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If you were to recast the XMen, I believe Bodik Rigor would be the perfect choice for Colossus. Colossus is a big beefy Soviet god who has muscles that turn to steel. This Ukranian hottie, might not have muscles that turn to steel, but they sure as hell will turn your dick to steel. This boy has that perfect body builder body, but with natural hair on his chest and a hot fuzzy ass.

The other steel he possesses are his blue steel eyes. Those eyes can shoot beams right through you and make you weak in the knees and willing to do anything he says. Perfect eyes, perfect pecs, perfect biceps, hot fuzzy ass, and we still have not even gotten to his dick yet. He has a beautiful long uncut cock that is just dying to be sucked. He loves to dirty talk. And the fun thing about being Ukranian, is that he can talk nasty in Ukranian, Russian and English.

This is one of the best gay porn stars out there. Take a look at his hd porn videos at Randy Blue and by the way, the subscription is 60% OFF right now, so take advantage and click here!

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  1. jim

    Absolutely awesome. I love the hair ass and nice cock. would lick from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head then come back and lick that ass and suck that hot cock. Damn my big cock is ripping my briefs.

  2. abashed

    Its embarrassing to be knocked down to the sale rack in the porn industry. if i were a pornstar i would see to it the the contract that I not be placed on the sale rack

  3. Charlie

    Dayummmm. I am with you all the way Marc. He may not be the best porn star ever but I would take him home for a day or two before saying anything bad. Looks pretty tasty to me.

  4. Knute

    I like the natural look. I hate seeing models that shave off all the hair. I don’t watch porn because all the men seem to look and act more like women.

  5. NativePitcher

    @Storm: Yes, actually… a fuzzy ass IS a good thing!

    Hot guy, great body, beautiful big dick…. but a new Colossus? I don’t think so… Check the source material… Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) isn’t just a good-looking, buff Russian guy… He’s HUGE!! And his mutation allows him to transform his body into a type of organic steel. I don’t see Bodic’s stats on the Randy Blue site, but he looks like he’s about 5’9″ or so..? You’d need a really huge bodybuilder who is about 6’4″ to do a credible Colossus.

  6. XXXLover

    Incredibly sexy, hair ass. I would busy a but in that hairy ass anytime. That would be breakfast, licht and dinner. Definitely would eat that ass.

  7. jockn2cbt

    I ain’t much on rimming, but yeah I’m looking at the hairy crack on this boy and my mind goes to tonguing that fur and my cock is at full mast.

  8. Hunter0500

    For guys who look for guys based upon youth, looks, muscles, body hair, and bulges, he’s everything they could want in a guy.

  9. Tris

    There’s just something about Randyblue men … almost without fail they pick guys that REALLY turn me on. This guy is no exception. WOOF!

  10. Anthony

    Ok, I was about to say the sexiest part of him was his armpits..until I was more of these pics. NOTHING HOTTER THAN A HAIRY BUTT AND CRACK !!!!

  11. David Brooks

    Amazing hole and crack. It’s men like him with just the right amount of hair that drives me wild. A hairy crack like his is heaven!

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