and squishy. I prefer the word “cunt.” Has a hard, tough, dirty sound. For me, cunt, or pussy, has no gender. It’s any bodily orifice that takes cock. How about the term “pussy mouth?”

  49. sleeping tiger

    Call it my butt, or call it my hole, or call it my ass, or call it my pussy…. as long as you are pounding and grinding it, Im yours!

  50. darryl

    Well the term doesn’t offend me as much as some of the others here. I have had many Bottoms call it Pussy in the moment of getting deep fucked, and trust me if you’ve fucked one, there is a difference. Butt back to the subject, we all take this stuff way too seriously. Dirty talk can set the mood when said at the right moment, so just let r slide dudes. I can use a little Man Pussy right now lol

  51. ricky

    Lighten up, guys! Damn! We are suppose to be gay & happy, sexually free and without all the uptightness. I love beating down Man pussy and talk super dirty when I am wrecking it.. I talk really bad during casual flings but if in love with a lover, nah – I keep it real. It’s all about a fantasy!! Beat it down and wreck it leaving the man pussy limping when I am done with them!!

  52. ultimatebottom20

    I truly can’t believe the antiquated old world respones. Being a real bottom myself not some pseudo claiming bottom when convenient type. Dealing basically with bisexual total top men, the term man pussy is NOT OFFENSIVE, anyone that sensitive should consider therapy.

  53. ultimatebottom20

    I truly can’t believe the antiquated old world respones. Being a real bottom myself not some pseudo claiming bottom when convenient type. Dealing basically with bisexual total top men, the term man pussy is NOT OFFENSIVE, anyone that sensitive should consider therapy.

  54. nj90vers

    I like pussy,I like a nice mans ass.i don’t like fucking girls in the ass so I don’t like fucking dudes in there pussy.i say that to people who call it man pussy

  55. Wayne

    I love calling it a pussy when you walking around in the house twisting and teasing, I call it an ass but open the sex start it’s all pussy to me. You got to earn that title too since I’m only into fems, make it grab and suck my dick like a blow job… if you can do that then you got a PUSSY to me. Nice soft voice is icing on the cake with nice full kissy lips and nice suckable smooth nipples… I’m in heaven. This type pussy is for the few select who can throw it if you got one and dicksmiths who handle dicking down one!!!!!!!

  56. Matt

    Say it while we’re fucking and your ass gets kicked out door! I’m gay. Not straight, not bi, I’m gay. Its my ass. So fuck my ass! Doesn’t need explanation.

  57. Humiliate ME

    It’s a matter of perspective. – when i’m in my slut bottom fram of mind i LOVE gettin mah Kunt raped. to be honest ,am/boi pussy leave a bad taste in my mouth, but when you’re spread eagle and wanting it deep in you, do you really care?

  58. marc

    I cannot even think of — let alone type the word — p*ssy. It makes me queasy to even think of a woman’s part down there. If put in front of a firing squad and told I could save my life by licking a woman’s p*ssy, I would yell, “Fire!”

  59. S. Lee Keels

    One of the more inane conversations I have witnessed in quite some time. Please do yourselves a favor and grow up. It’s just a word! *sigh*

  60. tr

    OMG You guys who hate that term are pussies! Every one I have fucked or been fucked by gets totally turned on when I call it pussy. But then I fuck, and get fucked by men!

  61. big8boner

    There is no such thing as a man pussy. It goes against our grain. The reason we are who we are is because we like “hole” instead of “pussy.” If we had a “pussy” then we would be a female.

    The term “manpussy” sounds like a term that would come out of a book that Perez Hilton would write, or a joke that would come out of Rip Taylor’s mouth.

    Pussy belongs at the “Y”. Let’s leave it there.

  62. Matt45342

    As a bi guy who LOVES to eat “pussy” I myself hate the term “man pussy” but hey if a dude wants to use it – it’s a free CUNTry

  63. bias

    This guy I just recently hooked up asked if my “pussy” get wet…. I faked like his dick was too big and made him leave… im a man last time I checked

  64. Chip

    Oh my FUCKING god… REALLY? Guys have been “naming” their cocks since we developed language… this is only a slight jump from that, and it makes FAR more sense than calling your dick a “johnson”!

    You can call your ass a ROSE GARDEN, a MAN-PUSSY, or a SHIT-CHUTE for all I care… if it’s connected to a hot man, and it’s a hot ass, I honestly do not care what you call it — it’s a playground for my cock!

    “A rose by any other name” ya know…

  65. mark

    What s wrong with man pussy ..its just abother degradation and demaculation of gay men …but tben again the gay community does not have respect let alone pride to alow themselves to look like broken wrist flakes
    In society and exploitexd by women

  66. Nark

    Some guys like it to be called a sissy a pussy a faggot when getting fucked so why not say man pussy when you degrade them fuck them like the little bottom bitches they are. They won’t personally say that they like it. But when it comes to the bedroom you can do or say whatever they like.

  67. jim

    I agree with you. I like pussy but when I want a man, I want to enjoy his ass and usually his dick too, not a pussy. Same goes for “son” or “daddy” Even though I like fuckin younger men, I don’t want to be called daddy and will not call a fuck buddy “son” I have 2 sons. I never had for a moment any sexual interest in them or my dad. Just kinda sick.

  68. Tapthatass

    Thank you men who have open minds and don’t let “words” upset you to the point of being so dramatic and sounding like a woman. Between “straight” and “very gay” is a grey area. There are men who like pussy on a woman and also like to get there’s pounded. I have a “straight” friend who likes trannies…I haven’t asked him his position. There are “fem” men who like pounding both man and woman pussy. No two gay men are alike and they don’t think alike or have fits over the same words. We don’t have crystal balls either so nobody knows what you find gross or whatever you call pussy. The very first guy should have laughed and said in a very nice way…please don’t refer to my ass that way. Really…you’re going to shoot him? You sound like one of those nuts who shouldn’t have a gun for any reason.

  69. work b*tch

    Get over it. Personally it doesn’t bother me and no reason it should. Let me fuck your butthole isn’t exactly the sexiest and doesn’t roll off the toungue, but it makes no difference.

  70. goldenloverinmym

    only one guy I was with called it a pussy he had a nice dick so I let it go afterwards we talked about it now h calls it asss just the way I like it now not a prob at all

  71. BryBry

    I like guys! I don’t care what he calls his ass if he is hot, smells manly (not unclean), and catches my attention in the right manner. Some call if ass, some call it hole, some call it pussy (i do thing mangina is more hilarious than anything, and if I can stop laughing, then I can’t fuck).

    So, mostly, it doesn’t matter to be what you call it, but everyone has their own preferences… Po-tay-toe…. Po-tah-toe!…. just don’t call it any kind of “gina” waaayyyyy too funny to me!

  72. Mike

    Please tell me why a straight man wants to come stick his dick in another mans ass, when he says he is bi or whatever….he has a pussy to fuck …so why do they always want to be the top….pathetic…PERIOD…go fuck your females’ “pussy”. Personally when with a man I want no scent of a female pussy on a partners dick or his body…nor do I want any contamination of her juices….DISINFECT the dude…lol…just nasty !

  73. Mike

    And why does a man shave his body like a female to smell “sweet”…that ain’t no man…I like the hair and all…a real man …not a dainty fruit cup…muscled…handsome or not..if you shave…you are nasty… you might as well be called a man pussy. Also find a partner and settle down….sex is not what the gay scene should be based upon. We are real people. It’s a shame how many have ruined it…and our “stance” keeps being diminished as long as these morons continue to infiltrate the scene. BE A MAN….and no man pussy…just nasty.

  74. Melvin

    I think if is funny how some men get upset with the word pussy. What is the difference between a a pussy and an ass except the smell?

  75. David

    Honestly guys, I really think that the issue of whatever “pet” names people wanna give to their sexual parts is so trite and trivial. There really are more important matters affecting everyone of us to make this into anything that significant!!!

  76. tajj monet

    Use of this term apparently is just yet another way to discriminate amongst ourselves within the LGBTQ community. It’s just a term. We know an ass isn’t a pussy.Both bodily parts have cons attached to them. We are always so quick to call someone or something effeminate. Pussies bleed,and asses shit.The term doesn’t bother me.Long as the ass is tight, clean, and the sex is good who gives a damn what you call it! Either way you’re still fucking a guy regardless of if you call it a manpussy or ass.

  77. Dave

    I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. If a guy wants to call his ass a man-pussy, so be it. If not, so be it. As long as its clean and I still get to bury my cock in it.

  78. pozdreamer36

    I’m sorry but that term grosses me out. So does boy pussy and mangina. It’s an asshole. It’s an instant turn off and mood killer when a guy uses that term.

  79. Antonio

    A major turn off.. The words man-pussy or boi-pussy does not exist in my vocabulary… Thats an instant deflat if those words come out of a man’s mouth, hell literally got up and left or kick a person out of my house for using those words.. Those words are major mood killers and if you want pussy, then pretend to be str8 & go after it.. @ blog to answer your question in whether to laygh or shoot him for saying man pussy.. Shoot him first, then laugh at him.. Lol..

  80. muzyqman

    Big turn-off for me. Doesn’t matter whether the guy is referring to HIS body part or MY body part. The minute I hear “pussy,” “man-pussy” or “boy-pussy” the sex is over and one of us gets dressed and leaves.

  81. MistrFistr

    I’m bisexual, so it works for me. The übergays might get the vapors and throw up when they hear it, though…bwaaaaaaa!

  82. Karl

    As a former bi man with a nasty sister, “pussy” is not a term that most women want hear used either, so it’s hardly feminine. “Hey girl, can I eat your pussy?” is something you’d use as a pickup line in the ghetto.

    I have a very very hot submissive young latin guy that I fuck senseless. He calls it his ‘man hole’. I like that a lot.

  83. Organman46

    I had a friend who told me that he was once fucking a guy who yelled out “Fuck me hard! Get me pregnant!” He went soft and ended the encounter immediately.

  84. Jeff

    There are plenty of guys out there that are gay, bi, or straight tops who have discovered their back doors and LOVE getting rimmed. Enough of them would even consider getting rimmed as an expected part of a good blow job.

    So can you imagine one of them growling, “Eat my pussy man!?”

  85. sumner

    i love it. i think its hot. hot . HOT. Its submissive and hungry and sensual. Now I’m bi and a hot masculine FTM is awesome. But ill take any hot man calling his cock socket a pussy!

  86. GuysaretooinsecuretosayAss

    It just means the guy would rather be fucking a pussy. He needs to think of it as a pussy because the thought of fucking a guy’s ass is disgusting. He’s just taking what he can get. They’re trying to think of you as feminine as possible to make the best of what they consider to be a bad situation.

    Any guy that refers to your ass as a pussy more than likely feels ashamed of himself for being attracted to guys. He probably describes himself as straight or straight-acting. If you are male and you have sex with males then you’re not straight. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise. If you’ve tried it more than twice then you’re not curious anymore.

    Be man enough to call it an ass, you pussies.

  87. Runner

    I’m a straight guy and can understand how some don’t like using that word…it makes sense. Reading this, however, really heightened my desire to fuck a tight ass and also be rimmed. (Neither of which I’ve experienced)

  88. Joe

    Ok, I do massages with happy ending and I had a customer that used that term one time and I had to fake it. I am sorry if I am with a guy, I don’t want to here pussy at all. If I am fucking and ass call it that. Needless to say he has asked me back a few times and I always tell him I am booked up. It is just not my thing. Yes, I have been with both men and women before and sometimes together but still a turn off when I am fucking a guy.

  89. Brett

    I’m pretty sure that ‘Man Pussy’ is not a term that any self-respecting gay man would have come up with! Just plain nasty!

  90. SexyLuvs269

    Im a bottom who Loves my ass fucked good hard and deep and it depends on the guy Im with as to what I call My ass. I have called it a Pussy a Fuckhole a tight wet cock milker. So I dont judge anyone who calls it a Manpussy. All I know is Mine loves to be fucked

  91. Mark

    It’s just a word…it’s just a part of the body…call it what ever turns you on. It’s not a gay/ straight issue. If a guy uses a word you don’t like, and you like having sex with them, let them know. You never know, he may not like your sloppy hole either way and send you on your way. I call my man’s hole what ever I want…and he gives it up how ever I want. I especially like it when I fuck his cunt. We all know it’s not really a cunt, but it’s more of a verbal domination which allows me to physically dominate him. When I’m feeling romantic, I call it my sweet hole as I’m pumping my load into his guts. Being a man is fucking how you like and not worrying about what to call whatever you are fucking. Just FUCK IT!

  92. Brian

    Want an anthropological take on this word choice? See my article in The Journal of Language and Sexuality. Adams-Thies, Brian. “Fluid bodies or bodily fluids: bodily reconfigurations in cybersex”. Vol 1 no 2. You might learn a little somethin’ somethin’. 😉

  93. S-oteric

    Personally I never refer to an ass or like to have my ass referred to as a pussy in any iteration. But hey, lets’s start calling dicks “man clits” and call it even.

  94. Jeremy

    There are a lot of words and phrases that kill the mood for people in the bedroom, gay and straight. And the topic of this blog is one of them for me. There is really nothing that makes me go soft any faster.

  95. Robert

    Would you please change the title from:

    ‘Gay Stuff : “ManPussy”’



    and post it at the bottom of every single A4A page? PLEASE????

  96. Robert

    Would you please change the title from:

    ‘Gay Stuff : “ManPussy”’


    “NEVER call a man’s asshole a pussy ever again, do you hear me?”

    and post it at the bottom of every single A4A page? Please????

  97. Robert

    I think the entire community would benefit if you changed the title from changing the title of this piece from: ‘Gay Stuff : “ManPussy”’ to: “NEVER call a man’s asshole a pussy ever again, do you hear me?” and post it at the bottom of every single A4A page? 🙂

  98. Brandon

    I met this really hot guy and went to a hotel with him after the club. I am 18 and he is around 30 but really fit. As I laid jerking while watching his abs and pecs when he was doing me he said “so much tighter than my wifes pussy.” He nutted on my abs and said “love tight man pussy.” Now I hate the word.

  99. Hunter0500

    Agree with Jeremy about words or phrases that kill the mood. In addition to anything “pussy”, for me it’s “babe” or “baby”. No. I’m fine with being called “bastard” or “cocksucker” by a bud in the middle of play, but “babe” or “baby” is a flat out “no”. When I’ve addressed it up front with buds, they have agreed.

    But with all things in Mansex Land, if it works for the players, so be it. It’s fair game.

  100. dippingdongandtung

    Personally I fuckin love all names ive heard a manhole…called…i love ads play and a dude that refers to his hole…is a huge turn-on..makes me wet my body..thinking about dippin my tung deep init..makes that hole hunger for it as it opens slowly…slurp…ahhhjjjj..slipppppp ummmmmmm slikck…u want it..claim it.

  101. Sam

    Called “Manpussy”!?!? There no way to say as men’s hole much like loose as pussy!? No men’s hole is tight and always as most of time. I always like say ” I would like fuck that cute man’s pink hole!” Not Manpussy!

  102. tantrika

    it ‘s increadible here the enormous non acceptance of just an approximative, sexy and funny not wrong slang…to refer to the power bottom’s man hole

  103. In The Ghettooooo...

    August 21, 2014 at 18:03

    Want an anthropological take on this word choice? See my article in The Journal of Language and Sexuality. Adams-Thies, Brian. “Fluid bodies or bodily fluids: bodily reconfigurations in cybersex”. Vol 1 no 2. You might learn a little somethin’ somethin’. ;-)”

    If you want to write and have people take you seriously, don’t say things like “a little somethin’ somethin’.”

  104. brokerjo

    I have an ass, a hole, a man hole and a daddy hole. If someone refers to man pussy, I correct them. If you dont want to fuck, you can call it that- total turn off

  105. TrizzyTroy

    I personally think that the dude who’s ass it is shd b allowed to call it wutever he wants to especially in the heat of passion. I mean I’m fully vers if the guy turns me on fully. Other then that I do the fuckin n if the dude is a lil more fem I may refer to his “pussy” if the guy is more trade, I’ll definitely say “cakes” “booty” etc. I do whatever keeps them giving it up Lolol. Personally if a dude is more hood or dominate or masculine then I might b ok if he calls it out in the heat of the moment. BUT DON’T TRY IT in general conversation because it sounds like you’re trying to emasculated or feminise me.

  106. rene

    Why dont you just call it what it is a Shit hole!!!!!. Many guys love the reference of boi pussy and so on. Unless your a temperamental Queen!!!

  107. Jay

    I kind of understand why this is a big deal, but why does Pussy gross so many gay guys out? It’s just a body part and a word And Although I choose men over women sexually, I have had sex with both and being a total top I’ve fucked a few asses and some guys asses do feel like pussy. Some guys asses are just made to be fucked, that’s a man pussy. Personally I think it’s hot when big masculine beefy dudes call their ass a pussy. But to each his own

  108. mecocklover

    If I wanted to fuck any type of “pussy,” then I’d fuck a girl.

    If I had a “pussy” of any type, then I’d be one.

  109. Ro

    Eww..Such a turn off to hear & I’ll definitely let a guy know if he refers to it as a pussy…Ur gonna play with my ass, eat my ass, & fuck my ass. Call it what it is. Will admit I also refer to it as cake lol

  110. redynrandy

    I am so confused, but that’s old news. I agree with so many who have said it is only a word and it cannot hurt you. On the other side of the coin, where are you all finding these straight and bisexual tops? All my straight friends who have sex with men are bottoms. The same is true for the bisexuals I know.

  111. almond

    I agree and trust me I met some good decent men, but that phrase there is a NO NO! I have stomach cramps, I have a fever and I am sore from the sex meaning I am ready to stop having sex and come up with something, because it has gotten weird for me knowing I am not a bitch nor feminine.

  112. thisisnotsparta

    I think that since a gay mans asshole functions as a pussy, its fine to throw out there when fucking. But not everytime you refer to it. I don’t sleep with “straight” guys because I get jealous easily, and if he’s repeatedly saying pussy that would make me feel like that’s what he he actually wants instead of my ass. But when its just used once or twice during the act it doesn’t bother me.

  113. brian username. .captainhooklives

    Hmmmm..ive even had it called really depends on the the top actually.. bi-top -gay top..I dare not say straight…thats gone as soon as you hit my its usually the bi-tops that use those terms and if you choose to be with a bi..then except everything that comes with it.. we have to satisfy his needs as well as ours in what turns him on.. 😉

  114. Dylan

    First off, I am a bottom, pretty much only. I have had a few men fuck me before who called it “my pussy” or “man-pussy” etc. I’ll be honest and say that when you talk about it out of context it does sound quite silly.

    However the men who fucked me and called it that was hot. They were usually gruff straight-ish men and I let them call it what they want. I was completely turned on by it even if they said other things such as wanting to breed me. As a bottom I loved it and let them pound the fuck out of my man pussy.

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