Health : HIV Researchers Die In A Plane Crash


The Malaysian plane that was shot down over the Ukraine yesterday contained many of the world’s leading AIDS researchers en route to a conference in Melbourne, Australia. 108 researchers were reported dead yesterday, but recent news from Australian authorities suggested that the number was much lower this morning (nothing confirmed). Someone may literally have shot the cure for AIDS out of the sky. Great fucking job, humanity!!!

According to the Telegraph, delegates already gathered in Melbourne for pre-conference meetings were informed of the deaths of 108 of their colleagues after the plane was downed by a surface-to-air missile yesterday. Among the dead are World Health Organization advisor Glenn Thomas, as well as research giant and lauded humanitarian Dr. Joep Lange and his wife, Jacqueline van Tongeren, who has been researching AIDS for three decades. Dr. Lange has written more than 350 papers and spent his career fighting for access to low-cost AIDS treatment in Africa.

It’s a sad day! Our prayers are with the families of the lost ones!


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  1. marc

    So unbelievably sad and tragic. My heart goes out to all the victims, their friends, their loved ones, their families.

  2. walter

    Great freaking job humanity!! Kill the people who are doing something to cure HIV/AIDS.. Show how stupid mankind can be by shooting down the plane. Its the second Malaysian plane to go down in recent months, the first being the plane that disappear into the ocean a few months back.. My prayers and condolences go to the grieving famalies.. This is a setback for HIV/AIDS research and treatment, but I know we can find a way to move forward.. Keep moving forward, pushing and breaking boundaries for treatment and cure for HIV/AIDS. We can overcome this and achieve our goal..

  3. Mike5038

    It is ashame that people are willing to kiil innocent people just because they want to. I hope they catch the son-of-bitche’s that did this and blowes them up.

  4. BryBry

    Thanks for posting this. The media and most mentioning of this event are calling it a “crash”, but the plane did not get a chance to “crash”… it was shot out of the sky, destroyed while in flight. Debris was scattered over a 10 mile expanse. There has to be a more accurate term for what this is. I don’t define it as a crash because it did not get a chance to do so.

    Making it exponentially worse is the fact that so many of the world’s experts in AIDS/HIV Research were on board! My mind immediately started wondering what kind of world would we be in IF JONAS SALK (POLIO) or MARIE CURIE (ADVANCES IN RADIATION RESEARCH: X-RAYS for example) had been killed in a similar fashion.

    I am personally devastated by this news and mourn for myself and the world that this unspeakable, horrific act has taken place.

  5. robert

    bet the israelis breathed a guilty sigh of relief tho….for a short while at least there would be someone killing more innocent civilians than they are. what a world we live in.

  6. Garrett

    Maybe it’s a sign from god that they need to start telling us the truth about HIV/AIDS and quit lying to us about it.

  7. ronald fratini

    today july 18 at noon their was a press meeting and they spoke of all the people who were in the fight for hiv and people with aids putin power and money when will the world stoptheir is never peace on our plant allways killing some were all the time why /

  8. SuperBass760

    I am shocked.
    I am devastated.
    I am at a loss for words except those that can summon the condolences for the families and those of us that have benefitted from these fine peoples research.
    Another reason why I don’t watch the news anymore.

  9. Pnkwini


  10. Chil_Cruise

    One of those who died worked for the WHO and was a dear friend of my sister’s. He was such a kind and generous man. We are still in shock and denial and greatly mourn the death of him and all the other souls on that plane, many of whom are directly working largely for the benefit the gay community.

  11. Scott

    this story has been in the news unless you live under a rock. not a great loss cause the government already has a cure, and millions died. a little late for that.

  12. Frank

    OMG what a sad day, but WE WILL GET THRU it, PRAYERS for the families and friends. I know their research will go on regardless of them being there to help, also that they will ge the credit. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE.

  13. Rene

    News services did carry the information. However remember victims have loved ones and spouting the info on some newscast is a disservice and horrible way for those affected to learn of it.
    More over, in this instance you should inform and keep your editorials and opinion shut.
    Scientific journals had the info today as well as what their work entailed.
    You’d do well to review and pass along rather than inflame a painful situation for many.
    It makes you look like amateurish, biased hack reporter.

  14. crankyd

    Wow. A lot of opinionated, misinformed and emotional comments about a yet not-fully-understood tragedy.
    Let’s all breathe before we speak without facts.

  15. Riddick300

    This is truly depressing to hear. The lives lost, the research (although I’m assuming it’s been backed up on computers) and the family’s loss. Makes you wonder if Putin planned this to specifically target HIV research….even if it sounds paranoid.

    So sad:(

  16. Edward

    The world will be safer when Putin is humbled, that’s a fact. My heart goes out to the family And friends of ALL that lost someone. It goes to aids research as well, a long with my brothers and sisters that suffer with HIV AND AIDS, like myself.

  17. Mike

    Putin hates gays. Doesn’t suprise me at all. This nonsense about the govt having a cure is pur bs. Where is the proof? The cure must be in the same location has the alien bodies and space ship.

  18. Eric

    PERFECT response to Rene, Blogger. Also, I HIGHLY doubt that any of the family of the murdered learned the news by reading the A4A blog. (not to diminish your blog)

  19. Alex

    I can’t stop crying when I see this news story on tv. What is wrong with people in this world?? I hope Russia and the Ukraine get what’s coming to them. Spread LOVE not hate 🙁

  20. Steve

    What if this results in a huge advancement in hiv research? What if some junior researcher is now allowed to proceed with a novel approach that the status quo stymied?

  21. Illuminaughty

    Obamas last years in office will be spent on the architecture of a swift world war. Apparently malaysia has become a proxy for killing dissidents and enemies of china and russia. If we went into libya for lockerbe bombing over 10 years ago, dont think we wont go into russia and decimate its already dieing population. Putan knows that russia is dead by 2050 so he’s doing anything to boost their power and conquer land where sex actually occures.

  22. brian username. .captainhooklives

    Oh boy..ive read this article a couple times..and daaaaaammmmmit…I try not to comment because I hate politics ..and conspiracy theories. …grrrr…ok..of course my heart goes out to there loved ones..and yes we definitely lost gems to humanity..but ..I keep thinking. .THESE WERE THE TOP MINDS IN AIDS RESEARCH!! Who’s frigging idea was it to put all our golden eggs in 1 basket! !!!???? People of that importance dont travel together because they become a 1 shot deal of a target!! Ok…ok ok ok. .now I turned into the guy I usually smirk at…grrrr..but though I’d just throw that out there.. 🙁

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