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Brent Ray Fraser, a Canadian performance artist, treated passersby on Hastings Street in Vancouver, by enjoying a fancy meal on the sidewalk of this busy street.

The artist spends his days perfecting the art of the unique. From paintings (sometimes with his hung dick) to portraits, custom pillows to couture clothing, Brent Ray Fraser is a multi faceted artist.

Check him out in one of his sexy art EXHIBITION after the jump! I would definitely like him painting me out!


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  1. Modcuzco

    I love Art like this
    It brings controversial topics to the forefront for discussion. A lot of people know nudity but they don’t know what it is to be Nude
    Being a product of what the creator has bought upon us.
    Next time you get a chance be bold get nude and do something you e never done

  2. Beauxner92

    The general public seems to be disgusted with public nudity. The fact that Stevens is eating in front of the homeless in Vancouver is making a bold statement: how come we get to overconsume while there are people who don’t get to consume a single meal in a day? Excellent point. I wish major communities in the U.S. would be more accepting of this kind of art.

  3. Scarpien

    I was wondering why that bearded guy in sandals hung around all that time; he just wanted a meal. He should have just asked Brent to share, pull up a chair and dined with him. lol

  4. marc

    If I were on the street, I would be arrested for starting to suck that gorgeous big cock. My defense in court: I could not resist when confronted by such a luscious cock, not my fault, your honor!

  5. tomzuk

    How is eating naked art? shrugs. How about instead of bringing such a non-controversial topic to the forefront for discussion, we bring to light the people starving on the streets. Who are grabbing left overs off of his plate after he leaves.

  6. jacelondon

    and they call that art? hum that not very artistic that just naked gym bunny eatin on the street while people pass by like said im imperssted

  7. WayneJay

    Thats the best thing ever. I totally laughed my ass off at the end when a couple onlookers went for his leftovers. Granted the steak looked yummy, how can someone seem weirded out by a naked guy eating in public but feel more than ok with eating his table straps. Oh Canada haha

  8. KG

    I agree, he’s hot. However, I do not consider this to be art as it is indecent to be naked in public especially with the danger of having small children around. Call me a prude or whatever, but this is not art. There are so many ways that he could have proven his point but not like this. Children are being subjected to so many adult themed subjects nowadays and we wonder why our youth is getting lost. Ask yourselves the implications this could have on a child’s psyche. This is not right, not to me at least.

  9. sohorney4fun

    That was so boring… shouldof been sexier:)
    he needed his meat sucked on while he ate the meat that was on the plate! or he should have been fucked really hard to see if he could concentrate on eating. that wouldof been HOTT

  10. Aaron

    I guess it’s performance art? I wonder what the etiquette of this type of art is. Like if I pulled up a chair and asked him if I could join him, would that be interrupting the “show”?

    I don’t mind public statements…it makes people think. I guess it’s easier to get away with if you look like that…and you’re in Canada. I just felt bad for the guys at the end who dove in for the leftover food. But maybe that was the point.

  11. Dave

    No question the man is very hot. Artistic is debatable but he knows how to sell his body. On his website, there are videos of him masturbating and getting into all sorts of fantasies to purchase for a good chunk of change. And he strips at parties and sells a replica of his cock.

  12. Julian

    Ya I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t “get” a lot of modern art but whatever the “message” is I just have to wonder if anyone would even care if this guy was overweight or even average. I feel like it’s a hardcore gimmick. If you’re truly talented you can get your art out there without stripping. I just wonder.. Does nudity really have a big part of the message?

  13. rj

    I love it. I am as shallow as the next queer. I wouldn’t feel this way if he wasn’t such a great looking man. I think it is a cool way to promote the body and awareness of hunger etc. I love it.

  14. Hunter0500

    Whether it’s performance art or a consciousness raising, at the end of the day are those who see it moved to actually do anything? Are they changed for the better? Do they begin to actively speak out? Donate money? Join “the cause”?

    In general, people just go back to their daily lives once the spectacle is over. Maybe a small small number are positively affected and take action so that’s a step.

    In this case, some people probably went home and jerked off over the artist.

  15. Karl

    Performance art is a load… Unless it’s dance, actual theater, singing or playing an instrument. The fact that many art snobs consider it “modern art” just speaks to empty art has become. A naked man eating a steak in public is interesting for about one minute. My niece’s middle school production of “Oklahoma” held my interest for most of an hour and a half….

  16. Ike

    I’m sorry but no matter what controversial or deep meaning his intentions have this is just another example that “sex sells”…..let’s face it, there are only 2 things that attract people’s attention…..nudes and explosions

  17. M

    The best part is when someone goes “there’s kids around” and someone replies, “it’s just a dick” Agree 100%, kill the “culture” of fear of the flesh.

    and of course the fact that the guy is a muscle-god doesn’t hurt any…

  18. Joseph

    so post-modern, if it was 1978 this will make total sense but right now its rancic and not provocative anymore, there are lots of true avant garde artist out there why not featuring someone with some depth?

  19. Dixon Balls

    The dude is hot, yes. I loved it until the end when I saw the poor homeless hungry people getting food off of his plate. That is sad.

  20. Matt

    Found this guy on FB. Narcissist the 10th degree. As long as there is a mirror or camera lens, he’s happy! News Flash… are an exhibitionist, NOT an artist.

  21. jj

    Unimpressive. Is the point to bring awareness of the hungry around us? If so, the nudity distracts from the message. There are all types of art out there but it doesn’t mean it’s good. This ranks up there with the pic of the crucifix in urine.

  22. Seaguy

    I would prefer an artist like that over the usual gang of tourists and homeless people who usually are down there pan handling, same goes for here in Seattle.

  23. vafratboy

    Pretty boring. I don’t see the art in it at all (I have a degree in art and am pretty open-minded about a lot of art others say “is not art”).

    But KG is just being ridiculous when he says “Children are being subjected to so many adult themed subjects nowadays and we wonder why our youth is getting lost.”

    What is “adult-themed” about eating a steak? Because he’s naked? Are showers “adult-themed?” If nudity is making “our youth” get “lost,” it’s only because we are pushing the idea that any and all nudity is inherently sexual. There is nothing “adult” about a nude body. We all come into the world that way. I think there’s a real danger in teaching our children that their bodies are only useful for sex and nothing more, which is precisely the message we send when we suggest that ANY exposure of the body is inherently “adult-themed.”

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