Fantasy : Do You Swallow?



When it comes to cum swallowing, I’m very picky ! (lol) I mean for me, sex is not only physical, but also mental. I need to be fully aroused to swallow cum and this means that I need to be not only physically attracted to the guy but the sex needs to be like I want it to be. If the guy has a gorgeous body and face but acts in a way that I don’t like, I will not want to even touch his cum, funny eh? The same guy with very manly manners and with whom the sexual connection is perfect, could splash his load on my face, mouth or anywhere he wants and have me swallow it to the last drop.

But there is always a danger in cum swallowing though. One of my friends got infected with HIV doing oral sex. He doesn’t practice anal sex, so that’s why he knows he got infected by sucking cocks. I guess he went too hard or too deep and got small sores …. so you need to be careful dudes! Some do BJs with condom to be safe…but personally I’m not crazy about it.

So you had my opinion on cum swallowing, now I want yours. Tell me if for you cum swallowing is cool or if it’s not your cup of tea. Do you like to swallow or have someone to swallow you, or both? Also tell me if you are top, vers or bottom. That way we will know who likes what….


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  1. abidad

    Great topic!! I am a bisexual man who is married to a woman. I have been sucking cock since my early 30’s, I am early 50’s now. Swallowing is mandatory for me – if a guy won’t shoot his load in my mouth then I don’t want to suck him. I love the feeling just before a guy shoots, when his cock gets extra hard and then starts pumping my reward.

  2. Linyguy

    As a top I love being swallowed, If I were to swallow probably younger dudes, and shoot it down my throat, don’t shoot on my face or lips and expect me to eat it. It have to go from dick down my throat.

  3. cumslut50

    I love to swallow cum. I like to swallow the other guy and if he wants to swallow mine that is okay too. I am a total bottom, will swallow anything the top gives me.

  4. Kevin

    Personally I’m a lot like you.. If I’m into the guy and into the sex I’ll swallow it and enjoy it.. But I have been with guys who want to be very dominant and make me swallow it when I’m not feelin it.. I always just spit it out.. Sometimes it’s hot to be “forced” to swallow but in general I have to want to otherwise it’s just gross to me.

  5. Shaun

    I’m creative when it comes to the bedroom and don’t do anal sex, either way. However, I do like oral sex. However, when it comes to cum I don’t like it in my mouth or on me. Maybe this is because I haven’t had a long term relationship, but everything before cum is great as soon as the orgasm begins I’m an arm’s length away. I don’t even like it on the sheet because the wet spot forces me to do laundry as soon as he leaves. This is not a phobia, I’ve certainly had some on me, but it’s not a favorite. Maybe if there was a boyfriend involved and there was an intimacy that can only come with familiarity I’d be down for more. But for now, this is how it is for me.

  6. Hunter0500

    If a guy has to be “gorgeous” or “the sexual connection perfect”, it’s no wonder so many gay guys grow old bitter and alone. But hey thanks for leaving thousands of quality gentlemen for the rest of us to appreciate as friends, sexual playmates, or relationship partners.

  7. CumLover

    Vers bottom here. I love cum, and love to swallow it. Hell, I haven’t wasted a drop of my own cum in YEARS. I always swallow my cum when I jerk off or, when I’m playing, I’ll cum on the guys dick and keep on sucking. Same as the blogger, though, I have to have a connection in order to want to swallow, so I make sure I’m certain to have a connection before meeting up because a drop of cum un swallowed is a drop of cum wasted

  8. DDM

    I’ve never been much of a swallower, in fact, I only swallowed for the first time this year. I’m 28 and have been having sex with men since I was 16. I’ve had a couple of guy’s come in my mouth – one was a long time fuck buddy, the other was a boyfriend of more than four years- I never swallowed though. I was seeing someone this year up until a couple of weeks ago, and I swallowed for him twice. I don’t really care for the taste or smell of cum, so swallowing has never really been something that I wanted to do. I don’t ever expect a guy to swallow. Even if I’m receiving oral, I always let a guy know if I’m gonna nut so he can decide if he wants that or not. I think it’s nice enough if a guy lets me come in his mouth, so at that point I don’t care if he swallows, it won’t feel any better. I know some guys do want their partner to swallow regardless, perhaps it’s more erotic for them. I’m versatile, but I tend to top more.

  9. army guy

    I am a blk military guy and men love swallowing my load. They always tell me how good my cums taste. I am a top with 8.5 inch thick cock. I have been sucked by all kind of guys and never had one not swallow 🙂

  10. organman46

    Dave, I find that I think just like you do about swallowing cum. If almost EVERYTHING is right, there’s almost nothing sexier that having a guy cum in my mouth and then leaving his cock there while I jack off.

  11. FreeRangeRadical

    Out of the thousands of blowjobs I’ve given, I’ve only not swallowed once, and that was from a now-ex and only one time even then. I suspect it was from something he ate that his cum was bitter, but as I said, that was only one time.

    I LOVE cum. I love the feel, smell, sight, taste…everything. If I’m into the guy enough to suck his cock, I’m going to swallow his load. Maybe his piss, too. 😉

  12. cajuncockhound

    Fuck yea i love to swallow a hot studs seed. Mmmmm taste great. I love to get fucked deep too. Hell hit me up guys

  13. Hunter0500

    Swallowing is a yes with good buds. No if I haven’t invested time learning about who he is and what he’s about. But then he’d not be getting me or himself pantsless in the first place if that investment hadn’t been made and resulted in good feedback.

  14. Mike5038

    I love to swallow a big load if I am really turned on by the guy. He needs to be well built, good looking, and have lots of muscles. I have found men that workout a lot and has the best tasting cum.
    As for getting HIV from swallowing, I just asked my doctor about it and he said that the chance’s are very very low unless you have open sores in your mouth and most of all the guy has to have a very low T count and be detectable.
    Cum is very high in protein and very good for you! So men go get you a good load to swallow down!

  15. Shawn

    Pretty sure its impossible to cut your mouth via penis… no matter how enthusiastically you do it. The way you can catch a disease through the giver of oral sex, is through less than perfect dental hygiene, i.e. dirty gums. You also put yourself higher at risk within an hour or so of brushing your teeth since you’re slightly irritating the gums.

  16. tom

    I’m like you and have to be incredibly turned on to swallow. I only do it with guys I have been with before and have proven to be safe. I’m a total top and also won’t fuck anyone on a first meet. Condoms are a must when I fuck, but sucking on a condom is not my idea of a good time.

  17. don (don4u)

    As a bottom I have swallowed com but like you say depends on circumstances some tastes good while I have others that didn’t. I prefer pre cum .also had it shot on my face , got in my ear lol. Had shot on my ass too really love to feel the heat on my hole

  18. willyoufukme

    Swallowing cum is one of the hottest things ever, its the best part of sucking a cock when the guys cock starts to pump cum into your mouth and swallowing should be a must. I could never figure out why some guys will blow you and let you cum in their mouth only to turn their head and spit it on the floor. Cum should only go in one of two places, either up the ass or down the throat, that’s just my opinion.



  20. Koala

    My S.O. And I are each other’s first. At first, we went with the flow. He came on me and I came on him. Then, we really got into blow jobs. I was the first one to swallow. I can hear him moaning and I just wanna keep sucking him until he blows. And when he did, I felt his warm cum fill my mouth. It didn’t taste anything. And he was still holding my head down and I want to suck him dry. At that moment is when I swallowed. The heat of the moment when he’s at his peak bursting inside my mouth enjoying the pleasure at its fullest. Man, ever since then we’ve been swallowing each other. He can tell his story from his own perspective. I’m lucky to have such an amazing S.O.

  21. Dennis

    To me the ultimate result of giving someone a blow job or being fucked is to receive the cum from your partner either in your throat or ass. Me I always swallow….and love to feel a my partners cock throbbing either in my throat or ass. Besides a condom taste bad and sometimes does not allow your partner to fuck you easily…the bare cock…hot and hard is where the pleasure comes from….Yes be safe and know your partner…Sometimes when I have been fucked and the mean fact that my partner has cum in me makes my whole body react in a very pleasant way. I did have a partner, whom I fucked, and he would always cum after I had.

  22. Samuel Connors

    In all of my eight years of being a practicing infectious disease doctor, I have not once encounter a person that was infected with HIV through oral intercourse. Theoretically it is possible, but the reports are few and the majority have also engaged in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. Also, posting another person’s account is hearsay and not reliable evidence. There are other STDs you can contract besides HIV through unprotected oral sex, such as gonorrhea and some of these strains are antibiotic resistant. your blog is only centered on the concern of HIV infection when these resistant strains pose just as much of a health hazard if not more. The best advice I can give is to get your information from someone with a medical degree or a trusted website that isn’t a blog.



    • blog

      Samuel, thanks for your comment. One of my best friend is a doctor in a HIV/STD clinic here in Montreal, so I always confirm things with him. IT IS definitely possible to catch all STDs including HIV from oral, even though the risks are very low.
      If you want, you could send me articles about other STDs I would gladly post them on the blog. (

  23. ronald fratini

    hi dave got a lot of friends were one is pos other neg they fuck bayer and the same for throat playing i cant suck rubber and i do both top and bottom quess its in the cards cock with out a load in the mouth o hell know i work for it i want it lol

  24. eugene

    i love to swallow, wen i make that decision i make sure i swallow right away, dont marinated in your mouth, also dont even suck dick after dental work, cuts in lips. if you going to spit it out or swallow have to do it immediately.

  25. Terry

    Yes!! Always swallow! That’s my reward for giving head, and, I’d feel like I wasn’t finishing my task if I didn’t accept the “GIFT”!

  26. Wayne

    Im all bottom here and I don’t mind swallowing a hot load but I have my standards. One we’ve had to have hooked up at least twice before I do, the cum can’t bet sour or bitter, I don’t like making that bitter beer face, and I luv for the guy to hold my head and fuck his cum down my throat, that’s so hot.

  27. fireboi900

    The original member of the week says this is super hott!! But for the past ten years ive only done it for 3 guys. I picky myself.

  28. Skittles6466

    I am a bottom, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TO SWALLOW!!!! When it comes to sex, I would prefer to give oral & swallow. I sometimes have to be in the right mood also; but when a dick it about to explode in from of me, I usually tend to make sure that the clean up is easy ^~^.

  29. Rayban

    I am a bottom and for me to do that the person gots to be one who I am connected to or in a relationship with, don’t like the idea swallowing cums of those who I hardly know. Well I am scared of expressing my wildest sexual ideas at the outset. With my ex it took awhile before he could even get a bj,when it did happen he was so shocked that he cums in my mouth. So yeah I a bit conservative.

  30. Rayban

    I am a bottom and for me to do that the person gots to be one who I am connected to or in a relationship with, don’t like the idea swallowing cums of those who I hardly know. Well I am scared of expressing my wildest sexual ideas at the outset. With my ex it took awhile before he could even get a bj,when it did happen he was so shocked that he cums in my mouth. So yeah I a bit conservative.

  31. Rayban

    I am a bottom and for me to do that the person gots to be one who I am connected to or in a relationship with, don’t like the idea swallowing cums of those who I hardly know. Well I am scared of expressing my wildest sexual ideas at the outset. With my ex it took awhile before he could even get a bj,when it did happen he was so shocked that he cums in my mouth. So yeah I a bit conservative.

  32. Kevin

    It all depends on the dude………there are some that I will swallow and beg for more and then there are some that I spit it out immediately…………….all about the dude and the chemistry

  33. Safe than Sorry

    wow!. great topic!
    I am a total top and my favorite sex act is sucking cock and eating ass. Of course it is still sex, so no one is off the hook when it comes to safe sex. Therefore, I have to get to know the guy a little before I swallow.Swallowing can be very intimate for both the guy giving and getting.I like getting, but many guys simple do not know how to suck well. So I end up jacking off while he sucks my nipples which brings me to ecstasy.

    I have one pet peeve though,,the guys has to nut in my mouth when I swallow. licking it up, using fingers like it’s batter,or shooting it in my mouth is not my thing. That’s cheating. It is so rewarding to feel the throb of a cock before the explosion along with the constant spasm when the guy is nutting, and the slow down and softening of the cock head as his penis goes back “to sleep”. It is an experience, not just an act!

    Think about it. When you swallow, you are exploring who the guy was, is, and who he can be ( genetics?). It is a bonding experience. you are also performing an act when the guy is at his most vulnerable moment. He is at his most Euphoric moment, and you are responsible for his ecstasy. This puts me in ecstasy! You have just explored each other’s humanity!

    If you are lucky to be in a relationship or have a routine fuckbuddy, you can sense his mood changes and diet through tasting his love juice.

    Swallowing is a special experience that should be shared with ONLY a few men you really have bonded with.

  34. Marz

    I have to be totaly into the guy… Even thought I enjoy the taste of cum, I prefer sucking a guy dry of his precum, done it for hours with several guys that just produced more precum the more I sucked. I am 90 % submissive bottom and I love sucking cock… On the rare ocassions that I top I like to feed it to the guy I just either fucked or throat fucked…
    Not really into eating my own cum ( which I have done when jerking off), but when a dominant top feeds me his load (s), and is pleased with my performance ,,(usually I am hog tied or restrained when this happens) , I get rewarded by him milking my cock then he makes me lick all of my cum off his fingers….Now that is hot!! Its all abouut enhoying the moment and really getting into the guy you are with…….. Oh to clarify a myth… eating pineapple DOES make your cum much sweeter and more palletable… just and FYI… ENJOY, SUCK AND SWALLOW AWAY BOYS !!!!!!

  35. John

    I too am very picky about who’s cum I swallow…only the truly hot men I service whom I have gotten to know a little and I know have great personal hygeine. I service many married, Bi and str8 men.

  36. David

    If it’s sucking a nice looking black guy with a big dick like in the first two pics, and he’s neg, then I’m all in and will suck him dry. Otherwise I rarely suck and wouldn’t want to swallow. My favourite is to have a regular straight black guy who wants what he can’t get elsewhere and will just sit back while I suck him till he cums – two or three times. Or if it’s a guy who fucks me and wants to finish by cumming in my mouth. I don’t do deep throat though – I want to taste and feel it.

  37. ahablah

    I just love to swallow, though, I only swallow guys who seem trustworthy and honest. A man with tasty cum is a keeper. However, if I am swallowing, I have to gulp it down quick. I also only swallow if shot directly in my mouth. I can’t wrap myself around licking it off someones chest or hands. The smell gets to me. In LA area? Search me 🙂

  38. outdoorman

    I am a bottom myself. I have had one safe for sure buddy who I always swallowed, but he’s been the only one ever. I do want to find some other dudes who are totally safe and try it with them.

  39. Randy

    It is a physical attraction thing. I’ve swallowed with someone who is hot and then we kissed. Other times I just let him shoot on my chest. It’s a mind set. Pretty much and oral here. Will
    Bottom occasionally.

  40. mark200

    I’m a cum freak, so I’d have to say to swallow a guys cum load, is a must. I can not get enough of it…..The more cum the better.

  41. Derelle F

    I’m don’t swallow cum at all. I spit, and I do like a guy to cum in my mom or anywhere on my body but I do not ingests cum. That’s how you get infected with HIV.

  42. nick

    I am a bare bottom. I always swallow the rest after the guy nutts in my asshole. I clean it up and he shoves it back in and back to my mouth and back to my asshole until he gets soft

  43. some_nights

    I’m vers and I love to swallow a huge thick load. Prefer a top that will force his dick all the way down my throat and shoot his load. I do also like to have it shot straight in my mouth so that I can really taste his seed.

  44. JD

    I LOVE feeling a hot cock explode in my mouth! The pulsing veins against my tongue, the swelling head filling my mouth with hot sweet cum. YUM! However, if the cock does not meet my standards for any reason not only will I not swallow, I won’t touch it at all. If it’s a hot dude with a nice cock and an attitude I’ll spit. It’s all about the cock for me.

  45. Jimy

    I am like the writer, have to really be turn on by the guy, sex has to be really hot and I am in the moment, if not I head to the bathroom

  46. David

    Yes!! It’s much the same for me Rare is the man who arouses me to the level that I will swallow for him.But it is the most satisfying experience when it happens.

  47. Cypress Tx

    I’ve swallowed more than once I’m a top, but I will suck dick for the hell of it and yes I’ve swallowed . The guy was clean had his papers to prove it so … Yeah your clean I will swallow every drop but you have to be fit cute face and body to match !!!

  48. Mike

    Love cum in my mouth but don’t always feel the need to swallow. It is hot though, to me. It’s disheartening and scary to read about the guy that contracted HIV through just oral, even rough oral, although I appreciate the advice to be aware and extra careful. If there were no risk at all (of anything) I’d be sucking and swallowing as often as possible.

  49. Mykel

    I have to be into it and turned on big time to swallow. I have to really enjoy the guy to be able to swallow his cum.

  50. Greg

    Hey there I’m Greg and I am a 41 year old gay male I am a total top
    I love to suck a guy to completion and if he cums while I’m sucking his dick
    You bet your ass I’m gonna swallow his seed its fucking hot to swallow his load but I do not like or care for getting my dick sucked it does nothing for me


  51. Jay

    For me, it depends on the guy I am hooking up with. If I have not blown my load and super horny, I will have him cum in my mouth before I cum.

    I will only let people who are my age group cum in my mouth or on my face. (18-26) A nice shaven dick will win me over every single time.

  52. billy

    I have given thousands of blowjobs and ALWAYS swallow. Always test frequently. Still neg after all these years. I’m 45. I see no reason to not swallow.

  53. wettexas1011

    I swallow 95% of the time. It’s been my experience that most all guys SAY they do, but soon as they have released their man gravy, it’s over!! The desire to do “nasty” stuff was released with the load. I don’t swallow for the taste (most isn’t that palatable) but it just makes sex that much more erotic. I also like swapping loads, but it’s next to impossible to find someone who will actually follow through!!

  54. tanc71

    As a Total Bottom/Cock Slut, what’s the point of working that Hot Sweet Cum out of a nice Hard Cock if your not going to swallow it.

  55. fratboy92

    Um I do not swallow I had a bad experience with it so it ruin it for the rest of you guys… sorry!!!! But if a guy wants to swallow my seed then I’m all for it

  56. Jon

    Definitely depends on the physical appearance of the guy, but I love to feel a guys load shoot down my throat or on my face and have him feed it to me. Being a slightly more submissive bottom, I get off on having a guy force me to swallow it, but I most certainly welcome it, even if they don’t force me to.

  57. Mike

    Love to have mine swallowed. Trying to get into swallowing. Only done it 3 times with 2 different guys. I’m versatile. I do whole heartily agree sex is more than just physical. It has to be the right kind of way for me to even think about swallowing.

  58. Milton Newberry

    I swallow my man every chance I get. Generally don’t care for the taste of cum, but love my man so much I can’t get enough. I’m strictly a top. I love being swallowed but my man doesn’t swallow which is ok.

  59. piercednips

    I think its hot and although can be dangerous, I like it. like getting fucked bareback too. If the person im with pulls out a condom and puts it on, that’s all well and good and I don’t say anything, but if they don’t, then that’s all the better. I like being fucked and having that hot load shot down my throat. Dosent matter if u are blk or white. Everybody has an opinion and a preference and that’s my take on it.

  60. brokerjo

    I enjoy cum in my mouth and the taste as it goes down my throat. Prefer non smokers’ cum, smokers tend to have a slightly bitter taste. Of course, if the cock and guy are hot I will take the smoker. 🙂 I am vers btm here.

  61. latinlust69

    Spitters are quiters! But a hot facial can be fun too! Old rule of thumb tho, no flossing or aggressive tooth brushing within 8 hours so that any gum abrasion has a chance to heal.
    Tho if it tastes bad… Never blow a guy who had asparagus recently.

  62. marc

    Versatile gay guy here: I love cum, my favorite beverage. And I love to have my cum swallowed: a personal thanks now to the guy who drank my cum on the top bench in the YMCA steam room today. Glad you enjoyed every drop.

  63. alphurleigh

    I don’t swallow jism as a rule, but had an encounter with a 12 incher that made me want everything it had to offer orally. So I swallowed everything that came out of that pipe. I also knew this person was healthy and no harm would befall me from swallowing his man juice. Would I do it again? Would have to be on a sexual high and feel strongly about the dude to do so again.

  64. Johngsy

    I like to swallow cum if I’m totally into the guy and he wants it. I don’t really care for the taste of sum, but some are great. I think it’s mental. It must however be someone recently tested and when I’m exclusive so I know we are safe ( well as safe as this can be ). I once had my hot straight roommate shoot so hard it shot out my nose. That was so hot I squirted jizz too. I so wanted that to happen again. I know I contradicted myself, but hit room mate is exclusive. He hasn’t had sex since being tested other than with me. I’m the only guy to touch him which is also hot!

  65. TommyJackson

    I follow the rule of swallow or spit but don’t let it sit. I love swallowing but agree there needs to be some kind of connection other than just a cock in my mouth. Vers

  66. CenTXOrl

    My answers is much the same as yours. I only swallow a dude I really trust and have a history with- even if only a fuck buddy history. I don’t need to be in love, I *do* need to be into the guy as more than just a cock, though. I screen partners prety carefully, mainly for attitude, but once in a while, a genuine asshole (in the bad sense) slips thru and the end result is his cum, assuming I get him off after he’s crossed the line with me, is that his cum splashes on himself or the floor. If I’m into a dude and it’s an initial meeting or early stage, I may let him cum in my mouth but I do not swallow. As a dedicated cocksucker, swallowing signifies a surrender to the stud that has to be earned- yes, even a submissive cocksucker can command a degree of respect. I like to see to it that his pleasure is uninterrupted to the very end. If a dude I’m meeting for the first time insists on swallowing, the meeting basically won’t happen.

  67. jat

    I enjoy cum facials and swallowing. I’m very versatile if I’m the top I’ll cum where ever the bottom wants me. Although I like it when he’s riding my dick and shoots his load over my chest and face. When I’m the bottom I like when he’s ready to cum, pull out and tear the rubber off and cover my face and fill my throat with his cum.

  68. JOMYBF

    To be clinical, studies done by the Kinsey Institute report that the average volume of semen produced at ejaculation is two to five milliliters, slightly less than an ounce. The sperm is usually approximately one percent of the total ejaculate. It is the sperm that are living organisms essential to the survival of viruses. The most significant factor in the safety or danger of ingesting come should be weighed in accordance with the general health and integrity of gums, soft tissues in the mouth and the uvula/tonsil areas. If there is no bleeding or ulceration of the oral tissues, saliva acts as a very effective anti-microbial containing immunoglobulin and glycosyl hydrolases, the prior protecting from viruses such as HIV and Herpes virus.The hyrdolases act as anti-bacterial agent. The risk of oral infection is most likely through damage to the buccal mucosa, the inside of the lip, which through pressure can be compromised and provide a path to the bloodstream. With caution, the oral route and its resistance to damage is not a likely route to infection. It is significant to note however, that the ejaculation will travel at a speed of more than 25 MPH and bypass the oral cavity and make the journey down the esophagus where it is almost impossible for infection. This route makes it likely that the sperm will bypass the oral cavity and swallowing deeply is an asset if it brings the ejaculate away from tissues that it could infect.

    If swallowed, the semen will travel down the esophagus and into the stomach, where it will be digested and rendered essentially harmless. The entire cocktail is essentially alkaline (not acidic) and the sting in a shot to the eye is from the salt content, not acidity. It will not produce stomach distress, but is not significant enough in volume to act as an antacid.

  69. jilte

    I love blowing my load into a warm receptive mouth. I also like swallowing. It is really arousing to feel a dick start to spasm in my mouth…

  70. J.D.

    Much like you Dave. I need to really be turned on by the guy before I swallow his spunk. I’m a total bottom and it just turns me on to get a facial or have it shot in my mouth, but again, if he’s sort of a prick, I’ll probably turn my head.

  71. Zane

    Dude! I am a cum addict! When i was younger- couldnt stand the taste, or smell of cum, but A long distance Internet relationship started me on the road to no return. My man and i would jack off on cam and eat our cum, pretending it was the other.

    then the next experience was with this guy I was blowing. – i had told him I wanted him to let me know when he was gonna blow, to spry my face and chest but when it came time to nut, he growled that he didnt waste his loads. he held me on his cock and pumped his load deep down my throat, dragging his sticky head along my tongue.

    After I calmed down from being pissed I went home and jacked off to the whole memory in my mind, came so hard i shot into my open mouth… ever since then i need cum.

    It’s an acquired taste and I acquired it… though i prefer it warm to cold. i still think cold cum is kinda nasty lol

  72. M

    You cannot get HIV from oral sex alone. For that to happen, you have to have a cut in your mouth (from brushing your teeth too hard, for example). Otherwise you’d have to swallow like a gallon of cum. The virus just can’t be transmitted orally unless there’s a cut somewhere in the mouth.
    You should do your homework before writing about such topics! Suggestive that one can get it simply by swallowing cum/sucking sans condom is completely disingenuous and very irresponsible of you!
    Now, to answer your question, I swallow sometimes. It depends on how into the guy I am.

  73. Dave in Melb

    I always swallow. If I’m not willing to swallow a guy’s load, then I don’t suck his cock. I definitely agree that you have to be into the guy you’re having sex with. I’m a top but will just swap blowjobs too. I prefer a guy to swallow…nothing to clean up that way!

  74. goldenloverinmym

    versa oral anal rim all good HELL YES I SWALLOW my reward for a job well done.i love to eat my creampie out of my latino lover he’s the only one I’ve done that with so far.he has to get me hot enough to do it.sno balling done it both ways with him LOVED IT THEN KISSING DEEP.Dean

  75. Steve Miller

    Do I like to swallow? Indeed…I am not one to throw away my paycheck….. makes the love gesture complete, and like it done to me, also…

  76. cnjswallows

    As my name says, i love to swallow. It is so hot hearing a guy moan and feel his body starting to tense up as he gets close to blowing his load in my mouth. Then to feel him grab the back of my head as he shoots his load deep in my throat drives me crazy. the way i look at it is i do all the work i might as well drink the reward!

  77. itdepends

    Last time I did it, my stomach started gurgling and I had the runs. Too rich (?) Same thing happens with a protein drink.

  78. goldenloverinmym

    hell yes I swallow also eat my cream pie from my latinos ass and we sno ball each others loads and deep kissing

  79. ulookin4me99

    Depends. If I go so far as to suck the dick, I do. If I’ve gone gonna do it at all, go all the way. But I’ve got to know someone for awhile before it gets that far.

  80. studman

    I love to suck cock and have the guy to shoot his cum in my mouth. And I always swallow. I love the taste of cum. It just is not a complete blow job if the guy does not shoot his cum in my mouth so I can swallow it

  81. maneater5674

    Well I sure do enjoy swallowing, When I have a cock in my mouth I seem to be in a different world. I lose all focus on anything going on around me. What I’m saying is that the main goal for me is to go for the happy ending. I try to make sure the cock is deep in my throat when it shoots. The taste and the creaminess of it just makes me melt with pleasure. I love the feel of the heat of it pooling in my throat and just have to swallow every drop to satisfy my need. I love sucking a big squirter. that’s the best part for me, the finish.


    I am a vers bottom guy and I’m not a big fan of swallowing cum, only if I’m really into a guy mentally and physically like you Dave. But even if I’m into a guy I would mostly spit it out unless I’m feeling really nasty and that happens from time to time. I would also swallow my partners cum if he was into that I think that shows a guy that you want every piece of him inside you and kind of makes you one with each other kind of how I feel about letting a guy cum inside me after fucking. Am I crazy or alone here? just wondering? BTW those are some hot pics and I find it super sexy when a guy swallows my cum after sucking me off.

  83. Liljodi

    Personally, It depends on the mood I am in, plus we have to be in a serious friends and I know the health history of the partner. I would not do a random act.

    Howevr, if a dude so incline to swallow mine its all system go. Its a huge turn on for me.

  84. GG

    I love the feel of a hot load in my mouth if the mood is right but I’m a “spits not swallows” type of guy. Semen just never sat right in my stomach,always made me nauseous afterward. Guess I am just “cumactose intolerant” …

  85. eduardio

    I’m a versatile bttm and love the feel of a hot load cumming down my throat. But equally it’s hot feeling your load being swallowed b6someon e else

  86. rjtopher

    sucking a cock is a highly intimate act that reflects the exchange of deep emotion between two people. I feel that because guys know what the importance of that pleasure and understand this is a part of the moment, it takes a guy to fully and properly take a another guy’s dick and pleasure it as intended. Women don’t get this and that is why most, if not all, have no idea how to suck a cock or “don’t like it”. The act of swallowing another’s cum is a logical extension of the act when the two guys are fully and completely into the emotion and pleasure of this beautiful act. It is a beautiful act if properly carried out. Given what I have said you must have guessed i swallow because it want my partner’s pleasure to be complete and because as the bottom it is my desire to be a full partner in the act. I hate blow and go no matter how horny I am, because it runs counter to everything I have said here.

  87. Dickeatern301

    Hell yeah I love to swallow, love it when guys eyes roll back in their heads when they bust that nutt down my throat and all over my face. Dont know why I love it so much but it is what it is. Nothing like suckin off a group as well. And i love to make office calls. Love suckin a guys dick when somebody walks in on us and drop their pants to serviced as well. I guess this makes me a super freak.

  88. Adrian

    So…. Swallowing…. I’m a married man. (To a guy) I love swallowing my husband load. Now when it come to strangers. I don’t swallow unless I personally really know you. I don’t let any tom dick or hairy to cum in my mouth. Now if someone wants to swallow me go for it. I’ll cum all over your face. Spit in u and make u swallow that also.I’ll even cum swap with someone if they want.

  89. thatsmygoal

    yes its very HOT !! i do swallow/and love it. it took me years to finally give into it tho, but it was everything i expected. i definitely need to be into the guy also, but i think that is obvious or i would not be playing with him to begin with. the other thing is that he must be as into being swallowed as i am into swallowing.if he is indifferent to it then that will not be a turn on. i cannot suck a rubber covered dick, so i have excepted the risk. but this is the first “documented” case i have heard of someone getting hiv from oral only. i am a bottom. and yes when i am getting a bj i prefer to be swallowed also.

  90. bigmouth4use

    I am mostly a bottom, but I really like swallowing or catching a facial. It is the perfect reward after working hard on a big dick. I also like being swallowed. Pushing a guy’s head down and shooting in his throat is great.

  91. drewballard

    I swallow… I have to comment on wide variety of taste differences. I noticed a guy I recently sucked off had very salty semen. Then another guy some days later was very sweet. I am wondering what the the taste of sperm can tell me about someone. Any ideas?

  92. mike

    I love to swallow, I guess you could say I am a cum yes I understand there’s some risk…personally I think any sexual activity is risky business, we all push our limits… .if you say you don’t I’m going to call you a liar. we all get caught up in the heat of the moment and allow things to happen we wouldn’t normally let happen. now having said that, I really enjoy the feeling of cum rushing down my throat and the feel of my mans cock pulsating his load into my mouth!

  93. markmasters

    Of course why waste a protein enriched drink….of course you gotta have more….but its like eating ass…its in your blood to desire it. My only hangup is when someone thinks they gotta stuff the entire dick down your throat to chock on it.. to which I tell them if you dont want me vomiting in their lap dont do that.

  94. justsayingyo

    ummm occasionally I’ve done it, but i think your friend is a liar about never having anal, because even the CDC will tell you your chances or contracting HIV orally are super low. He’d either have to have huge sores in his mouth while giving that bj (ew) or that must have been teh super hiv. i mean i’m not saying it’s open season on sucking dicks just that shit does not add up



  96. Bob

    I love to swallow cum, have it shot into my open mouth or juist have a guy shoot while he is in my mouth, I love the feel of it on my tongue and throat. Savor the taste for a while after he explodes, but I also like a guy to cum on my face as well.

  97. malchjrc

    Swallow of course ! I’m one of those bottoms who really likes a mouthful of cum. Surprisingly I sometimes have to insist on it to get it.

  98. Victor Gallier

    Dave, I am pretty much like you! If I am really into the guy and the sex is great, I will drink that load in a heartbeat, but if the guy is all about himself or I just not that into it, I won’t want his cum anywhere near me! Guys have feelings and needs too!

  99. Pageboy49

    I guess we are twins in that respect. I couldn’t agree more with your comments. If i cum first it is very difficult for me to even continue with pleasing my partner, let alone have him cum in my mouth. Your friend mostly likely got infected b/c of open wounds in his mouth. The same goes for open sores or wounds anywhere that are in contact with blood, or semen.

  100. Dave

    hottest time I had was when a hung guy used a ring gag on me and nip clips he had me lay on my back on the bed with my head over the side. he preceded to force me to deep throat him. with the gag in I had NO choice. after licking his balls and his ass he shot a huge load in my forced open mouth. then he continued to make me deep throat him tip I had to swallow the whole load. I love to be forced to swallow and like a guy who is verbal and aggressive.

  101. Mitch

    I like the feeling if cum hitting my body. It like I’m experiencing his orgasm too. I do swallow cum but only during certain times usually if I haven’t cum. Once I cum I will suck a dick to be curtious and to return the favor but I jelly don’t want the cum or spit after. To basically while I’m horny and worked up I will swallow gladly but after I cum I won’t.

  102. athinking

    Have never fully swallowed. But depends on mood. Today, I am super horny. Meeting a hot masculine bud. Want to and will taste my cum and swallow his.

  103. zack

    as a bottom, i’m not big on swallowing too but cumming in my mouth is a must. i feel that shows the top appreciates u, and go like ok i really liked that, you did a good job, here’s your reward

  104. Sugarnspice

    Lol some ppl may look it but for me I done even like to feel it on me so there is no way that I would be swollowing anything it’s just my cup of tea as Adam puts it and I’m a bottom mainly into orals but even the precum I don’t like but nothing I can do about that so hay…just my opinion

  105. Desiree

    I love to swallow cum. I truly love the taste and would swallow 100 loads of cum a day if I could get them. I am a sub cd and really love when a guy explodes in my mouth. I also love it when he splatters my face with a big thick creamy delicious load too. I can never get enough cum to swallow in a night I always want more.

  106. Steve

    Certainly there is not one guy in these pictures that i wouldnt lick and swallow every drop. Damn hot!
    Versatile here cum.all.over my face and down my throat

  107. R

    Very interesting comments you make there.
    According to the statistics and the CDC there have been no known cases of HIV transmission via oral sex.
    The enzymes in the saliva and and the esophagus (not to mention the stomach) dissolve the cells in semen and sperm, making it all but impossible to get infected by that route.

    In each and every case where HIV was thought to be contracted via an oral route, upon examination they found the person was either an IDU, or used something else that cause them to “black out” during sex, allowing for risky behavior OR there were signs that they in fact had participated in anal sex. (and were in denial). I am not saying that any of these are true, but your friend should most definitely contact the CDC to let them know he is a 1/1m case so they can update their statistics and let the people know.

  108. samman01

    Swallowing a guys load is my reward for doing a good job. Kind of like topping on ice cream. A little extra on top of something that is already good.
    Would agree that I like my cocks bare and not covered when providing oral
    HIV can happen but risk is low compared to anal sex.

  109. Aaron

    Swallowing is a “safer” practice in the jumble of sexual things that we do that might put us at risk for HIV. But you have to understand that HIV transfers through body fluids; blood, semen, etc. so if you’re giving someone oral and they aren’t taking care of their teeth and have open sores or sensitive gums then you put yourself at a higher risk. That’s why people with HIV need to be health-conscious and people who are negative need to be educated. Swallowing is “safer” because your stomach acids generally burn everything up but that wouldn’t matter if you have someone who isn’t exercising good dental hygiene.

    That being said…I have a cum fetish, haha. I think because guys shoot cum, to me that’s super hot. When a guy is fucking and shooting cum it’s like “that’s what a guy does” so in that moment he’s fully male, fully fucking, fully coming and it triggers this crazy sexual chemistry in me. I’m in love with life and cum represents life (I know I totally overanalyzed that) so I want it all over my face, my chest, my mouth (especially if he’s eaten pineapple or something sweet – yum). If the circumstances are right, I totally swallow lol.

    But I’m really a proper young man…really!

  110. worcfunguy48

    There is nothing hotter that sucking a guys cock and feeling in explode in your mouth and down your throat! I love the way you can feel the shaft tighten and the head expand right before he shoots his hot thick load! I especially love watching it as it shoots and then quickly licking, slurping and swallowing his load as some has run down the shaft of his cock!

  111. Mans Man

    So nothing hotter then getting filled and covered with cum. Pre HIV era I’d get filled at great parties in the mountains of NC. I was lucky enough to be the bottom that guys called when they had a room full of horny guys. I never let a drop go. If it wasn’t in my ass it was in my mouth. That said – now never. Too dangerous. Bad enough you can get Chlamydia worse you can get AIDS. My swallowing, load taking days are in the past. Sigh.

  112. Tom

    i like to swallow a guys hot cum, and i luv when a guy sucks my cock n swallows all my cum too
    it feels so good, and its like we r just connected and a part of each other and its just so personal.
    i am a top but have thought about trying to bottom but not sure

  113. JB

    Verse/top here. I’m very into swallowing if I’m into the guy. If I’m not into the guy, I’ll pull away and watch it fly…lol. I’m with Dave in that there are some guys that the connection is just so amazing that you just get in that moment and it happens.

    Will say I don’t like cum on my face though. If I’m not swallowing it, I don’t let it hit me in the face either. That’s more of an OCD thing though, because I don’t like food on my face either….lol.

  114. bayedge (Rochester NY)

    I can’t imagine that Dave posted this many hours ago and nobody has commented yet??? I also can’t imagine not swallowing. Geez, I love sucking a nice cock and having a guy pump his cum in my mouth. It’s like a liquid reward. It’s also psychologically fulfilling for me because I feel like I succeeded in making the other guy feel good. I realize it can be more than just getting off, but still makes it seem worthwhile. Not to mention I just love cum. All dependent on the guy being clean for me though. I don’t participate in anal, so guess I’m nether top or bottom. Oral can be mutual, but I’m happy just servicing a clean guy and swallowing all he can give. Facials are cool too.

  115. Tomas

    I prefere bottom, and i also swollow cum. But I feel the same as you, the guy have to be hot, and the sex needs to be good for me to swallow his cum.

  116. DKLA

    As a top, I really prefer when a guy swallows my load. It’s a better sense of completion — it’s just not the same when you get a great blow job and then come up short at the end… (no pun intended)

  117. Rick

    I luv swallowing a hot cum load – I only hook up with ddf as best as we can all verify…? I luv the feel of a hard cock and that silky soft head as I pleasure it however my partner tells me – the feel of it throbbing and pulsing as it shoots streams of hot cum on my face or in my mouth and down my throat is exhilarating. Of course I luv my cum load to be swallowed too but not a must…

  118. cockluvr

    I am a vers/bottom and while probably 75% of the time oral is just foreplay and does not lead to a load in my mouth, when it does I always swallow.

  119. ChipperAdams

    Oh yes…I always swallow. I really love it when a stranger cums in my mouth. I love to suck one dick while another one is in my ass and they both cum.

  120. mdana

    I am a bottom I love swallow cum I am very picky about who I suck but 9 times out 10 I swallow its just something I like to do I have been sucking cock since I was 15. It’s something really like to do fresh from the tap. There is nothing like having a throbbing penis in my mouth and the cock gets real hard and throbs out semen into my mouth

  121. geranium

    would you all let a guy fuck you where he just rams it in you? we used lotion, a lubricated condom (he wanted to use condom), i mean, i am hurting (that is good) but i was not satisfied with him fucking me, it was just hurting, no passion, no good feeling, and i mean when i have sex with other men, it feels so good with a few smaller penis size men, and with a dude that his is like 9 inches to 10 thick it hurts but i still feel alot of pleasure with him. it also may be that I am more phisically attracted to the 9inch/10inch guy versus the 7 inch guy. the 7ich guy is really weird also. he is versatile. i fucked him once and he fucked me, and then this next time his leg was hurting a little and he could not even take me putting my dick on his anal entrance! maybe he had some hemmroids! lol. but hes the one who asked me if i wanted to do him! he is also not experienced fucking men as most bisexual men are not, unless they are taught. i am not that good of a bottom even though i have really good ass! lol!, sometimes i cant take dick like i want to but i be wanted a dude to understand and be patient with me. but it seems that when a top is ready to pump and dump, that guys just dont care about waiting, and making sure they dont hurt you. what do you all think? who likes to be rammed, please stand up! (there is a part of the anal wall that can be irrated.( usually the dudes start out ramming it and out instead of staying inside me and exploring my horny areas of my intestinal wall. lol, i need someone to explore.

  122. markmasters

    Justsayingyo…….you can get HIV through oral contact with a cunt or a cock if you got low receding gum lines and take the time to brush your teeth which cause you to bleed at the gums and get an infected body fluid from your partner…that is exactly how i got HIV..cuz i am or was a top up to that point…now that i am fucked and the stigma of HIV destroyed my life of 20 years with the CIA and 26 years with the US Army Reserves..I was damaged goods an no loger deployable…Oh i ll get my pensions in 11 more years but the stigma did the worst damage…I was bisexual and hardly had dick now i am fucking or getting fucked left and right..

  123. BtmHunter

    Anally I’m a total top. But when I’m with a top I’m an oral bottom that every time will swallow his load. I don’t like licking it up. It has to be shot directly in my mouth. Can’t get enough cum!

  124. Bobbylvc

    Vers./Top I think in all my years I have only swallowed a few times. I have probably been swallowed more – I was 18 and there was this old man in my community that loved to suck and swallow – what 18 year old would not love this man??? no reciprocation ever – To swallow I agree – there has to be something there – my personal preference is for my partner to cum on my belly and use his batter to jerk myself off – Or to just feel his cum rubbed into my cum all over my body … but that is about it when it comes to cum play for me

  125. randy

    Love cum…love the feeling that happens when that cock is pumping that cum into my mouth. Love to deepthroat yere and a large long cock really excite me

    Damn, want some now

  126. SeminoleGecko

    I enjoy cum, especially my partner’s or my own. I’m also a microbiologist and today I read this in one of my professional publications which gives me pause for anonymous cum. I offer it up for your information.

    Bacteria In Semen May Play Role In HIV Transmission.
    HealthDay (7/25, Dallas) reports that according to a study published July 24 in PLoS Pathogens, the bacteria naturally present in human semen may play a role “in both HIV transmission and levels in infected men.” After analyzing and comparing “semen samples from 49 gay or bisexual men,” 27 of whom had HIV, researchers “found that HIV infection appeared to alter the relationship between semen bacteria and immune factors.” In those men with HIV who were not being treated with antiretroviral medications, the bacterial load in semen showed a correlation with the viral load of HIV. Semen samples from HIV-positive men also displayed markedly less diversity in bacteria.

  127. Ben

    I’m a vers/Top… Giving head is not my favorite thing to do and when I do I’m a ( polite) spitter… I’m tall and thick and I love having a man sit on my chest and cum in my face but I believe cumming in someone’s mouth is disrespectful…. I actually made a fwb from A4A and the first time we were together I fucked him hard and good I was eager to please him so I sucked him and without word or sound he spewed in my mouth.. I got so upset I hit him… Its weird because a guy who drips precum turns me on but the actual cum itself I don’t like the taste of… I’m hesitant about cumming in my partners mouths but if it’s what they want then I have a huge load to give them but my favorite thing to do is just cum over their faces and bodies

  128. Derelle F

    To the blog comment who said that I should educate myself on HIV. We’ll let me say this is that I’m much more educated on the risk of getting HIV and other STDs, and it’s high for someone giving oral sex (the one who’s sucking the dick) to the person who has HIV, and second the low risk of getting HIV from an infected person through oral is the one who’s receiving oral (the one who’s getting suck from the infected person). So I know the risk of getting HIV and STDs and I don’t need anybody telling me to educate myself, and like most people say on her is that it all depends on the person to who you want to swallow their cum. I myself wouldn’t mind swallowing cum, but it depends on the guy and I never done it yet.

  129. dancoh

    I can only do oral on someone whom I am attracted to… I CANNOT and WILL NOT suck any Tom, Dick or Harry! I have to have an attraction toward them. I LOVE to swallow.. LOVE the feeling of the cock THROBBING and shooting it’s load down my throat and even enjoy it better when my guy moans as he cums in my mouth.

  130. CED

    Cum swapping is so hot with a hot man that you know. I’m a bottom, but love pre-cum and swallowing big loads, the bigger the load, the better.

  131. Corey

    I am a vers btm, and I don’t always swallow, but always LOVE cum in my mouth. I guess it depends on the guy I am with, and the more I am with them. I really enjoy swallowing, but the guy makes the difference. But, sounding like so many others here, if he enjoys getting very enthusiastic oral sex, then I enjoy receiving his hot load of cum, the more the better. Most of the time….. I definitely swallow and enjoy every drop!

  132. LiveToSuck

    Why SUCK if you don’t SWALLOW? I feel cheated if a guy pulls out and shoots it on the floor. Why waste good cum. Don’t want a facial either, shoot it down my throat.

  133. MStSin

    So let me just throw it out there, I love to swallow. But,now that I’m a top I really haven’t had a chance to have a guy shoot his hot sweet load down my throat! Yes a sad shame because I know I can suck a dick….

  134. Love cum in my mouth!

    I am a bottom! I have 2 requirements, If you fuck me, you must wear a condom but when you cum pull that condom off and cum in my mouth. I absolutely LOVE CUM IN MY MOUTH! I love sucking cock , it is my favorite past time and I adore and relish my prize for sucking your cock so well and that is you load of cum. I love to have it deposited in the front on my tongue, then I can swirl it around my mouth before I swallow it and lick everywhere for some residue that is left on you cock! I like to let a little dribble onto my chin so I get to lick it off after I have swallowed it. Once I have swallowed cum I become ravenous for MORE. it is these times when i wish I had a room full of guys to suck and cum in my mouth. I would truly love that!

  135. Angelreborn6

    I am a verse bottom and I LOVE cum swallowing it having large amounts of it everywhere but mostly in my mouth. It has always been my greatest fetish it gets me soo hot and horny and drives me crazy when they shoot large amounts of nutt with loud noises that’s always been me.

  136. GuessImJustWeird

    NO, I do not swallow anymore.

    I used to when I first started having sex in college. I would swallow all the time, but cum upset my stomach/made me sick and Id spend a lot of time on the toilet soon afterwards. So, I gave it up. Likewise, I am not too excited/turned on by anyone swallowing my cum. To me you look like you are eating cement glue/Elmer’s glue…. like Cheryl from the animated show, “Archer.” LOL

  137. Gary

    I prefer fucked in the ass but I love to suck. If you cum while I suck you off I always swallow. I don’t allow cum shot on my face or anywhere else. Your cum belongs inside me.

  138. Bill Tomes

    I am a cum slut love the taste of it and I promise you that I will not spill a drop of your hot load of cum and I do know that a person who smoke his cum is very bitter, I can never get enough of it and I usuallywwant more than just one load I want multiple loads of cum yeah feed me good and if you ever get to Champaign Illinois look me up

  139. Jamal smith

    I do not like to swallow unless we are mentally and physically attracted in that sense not to many I’ve done it twice and both were to my boyfriends and I’m a top I don’t mind mine being swallowed but not to crazy for it. I’ll swallow my own but rarely anyone else’s.

  140. Ravenous

    I mean why bother if you don’t swallow ? I love cum . Working it until I feel his body tense or he says those words..”gonna cum” gets me so excited . I love the idea that part of him is inside me now and becomes a part of me. I really love a big cummers and you feel every splash down your throat with each pump of that dick . Bring it on .

  141. kaze

    I love to swallow. Ive done it maybe more than 200 times. My biggest fantasy us to do a bukkake, with 20 men ejaculating in my mouth one after the other.

  142. Terry

    I not only swallow cum, I love to savor a mouthful before I gulp it down. I have to taste a mans load, as well as devour it.

    • Joe

      It tastes better if you keep it your mouth so you can taste it. I always swallow All of it. I feel good and the suckee enjoys it too.

  143. Marcelo

    I never swallowed cum, but I really want to do it. I want to suck a big erect cock and a guy telling me “Swallow now, bitch!”

  144. @ChgoBttm4BBC

    For most of my 20’s I never swallowed out of fear of STD’s, then I met a guy about 5 years ago that held my head down, and I had no choice and I realized I liked it (Like Mikey in the Life Cereal Commercial). I haven’t stopped since. Like a guy said above, now I consider it my reward for a blow job well done. So if any of you tops are ever in Chicago…

  145. Guyndsm

    Like the blogger, it does depend… There are times when I sill suck a cock and just not feeling it regarding swallowing and I have the guys shoot on my hot chest…which is nice also. Then if the vibes are right, swallow.

  146. smoothieforu15

    Like you I have to be into the guy I’m with before I can swallow his load, but if he’s hot and I’m enjoying it then I could suck it all day long and swallow every load…….but the feeling has to be right……..!!!!

  147. Jerry

    So much disinformation here, that it’s ludicrous. Recent studies have shown that oral sex alone cannot transmit HIV. Period. Get educated, people.

  148. Cubie31

    I’ve only swallowed one guys cum. Loved it, but it was that special time. I need to trust the person but I enjoy him being able to exert his power by cumming in my mouth.

  149. Jay in SD

    No drop will go to waste. I Will suck your cock to the last throb. Period. Condom sucking? Really? Why bother? Taking a man in my mouth and draining his seed in my mouth is the ultimate power play. Like cutting Samson’s mane.

  150. TreehuggerX

    I’m a top w/ a thick almost 9 inches. I have a pretty dick so dudes love to play with it. I L O V E getting head, but I dnt nut from it. I have to fuck you first then finish in your mouth. I don’t demand that a dude swallows, its just an added bonus. & if he’s freaky enough to kiss me w/ a mouth full then that’s even better! My nut is delicious lol

  151. Trunkbriefs

    I am a versatile bottom. Been with my partner for over seven years. I love sucking his cock until he cums in my mouth. Not that it is needed but I love for him to hold my head down on him as he pumps his load. Strange thing is he has to cum while he is in my mouth. I am not as excited about him shooting it on my face or anywhere else.

  152. EasyPieceOfAss

    I’m somewhat of a submissive bottom. I love to be bossed around, but haven’t gone the whole dom/sir route… Yet. Anyway, I understand what you’re saying. I have to be attracted to a guy to swallow his load. He doesn’t have to be gorgeous or muscle built, just share a good chemistry. i was playing with a married man for 14 years. for the first year, on average, 3 times a week, he would come by for me to suck him off. I swallowed every drop. After a year we needed more, so ass up I went. Throughout the relationship, he quickly learned that if he held his hand on the back of my head or buried his dick, forcefully, all the way in my ass, that I’d take his load. Conversely, I’ve played with guys who could be in Calvin Klein underwear ads. If they’re egotistical, arrogant (in a mean way ) or shy, they cum on my chest and don’t get a call back. 🙂

  153. BlogLover

    For me is almost a religious experience, but only with straight guys. There has to be a combination of looks, smell and masculinity, a lot of it. Years ago I had a baseball buddy, straight and very masculine, and I would suck his dick and swallow all of his cum. I had him laying on the bed and I would lick his cum off his abs. Then he married a woman and that ended. Nowadays, I blow the driver that works in my office, also straight. I wouldn’t swallow cum from a queen.

  154. mark patterson

    well,WORKED AT V.A. MEDICAL FOR 34YRS,i asked doctors I knew,and nurses, many years about the “”new”” aids nightmare,only “real’case of SINGULAR ORAL SEX TRANSMISSION OF AIDS ,was way back in florida,remember the “dentist’,who used actually bloody instruments and there was a transmission!,later it was divulged,the woman was a some time prostitute,and heroin addict,injection of probable transmission.I MAY BE WRONG,BUT YOU DO NOT HEAR,AND I HEARD A “”ACTUAL PROPHET” WAY BACK ON THE CHRISTIAN CHANNEL,YOU KNOW,HE’S DEAD NOW,LOOKED LIKE A VAMPIRE,WIFE HAD THAT COTTON CANDY HAIR,she actually looked like a bad dressed hooker!was switchin channels,this was like 1980!!!!,when “”amyl nitrate””,was considered to cause aids,grids it was called,little hippie like woman w pony tail,NO MAKEUP, I HEARD JAN KRAUSE THE COTTON CANDY ONE “”YOU DID LSD,AND SMOKED POT’,well I had to watch that, then they asked about the gay disease aids,ect,grids,whatever, the prophet,proved it to me!!!!,said, ”’IT TAKES A QUANTITY OF BLOOD, AND EQUAL AMOUNT OF SEMEN ,INJECTED,SEXUALLY,OR PUT INTO THE BODY BLOODSTREAM TO CATCH AIDS'”she was some 10 yrs before others knew this, ”’DRUG USERS MIXED BLOOD WITH DRUGS,so they went longer, for more people,allot,a man cumming inside a mans ass,sore,torn by allot of anal sex,fisting,ect,IT GOES DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM,remember ”PENTHOUSE MAG””,there was a couple who did wine enema’s,because they got more high,quicker,TRY HOLDING WINE IN YOUR MOUTH PEOPLE,YOU WON’T GET EVEN A BUZZ,and the saliva,and then hydrochloric stomach acid WHICH CAN ETCH GLASS!!!destroys the aids virus, I HATE CUM IN MOUTH,MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE PARTNER BLOW HIS NOSE SNOT IN YOUR MOUTH,IT TASTES HORRIBLE,BUT PROBABLY NOT AIDS SPREADING,MAYBE HEP C,MORE ELEUSIVE THAT ONE,BUT ALLOT STRAIGHT WOMEN,GAYS LOVE CUM,UGH, ASK THEM IF THEY WOULD EAT PARTNERS BUGGERS,UGH,SAME STUFF MAN,NO DO IT,

  155. logical14u

    i am a total bottom and have always enjoyed swallowing. i guess it was something i became attracted to when i watched my dads porn and imagined myself in place of the woman. always loved watching multiple men cumming in a woman’s mouth. I’m in my forties and have been swallowing since my first encounter. even swallow my own cum when no other is available.

  156. Catcher70

    Love to swallow, and play with it.
    Super Sexy: In a 3 way, having one guy cum on anothers cock, and me sucking that cock, using the cum for lube. mmmmmmmmm

  157. Billy Belcher

    I swallow. I love sucking and making love to the cock, but the cum is my ultimate reward plus them pissing in my mouthnan down my throat too and swallowing every drop of it

  158. Alan Deal

    I have never thought twice about it. Once the cock is in my mouth I can’t wait to feel his delicious cum squirter out and hit me in the back of my mouth. Cum tastes so good and I love swallowing a nice big load. I keep sucking to make sure I get every drop. Can’t wait for the next dick and load.

  159. Ron

    Love to swallow…… nothing like a mouth full. Love to feel the cock pulse when he’s gonna cum

    Who needs head? Cockloverdeep on a4a

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