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ABC’s hidden camera show “What Would You Do?” took a look at how Mississippi locals would react to an act of blatant anti-gay discrimination at a restaurant in a recent installment.

Two actors portraying a gay couple visited a Mexican eatery, while third played a customer angered by the pair’s public displays of affection. The reaction from the legitimate customers in the restaurant is both eye-opening and (at times) inspiring.

When interviewed by the host of the show, many answered that “God doesn’t like this” ….but the most shocking reaction that gave me chills all over my body for a good 10 seconds was from 2 straight college guys. Check out the video after the jump!



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  1. john kruse

    Wow what a great 7 plus minute video. It’s nice to know the college kids stuck up for the gay actors.
    religion blows and all these bible thumpers need to sacrifice themselves.

  2. darryl

    Now this is just in one restaurant in Mississippi. This happens in real life all over America. It wasn’t long ago that Blacks were looked at in the same way. The Bible says that we shouldn’t mix the races. It’s very convenient that they misinterpret the Bible to justify their prejudices. The two college guys surprised me, what they did made me tear up, watching how emotional the guy in the blue was getting. Good thing it stopped when it did. Open displays of affection can be too much for some to deal with, sexuality not with standing. If people could only see themselves in a mirror, and have it played back to them, how would their attitudes change? Hate less Love more….

  3. bobbylvc

    Wow – powerful – bravo to the two college students – looks like there is hope in our world after all !!!!!!

  4. Tim

    What you would expect from most of the Bible Belt. The wild haired girls where obviously pentecostal( holy rollers) judgemental and supposing to look meek and holy! Lol, wild hairstyles, tight holy clothing and if you notice not a single make there with them. They can judge others by thier view of the bible because they pick and choose what they want to believe and are supposed to be examples of Christ here on earth.

    I applaud the two college men for their stance!!! They showed more of a “Christian” attitude of love one another and judge not yet you be judged! What he said is what more of America is finally starting to grasp, slowly but inch by inch, thank god!!!

  5. brian

    You know what? I’m all for equal rights,but the show “What would you do?” Does nothing but cause fucking a total hypothetical scenario

  6. ronald fratini

    i feel the same as the colleg studen …to be accectenone does know what one feels until they go though it .. no

  7. RootsWith Wings

    Makes me angry, People cannot live there own lives and be happy leaving other people alone.
    Let them live there own lives and be happy.
    How about this.
    I think every woman in High heal shoos is a fucking hooker.
    There ugly.

  8. e

    I saw this episode and the fact that it was college aged men tells me that there is a shift in our culture. A culture of rapid acceptance of different cultures and people. Young men are not the macho anti-sissy guys they used to be. They are exposed to everyone now, therefore they are more accepting. Does bullying still exist? Of course! But are we getting closer? Absolutely

  9. hugablebear

    I just love these sort of people who want to quote the Bible, and they have no idea what they are talking about. I love how they jump from Old Testament to New Testament like they are interchangeable. If you want to pick from the Old Testament, fine, but then realize you must pick and believe in all the items in that book. Not just pick and choose what your pastor may give you to prove his point. If you have an argument, be ready to give verse and page, but then also be ready to defend plural marriages or concubines being brought into the family. Watch what you eat. And be ready to realize that this book has been copied and wrote in many languages to what we now have. Changes have been made along the way so this just might not be what was originally written those many years ago. Then they talk Jesus, that is only New Testament, prove where he condemns the topic. What we should really discuss is the ten commandments and what that says to live in peace. Maybe someday, this discussion will be mute and we can all just get along.

  10. Mike5038

    This is what is wrong with this world now. Why can’t people understand that God did not make everyone the same. It would be a screwed up world if every one were the same and had the same beliefs. I saw nothing wrong at all with the 2 guys holding hands and kissing in public. If the other people didn’t like it why didn’t they just move to another table were they could not see them and be done with it. The 2 guys did not choose to be gay they were born that way so why can’t people understand where they are coming from. For me I am all for showing affection in public. There should be more of it and just maybe the world would be a better place to live!

  11. Matt

    Obviously Katrina did not take enough of these douchebags out to sea with it. With that kind of intolerance the whole State should have flooded. Purge the whole god damn lot of them.

  12. Keith

    I am a gay black atheist. It would be my dream to play the part of the boyfriend in this restaurant. I’m not the one to take crap from anyone least of all a Christian. I think the problem is that most people who claim to believe in god have not even read the bible cover to cover. All of it. The deplorable parts too. If they did they would realize by this god thing’s standards no one can possibly make it to this never never land called heaven. In my case I honestly don’t give a holy dump about somebody’s religious opinions of me.

  13. Parker

    This is so outstanding and on the other hand an additive point of discrimination on so many different levels. I have to give it a 50 / 50

  14. Gert

    Wow people can be so judgmental! The 2 college guys man both of you are an example of letting people be who they are. Their partners are lucky. It brought a tear to my eye what they had said and coming up for ones that are opressed. Through out the world we have to endure this. I bet in some countries people will be jailed/killed.

  15. goldenloverinmym

    in the deep south i’m surprised the 2 guys stuck up for the gay cpl.i expected them to get the crap beat out of them. with the hatred in America nothing surprises me anymore and why i’m still in the closet DDDD

  16. maccron12

    this does not surprise me in Mississippi. i was born there and raise there and i am a black man..that is Mississippi..that state is only just past the civil rights bill in 1991, what did you expect ABC…this is the south, where no one who’s not white is accepted. i am old enough to remember the civil rights movement, when black american could defend the county but couldn’t shop in a store or go out to eat at a dinner, no wonder they would not expect a gay couple in public holding hangs. but if you think that Mississippi is along in this you are blind.

  17. Ranchograd99

    I love watching this show! And the two straight guys that stood up for the gay couple brought a tear to my eye! 🙂

  18. The_Inspector_069

    If that were to experience such an incident, I would walked out, contact my attorney and file a discrimination suit, without a doubt.

    People that base their actions and beliefs on religion only, definitely have a problem. These people are incapable of making intellectual decisions on their own. They need turn to the bible for guidance.

    To me, the bible is outdated and needs to be revised, and the same with the constitution. Things have changed, we have changed from those times and the bible and constitution needs to reflect those changes.

  19. Christopher

    I enjoy watching What would you do? and this excerpt was incredible to witness the acceptance, tolerance and the respect for other people’s lifestyles. Granted not all felt completely comfortable there was no signs of hostility.

  20. bbcslave

    Hey that was awsome!!! I really got choked up when they stood up for them!!! I just wish the whole world was as those two college guys!!!

  21. Dee

    I’m a gay man and I don’t agree with public displays of affection by two men. I happen to realize that there’s a bigger picture outside my sexuality as opposed to those who would make freedom of sexuality into a movement.

  22. Randy nelson

    I was appalled how some of the people reacted!! Who are we to judge!! The two college boys, I commend them for what they did and said! The people that critized the gay couple, the bible says to love one another and not judge, less you be judged. God doesn’t want that kind of people in heaven!





  24. gs999

    Would be interesting if they’d used couples with different looks. A couple of buff guys with tattoos would have gotten different reactions I bet.

    I did love how it was the younger str8 guy sticking up for them towards the end.

  25. d

    How can we call our self free country and help other country and we can not even get along with each other that is so sad. That people can not love each other for who they are but speak out about god hate gay. but they forgot that god is a loving god. how can we a nation go to other country preach freedom and other thing but at the same time preach hate for other people that is not right but also true about this country if you don’t believe love the same them hate come out of they mouth we need to go back and look in bible and see he also said does don’t have sin throw the first stone and judge not let u be judge. We keep forget that we can not god . if we are truly a free nation under god we need have love for everyone

  26. chris

    Whole bunch of brainwashed, uneducated mor..ns. That college dude was right. These ignoramuses are one of the reasons why so many in the world hate this country and why we have so many problems here.

  27. Wayne

    It’s fun how many in the gay community don’t like what they see but practice similar things themselves among the gay community. I’m black and have seen the stares or just plain ignored in white gay clubs… like what the hell am I doing there. I could go on and on with this but I hope you get the picture.

  28. Will

    Although I’m all for equality for all, the fact of the matter is that Biblically it is wrong and goes against what God teaches. On the other hand, what those Christians failed to remember is that what they have done in their past and currently in their daily lives goes against what God teaches as well every time they sin. Sin is sin and there is only one unforgivable sin, which is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. For those Christians who say that homosexuals will not be in Heaven need to go back and study what God teaches and get their religion in check.
    The thing that gay people need to realize is that not everyone agrees with their lifestyle and they don’t need to throw their gayness in people’s faces. There is no need to be displaying all that PDA especially in a restaurant where children can be present and yes I would say the same thing for a straight couple as well. Couples both gay and straight need to contain themselves with a little more class and dignity while in public. If you want to kiss and make out do it in the privacy of your own home. When you throw your sexuality in people’s faces, you will always get a response…some good, some not so good.

  29. appy26

    I came in this country for the same reason , my home countrt has no tollarence for homosexual people. still we live in the modern socity where it is not a big deal in USA, but in India you get beaten to death, secretly , people say that they are very educated, but when it comes to hemosexuality every one oposes it because of the religion and culture , I grew up in kind of same environment where it is not accepte. looking at the two guy who stood up for the gay couple . Bought tears in my eyes. The much of the new generation dosent believe or care about your sexuality . You can love who ever you want and marry who ever you want . I am proud and feel blessed to be gay .
    once again Kurdos to the two straight guys. They are smart , educated and very intellectual peope . This should be on every news chennal.

  30. Dearo 86

    The video shows me that times are changing.
    As the older generation is dying off. more & more people are starting to look at views & beliefs more differently. I really believed it starts on how you are raised, I grew up in a era when it was tabo to be gay . You didn’t even dream nor speak of it. Now a father of two with one heading off to college . I will say my view on this is that everybody has the right to love or be loved. I couldn’t even begin to think that I would turn my back on my kids if they came out. Even the first lady Barbra bush now supports gay marriages. So yes I would have spoken up for the gay couple. And yes after hiding it for over 30 years . I’m gay.

  31. Brad

    The couple shouldn’t have been sucking face in the restaurant in the first place. It’s inappropriate to the setting. It wouldn’t matter if it was a gay or straight couple. I don’t blame people for being upset about it. A peck on the cheek is fine as a greeting. Even a quick kiss on the lips would be ok as a greeting. But to suck face in a public restaurant, it’s just inappropriate and tacky.

  32. Michael

    The negative comments don’t make any of you better than they are. You doing the same thing they are. Set the better example.

  33. Dennis

    Being gay is more acceptable today than it has ever been. Younger generation seem to stand up more for things as this. If this had been two females nothing would have been said. If people are interviewed they would rather see two women hugging and kissing than two men. Yes it is a cruel and sick world for the gay men but we have come a long ways to what it once was. Thanks for sharing the video.

  34. Hunter0500

    Anyone watching the show needs to remember that the outcomes are carefully scripted. Actors lead patrons to predictable behaviors. Yes, sometimes those behaviors are unacceptable. Without that factor, the show would have no “wow” factor and would not be aired.

    Of note also is that the discrimination depicted by the Christians in the show is not representative of all Christians. Many believe gays were created by God and that nowhere in the Bible do God or Jesus specifically condemn homosexuality first hand; it is certain writers in the Bible that do the condemning speaking on behalf of God. Remember, God commanded that “thou may not covet thy neighbor’s wife”, but there’s no condemnation about anyone’s female neighbor’s husband. Many other Christians believe being gay is between that person and God. Others believe it’s not their place to judge so they have nothing to say. Blanket statements about “those Christians” all being discriminatory do not hold up to the light of day.

    While the depicted discrimination is unacceptable, it is scripted and needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  35. Flooby

    That show makes me cringe with the fake scenarios and the button-pushing. “Hey, let’s go to Mississippi and fuck with the red necks.” I don’t know of ANY gay people that would be stupid enough to go to an intolerant area of the United States and slobber over each other like that. Have a fucking BRAIN people. That’s like a white guy going to the south side of Chicago and screaming ‘nigger’. IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. Leave the intolerant rednecks alone and let them steep in their bible nonsense. Time will wash away stupid religion and the hick mentality.

  36. HalfTheGuysInMexicoAreNamedJesus

    Religion is one of the worst mental illnesses to ever exist. Just about everyone from every other denomination is going to Hell. Christianity is anything but Christian. If God is supposed to be all-loving and all-forgiving then how did Lucifer fall out of favor? Doesn’t sound very forgiving to me. If God exists and I don’t believe It exists then I should be forgiven, right?

    “You have to ASK for forgiveness.”

    What a load of bullshit.

    If God exists, is supposed to be perfect and not to be questioned but says so many things are wrong for people to do them WHY did God create the people that do those things?

    “God wanted us to have free will.”

    Sounds like God is just playing The Sims then, huh? If that’s true and God is just playing a game with us to see what will happen then It doesn’t deserve to be worshiped. Do you worship anyone that tries to fuck with your head?

    No one really knows if God exists but if It does then why should anyone be punished for not knowing or believing? It would be easy for God to prove It exists. The bible was written by old guys that thought the world was flat. Pretty stupid, if you ask me. It’s all just a story to try and keep people in line. If God is reading this and chooses not to forgive me then it just proves my point.

    Do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone else. Just because there is no God doesn’t mean that you should be a selfish cunt.

  37. jace

    I saw this that kind typical in the south for people to react that way that kind expected it when saw it like said it was tyoical recponce

  38. Donwel12

    PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK! I don’t care if it’s man/man, woman/woman, man/woman I don’t want to see that! And you know sometime it’s not because your gay, it’s because you are being inappropriate! A lot of people want to be treated equal until they are! In my experience most gay people get treated badly because they are being inappropriate and shoving it in people’s face. In most cases if you treat people with respect that’s what you will get back!

  39. tim

    I just love how all of you self-congratulating liberal sorts get your panties all in a knot when someone reacts in a way that you find unacceptable. There are 5X as many Christians in this country who find homosexuality abnormal as there are self-identified homosexuals. The vast vast majority of Christians leave you alone, and even keep their opinions to themselves.

    You should thank God every morning you live in a country that is dominated by people of a truly peaceful, tolerant and forgiving Religion. Thousands of gays and lesbians in the Middle East should be so lucky.

    Oh, and maybe two years ago I gave a major stink eye to a young straight couple in a restaurant that were tonsil diving and fondling each other. Foreplay in a restaurant is just tacky.

  40. Del

    You don’t have to go to the south to experience aversion of gays. Me and my husband were sitting in a lesbian owned and operated restaurant with two other friends in Butler,PA. One of the (lesbian) owners asked us to quit touching hands because it may make the straight people uncomfortable. We left without eating dinner. I sure we’d get better treatment at a Chick Fil A.

  41. isadore

    To Matt who said that Katrina should have taken the whole lot of them out to sea. FUCK YOU! You intolerant, bigoted, narrow-minded, fascist asshole. You would have faired well in Nazi Germany, you fucking hypocrite.

    I hate these fucking shows which show a state as everyone expects it to be. As a lifelong Mississippian, I resent the idea that this show projects. Intolerance is everywhere, as showcased by Matt, who wishes those dead who don’t walk in lock-step with him, you fucking Nazi!

  42. Mike

    Smh. It just sucks reading something like this. I remember writing to you about my issue about me getting fired cause I was gay 2 x!!

  43. W

    It just shows the younger generation is more accepting and open then the older generation. It also still shows with the advancements with civil rights the southern states are still stuck being brainwashed and uneducated.

  44. Guyndsm

    More important than the video is the diverse comments that demonstrates a high intolerance on both sides of this discussion. Matt’s idea that you don’t agree with him you should be dead is just as intolerant of others views on an issue. Remember this is an edited for TV show, sending a message that ABC wants you to see, not everything that really took place.

    So the take away from the video is: How do you want to act, like the the female actress; loud, boisterous, intolerant of others views, or like the one college kid, demonstrating tolerance and leadership characteristics in how he addressed the issue with her and the manager.

    Many gay activists act more like the intolerant female actress but should act more like the young college kid.

  45. Caligari

    I wish that anyone who said “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” would have an immediate heart attack, partly because it’s a sucky opinion, but mostly because it’s so fucking trite and unoriginal.

  46. Ray

    Mississippi being My Home State as Well as Alabama I am totally embarrassed by the People & their narrow mindedness. They are also TWO FACED. I have No Plans to ever Return to any place in the Deep South or the South until I’m ready tpo be laid to rest next to my parents.

  47. talon

    yeah I dont like seeing anyone make out,gay or str8 in a restaurant…ugh. club…fine, beach-fine, movie-NO, but they weren’t doing anything excessive.

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