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Celebrities : R.I.P Robin Williams

CW, CBS And Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party - Arrivals


Beloved actor Robin Williams dies yesterday, at age 63.

The apparent cause of death was suicide by asphyxiation, authorities said. The actor was found around noon by the Police in his house in California. His publicist and his wife reported that Williams has been battling with depression and spent some time at Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center, a rehab center.

Williams was best known for his starring roles in classic comedies like “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Good Morning, Vietnam” and “Jumanji,” but also in acclaimed dramas such as “Dead Poets Society.” He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dr. Sean Maguire in “Good Will Hunting.” He rose to fame while playing Mork the alien in the TV show “Mork & Mindy,” a “Happy Days” spinoff.

If you are in the US and need help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


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  1. vulpixninetails

    God is now laughing cause heaven got one of its best comedians back up there. His death is a reminder of a movie that he did but was rated badly (What dreams may come).. I know the angels are up there laughing themselves to a storm, now that he is with them. One of the few actors that was ahead of his time, an actor that could not be type cast, and Hollywood didn’t know what to do with him.. He will truely be missed.. Who else came to us as an alien,a sailor, president, genie, a drag queen, and a living statue that comes to life,but leaves us at his greatest role; An Angel.. You will be missed..

  2. Randy

    Such a sad story! Without a doubt the best and most talented comedia of my lifetime. RIP peace Robin. Hope you finally find peace within.

  3. Jon

    :/ it doesn’t sound like you had any appreciation for the man. I’ve like most of your articles in the past – this seems plagiarized

  4. robert

    Yeah another high profile celebrity with more money than they know what to do with, access to deadly drugs, kills himself wanting life and death not sad for him but sad for us. If he had not died yesterday, would we even be thinking about him today…? They hope these things will bring attention to addiction and mental illness. It does for a day. what about the regular (poor)people who deal with it daily. He gets noticed because he has money..oh well lets move on…

    • blog

      Robert: Are u kidding?
      I suffered from depression in the past and still take medications for that. What you just wrote is extremely immature and stupid, the least. Being rich, successful, beautiful, a genius, a pro athlete or anything else has nothing to do with depression. When I was diagnosed with depression, my BF was a millionaire, he just bought me a Porsche for my bday, and you know what some of my “friends” told me ? “I hope you will stop complaining now”
      Let me tell you that these fuckers are no longer in my life.

      For some people I can be pretty, for some I can be successful, for some I can “have it all” but inside of me, I felt abandoned, alone, sad, depressed. I publish your comment because I always do publish comments, but this one really made me mad!

      Famous models, singers, writers, actors have commit suicide in the past. Do you REALLY think they were looking for more fame? Wow!

  5. robert

    Blog person Dave… It isnt about you. i agree with what you say mostly people die every day from addiction and mental illness and no one notices. We only notice these because they are famous and rich. I generally have no sympathy or empathy for the woes of the rich and famous… these blog things are dumb. What will the next topic be? “Now that gay people can marry…Will you be marrying your umbrella?”

  6. Daniel

    You people are losing site of what has happened. A great man has taken his own life do to mental illness. Let’s just stop the fighting and pray for him his family and friends. May they fine a way to deal with such a disaster. Pray for Robin Williams and the other lost souls of this illness and that they get the care that Robin didn’t. God bless you Robin may the Lord our God laugh as much as we did.

  7. Terrence

    Robert I do agree with your statement,celebrities have the world and they do crazy things and harm themselves. Tomorrow no one will give a damn.

  8. david

    I’ve always said – rich successful people are the majority of suicide victims…the poor, marginalized folks got nothing to do but keep going…..when looking at suicide stats the successful are much more venerable to this than middle class or especially lower class folks…’s sad and completely preventable…..just my thoughts – and yes i’ve experienced suicide in my life

  9. Thom

    One of the most brilliant gentleman of comedy since Jonathan Winters. God must truly have been in need of a laugh. One can only hope that he has found the peace he so desperately must have needed.

    As someone who has felt the throes of depression, I encourage anyone feeling suicidal to seek out friends, family and professionals to be of assistance. Life is precious and depression is truly no laughing matter.

    Bless you Robin Williams for all the joy you brought to me personally and to this world. May the next part of your journey bring you at least half the joy you have brought to this world. Goodbye.

  10. marc

    Cannot believe Robert’s insensitive comments above. Robin Williams wants attention after dying!? Makes no sense, Robert. I have been depressed and suicidal in my life, and only those who go through those feelings know how hellish it is. RIP, talented and kind and loving Robin Williams. You will be missed.

  11. dean

    sure he could act but maybe he should have figured out life wasn’t an act, so much attention to a addict and when a nice actress passes like lauren bacall not a word, she was a proud lady so don’t forget life is to short

  12. Mike

    As one that suffers from depression on a daily basis (yes I take medication for it) but still some days it is a struggle to even get out of bed. I can totally understand the effects that is has on a person. Depression is an illness and disease that is grossly underrated. People do have depressing moments in their life but Chronic Depression is totally different. They will tell you things will get better, its only temporary, and other things along those lines but it is not that way with chronic depression. Before I started my treatment you could have told me that I won a million dollars in the lottery and then tell me that my mother died and I would feel the same way for both statements. I have tried suicide 3 times in my life because I felt I had no other choice. Suicide was a way in my thinking to stop the pain inside me. I can totally understand the things Robin Williams was going through not the exact things but the feelings he was going through.

    Robin, I hope you have finally found the peace you felt you were missing while here. You gave the world a type of comedy that will never be able to be replaced

  13. PSMike

    I’m very sad Robin Williams died..I enjoyed a lot of his movies, comedy and tv shows….I hope he died knowing he was loved by so many….. That said, it’s hard for me to understand how someone with so much to live for, kids, spouse, health, financial security ,career, consider death as a way to end whatever pain they feel….life is beautiful, but it’s complicated…

  14. darryl

    From what I have been hearing, most of the comments on social media ranges from heart felt anecdotes about how funny Robin Williams was, or the list of great movies he stared in. Then you had people call him a coward for committing suicide, or how his family would feel ashamed. I didn’t know Robin personally, but I had a real fondness for the kind of person he was. Not to mention his beautiful blew eyes. My condolences to his friends, and family. Depression is very serious issue. Even when so some is the life of the party, they could be going through something others would not understand. So judging his choice doesn’t help. I have known people in my life end there’s in the prime of their lives, I think about them to this day.

  15. P.K

    How could any gay forget him in the Birdcage. Like many Americans over 35 I watched him as a kid on Mork and Mindy. I wasnt a huge fan of his films but when I did see him being interviewed he was always hilariously funny.

    It bothers me that his image could somehow be tarnished by the taking of his own life. It is sad that he chose this path instead of seeking help.

    Rumors have always followed him throughout the years in regards to his sexuality. Im wondering if his list of obvious demons, his sexuality wasnt one of them.

  16. E

    I have to admit, I suffer from depression, and it tortures me constantly. One thing I hate, is being alone. When I am alone, I go into the dark place, my mind tells me that I am alone, no one cares, I have nothing, no one, im unattractive, and the people in my life can’t be trusted. I have to snap out of it, and yell at myself to remind myself that these are lies of my mind. I once took meds to control it, but with rising healthcare, I had to stop taking it. When I am with people or my friends, I am perfectly fine, I don’t even think about it, it’s in the dark lonely nights that this happens…depression is a real thing, it can ruin a person. I wasn’t always like this, I was always happy, even when alone. It was when I moved to a new city, and a series of events occurred, when my self esteem plummeted. Its been 12 years I have dealt with it, but trust me I am not suicidal, just…lonely

  17. Stephen

    I’m shocked about Robin Williams. He was so good for this world. Who remembers the Barbara Walters interview where she asked him what was the most common misconception people have about you. His reply: “That I’m hung like a bear”. A rare moment of silence from Barbara followed.

  18. BryBry

    Dave: Some people just don’t get it or understand. Having money, not having money… being tall, being short, muscular, handsome, beautiful, perfect, less than perfect… all types of people suffer from depression. It is a terrible disease that many just don’t get.

    I am glad that you have been in treatment. Some are not fortunate enough to have even a little success in handling it.

    I have relatives that are constantly battling this, and I do on occasion.

    My heart goes out to Mr. Williams’ family and for the many other sufferers of this terrible, potentially deadly affliction.

    All the best to you…

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

  19. Brett

    I just adored that man. So talented at his craft. The news brought tears to my eyes; as if I’d lost a close loved one. He will be greatly missed. It will be strange to see him in 4 upcoming features he completed before this tragic event. May he be at peace.

  20. Simple Living

    I will always remember Robin Williams for his movie “The Birdcage”. How can you make laughter die? I only wish I could leave something so precious as laughter to the rest of the world. In a time when death reminds us of the worst of the world. Its nice to smile.

  21. Tod

    The loss of Robin Williams to suicide is very sad. If only he could have found the strength to stand outside himself… Suicide is a very selfish thing. His wife, children, family and friends are now left to grieve and wonder…could I have done more? If he could have focused his fame and fortune on helping others…stepping outside himself, perhaps he could have overcome the depression and sadness. May his family find peace…

  22. NICK

    Robin was a truly special actor and comedian. He was also very troubled. All those characters that he would jump in and out of , the voices they were all real to him.. that is what was going on in his head .. on a good day the voices were silly and fun, but on bad days the voices were dark and sad.

    I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times when we both lived in San Francisco and I will always remember him for two things: what a hairy gorilla of a man he was and how much energy he had.. Maybe now he will get the sleep he was always looking for.

  23. Ray_Atlanta

    Depression is a disease just like aids or cancer. But yet its looked down on like its something you should put your big boy pants on and move on. Robin was rich & famous but he was human just like everybody else. Well he did come from ork, I think that was his planet in mork & mindy. RIP Robin and my prayers goes out to his family.

  24. Dylan

    It truly was a shock. My BF and I were hysterical. He met Robin while he was deployed to Iraq / Afghanistan on a USO tour. He hot to sit with him and eat and chat for a while. He said he took as many pic with everyone as they wanted. He wasn’t there for publicity or more fame or “look at me I’m making a difference”. He was there and talked to everyone with out attitude. He cared! My bf also said he kinda had that attitude in good morning Vietnam where he wanted to get to talk to and know everyone like in the scene with the traffic jam.
    My bf and I absolutely love the movie THE BIRDCAGE (I can’t believe you left this off your list in this forum). We have it on cd, both our lap tops, DVD, blue ray. We chose characters and do their lines on long trips. We can act out that whole movie. It will always be our favorite.
    Armand, I know you are gonna be laying in that shithole cemetery in LasCopa, I hope he is finally at peace. It’s amazing how one man can make the world laugh until it hurt and that same man can make the whole world cry. He will be missed.

  25. Alex

    Depression is brutal. Runs in my family and we all work everyday to keep ahead of it. Loved R. Williams in Dead Poet Society. O captain! My captain! our fearful trip is done…
    Rest in peace Sir.

  26. JC


    Is there a legit reason to shoot the messenger here? Or be snarky toward the deceased? Thankfully most people are respectful.

  27. BryBry

    Mr. Williams was a one of a kind talent that we will never see the likes of again. He will be sorely missed.

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

  28. mark

    Dear Robin…… was pretty obvious that your politics changed as you aged. The obama-lemonaid tasted a tad bitter,didn’t it? I would have done the same thing, after meeting him, too. Mindy misses you.

  29. Chip

    I know I’m a little “johnny come lately” on this one, but I’ve been travelling, and I’d like to chime in…

    Like many of you, I was surprised and terribly saddened by Robin Williams’ death — especially for the family (wife, 3 children — thankfully all adults) who will forever live with the unanswerable questions and sadness that surrounds such inexplicable events in a suicide.

    I had a chance to actually MEET Robin Williams in NYC when I was just 20. I was invited by a friend to attend a private pre-release screening of “Moscow on the Hudson”. He shook my hand and thanked me for attending, even though I was obviously someone else’s +1, and I was a pimply-faced geeky looking kid who obviously had absolutely no power or influence over anyone! He spent no more or less time thanking me than anyone else at the event, but that alone meant a lot to me.

    Today, I mentor a young man half my age (nothing sexual) who suffers from depression, and often blames it on his economic status (he’s unemployed & always seems broke). I used Mr. Williams’ death in a way I would hope others would too — to demonstrate & educate that MATERIAL things: wealth, fame, friends, even family — will not, and cannot, solve all of your problems or make you happy. At best, they can be “covers” that help you disguise your depression.

    Depression strikes people in ALL walks of life: gay and straight; tall and short; skinny and fat; black, white, and every other skin color in between…. and rich and poor! It can be devastating, and can seem insurmountable… and it usually IS insurmountable without HELP! If you are depressed, ASK FOR HELP!

    To the dude who posted that he had no empathy for the “rich and famous” all I can say is that your opinion, as you stated it, makes you appear shallow, uncaring, and extremely materialistic — as if you believed that “having fame and fortune would solve all of YOUR problems, so you cannot understand why is didn’t solve all of his”. How sad for you….

    With respect to Robin Williams, I am organizing a “Laugh Party” next weekend with friends & family… we’ll watch a “marathon” of Robin Williams movies and TV shows, and remember how he made us laugh… seemingly without effort.

  30. brian username. .captainhooklives

    🙁 another that made my most depressing days finish with laughter and a smile gone from this world..he will sorely be missed..though depression is a serious battle. .I wished someone could have given him the laughter and simple humor to him as he so effortlessly shared with us..we will miss you Robin! There was a quote bt Robin that hit home with me.. maybe paraphrasing it but it went something like this..” you know..I used to think being alone was the worse thing in the world. .but it isn’t. ..the worst thing is being surrounded by people who make you feel alone”..

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