Gay Stuff : Straight?

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today, I would like to talk about “straight” guys who are having gay sex! I want to talk about this because this weekend I met a “straight” guy from Jordan, he was beautiful (you know how gorgeous Jordanians are….) and he was calling himself “straight”. Is it me or these guys are not so straight? I mean they call themselves straight, but they get their dick sucked or get their ass fucked…. In my book this is being gay, or at least bi.

I know we have “straight” guys having gay sex reading our blog…guys let me know why you still consider yourself straight? I don’t want to label anyone here, I just want to know why? Is it to get guys easier? Because you know that some gay guys are attracted by a man who say he is straight… Or is it because you are living a straight life (wife and kids) but you love having gay sex on the side? Or is it because mentally, you cannot consider yourself gay because for you, it is not ok to be gay?

Let us know… because we like our bi guys…well, I do!


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  1. 1dlbiguy

    I think it’s about lifestyle, not sex preference. I consider myself Bi, but also have thought maybe straight is a better description. I’m happily married with kids, do not want out of that, but I also like cock and the sexual company of men. If I found myself single,I would NEVER consider “doing life” with a gay man, going to a gay bar, or putting up with all of the nonsense that comes attached to the gay lifestyle(or at least my understanding of it)

  2. BC

    I live a straight life. And no one would know otherwise. I have been bisexual all my life. I am more attracted to women than men but enjoy sucking dick. I can top or bottom but prefer a tight pussy over a mans ass. As far as bottoming, it all depends on the top. A top that takes his time and knows what he is doing is good. I’ll cum sometimes without touching my dick. A Dom top is a bummer for me. I want to at least get my dick sucked if I’m giving up some ass. Plus I’m masculine and don’t like to be manhandled or degraded by someone who equates sub with bottom. I know I’m bi, to say I’m straight is not accurate.

  3. cubie31

    Well, i like to think im a bisexual man. Im happily married with kids. I do love both sexs but for me i like being sexual with a guy because it allows me to let loose. Im very happy this way. I enjoy being a top in control when having sex with women but am a total bottom with men and want them in control. Not really attracted to all men, just certain types.

  4. ryan_2030

    I am married but love cock. I think I still think of myself as straight with a little bi lean. I think it’s more of a mindset.

  5. confusedguy

    I don’t know what to call myself. I’m attracted to a lot of guys (face, butt, dick) and enjoy having sex with them. But at the end of the day I don’t see myself being in a relationship with any of them and always go back to girls (I like being with girls emotionally and sexually too)

  6. MYFL

    No man who has sex with men can be called “straight,” even if they call themselves that! They may have a girlfriend or wife & kids, but they are really bisexual men. For whatever reason(s), they will deny that they really are bisexual (or even gay.) Religion, status, or the area that they live in may play games with their minds, but at some point they will hopefully come to their senses and admit who they really are.

  7. whatev

    A man having sex regularly with other men is not straight. He may be on the DL, he may be pretending to be straight, he may even be denying his own sexuality to himself… but he is NOT straight.
    And all the gay guys that only want to do straight men? Denying reality too. Truly straight men dont have sex with other men.

  8. RockitFL

    I live a completely straight lifestyle (wife,kids, work, friends) and no one knows I like to have sex with guys. In reality I’m Bi, but saying that could imply that I’m out with that, which I’m not. I didn’t realize I liked sex with guys til after I married.

  9. jesus

    I’m straight but gay too. I understand identity and gay rights are important but I am straight and gay too. If a guy wants to call himself straight we shouldn’t judge him, I mean we don’t want to be judged for being gay right?

  10. sigh

    If you like cock you’re gay. Doesn’t matter if you can’t accept it yet.

    Who wants to be with someone that is lying to themselves?

    Plus pussy is gross, who would want something that rubs a vag in them? Straight people.

  11. whitesubdude3

    I agree with 1dlbigguy, however, in my case I found that as my marriage crumbled I found myself being more attracted to men and conversed with them with no hangups. I am now more comfortable with myself and do not consider myself bi but gay, because, if you have sex with men then you must be gay. Most men will try to hold onto their marriage as a excuse or fall back, but in the end you really are having an affair eventhough you know if your “secret”got out then everything falls apart. We all have choices to make so make the right one.
    A funny thing the other day I met this gay man and he looked at me and said “Wow, I didn’t take you for a gay man”, so I said to him what does a gay man look like? Life as we know it.

  12. kinkyxxx76

    Same here as 1dlbiguy says, I am married also not even attracted to guys. Like to have sex with guys but love women, eould never go out to a gay bar or date a guy period. Guess it’s just a sexually thing.

  13. Wkyguy2014

    I call myself straight but with a thing for cocks. For me it is about getting off and enjoying getting someone else off, I have no other interest in men, and don’t particularly care about what’s attached to the man. Frankly, if anonymous sexual release was easily available with women I would do that instead, so I will make the most of it and appreciate the no strings attached to a cock.

  14. funtimeh

    I am bi love women but enjoy being the women also. And I find it funny had a guy who loved fucking my ass also didn’t mind me sucking him. He would jerk me off as he fucked me but that was it. He did consider himself completely straight I thought that was funny when his cock was inside me that he thinks he is straight but he is fucking my ass don’t think at that point you are straight maybe doing it once as an experiment would be one thing but after about the tenth time you should at least consider your bi

  15. cmat23

    The definition is pretty clear. If you do any sexual act with a man, but still like women, are with women, care more for women WHATEVER, you’re bi. At best you’re bicurious, which ONLY applies if you’ve never done it before. I’m not the role police, just stating facts. Those that claim to be straight are either ignorant or aren’t happy with themselves.

    Personally I think the name of the commenter above me “1dlbiguy” and his comment says A LOT.

  16. ttownguy015

    I think being gay means you are emotionally attracted to other men. Exploring your sexuality doesn’t mean that your gay. You can enjoy having your dick sucked, fucking, or being fucked without an emotional attraction. I believe determining what you classify yourself as should depend on if you want an emotional relationship with a man or a woman.

  17. Ivan

    We all know dealing with denial is a bitch. Straight or gay you’re still a cocksucker.. It’s just a matter of how long your ride over that bridge some of you call straight or bi before you get to gay town! Where you’ll still be sucking cock. Why try to fool yourself when you know in the back of your mind lol

  18. BiMWMvers

    I enjoy sex with women and with men, but I’d never feel romantically about a man. I am Bi SEXUAL, emphasis on the sex. Sex with men is often more athletic and hotter than with women, but for me sex with men is just sex, something fun in bed once in a while, nothing more.

  19. Rick

    I have been reading the 2014 wellness report and I thought it had a lot to say… But now I’m confused cause I though of something I though was so very important and it was not even listed…. dang bitch bitch that’s all I do… so I’m gonna ask someone that has been going to school on this stuff for impute…. then I will be all fixed… Ya… no problems here it’s your glasses…j/k

  20. Randy

    I am married and have kids. For the longest time I tried denying my feelings about men. After finally taking the plunge I am proud to say that I am gay. Nothing ever felt so right sexually. I think some men are just afraid to come out and say that they are gay.Certainly any guy that has sex with men is not “straight”. Especially if they keep coming back for more.

  21. 3r1c

    I dont agree. Sexuality is WAY too fluid a thing to put such static labels on it. A gay guy who has sex with a woman once or twice isnt straight…nor would it necessarily make him bisexual. No more than a guy liking ANYTHING Up his ass would make him gay. Thats just silly!
    We really should stop looking at these insignificant divisions. It hurts our community, but it isnt that great for humanity as a whole either.

  22. bimatt4334

    I agree with 1dlbiguy. I love being married and with my wife and kid. I do not want to be out of that relationship, but I discovered I like cock, and the sexual release of being with another man too. If I were single, I probably would try having a LTR with another man, but right now consider myself Bi and wish I thought my wife would understand cause I would love to share that with her, but I know she would FREAK.

  23. aw64134

    1dlbiguy gets it pretty close. Sexually attracted to women and men, but have never felt a “romantic” vibe with a guy. Labels kind of suck for guys like us.

  24. Mykel2356

    I have to agree with 1dlbiguy, nowadays it’s a life style to a lot of people men and women. They just take it as sex is sex no matter the sex of the person they are enjoying at that time. That is all they are looking for is sex from someone of the same sex and want a loving/marriage with someone of the opposite sex only.

  25. Mightymouse

    Could be a curiosity to see what it’s like to have sex with a man. I was in that position myself years ago… Now I realize that I like both, women and men. If a guys is “100% straight”, no way he would have sex with a guy. It’s the same as a gay man would not have sex with a women… not a turn on. Just my thoughts on that.

  26. Mike

    Straight men do not or are not interested in cock! If you are having any kind of sex with a men you are either bi or gay. I do understand why they label themselves as straight. Its due to pressures of those around them and what they have been able to except about themselves.

  27. gayblkmplsman

    Gay doesn’t come with nonsense that’s it’s a misconception. Within in the gay community however can be nonsense. But I think look if you take dick abd like to duck dick your not straight end of subject straight is defined as being hetero meaning man with woman sexually right. That’s my stand.

  28. dan

    i believe it is the mind set of some guys., patticularly bi guys. they dont think they qualify to be identify as gay since their lifestyle is not hundred percent to do with a man. if you are attracted to both sexes then you are not gay in my opinion , i think that person is bi. however to fit in the mainstream society , it is easier to define themselves as straight.

  29. Lvvers

    “I don’t want to label anyone here,” so just go ahead and label yourself… Pretty contradictory statement there, OP.

  30. LuckyChuck150

    I’m not big on labels, but society tends to demand one. I consider myself straight because I only have emotional attraction and connection with women. When I’m in a committed relationship, I’m 100% faithful. But when I’m single, I enjoy sex with both men and women. I had oral and anal sex with my wife. She wasn’t really into either, but I have a couple of male friends who really like it. Everyone gets their needs met. To me, its just sex.

  31. Steve

    Im.a married gay man. It took me years to accept the fact that i like men much better than.women. im masculine and act straight but it always makes me laugh when i see straight guys looking.for cock. Get your head out of his ass and admit to yourself that youre at least bi. I have alot of straight friends and the truely straight ones would.never have any kind of sexual experience with another man. I dont care how straight you live your life or how many kids you have. If you enjoy sexual contact with another guy, youre not straight

  32. PeetC

    For starters I just want to commend the mediator/commentator aka Dave, on how insightful and precise his observation of humor nature really are, particularly his acute awareness to the idiosyncrasies of homosexual men.

    I completely agree that labels should be left mainly on grocery store shelves to discern nutritional food facts! Now we all know (at least most members of A4A) that monogamy is not really a natural state. That is why marriage/commitment has always been held in such high regard–because it’s such a twisted state to maintain!

    If whoever is having whatever ‘on the side’, then most people will consider this as a type of dishonesty. Not good for any type of relations… However, if everyone is to be informed about all accepting parties then who is to judge.

    In my book ,though, one can label themselves however they want, but when it involves same sex sexual relations, then that would definitely be considered homosexuality.

  33. jim

    What I find interesting is that we have a need to “label” or “define” our behavior. Clearly, grey areas make people nervous or uncomfortable. Yes, there are bi men out there and men on the DL. But as far as im concerned, what “defines” someone’s orientation, is who they develop feelings for. I could go out tonight and have sex with a woman, but trust me, by no means does it make me straight or even Bi. I have emotional feelings for men, that’s what makes me gay.

  34. walter

    I asked my friends that same questions and this what they told. They call themselves straight because they ONLY DATE WOMAN & HAVE SEX WITH MEN. Now thats not my opinion, cause whether or not you have a relationship with men, as long you are attracted to them you gay and yes to be calling yourself “bi” is a lie and your way of trying to hold on ti being str8.. Thats my opinion so let the hate begin..

  35. Etalith

    This is a subject matter I have thought about a lot. I am a bi/gay man. Most of my sexual partners are men and I’m pretty much romantically attracted to men. Over the years, I have had remarkably a lot of experience with finding straight guys that want to have sex for the first time or only had it a few times and want more. Because of this experience I’ve personally come to vote sexuality on a simple sliding scale but an x-y axis. If breaks up the typical scale in physical and emotional attractiveness. There are plenty of his who would never vote themselves in a romantic relationship with another man, they get emotional satisfaction from intimacy with women. However on a purely physical level they have a physical desire for sexual contact with other men.

    As a part of dealing with first timers is the thoughts afterwards when they realize they liked what they experienced and what does that mean. I pretty much tell a lot of them that enjoy yourself doesn’t mean anything. You tried something new and you enjoyed it. It doesn’t mean your gay and your are going to fall in love with another guy. You expanded your horizons and you liked it and want to do it again. Do it again. Labels while good for somethings royally fuck up a lot of fun.

    I tell them about my views and how in that chart would lean heavily toward being gay on both sides but I do find woman attractive and can with the right woman see myself in a relationship. At this point I simple view the straight label as a guy who doesn’t stand out in a crowd. Is something I like and enjoy the idea of a guy who walks down the street looking like the biggest pussyhound is really behind closed for the biggest cock whore this side of the Rockies.

  36. Dsc306a

    I’m also very happily married to a woman and do not want to change that. But, I do luv sex with other men, I have this sexual attraction for other men that I just can’t deny. I’m not romantically attracted to other men, just sexually. So, I’m not sure what you should label guys like us (and I know there are a lot of us out there!), maybe bi, I don’t know.

  37. Bob

    Does it matter? I think not. I am as gay as the next guy when I have a cock in my mouth. I love the taste and feeling I get when I suck cock. I love the taste of pussy and am as straight as the next guy while she is sucking me off or fucking. It’s all about mood. Sometimes I like apples, sometimes I like oranges. I enjoy them both. Relationships are always with women.


  38. Pat

    I know I am gay. But I have not come out. I just cannot do it. It is a private matter for me no one else. I think men are the best they know what they want and I like that. If a guy has sex with another man for me he is gay. If he chooses not to come out his prerogative. I would like to think that some day being gay is a non issue.

  39. Subconscious3388

    I think sexual orientation falls within a spectrum. I don’t think one thing or a couple of things determine your sexual orientation. I think a person’s identification with a certain orientation is key. Many people want the world to be black and white, so they can make generalizations that people and things can fall into; it makes their lives easier. I identify with being gay, but from time to time I mess around with girls, who know my orientation, but try to convert me to the world of heterosexuality. I hardly think anyone would call me straight because I have sex with women from time to time. Why do we try to do the same thing to men who may have with men from time to time? Even further, girls can kiss each other and have let’s-be-honest experiences and their sexual orientation is never questioned. I’m agree with Honey Boo Boo, “Everyone is a little gay.”

  40. Ivan

    Here’s the cold harsh truth. Those types refered to as straight are as straight as a fat person is fit. And they don’t have the balls to come out and face the truth. Good luck living a secret life and good luck to those women and kids whose lives you’re doing massive emotional damage to. Go watch American beauty and learn something from Lester’s neighbor. No guns though lol

  41. bn8isgr8

    I remember way back in the dark ages when I was growing up and always was attracted to men and and was absolutely certain this “abnormal” obsession would pass. Also, I remember very clearly the day I was visiting a former roommate and saw and read a copy of the Advocate. I was NOT gay until that very day when I self-identified as such. And thank you, jesus, for the revelation. 😉

  42. Chris

    I’m married for 30 yrs and kids. I always considered myself str8. The last few yrs I started talking to guys online. Ive met a few of them and now im seriously questioning my sexuality.

  43. Chip

    Gay, Straight, Bi, even Pansexual (the latter being my self-described sexuality) are DEFINED as the sexual ATTRACTIONs of one to another. In other words (given that nearly all of these readers are men): that which gets your dick hard!

    However, culturally, we have co-opted these same labels for use in the definition of sexual PREFERENCEs.

    In terms of ATTRACTION, Kinsey makes a reasonable argument that NEARLY ALL of us are, at times in our lives, bisexual. (That is, nearly all men are attracted, at one time or another in their lives, to some men and also to some women — even if they choose never to act on that attraction!)

    But applying GAY, STRAIGHT, and BI to PREFERENCE certainly makes the ternary system of labels easier to apply:

    – A GAY man becomes defined as a man who CHOOSES to date and have sex primarily with other men. He does not “become” bisexual (or straight) just because he gets hard over a woman’s curvy ass or bare breasts… even if he has sex with a woman! If he would, nearly always, CHOOSE to live, love, and prosper with another MAN, then he’s GAY — regardless of his sexual history — past, present, or future.
    – A straight man becomes defined as a man who CHOOSES to date and have sex primarily with women. He does not “become” bisexual (or gay) simply because he has engaged in, or engages in, gay sex.
    – A bisexual man becomes defined as one who would be comfortable in a loving relationship with a man or a woman, even if there is a strong sexual preference for one or the other. One could even be BISEXUAL, even if his entire sexual past consisted solely of one gender or the other.

    In this latter form of definition, I think there are plenty of straight men (who would never consider “dating” another man) who can (and DO) get off sexually with other men. Their desires to have sex with other men won’t dissuade their PREFERENCE to live with, cavort with, love and otherwise spend the majority of their lives with, women. Thus, they remain “technically straight” (at least by their own definitions). (FWIW: I know a “straight” man who freely admits that sex with men is far better than sex with women, but he says he could never LOVE another man. By this latter definition, he is still STRAIGHT!)

    I don’t expect most “born gay” men to agree with these definitions — after all, the idea that being gay is a CHOICE is an anathema to the LGBT cause for equality!

    To my mind, though:
    – ATTRACTION is a biological function. If your dick gets hard seeing a naked man, you are ATTRACTED to men! That doesn’t mean you’re going to ACT on that attraction (sexual actions are choices!)
    – PREFERENCE is a conscious mental (and sometimes social) choice — and, in fact, the whole basis of our fight for EQUALITY is (or should be) that we (as-in LGBT people) should not HAVE TO ignore our attractions to similarly gendered people — we should instead have the RIGHT to CHOOSE to live with (and to love) ANYONE we choose, regardless of their gender… much the same way inter-racial couples had to (and still have to in some areas) fight for the right to love whom they choose, regardless of skin color!

    In the end, the only thing I think I can say that most others might even potentially agree with is this:

    Labels SUCK at defining people

    … and they often don’t apply (easily) to large parts of the population — especially, in this case, the LGBT population!!!

  44. Really Bisexual

    I grew up with all guys at a young age being Curious and did Gay things sexually. But they are all married now kids and fam. I have a kid Cause that’s the way life was fought to me men do manly things away from the women since Men were men. Now the fact that you have feminine men who hate that they are fem. Want to take every man down with them after he knows you kiss licked or don’t anything of curiosity that was preformed by two men. But As we all know their isn’t. Any real lables. Especially when everyday their is a new fetish. And by Gays pushing gay stuff on the Media. It is now a norm. Where you can be who you wanna be without being judge. So its now not gay for men to Sleep and have sex with others since its a norm.

  45. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    I’ve had sex with plenty of “straight” men and I’ve given up on explaining to them that straight men don’t blow their load as soon as a dick is crammed up their ass: That wanting to have sex with a man makes them NOT straight by the simplest of definitions.

    I assume most of these guys are saying “they live a straight lifestyle (AKA a lie)”. It used to bother me back when I was uncomfortable being gay; maybe I took it as their claiming to be better than gay men. However, I now KNOW how great it is to be gay, so it doesn’t bother me when a dude claims to be straight while he’s gagging on my cock. I laugh at their stupidity and am sometimes even saddened by their self-hatred, but I keep my opinions to myself (well, at least until I am done fucking them)


  46. Mike

    @Ike. You wouldn’t believe how many married cheaters are on this site lol. After I got engaged into the world of hookups, I never looked at any married man the same.

  47. quesarahsarah

    I am an out Indian male, and by that I mean to everyone: parents, their friends, all of my family, and their friends.

    For being out for 9 years now and being 25, I actually do kinda regret having come out so early. Jusss a little bit.

    I thank God/the Gods everyday that I was born in the US and and not in India. (Actually they are both from Africa but that’s another story).

    It goes this way: Indians, Muslims then Africans (in that order from easiest to worst) have the most difficult time coming out to your family. It is not something that really should be taken lightly by people from other cultures, and I do know that everyone has their own story and tries to make their situation seem the hardest. All I am saying it is hardest empathize with others (by Anglo-Saxons and Caucasians) from totally different background.

    Now not to start a fight but to say a sexual preference and a lifestyle choice is a fine line to walk. I am technically more straight than gay since I have slept with more women than me right? FUCK NO. I find women attractive but would rather spend my life with a male. My only question for someone with the online name 1dlbiguy is that does your wife know about your previous history. More overly are you being sexually active with men while you are married with children, and does your wife know about this. And once more over if you are having sexual relations with another man during your marriage, are you also having sexual thought and physically with other women as well since you are bi?

    What I believe, at least, is when “straight men” in any country have sex with another man, “straight” bi or gay… it a different kind of sex. They are more often angry (want to top) and usually are more emotional passionately or harmfully since they are sociologically depraved of their true feelings. I am not saying that bisexually does not exist lol I have met many bisexual males and females.

    Using labels is the worst thing you can do in public and in the bed room. Straight acting fem bi gay masc etc etc im sure there are a lot that I don’t know of because so many are made up because within the nature of insecure beingst here must be a code to communicate, and that’s not a bad thing some people need more time. It’s just some please from different places around the world have different outlooks on sexuality North Americans an Europeans are the most open (and certain parts of South America)…

    If someone labels them selves in a certain way just have a good time and don’t invest anything into it especially if you are openly gay and you know it. They are not worth your time.

  48. dallas

    Split right down center… connect with both sexes on every level, emotional & sexually. But never had male relationship. Feel like it’d be unbalanced, so always desired the opposite and something different than myself.

  49. Lou

    I don’t care if a “straight” guy has all the times or sometimes sex with men, because sex is sex and I don’t think anyone should put a label on any anything but societies do. I hate the fact “straight” guys bash and bully open homosexuals or gays if some prefer the term, when they consciously and conscientiously know what they love and enjoy a good homo sex. I don’t like label and I hate hypocrites. I am a fully homosexual man.

  50. theAntiHERO

    I am attracted to men and women, so I guess that’d make me bi. I, however, identify as gay. I prefer the company of a man over a woman and as I’ve gotten older have become more sexually attracted to men. Women are cool, but I don’t see myself building a relationship with one, even if I have sex with her. So I think it works the same way for a straight man. He knows he’s bi, but if he doesn’t pursue men because he prefers women then he has every right to call himself straight. I will say that it’s gross and seriously uncool to cheat on your significant other, gay or straight. If you’re with a woman but really prefer men then you need to work that out because what you’re doing is not fair or safe for her.

  51. jake

    If I meet a straight guy and he is only in it to get a blowjob, I’ll let him keep his “straight” label…I look at it as he has needs and they are not being met.
    If he wants to play with my cock, wants to get fucked or pretty much anything else, then I have my doubts…

  52. Mitch

    Men can have sex or make love. I’m gay but asked a “str8” guy why he sleeps with men. He said I like sex women are a lot of work for an hour of fun. Plus I can’t just fuck and leave I have to spend time validating her so that I don’t get outed as a player have my supply if pussy dry up.

    Basically he can fuck men and not have to worry about a kid popping up and then spend time working on a girl he wants to marry.

    It all boils down to this. He is emotionally attracted to women but his dick is attracted to a warm hole and a pulse.

  53. Airplane

    My grandma used to say “if he wants to put a propeller in his butt and call himself an airplane, what’s it to you?”

    I don’t get why we have to determine if another guy is straight or not. This sounds suspiciously like the “if you have one drop of black blood, you’re black” arguments from the 60s. Or even more recently, with Barack Obama.

    Maybe this straight guy likes getting fucked, but doesn’t feel any romantic attachment to men. Who knows? But bottom line, whatever his rationale, its his right to label himself however he sees fit – just as its everyone’s right.

    Likewise with transsexuals – if a person born a woman feels that they’re really a man inside, they have every right to identify as a man, and we should keep our judgments to ourselves.

  54. Joe m

    Before the 20th century, there were no labels for sexuality. Monogamy isn’t for everyone but it doesn’t mean it’s “unnatural” or “twisted”. Sexually I’m more attracted to men but I will never fall in love with one the way I have fallen in love with a woman. When I’m with a man I will still look at boobs and asses of girls. When I’m in love with a woman I only have eyes for her. I think also women tend to be a lot more sexually aggressive nowadays. When was the last time you saw a female squirrel chase after a male squirrel? Never. Also, gay men can be a lot more feminine than women and I find feminity attractive. I guess I should just find myself a transsexual.

  55. Thom

    I’m not sure anyone really reads these comments but, here goes. Masters and Johnson spoke to the fact that we all fit sexually on a “continuum” with some being more toward one end of the continuum and others on the other end. Since I’ve dealt with education and statistics for the majority of my life, I look at the fact that we have a wide range of sexual preferences with various people placing an arbitrary “cutoff” as to what is “gay/homosexual”. When you factor in the fact that being “gay” was often considered to be “deviant” in the past and that active discrimination still occurs against those who identify as gay it is certainly understandable why so many men who have sex with men and women consider themselves to be “straight”. I must however consider that those who exclusively have sex with women and have no desire to have sex with men are probably best considered straight and those who exclusively have sex with men and have no desire to have sex with men might best be categorized as gay. That doesn’t mean that they haven’t experimented to make that determination. Men who consistently seek out any and all sexual partners of either sex are probably bi and NOT straight but most would probably never consider themselves to be bi due to the past prejudices and biases society placed on gay sexual behavior. Additionally many men who might occasionally have sex with a woman but consistently have sex with men are probably more likely to feel they are gay. It’s a LABEL, one which doesn’t mean a whole lot ultimately.

  56. intimidating

    The Kinsey scale easily describes most of the people above.

    6 = 100% gay
    5 = romantically gay, enjoys straight sex
    4 = bisexual, leans towards gay
    3 = bisexual, equally gay and straight
    2 = bisexual, leans towards straight
    1 = romantically straight, enjoys gay sex
    0 = 100% straight

    Obviously societal pressure pushes a lot of men down the list to where they claim to be a smaller number than they actually are. But some of the gay-for-pay porn stars are really 1’s, just like some gay man are able to enjoy sex with a woman (5) while others find it repulsive (6).

  57. Mark Masters

    There are men out there that are straight then men who will not mind having their dick sucked or fuck ass but will not reciprocate then you got the bisexual then gay and the fucking Queens who lost their testicles so they think its ok to have no respect for other men that still have their testicles in the gay community who bring along a fucking cheap leeching peep show seeking whore to hard core gay bars where they are not welcomed. The women can be broken down into the same category but substitute king for queen but they grew testicles. Anyway in the Middle East you are not gay unless you are on the bottom as they say. For the men who are straight acting but gay its cuz they have self respect to maintain their masculinity and not loose who they are….a man. They can go bottoms up but its how you carry yourself. Many times people are shocked to find I am gay cuz of how I carry myself as a man. I can be a gentleman in public and whore in bed behind close doors.

  58. Mark Masters

    I would like to propose a topic…..why do Gay Porn Websites promote the exploitation of the Gay community to women …Why do they let cunts access our gay sex hookup websites like Adam4Adam? Why does the gay community allow sexual harrassment to take place on our sites and in the hard core gay bars where they are not wanted. Dont tell me its the law cuz its not. If they get all you can drink cunt nights and ladies get in free while the men pay why the hell are we the gay community allowing this to happen. GAY PRIDE is more like GAY Fruity Circus not to be taken seriously

  59. Tod_10

    Sexuality goes along a continuum from straight to gay… At any given time, in any given circumstance we may go from one extreme to another. I think… that most of us fall somewhere in the middle…

  60. Reader

    I agree with 3r1c. I regret to inform you all that I am a straight male. I do not have sex with other men. Never have, but that’s not to say I never will. I love women, but curiosity is a trait written into our DNA. It is our right as human beings to explore sexuality without the walls of labels that society has defined and used as a way to wrangle those confined by their own sexual preference.

    If someone is going to be gay, they have made it clear that they enjoy the company of men and only men (women, this goes for you too. Shout to the lesbians if you’re reading this). Same thing goes for straight men. Those of you who consider yourselves bisexual, openly or not, I feel as if the term is a lie within itself.

    Think about it, some of you like one over the other but can connect with both on a sexual level. Well, I’m sorry, but at the end of the day you’ll have to choose your soulmate, whether it’s a man or a woman. Sucks to see or read that out loud, right? But you’re bisexual, you’ll figure it out… That’s a pretty messed up way to look at it.

    I don’t believe in bisexuality, as I don’t believe in heterosexuality, or homosexuality. I believe in preference and equality. I personally have yet to find myself attracted to men. Could it happen, I don’t know. I’m not looking, but I’m not turning it down. I am however, keeping an open mind. I feel defense forces have been set up rather that community to combat the hate and lack of acceptance that those of the LGBT community forget that there are those who agree with equality. The same should go for physical stimulation and attraction. We as humans can’t be tied down to a specific gender when the carnal instinct of sexual desires call. We just do what we need to do to satisfy the need..

    This may sound ridiculous at first, but really try to read this and be open minded. After all, if you want the world to accept you, shouldn’t you be willing to accept people’s physical sexual preference? I think that’s far fair compromise.

  61. Stewie_Griffon

    Unless you were drugged, tied, or raped against your will, straight men do not have sex w/ other men. If you have sex w/ another man & have some sort of penetration, then you are not straight. It simply means, a person is in denial & it is his own right to be in denial if he chooses to be.

  62. Wkustar30

    I am married and bisexual. Like many others I let loose with guys, which is a lot of fun, but also have only connected on both emotional and sexual levels with women. I really hate the idea of labeling and think it’s sad those that identify themselves as solely gay pass such judgment on their fellow men.

  63. playtime54

    come on guys! who I have sex with does not define who I am. The fact that I’m bi dose not mean that I’m straight, it dose not mean that I’m gay it means that I’m open and honest with my self about sex. Been that way sense I was in my early 20’s. I am who I am, and frankly I’m good with that. And You know what??? Ant nobody’s business but my own and my partners. (who ever that may be at the moment)

  64. Ronnnie

    Dave, you have hit on a topic my friends and I were just discussing this weekend. I met a straight guy at a gay social club event. we hit it off immediately.. i told him how nice his eyes and smile were, he said thank you, we shot pool, exchanged numbers, going to have pool night soon.. he has as gf but he wants to join this gay social club for some reason. I do not know if he has had sex with a man yet but i definitely intend to find out. I think most “straight” men are just scared still to admit they are gay or even bi.. i used to not believe in bi but i do now.. i do believe there are guy that enjoy sex with men and women, some equally. I myself much prefer sex with these types of guys so maybe I will get lucky with Chris ! ! i think most are still scared to be labeled “gay” so they have this “pretend” straight lifestyle. I also think say they are straight because they know gay guys just go crazy with that notion and challenge so it is easier for them to pick up guys. Married guys are different, they live 2 totally separate lives… i used to be one of those… i feel sorry for those because IF they do meet a guy they actually fall for they have a very tough decision to make and everyone suffers. Cheeers !

  65. JonniCakes

    Its all about labels really. I have sex with men, and I do not deny it if someone asks me. But I like to consider myself as a Man who has sex with other men (MSM). I associate myself with that label because I dont always feel like I am part of the “gay” community. For me being “gay” is having the rainbow flag displayed proudly, and letting everyone else know that you are not a “straight” male. That is not me. If you see me on the street you would probably think im a straight guy. So thats why I just like to say im straight but I will not deny that im an MSM. And I am not bi. I do not have sex with women. But “gay” people sometimes seem to really worry about people who do not want to associate theirselves with the “gay” label. Which, I think, just promotes discrimination anyways. Peace and Love.

  66. marc

    I think those guys define “straight” as ” straight into your mouth or asshole.” Maybe they are a bit confused … but if that cock of theirs is hard when it’s in a guy’s mouth or ass or if his mouth or ass is connected to another guy somehow, then you damn well aren’t straight.

  67. terry

    the reality of it is that all these “straight” men are nothing but lying cowards, I understand your secrecy and all and struggling with your sexuality, but how can you possibly look at the woman you supposedly love and is only faithful to in the eye, while also fucking some guy when she doesn’t know. The fact that you are even on this site proves that you are nothing but unfaithful cowards who would rather live a deceitful life then be true and honest with yourselves. You don’t have to tells your wives who you are, but they shouldn’t be your wives because of who you really are, cheating is simply unacceptable.

  68. Azalean

    Why is this even a topic? If you fuck with men, SEXUALLY, or in any type of way that arouses you, you’re gay. End of story.. It’s that simple.

  69. BearOKC69

    from Monday’s news…

    As the president [Obama] approached, Webb threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically. “Equal rights for gay people!”

    “Are you gay?” the president asked.

    “Only when I have sex,” [Webb said.]

  70. LEO


  71. Diff

    Sexuality is an identity, not an action.

    Gay men don’t like pussy, straight men do. That seems more the deciding factor than cock.

    It’s been shown long ago that some degree of same sex attraction is normal for everyone. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see it’s true. Just because someone decides to explore that doesn’t mean they’re not straight. Women can explore that and are just considered sexy. Men lose at that double standard.

    Gay men turn me off. I can’t identify with them. A cock is hot for me. because it fucks pussy. It’s a celebration of virility. Men that act like women have nothing to do with anything I’m about. And drag, geez, wtf is that noise!

    Is there any question why someone feeling this way wouldn’t want to be lumped in with gays. As flamboyant, often fem, constantly judgmental, and ubiquitously swishy the community has entrenched that word. It is a fundamentally different identity than what’s being described here.

    But for some reason, so many gay men bitterly refuse to accept that we may be different. Despite the fact they’ve never been us. It gets old and childish. Live and let live. Just focus on who’s in your bed and stop worrying about who’s in someone else’s.

  72. Adam

    Most homosexual and bi men are not out and publicly consider themselves “straight.” They live in the “straight” world and don’t identify themselves with “gay culture.” I’m seeing a trend with guys who claim to be homosexual and yet not identifying themselves as being gay. In other words, they are mutually exclusive identities. Gays don’t have a monopoly on homosexuality. It’s a diverse community.

  73. brian

    truth is most gay men cant stand for us bi guys not to be out. they want us to join the gay side or go away, which is crazy. you don’t want to be judged for your way of life don’t judge us for ours. after all its sex, I have seen that gay men are some of the most judgemental I have ever seen. kinda funny when your always yelling to be treated right but you do the same yourselves.

  74. James

    For me, I don’t really care if a man labels himself as “straight” as long as he is not sneaking around on someone or putting down those that are openly true to themselves. Cheating is an absolute no in my book so these married, DL, etc. guys have no appeal for me. That being said, I respect and expect discretion in my encounters but don’t pursue anything beyond casual with any guy that would label himself as straight but then sleep with men. In the end it becomes complicated, messy, and emotionally unhealthy.

  75. wantamannow

    I personally would much rather have sex with a guy that says hes str8 than a gay man…. hes much better at satisfying me and knows what I want and gives it to me…. I dont care if hes married with a dozen kids,,, if hes clean, safe and wants his cock sucked,,,, come see me… im ready… and if he wears some jeans and leather boots when he gets here, id really suck him all he wanted till he was sore…. I love a guy that way. Give me a str8 man anytime

  76. buffbisex

    From the discussion so far, it seems a lot like what people think about being white and black. You are white only if you are 100% white. One drop of black blood and you are black (or as they say now, mixed). I think that you are straight if you have never had sex with a man, and also if you only had occasional sex with a man, sort of a 10% solution. Same for gay. If you have more than occasional sex, that middle 80%, then you are somewhere on the BI spectrum. I am also bi and sort of in the 25-30% range and I too do not want to date or be romantically involved with men. So I am a “straight-leaning” bisexual. I am sure there are gay-leaning bisexuals who are also in the closet with their gay friends, who cannot imagine how they can stick their dick in a “vag” (as we have seen above). Bisexuality is literally the last closet. And honestly, the idea that a man could be married to a woman and have more than occasional sex with her and really be gay is just as foolish. He is bisexual, gay-leaning as he may be.

  77. Reality Check

    What another person does with their genitals is none of mine, nor anyone else’s business. It’s right up there with the specifics of how you wipe your ass, how many times you shake it after you piss, (or if you sit or stand). Labeling people based on preference in this way, really doesn’t give us the latitude to like each other first as humans. I dislike listening to stories of “straight” sex from straight friends, and it is as equally dis-tasteful to listen to it from “gay” friends. “If you like cock, you’re gay” is as narrow minded as “all gay men are pedophiles”. There is no all inclusive statement that always holds true. Allow diversity without agenda.

  78. goldenloverinmym

    yea after reading comments here i’m confused now I was married n never cheated.after the divorce stayed str8 till 2009 was in a chat room a guy offered to blow me so I met him and crossed the line considered my self bi but have fallen in love with a guy.but I can see its not going to end well for me we both enjoyed it for awhile but I can see him drifting away from me and what we had but now enjoying m2m sex more than ever so i’m gay lol Dean

  79. Harry

    The best explanation I’ve heard was from a psychologist talking on the radio in Philly when the discussion was exactly this topic. He said there are different types of attraction. Physical attraction and sexual attraction are two different things. You could be physically attracted to women but sexually attracted to men. I almost fell out of my car because it seemed pretty accurate for me. I love attractive women as much as any straight guy. I don’t find most men very attractive. But I enjoy dabbling every once in a while. For what it’s worth, I’m not a married guy hiding in a closet. My attraction just ranges more than most people. If anyone has a better explanation, I’d love to hear it.

  80. Vcbicurious

    Having any sexual interaction makes you at least bi. When I started hooking up with guys I thought partaking in penetration made you gay or bi. I did not want to try it cause that would make full on gay.

  81. einathens

    If you’re happily married, why are you having sex with anyone other than your unsuspecting spouse?

    If you call yourself heterosexual but you engage in homosexual sex, you’re at best lying to yourself. You’re also hiding behind the social cover that het marriage gives you. To me that’s cowardice.

    Of course you’re free to define yourself however you choose. And everyone else is free to call you on your delusion.

    I keep it simple. I do not have sex with anyone who self-defines as hetero- or bisexual, or with anyone married to anyone else. That’s what works for me.

  82. Married and straight curious

    I am married and have kids I love pussy and boobs and women but I also realized I like cock not men no physician or emotional feelings towards others guys just like masculine discreet guys that will suck me and fuck me and also once in awhile want to fuck them ive Ben with two friends one years ago and one a few weeks ago my first time we did it all and the last time I was so nervous we started with straight porn and he suggested we start jacking off then he went down on me and he didn’t force. W. It I wanted to return the favor and did what he did and my wife does to me and I did good he said them I tried fuxkinf him but was way to tight with lube and fingering him I got almost half way in and his ass was going crazy and said it hurt to much he fucked me though and I loved it just wanted NSA discreet room dark sex no other gay shit or anything

  83. Jeff

    If a guy is having sex with another guy he’s at least bi not straight no matter what denial anyone, they or their partners, is in.

    But I have an even bigger rant about gay men and labels. It seems that there is a shortage of tops out there. So the bottoms are calling themselves versatile hoping to get a lay. The versatiles aren’t so versatile after all.

    And then there are the bottoms and versatiles that call themselves straight or bi hoping again to increase their perceived masculinity. All of a sudden it seems no one is gay and everyone is bi or straight?

    When I encounter these gay men posing as bi or straight I laugh to myself because the closest they ever got to having sex with a woman was when they did a drag queen or a pre op transexual.

    Does this really make them bi or straight? Guys – get your shit together already.

  84. vik

    Why? Because everyone has the right to label themselves. Who I decides to have sex/love/romance/hook-ups with, is no one’s business but my own; how I decide to label myself and the journey it took to get to my (pending) conclusion, is no one’s business but my own. All I’m trying to say is, that there is enough label scrutiny out in the world. Why should other Queers be in a rush to put a stamp on other (potentially new) queer people. Respect where people are at and say their are at.

  85. alec

    I’m bi. I don’t care if a guy is gay, bi, straight, just depends on if I’m attracted to him and we click. I do find it super hypocritical when some gay guys can trash a guy for being bi, straight/curious, etc. but the second anyone bashes gay people it’s the end of the world. I’m sure these comments are going to get some people to preach to me and tell me that I am living a lie…etc..etc, but just wanted to give my two cents.

  86. Fwdneverstraight

    Ttownguy015….. I agree with you 100%!!! That’s exactly how I feel! Once I was able to admit to myself that I’m gay, it was a relief to finally know who I am! I then had to tell my wife! We divorced, are still friends and my two kids love their Stepfather, my husband!
    If you go to a glory hole and get sucked off, are you gay since it might have been a man on the other side? While having sex with a woman and she licks your ass and slides a finger inside you, does that make you gay since you liked it? I am proud to be a gay man! I like my label and I wear it proudly!

  87. Hunter0500

    An untold number of “straight” men for decades have actually been gay, but kept it hidden. Until recent decades, declaring that you were a fag/home/fairy/fudge pusher/cocksucker/etc. could well cost you your family, your job, or you life. Some of these men found abhorrent the stereotypical gays (the poofs/fems/fairies/etc. … the one and only model of gays) depicted in the media. They knew they weren’t that; they didn’t present themselves as such. For all outward appearances, they were “regular straight guys.” Underneath, however, they were attracted to men.

    The acceptance of gays that has come to exist, although not 100% across the board globally, did not exist two, three, four or more decades ago. “Coming out” was a social or physical death sentence. This can be difficult for younger gay men to understand. They came out, few people cared. “What’s the problem? Why do these guys lie?”

    The problem is one of years. These men were compelled to bury their sexuality and go “functionally straight” for their own social and physical safety. They established straight-looking lives. With the advent of the the Internet, they were able to connect with other similar men. They did not have to search far to find untold numbers of guys just like themselves. They were also able to connect with accepting gays. Some gays, however, refuse to grant acceptance.

    For many of theses guys, the dilemma becomes one of “changing their spots.” Having essentially lied to society for years, coming out is fraught with issues. Family members, coworkers, and friends do not often grant acceptance when a decades old curtain is lifted. These “straight guys who have gay sex” choose then to play out their lives playing in dual roles.

    As openly hateful and prone to negative labeling as some members of the LGBT “Community” are, “straight guys who have gay sex” can come under attack. “They are not ‘real’ gays” or “they are not one of ‘us'” is all too often said. “Straight guys who have gay sex” often become a target of the same “Community” that witholds acceptance of “men with vaginas” (from an earlier post here).

    “Straight guys who have gay sex” is a social phenomena has existed for decades, if not longer. The movie “Broke Back Mountain” brought it to light by depicting two “straight” guys in the 1960s. They had no play book, no instructions, however for how to live their lives. In 2014, progress can be seen, great progress. But there’s still a way to go.

  88. Quincy

    Hey I read the article and I have this same discussion with some of my friends. Back story, I’ll see a hot girl and I’ll make a comment as such, which will stop some of my friends in their tracks, “wait, aren’t you gay?”

    How I explain it to them is, beauty is beauty, I may want to fuck her (never really the case), but afterwards she would have to leave so a man can lay next to me. Which simply means sex is sex, it’s pleasure and in my book doesn’t determine your preference. It’s those intimate moments you have with someone whether it be with someone of the same sex or opposite sex that makes you gay straight etc.

    Some people may say well sex is intimate, well not to everyone, it’s just a way to achieve a certain feeling that anyone is capable of giving to someone else. Well that’s my two cents, take it easy guys.

  89. Lee

    I think we all have to have a period in our lives when we explore and experiment. What’s the line from Mame? “Life’s a buffet and most bastards are starving?” I came from a very sexually restrained background, and one of my first experiences was in my early 20s with a great guy. We got along well in bed and out, but he never understood that I was still attracted to women. I cared a great deal for him and didn’t want to hurt him. I came to the conclusion that I was bi, but he couldn’t understand it.

  90. Centralflbtm

    If you like to take dick, you’re gay. I’m gay, never all that attracted to women, but sometimes curious about what it would be like to be with one, so does that make me straight? No, I’m gay because I love the dick. If you’re a guy who loves dick, you’re gay…accept it.

  91. Fred

    Let’s cut the bull; as soon as a straight guy touches another man in a sexual way, he’s no longer straight and is definitely bisexual (especially if they are adults). It doesn’t matter if he’s only getting a bj, or a hand-job, he’s not longer straight! I have STRAIGHT male friends and they would absolutely NEVER consider or even touch another guy in a sexual way. They’re only saying they’re straight because it makes them feel no shame and of course some of the gay guys love hearing it. They will never admit they are bisexual because society has made us believe it’s a horrible thing and plus gay guys seem to think it’s not possible to be into both sexes. It’s the stupidest thing.

  92. John

    I agree with 1dlbiguy. I’m married father, grandfather. I enjoy being with man occasionally for sex, nothing romantic about it. And I find more and more who share my thoughts.

  93. dee

    This post is bullshit and the obsession with the “straight” man in gay culture sickens me. Stop being cowardly little bitches, you are gay. Accept it. This is the reason we don’t have our civil rights bc half of us are still pretending to be straight but taking cock behind closed doors.

  94. thicknhusky

    Labels make people feel safe. They assign a definition to something or someone and that creates understanding and gives a finite space to whatever you are seeing and or whoever you are speaking with.
    Sexuality is a state of mind. People are more fluid because our feelings do fluctuate. Emotional needs at one juncture in life may not be the same needs you have later in life.
    There is a lack of masculinity in the homosexual world. The idea of, “straight acting” alone is telling. Most may not want the partying, the drinking, the reference to knowing, “Dorothy” from The Wizard Of Oz hat is often associated with the gay lifestyle.
    A very masculine gay man scares society. They don’t know how to engage him. He’s your jock, he’s your highly paid business man, he’s your alpha male, that behind closed doors may enjoy the sexual experience we have only labeled to women. That scares people that takes from their cookie cutter idealistic world. People have expectations because they like what is familiar. You take away what is familiar there is room for growth but it comes at a price of discomfort, fear, and uncertainty. What do you do with a man who loves his family, emotional connection to world and life he’s built and yet from time to time engages in sexual release that his wife may not never comprehend mother and father would discourage and feel shame and children would question with fear. He’s in an awkward space and he’s alone. The wanting of a man said aloud destroys his world, the wanting of a man said in secrete brings pleasure then shame but no one knows but him.
    Let people have their identity and you decide from your perspective how you will deal with. Just be right with God and no matter what you do you will be okay. You may have a partner man or woman but when you close your eyes there are only two people that truly know your mind and soul. Be right with them make sure you the person is alright and you are right with the one you pray to and love.

  95. robert

    They can call themselves whatever they want; straight, muscular, lean, 9 inches.. whatever It does not make it true There is a lot of denial, lies and bs on these sites. It is what it is..

  96. muzyqman

    There are a lot of gay men who don’t think there really is such a thing as a bisexual, but I don’t agree. So I don’t think enjoying a blow job from a man or even topping another man makes a guy gay. However, I believe that if a guy enjoys GIVING a blowjob, or if he likes to bottom, HE DEFINITELY IS NOT STRAIGHT, and no matter what mindfuck he does on himself he is lying to himself and the rest of the world.

  97. Jamcd

    I was married to a woman for 3 years. I loves having sex with her. But I loved having sex with men. I took me too long to admit it, but I finally realized I was gay. And for me that was being able to have emotional feelings for a man. I hurt my ex wife badly and wished I had been honest all along. So for all if you married men, try honesty no matter how scary.

  98. scott

    bottom line is- if any man sucks another mans dick-he is NOT straight. its called BI-SEXUAL. i like it how so-called straight men place ads wanting to have sex with trannies and call them girls and say no men allowed. what???? lol they are biologically still a man-not a girl!!!! your BI!!!!!

  99. lifegboi

    First off, if you view sexuality as a black and white topic, it’s time you change that. Sexuality is fluid and no longer fits these labels we have come up with. The only reason they exist is because people want to know what each other is. They don’t like surprises.

    Sexual orientation is based on physical attraction AND emotional attraction. Most guys that identify as straight could never see themselves having a relationship with a guy but sexually they could mess around. That’s not denile or suppressing “true feelings”. Why do you think most striaght guys do NSA hookups or say “no kissing”? No emotions, no ties, just pure sex. What’s wrong with that?

    There are various reasons straight guys have sex with other men. Some do it because sex with a guy is way easier than a female. All you have to do is ask for a hookup with a guy. With a girl, you have to wine and dine them for awhile before that even becomes an option. Another reason guys do it is to explore the prostate orgasm which isn’t something they are comfortable talking about with their girlfriend/wife. Other guys just want to say they have tried it and still others just enjoy the pleasure they get from it.

  100. mike

    it seems most of the “married bi” types are older guys who didn’t get to experience the freedom gay guys today have. all their rationalizations are just that.

  101. Dave

    First we shouldn’t label. It is an individuals choice to name their own sexuality what ever it may be.

    Straight = man/woman sex. Period.
    BI = man/man,man/wowan sex, woman/woman sex.

    To all those “straight guys” with the family and kids who like cock on the side; you label isn’t straight – it’s adulterer!

  102. justjay2u

    I consider myself straight however I do enjoy sex with a guy and sometimes… I find that it is a lot more intense with the right bottom….
    Me being a top I like the fact that I can actually get aggressive and physical in the bedroom and just have some hot sex without having to worry if i am too aggressive like with a petite woman….
    plus guys suck dick better lol….
    As far as the lifestyle goes, I find that a lot of gay men in the community are too superficial and I find that annoying, I am a guy I don’t sculpt my eyebrows…..
    I like sports, beer, fast cars and guns…… however I also like a hot bottom in my bed from time to time….
    so I think it is all just a matter of what you prefer sexually plus my bedroom activities does not determine the roll society expects me to be…..

  103. sukmall

    …New Tag to entice & attract admirers, sexual partners. Every body dreams of feeding off a straight man, so ‘some guys’ use the I’m straight.

  104. Still the same

    Simply put…I have been married to women twice. I have a strong emotional and sexually attachments to women. I enjoy oral sex with men and women. I have a guy that is my regular dicksucker under but I don’t feel the same attachments socially with men as I do women. I have children and grandchildren. I’m happy and don’t desire to change my life.

  105. Luvstr8men

    Any man that can put his mouth in a nauseating vagina and gets a hard-on instead of puking is str8! Regardless if he likes to get down with guys occasionally. In college I messed around with my best friend, I knew I was gay but he had never been with men and today he is married with kids. In my opinion guys that only see themselves in relationships with woman have a str8 mindset, sex with men is just recreational. Men that date men have a gay mentality. But in the end we shouldn’t be judging str8 men that like to enjoy sex with men just like we don’t like to be judge either. After all can we blame them for wanting to try sex outside of a woman??? Exactly!

  106. Lemar

    I am a gay man and I do believe straight guys can have gay sex without being labeled as gay or bi. It’s only my opinion though. I have had sex with a straight guy before and on more than one occasion it was strictly because it was something that his girlfriend or wife couldn’t do for him. He would prefer to have his gf/wife use a dildo/strap-on on him but is either too embarrassed to ask her to or afraid that she would leave him or maybe just knows that she won’t be down for it. So he ventures out just to get that fulfillment from something being put up his ass lol! Maybe using the dildo on himself isn’t good enough either.

  107. Yeahright

    There are men who have sex with men and say they are straight. Thats ok in my opinion. This makes the experience forbidden, exciting, and clandestine. Where I live, there are lots of straight fellows seeking sex with other men – even married guys seeking other married guys; sort of a Fred and Barney thing. Gay guys up here (Sonoma County in California) don’t have a problem with it.

    Gay men who have sex with “straight” guys take the label in stride, but if I may generalize, straight guys nut very quickly, holler like Tarzan, and derive greater satisfaction from the whole experience – due largely to the DL and clandestine nature of the whole thing. There are gay men who have sex with straight guys because of the joy, appreciation, and satisfaction they give – more so than with a jaded gay guy.

    Lesbians say only woman know what a woman wants. Conversely, only a man knows what another man wants. A lot of women don’t like sucking dick, much less rim. Fuck him with a strap on? I think in the minority. Sucking dick is reserved for special occasions and they’re not very good at it.

    I was approached by a straight guy who wanted an ongoing thing. Even though I am positive for HSV2 but not symptomatic, I disclosed it to him. However low the possibility, I didn’t want any possibility of him taking something home to his wife. Also, I let him know I did not want to come between him and his wife.

    Welcome to all the straight guys who chimed in on this discussion 😀

  108. Sean

    I have been married for 35 years, two kids. Get along well with the wife but not much sex. I’ve enjoyed sex with men since before I was married. I think there are more guys like me out there than people think. Were just not honest enough to let our true feelings out. Makes life hard sometimes.

  109. Antar

    I have had several “straight” fuckbuds. To tell the truth , for me I have found them as a group much easier to hang with on a casual basis than many of my gay cohorts. The sex is great and I could care less who they wish to live with , breed with, argue with or whatever. I don’t allow myself romantic fantasies about these guys. We both know what time it is, and again the sex has been sweet. Keep the Valentine’s card and don’t get it twisted!

  110. VoodooClone99

    There’s as many sexualities in the world as there are people. Why do we feel the need to divide & label them? No 2 people want the EXACT same thing all the time. Sexuality itself is a fluid thing; everybody’s sexuality is different. Gay? Straight? Bi? A little of each. Does it really matter?

  111. Gregory

    I am bi at age 47. I am getting fucked at least one time a week by a regular guy and getting sucked by him. This is my summer fling. I am not gay, I will not live that lifestyle. I love women much more than being around men. I am not straight so bi all the way for me.

  112. john

    I live a straight life married with kids and I agree with most of the post on here. A straight man would never touch another man’s cock. I am not attracted to men at all. I check out every woman I see. I love women. When it comes to cock I have not seen one I did not like lol. I am a bit odd in the fact I will not kiss a man or make out. I really don’t care for a man to get me off but I do love to suck cock and LOVE to bottom. I feel straight but know I am at least bi

  113. Naphta

    I’m 100% straight. I just happen to be totally unattracted both emotionally and sexually by women (uh, just the thought of it makes me shiver). I fall in love with men, and have sex with men. As I said, 100% straight.

  114. Tentedboxers

    We’ll…… If it walks like a duck it’s a duck BUT if it fucks the duck it’s not a str8 duck….lol sum in like that

  115. phillrock2

    In my honest opinion i want to state the following loud and clear on the above subject which i have read many views about and which i respect ppls opinion.
    Qualities Of A Straight Man:
    1.He does not have any feeling or urge or admires or rain praises on another man not at any point in time will he commend a guy about his hotness or how sexy he dresses or how sweet his lip or ass looked like.Never Never Never.
    2.A straight man will not allow another guy to start flitering with him or sending him romantic text messages or play with him in a lustful or sexual inviting way to give him a clue that things can happen if he presses the button.
    3.A straight man hates talking about gay sex and detest it in all it forms and will never at any point in time approves it.He hate to be around gay/bi-guys or anything that promotes gayism in all it forms.
    4.A straight man fucks women aged 18-99 if possible and his cock will only have erection when he sees a sexy boobs,nice sexy femaly curvy booty and women wet pussy.
    5.A straight guy will beat the hell out of any guy who try luring or flitering with him either jokingly or intentionally.

    Qualities of a Bi-sexual Man.
    1.He admires both sexes and has sex with them most regurlarly.
    2.He is in pursuance of both guys and girls at all levels and thats what he prefers as e burns the candle on both ends and he is proud to state he is by rather than living a lie.

    Qualities Of A Gay Gay Gay 100% Gay:
    1.He is only attracted to men all his life.
    2.Does not have feelings for women nor every sleeps with the opposite sex not at all only cock he thinks about and pursues.
    3.A gay mam is gay gay gay now and for evermore e cant change from liking cock that he adores all his life.

    As i have tried to point out these differences i want to address the issue for those so called straight guys who claim to be what they are not but living a total lie and who cheats on there wives pretending to be straight but behind closed doors they are been fucked or fucking men quietly.One has to note that hypocrecy is responsible for this and that is wat i hate tbh.
    Any guy who fucks or been fucked by another guy is not straight not at all.If you are a guy and you constantly fuck guys all year round b4 u fuck a girl ones in that particular time u are not considered bi but gay bcos u are more into men and u just covering up by using a girl to hide your gayness.
    Ppl has to be real and accept them selves .I am not suggesting u av to put a placard that u are x or y but stop been a hypocrite.

  116. meh

    Regardless of what you choose, a guy who has sex with men can call himself straight all he wants, but that doesn’t mean you are heterosexual. Probably bisexual at best, that or in denial. The way I see it, calling one’s self “straight” and having sex with men, only pertains to your lifestyle, not your sexual orientation.

  117. Andrew

    In all honesty, I believe that the guys who have sex with other guys, and then turn around and say that they are totally straight, are making the gay community look like a bunch of sickos. It makes it look like being gay is a choice, because they can chose to have sex with someone of the same sex, but then go back to their heterosexual marriages as if it were normal. For example, Johnny Rapid, a well know bottom slut, is actually married to a woman, and has fathered kids. He goes around, calling himself straight, but has had more cock in his ass than most gay people will ever have in their lifetimes. I think part of the problem is the negative stigmas placed on being bisexual as well. Like, for example, I know that a lot of people, mostly straight men, consider bisexual men to just be gay men in denial. It is no wonder why these “straight” men claim to be straight, they don’t want to be stigmatised and singled out for being weird or freaky. Also, there is a bad stereotype in the gay community that bisexuals are dirty sluts. In all honesty, it is no wonder why many men are scared to identify as bisexual because, both straight and gay alike, as much as we accept bisexuality, we still talk as if you have to be one or the other, and heteronormativity is still an incredibly powerful thing these days, represented by the fact that even gay men label themselves as “straight acting”. Being gay doesn’t mean you prance around in high heels, flicking your wrist at everyone you meet with a “Oh hello darling”. If someone likes to screw men and women, they are bisexual. The frequency of your sex with either does not determine your sexuality, it is whether you like it or not. You could screw a hundred men, and five women, the fact that you screwed those five women means you are bisexual, not a closet case, or any of the bullshit other bitches are posting on here.

  118. Frank

    When we stop automatically labeling ourselves, we’ll see that there is no “gay” or “straight.”

    We all come in a variety of orientations, think about it this way. It isn’t all BLACK AND WHITE. There is a HUGE grey area, the one at which most of us fall under. Those different hues and shades of grey ARE where we fall in when it comes to orientation. But being raised in a world where being STRICTLY “black” or “white” or “grey” is confusing to us all. We all like what we like. We are all individuals, we do not need a label for something as specific as your sexual preferences.
    Another thing, anyone who believes that sexual identity isn’t a FLUID thing (meaning that it can change in time, through experiences, through growth past this idiotic labeling system we have) is put on the boat of someone that doesn’t believe in the “gay gene.” Which I wholeheartedly support. Some people are on the brighter/darker side of the spectrum since birth. Don’t get it confused with “we are all supposed to inherently be ONE orientation.”

  119. Frank

    And I find it hilarious that there are these idiots out there pointing out the “Characteristics” of a gay/bi/straight man. WE HAVE NO CHARACTERISTICS. WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS. STRAIGHT MEN DON’T NEED TO BE REPULSED BY HOMOSEXUAL THINGS TO BE STRAIGHT.

  120. Dearo 86

    Married . But gay. Love romping with another guy.
    But I bet if half the guys who say their straight. Were raised when it was tabo to be gay. Ask the 30 to 40 years olds.

  121. Stephen

    Oh, come on! Does anyone really care? In life and in sex, categories don’t really add anything. Every individual is different, sexuality is complicated and a good kiss, blow job or fuck is nice.

    Relationships, gay or straight benefit from good sex.

    End of story.

  122. Ken

    Sexuality is very fluid. It’s not black and white! That’s like saying I, a gay man, sleeps with a woman am bi. I no who I am just that woman was attractive to me.

  123. John Tyler

    I think that if a guy enjoys women and men, they cannot be considered “straight”. They may be fooling themselves, and avoiding the social stigma of being gay or bi, but self deception happens.
    I am bi, and that is probably the most misunderstood position to be in. I love the female form, and the male form too. I love sex with both; there are advantages to each. Why limit yourself?
    Just because I love chicken, can’t I love a good steak, too?
    I love a kind, sensual experience with good people. Of either sexual persuasion.

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