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It’s Pride season, many of you will travel, some will have sex while traveling, so it brings me to ask you this question. Do you prefer knowing the guy you will have sex with or you prefer anon sex, with a stranger you will meet online or app?

For some people it is impossible to have sex with strangers. They need to know them a bit, at least by going on a date with them. For others what they like is the thrill of not knowing the person and have sex with strangers. But this latest option might also come with STDs….

So let me know, Anon Sex: Hot or Not?



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  1. josh

    Hot…as long as its safe…..I find more closet guys like it hard and rough when its anonymous. Has to wrapped though. Enjoy the 4th and be safe!!!

  2. Steve

    Taking into.account all.the risks, i definitrly like the thrill.of I find i get bored after awhile with the same partner and want to move on. I try to exercise safe sex as much as possible and rarely have i ever let a total stranger fuck me. Lets face it, we’re all.only as df as as out last encounter and their last encounter for that matter. Outside of being totally monogamous, theres no guarantee.
    Hot video btw

  3. Mark

    It doesn’t matter either way for me. If a MASTER orders me to service a friend or a stranger, I’m going to follow his order and service them.

  4. Seacandy

    Hot. Though sometimes risky it can be thrilling to go to bed with someone you don’t know or a guy you just met. Though the encounters are hit and miss, you can meet someone online for sex and not know what you are getting, go to his house, make out, get naked and go to bed…it can either be awkward or very hot. I’ve had a little bit of both, but some of my best sexual encounters were with strangers whom I just happened to click with. As always, you should use condoms or better yet just play safe, mutual jo, and oral is much less risky.

  5. Randy

    Definitely hot!!! Something very sexy and erotic going to meet a total stranger for hot sex. I not partnered BTW and that may be a big reason why I am not. It is a huge turn on and thrill

  6. Pete

    Gycwby, cruise up to Bush River near Aberdeen. I’ve never been fucked there and once fucked a cute Asian guy in the restroom. Mmmmm loved eating his smooth ass and sucking his little cock!! Usually I stick to oral fun there and play safe!

  7. David

    I enjoy anon sex!! Have built some good friendships and have had some GREAT experiences. There are always a few that I wish that I pass-on.

  8. Keith

    I’m totally into anon sex. It really gets my blood pumping. I love the anticipation of what a guy looks like in person once I’m at his front door or he’s at mine. Rarely have I been disappointed.

  9. muzyqman

    Most of the time, I prefer to know the guy I’m gonna have sex with. But every once in a while, totally anonymous sex is HOT!

  10. Tim

    I may be 52, but I’m plenty attractive enough to actually have full contact sex. I’ve never much gotten in to a simple blow job…

  11. Jim

    It can be very erotic and hotttt.. I’ve had several encounters over the years which included a married guy who came and blew me every thursday while i was blindfolded. Several hot nights in the dark with strangers. Safety is a must.

  12. ParisLV

    Anon sex is the best! Have had anon gangbangs and everybody has a blast… You see, anon sex hits the most sexual organ in all the right spots; your brain! With anon sex, your mind runs free… and wild 😉 Some of my FWBs are strictly anon… we still have REALLY GOOD sex after months… But still must be ANON…

  13. Twenty something

    I like both…i practice safe sex even it’s a regular buddy. You for sure risk catching something with every encounter but you just have to be smart about it…for instance if a guy tells me they are willing to have unprotected sex with someone I automatically write them off as a potential sex partner. Too many of my friends are being infected with STIs and STDs to be flippant about my encounters.

  14. GH in SF

    I definitely enjoy anon sex, especially glory hole sex–there’s something incredibly hot about a purely physical sexual encounter between two horned guys. I have some gh regulars who have been coming by for years. It’s always hot.

  15. haluj8269

    Fucking hottest I don’t want to know your name and I don’t care about your problems nor should you mine let’s have sex and move the fuck on

  16. Dain

    First either option can come with std’s for the record. Hot or not for me is a function of the man. If a man is hot in bed, he’s going to be hot no matter where or how I meet him. Equally, if he has no game, anonymity isn’t going to make him better. Overall, while anonymous sex with a hot lover will still be hot, sex like most things in life, improves with practice. It’s when you can read each others signals and know which buttons to push and in what order that truly great sex happens. Sadly, most guys aren’t willing to make the effort to really create mind blowing sex.

  17. NakedResorts

    yes, it is very hot, especially while at gay, naked resorts like the ones in Palm Springs. Nothing like being naked and finding hot guys for sex or a group outdoors in the day or evening.

  18. Matt

    I think it’s totally hot if it’s safe sex. Thinking about infections is a total boner killer, LOL, so I only enjoy it wrapped up.

  19. Hunter0500

    Anonymous sex is crap shoot (pun intended). If you’re lucky and the guy is good, you win. If you’re not and he’s a creeper/weirdo/ass, you lose. If your risk tolerance (might be another pun in there, too) is high, knock yourself out. But don’t go whining to anyone if you find yourself on the short end of the stick. Especially when it comes to the risk of being drugged, robbed, or worse.

    Personally, anonymous sex is about as much fun as jacking off. I like to get to know the guy a bit first. Find out what he likes and does not like on the workbench. The first meeting is always weirdass awkward; neither of you have a clue about how make the other guy hum. For me, by the third play date, things are happening and happening well.

    Why constantly deal with desperate searches for Mr. Right Now when if you’re smart you have a herd of Mr. Ready and Willings who know how to make your toes curl again and again? And you know how to make them howl, too.

  20. seth

    anon sex is hot as long as you play safe. sometimes you just want to have hot, sweaty sexy with no strings attached and other times you want to know the person. each their own. but I don’t, won’t , and cannot have anon sex if I’m in a relationship with someone or if I know the other person is involoved as well. its a respect issue to me and karma is a b!itch and a payback is a muthaf*cka. so thanks, but otherwise I am down for some hot sweaty, till I’m exhausted sex every now and then.. nothing wrong with that!!!

  21. Eric

    It is the hottest and my favorite is being totally anon. My fantasy is being used by numerous guys while blindfolded. I have a few regulars that leave a blindfold at the door for me to put on and get on my knees with my hands behind my back. I have never seen them just show up their place. It is FUCKING HOT

  22. lights out guy

    I love anon fun..nothing hotter than anon hotel sex while traveling to new cities..connecting online, leaving the door slighly ajar..lights dimmed low, hearing the door swing open, hearing the pants drop..feeling the warm hands glide over my body..and being taken orally and then anally…big climax and then he slips into the night…so fucking hot..

    and if your lucky enough, he wants to repeat the fun next time your in his city…lots of bi/str8 guys like this fun..cum and go..awesome

  23. Michael Cruz from El Centro

    The picture at the top of this article is absolutely HOT. I understand the topic question is the focus but I just had to say this.

    Anon sex is either hot or nor depending on the chemistry’s of the people involved.

  24. bbfunboi-eu

    Most of my sexual encounters are anon, and a lot are in bathhouses or backrooms. I love being blindfolded – and tied up if possible – and having guys breed me. My record in one session so far is 28 loads and I’m working on breaking this record soon.

    I’m not really into repeating tricks anyway and there are enough hot guys where I live and visit that finding a few to breed me is never an issue. Knowing the dude is just boring lol

  25. John

    Hot…I love to meet up with guys I haven’t met before. Just had contact through email or chat, pics exchanged or not. Some are hot and some are not, it is all for the fun.

  26. Alex

    I really feed off chemistry and intimacy. Anonymous sex just doesn’t inspire and ignite me the way that a good friend or love interest definitely will. I think the hottest sex will always be with my true love 🙂 Maybe I’m snow white. Maybe I’m mentally disabled. We’ll see. I just wish anonymous sex wasn’t the only thing on the table like it seems to be…

  27. Alex

    Oh my god. I’m literally the only person here who would rather have intimate and passionate sex with a soul mate. My heart is one of my sexual organs I guess. It feels really lonely. I don’t meet guys who feel the same.

  28. Jadynn

    There is nothing hotter to me than being blindfolded in a hotel room in a jockstrap and having loads from 10+ guys dripping from my hole or slathered on my back

  29. FayettevilleGuy

    NO LIE, I go out of town just to hookup with guys. Before, I would even think about hooking up with any of the guys in my area. You are more free to enjoy the sex with someone who would not post all your business in the street around you….

  30. Del

    Anon sex can be very hot. It seems like most FWBs lose their appeal and spontaneity over time. You must always be careful when you don’t know someone’s medical, criminal and social background. A friend of mine was stabbed to death during an Anon hook-up and I know numerous friends who have been robbed.

  31. Topless

    I love checking into hotels placing ads for black men to come use my holes and leaving the door unlocked….only once was the guy especially aggressive,,,almost to the point of rape…he pulled my hair slapped me around and fucked my holes hard…when he was done with me, I was dripping cum out of my ass and my face had his spit on it,,,he only stopped when the next guy showed up…he left me sore but I knew the dangers when I gave my info out…

  32. Ben

    As long as he can fuck and is clean I don’t need to know his name. But if he can really fuck, we generally exchange name and numbers for another fucking real soon. The more the merrier.

  33. Lane

    Oh Fuck yeah. Love Anon fuck scenes.

    Actually miss Cruising Parks, Toilets and Locker Rooms, Tuckstops and bars cause the arto of anon sex is gone. -sigh-

  34. wamoo

    Anon sex is H O T ! I love glory hole sex. The anticipation of what is coming through that hole starts the juices to flowing for me. If it is a 9″+ cut black cock that slides through the hole I am in heaven. I will deepthroat that sucker as soon as he gets it all the way through. I can’t see what he looks like except for his huge, throbbing cock, that is all I want and sheer ecstasy. I will suck him till he moans, unloads, and I swallow. I sit there and wait for the next. If an exceptionally beautiful and oversized one comes through, after I suck awhile, I’ll sit on it and hope he can seed me good. I don’t leave until I feel full and semen is sloshing in my belly.

  35. brokerjo

    HOT! The cruise is half the fun for me and the sex is the other half! You may be a bit disappointed once in a while ( not all pics on a4a are current– surprise), but that’s life. Have fun men!!!

  36. Gary

    You mean there is sex with men you know? lol. I have been with a few hundred men over the years and I think I have known one last name. I have had about 30 regulars over the years and even their last names I didn’t know, but I knew them enough to really like them as people but still knew our relationship was based on sex only. I think anonymous sex is the norm for a lot of gay and bi men and I think it’s f…ing great!!! Nothing like leaving your house at 1am to go to a guy’s house, high on adrenaline and hard as hell. Usually a great time.

  37. warmandsoapy

    I have not been the same since Basic Plumbing in Silver Lake closed almost 20 years ago! I used to practically live there. The sex was phenomenal!!!!!

  38. Jock

    Seriously you never know what STD someone has so the whole ” I need to get to know someone ” is pointless. Also I have gotten to know guys before the sex and should not have cause they were weird and annoying. If im attracted to them we have safe sex names and conversation not required. Oh and you guys with your “I want romance during our 45 min hook up” really?? Hugging and kissing like we are newly weds??? lets be real , just fuck safe and hard!

  39. jose

    after reading all these replies on your ad. I myself have said and done a couple of things anonymous. Yha I have topped and bttm. Anonymously. Only safe sex tho. Recently I visited a bookstore in my area. And met a very handsome Cuban guy. We look ate each other and walked into a room and he rocked my hole for a good hours with his young and sucked the cum out of me. It was hot

  40. CoxZuchre

    As someone who spent almost all of his adult life in monogamous relationships, I was really into anonymous fun prior to starting my relationships. I spent almost 24 years in three and enjoyed being totally uninhibited in those days prior to HIV concerns. Now that I’ve been single for the past few years, I find it fun but a totally different world with a whole different set of concerns. Nostalgically, I miss the old days (of course) but I also miss the relationship time too :). Anyone who says they aren’t at least a bit turned on by anonymity is possibly telling themselves a little lie. I wouldn’t trade being in a good relationship for anything but a hot gloryhole and safe fun is still a big turn on. Take care of each other and most of all, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. We’re all responsible for our own status.

  41. Parker

    HOT! I love anon sex. I just went down to the local beach last night and got bred by a guy I couldn’t even see in the dark. Didn’t even exchange words. Nothing hotter. I don’t even care if he was poz.

  42. JaysSN

    Hella hot. Knowing a guy can be very not too, as you know all his spots. But having someone totally new and unknown is just such a thrill. And as long as it’s safe? Please, it’s not much riskier than a FWB. So just enjoy yourself! 🙂

  43. freeman56

    I cam out late and after kids and 18 year marriage. Was gangbusters at first to get caught up. Anon was exciting but that only lasted so long. Now no, there is something about knowing the guy I’m with and being able to call him by name. Learn what turns him on and showing what turns my crank, that takes time.

  44. Doug

    I was weaned on anon. sex. As a teenager men stood at the urinals with hardons at the train station in Boston. My head would swoon over all that meat. Being a twink at that time I could pick which dick I would suck. Such pleasure all around.
    Then meeting someone at the bar was a little safer, at least you will know the guys name. Now meeting over the internet is an amalgamation of the above, depending on how honest the member is.

  45. KE

    I like sex with a sexy hunk I don’t need to know.
    However there is no body fluid exchanges.
    Being a committed bator, ball sucker, I guess lowers the risk of STD.
    Try it, you might like it.
    Worship a cock or two with your hands. See how personal it actually is.

  46. Eric

    It’s only hot if the guy pans out to be hot. Last two times I’ve met up with guys anonymously they lied badly about stats and I left before there was any action.

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