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Hey guys,

I would like to get your suggestions. I have created this blog 4 years ago and sometimes it is hard to get ideas…. Any suggestions? Any opinions you would like to have from other members? Any “hot or not” suggestions? Any porn stars you would like me to interview? Do you have any sex stories you would like me to post on the blog? Would you like to submit your profile as a member of the week? Would you like to share with other members something important that happened to you recently? Please write your suggestions in the comment section below and send your text or profile submission to blog at !

Have a great weekend guys and thank you so much:)

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  1. MDSpank

    Curious how many other guys enjoy spanking like I do…to me, there’s nothing as hot as being told to get over a lap and knowing that in a short time, the warmth will start. Especially enjoy those who start on shorts, work them down, continue on briefs, work them down, then start the “true” spanking bare-assed. How many of you enjoy that?

  2. Bobbylvc

    I love this blog now that I have discovered it – I think many of the topics you cover are terrific – it may not be a bad idea to go back to 4 years ago and repeat things you maybe have not repeated – I am sure you have new readers – like myself – who would value and enjoy maybe if you revisited topics. One that interests me – if guys would be open is the married but having gay sex and how they reconcile this in their heads – where I live, this is very common – I dated women too for along time but the dichotomy made me crazy and decided I really was more turned on by men sexually than women. Just a thought – keep up the great work – I look forward to your posts!

  3. AvidBlogReader

    First off, great work on the blog thus far Dave! I look forward to reading every update you make.

    More on topic, how about a guideline for spotting fake accounts or people who aren’t quite who they say they are?

    All the best!

  4. Rob

    You have spoken in the past about how hard it can sometimes be for guys that are HIV positive to hook up because of stigma and fear. I would like you to address impotency because it is my experience that you are really off everyone’s radar if you can’t get it up. Because of the medication I take, even Viagra and the others won’t work for me, so I am stuck with a limp dick, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to suck cock or be physically intimate with another man, just no one wants me because I can’t get hard.

  5. Rob

    I have a scar on my right abdominal area from multiple cancer surgeries. I am cancer free but also hunger for a mutual friend. My scar scares most people and show pity instead of looking at the soul with a smile. I’d like to know if there are others out there with the same hold up when it comes to meeting someone new and taking your clothes off. I usually tell before the shirt comes off so that they are not frightened and I put their hand to feel over my shirt but I still feel ugly or deformed. I have to work out frequent to keep it from getting deep but I’m just curious of others feelings when it comes to real battle wounds…

  6. disappointed

    Hi Dave, I’d really love you to talk about racial role stereotypes in gay culture. Like why men expect African-American men to be either super dominant or either a drag queen. Or all white men are submissive bottoms or a sugar daddy, ect…. I’m African-American, and I personally love dominant white guys but most seem to adhere to the stereotypes I’ve mentioned above. Please write on this topic, I’d love to here your and everyone elses thoughts.

    P.S also if you could id like you to talk about skin tone in the “ethnic” or Urban community and why so many men still have a “Slave mentality” and prefer lighter skinned men even if their not as facially attractive.

    P.P.S please excuse my grammer lol

  7. Randomil

    Here’s some suggestions:
    – When do you block someone?
    – If you are not interested in someone, don’t ignore them; TELL them. (I’d rather be blocked than ignored.)
    – What are suggestions for “lite bondage”?
    – Known scammers. For example, if a guy with a picture a little too good to be local starts asking me for my yahoo email address, I know it’s time to report them.
    Those are 4 … if I think of others, I’ll add. thanks

  8. 1versfucker

    Hey Dave

    MY suggestions / opinions:
    Leave your blog postings for a longer period of time, weeks even, so that guys that visit the site rarely, will have a chance to read them. That way you aren’t always having to scramble for new material.
    The ‘hot or not’, ‘would you do this or that’, ‘is this right or wrong’ type of blogs are often immaturely conceived and can fan the flames of unrest and prejudice in the already insecure gay world. I wish you would stay clear of such controversy. Websites can be very impressionable, especially for those who have limited contact with others.
    I would be careful about how personal you advertise your own tastes and judgements. It can be alienating. I see you as a very good looking, but somewhat too conservative, opinionated man.
    When you showed your recent photo shoot, you censored your genitals. That was ridiculous. I did chat/porn 20 years ago (for 3 years), in a much more conservative internet environment. I had no backlash. Mostly the opposite.
    Look at other blogs. Specialize in something: hot videos, pics. Keep it sexy.
    If you really want to blog about current events, besides sex, then pick something worthwhile: our world politically, environmentally, economically is on the brink. We need to stir this up more.

    all the best!

  9. MikeSF

    It always seems like the desktop version of the geoposition and location on a person’s profile is incorrect.
    ~ Just like the RADAR and mobile version, when a person logs in, the site should pin your location. I understand the privacy issue, however, a person’s profile location is already determined on the mobile/ app versions. The question of “share location?” in the account preferences should be eliminated.

    ~ There was a time, a few months back, that there were several “spam” profiles. With real location sharing, this would help prevent that “spam” occurring, because most of those false profiles are outside of the US.


  10. Chip

    I’ve been following your blog for about the past year (had no idea it was hiding down on the bottom of the screen prior to that). I generally enjoy it – which is why I come back (sometimes even without logging into A4A)

    Since you asked, I really enjoy the mix you strive for — some news, some porn, some Q&A, some health, some sex. The only parts I don’t really like are the straight out ads. But I’m assuming you’re getting paid for those, and someone’s gotta pay the Internet bill, so that’s all I’ll say about those.

    Some of my favorite posts have been the “member questions” (we’ve all been there, questioning whether what WE are is “normal”), and the “fan fiction”. I also enjoy the “news” — like the Truvada as PrEP, and the number of AIDS researchers on the plane shot down in the Ukraine. Both of those “broke” for me HERE faster than on the other media outlets I follow.

    I certainly understand “writers block” — I used to write myself, and coming up with NEW material day after day is difficult at best.

    However, since you now have a 4-year history of prior posts, perhaps you should look back in those first 1 or 2 years and see which entries worked best (got the most comments)… I’m betting some of those could use a fresh look 🙂

    So, in summary: Keep up the great work

  11. David

    I want to see more about interracial sex. What is it that black guys who like white guys are turned on by? What about the dynamics of being top or bottom? I’m white and into black guys. Also curious if black guys have a taboo about being a bottom with white guys but it’s ok with other black guys? Interracial sex stories would be great too, but mostly interested in the psychology or interpersonal dynamics of it. Also, why does it sometimes seem like black guys are more into barebacking? Honestly that freaks me out.

  12. Alex

    More sex stories! Nothing I love more than reading about someone’s first time getting plowed by a big cock or about their random hookup on this site or messing around with their step dad. I love reading sex stories.

  13. Etalith

    Haven’t been a member the entire time you’ve done this blog. But you could take a look at and see about the subject of g0y culture and views that is spelled g-zero-y.

  14. Chris

    I think everyone should have radar attached to their profiles so we can meet more locals. it should also update frequently and automatically for ppl who use phone apps.

  15. ian

    Talk about recent gay movie or events. Pls cover the story about the normal heart movie from HBO and Matt boomer as the hot star playing the role of Felix.

  16. Jeffrey

    I would like to hear guys suggestions on navigating relationships with younger guys, guys that flake, guys that log off or ignore you mid conversation, and guys that contact you and seem interested but then never respond to your response. Are guys on the “down low” worth the effort? These are situations I have tried to deal with living in a very rural area with a limited number of guys.

  17. Tim

    I would be curios to here feedback from the other guys in the form of a blog question about an idea for the website. As someone who is positive, I would interested in having a feature on the profiles that indicates if a guy is positive friendly (like a drop down for choosing for position preference or height/weight). One of the reasons I rarely contact guys is because i don’t know how they’ll react. I know I would be much more likely to contact a guy if he states he’s positive friendly. And although they are in the small minority I know there are guys out there that are positive friendly.

  18. VenusKnight

    Just a suggestion for the site in general!

    I think a4a should have “East Indian” as an ethnicity option.

    There are alot of us here not just from India but Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana & well as in NYC & U.K!

    Love to all XoXo

  19. Bob

    Your blogs have been nice to read. I am actually commenting more about some of the many movie videos or still shots that are posted on the main pages, supposedly to get people to buy them. I do not know about most of the other guys, but there are a lot of us who are not all about those photos showing other guys getting treated like nothing but pieces of meat constantly for hard , almost rape like scenes. Someone really tends to have the thoughts that everyone wants to see lots of thug types always raping or forcing some white guy into getting fucked or sucked. This does nothing but continue the negative attitude that everyone on here is out to achieve hard forceful sex. Many of us are gentle sensitive guys who do enjoy kissing and other sensitive activities and constantly seeing some guy with his head pushed down getting raped by a thug is not our idea of having fun, nor being treated in the correct way with others. Please rethink or seriously reduce the number of these negative photos and films.

  20. Ryan

    What other guys look for a profile, off-beat fetishes (and how to satisfy them), porn sites that won’t rip you off (ie what is free and what isn’t); how to be LGBT activist in your community (in the closest or out).

  21. SCjohn

    Could the search feature on A4A include a feature to search within so many miles of a zip code. The “Near You” feature is good, but it cannot be edited. Sometimes it will search based on your internet providers actual location instead of the users location. If this could be adjusted based on zip code it would be more user friendly to find other users close by. Thanks.

  22. Kirt28202

    2 Suggestions: Why do gay guys attend Pride in other cities/states, but will not attend their local city Pride? Secondly, is it sexy for men over 40 to wear what I call “boy” underwear (ie; Andrew Christian, Ginch Gonch, etc.)?

  23. pete

    love to hear if any guys have every tried Urethral Sounds? i have been thinking about trying one but would love to hear from other guys that have. like how they feel, love or dislike them and so on.

  24. Hhhhmmmmmmm

    I have read some of these blogs and one thing i have never seen is how do bring up illnesses that someone may have, not necessarily hiv or std, but diabetes or hypertension…….some people are scared of this as they lack education and is not transmittable… this a deal breaker as well or accepting……another idea i have that havent seen much is manscaping….in or not? Ive seen some on other sites, but since i havent been seen this blog but maybe about 4 months ago, may have missed it……another one is similar to the health problems, but if someone was taking medication for their health like cholesterol or blood pressure.
    Thank you so much

  25. Moet

    I would like to know how you new you were gay or bi your first experience with a guy. Like myself it was my uncle and older guy that was a close friend of the family and the older boys to. I was 8yr old and had sex with men and older women. Now am bi and family don’t know .I love men better and the sex but use girlfriend for show. Who else out there like that

  26. brian

    Btw you’re doing a great job..main idea would be…is TOTAL monogamy possible in a male gay relationship??? I kinda feel like 98% are not totally faithful…

  27. Dave

    Interview Kyle Kennedy (porn star).

    You did the sock your cock campaign – what about speedo day, bike short day, leather day — etc, get member to submit pics for people to vote on.

    Site suggestions: you should be able to filter by top/bottom. Be able to flag an account as not interested/has hiv/bottom only – etc.

  28. Wyman

    Yo, like, sometimes I feel like I’m gay enough anywhere else to have to attend gay events. I have my friends where I am and I don’t go to events just to showcase the things I can do regardless of what people think. Yes we’ve come a long way in our society, but I, personally, don’t feel the need to shove what I can do in peoples’ faces just because I feel like I can.

  29. disappointed 2

    Also why are most gay guys so shallow? I know not all are like that. But MOST seem to be, and all you hear and read is that everyone is looking for “adam”, someone to love and cuddle with and treats them right, but an average dude slim, but no six packs or great pecs gets rolled over for a one night stand who treats them like shit.

  30. Joe

    Hot or not? Fucking and getting fucked by tranny or CD
    I wonder how many guys on here are like me and think trannies and CD’s are hot;)

  31. Melvin

    Your blog most of the time is a good read. some suggestions
    Radar I thought it only worked on mobile devices not onsite computers. It needs more in= dept explantion.

  32. AL

    Hi … I don’t have any suggestions but just wanted to say how much I enjoy u’r blogs. I read almost every one of them and I’m sure it must be hard coming up with new ideas all the time. You’re doing a great job and I hope u continue … and u’r sexy cute too !

    oh wait, I do have a suggestion … I hope u can figure out a way to get rid of those “looking for generous” guys. They’re such a nuisance and total losers if that’s all that they’re good at, and they really do degrade this website a lot.

    I enjoy u’r blogs, keep up the good work. I think we all enjoy reading u’r blogs.

  33. Bob

    Hi Dave … I have a question and a suggestion topic for u to write about. I live in a small town and another member on a4a has a profile similar to mine so I get mistaken for that person all the time. That person is HIV positive but doesn’t tell no one that he is. He has many symptoms but tells everyone those are symptoms from a cancer that he has.

    when I meet someone here they instantly ask me if I met that other guy (he lives so close to me) and they tell me what a cool guy he is and stuff like that. I don’t have the heart to tell them that that guy can’t be that cool if he just got done fucking u in the butt bb and not telling u first that he’s HIV positive.

    Any comments? I know it’s not for me to talk about other people and I’m sure we all had sex with many other HIV positive people whether we know it or not but I think people who had sex with him should know that so they could decide whether to get tested or not. It bothers me that II’m not telling them something that I think they should now. It also bothers me that I’m about to have sex with someone who just had sex with that person a week or two prior.

    I know I shouldn’t say nothing but I sometimes I think I should.

  34. Maccron12

    I think it would be good explore what the older gay men are experiencing in this younger techno world, how the younger generation cope with sites for dating and hooking up, what expectations do people really expect from a site like a4a, have we moved beyond color lines in the gay world and does it really matter, , what stereo type do you believe .. Just a few thought to spark the mind

    Really stay on A4A FOR YOUR BLOGS, always interesting and informative
    Keep up the good work

  35. Cole

    You may have covered this in the past. I’m interested in hearing other guys opinions about swallowing or not. I recently unexpectedly swallowed for the first time. Though at the time I had mixed feelings about it because the guy did not tell me he wanted to cum in my mouth, I found it to be hot! I would knowingly choose who I would let cum in my mouth and swallow for but just thought of it turns me on!

  36. 7days

    I think that the professional should be removed. If you have to buy sex you are degrading yourself and the person buying is selling themselves short on a rush image for cash. I know this the worlds oldest profession but no one should have to subjected to this in public profiles..please put the the hoes thots for cash in a tab and police this or give option to flag these type of accounts with no recourse.

  37. Paul28025

    You need a mileage search feature, other sites have this,allows you to search ten,twenty,thirty miles from a listed city. This feature is really useful for guys in the suburbs,exurbs,country guys.

  38. rahl13

    you should feature guys with small to average cocks once in a while. Not everyone has an 8″ fat cock. Some of us are average and would like to see more about that

  39. muzyqman

    There are a bunch of great suggestions here. My suggestion is that when a site like a4a, which after all is a sex site specifically for men, wants to say “thank you,” the little animation of someone actually saying the words should have been a hot male celebrity, either shirtless or naked, rather than a female.

  40. Cooper

    It would be great if there were more pro/con stories. Example: Pros of PreP/Cons dealing with the side affects of meds. Also there has to be a way to deal with the continued discrimination on this site. Guys tend to include really hurtful statements in their profiles. This type of hate speech does not help our community grow. Minorities are still being treated like they are invisible or grouped into a racial stereotype that probably doesn’t exist.

  41. River

    Can you guys block IP Addresses from sites originating from the Department of Corrections? Some inmates have profiles and once you locate them, you realize they are sending messages from prisons or half way houses.

  42. Powertool

    Jeff Stryker…he was our go to man back in the late 80s….love to hear about him.

    Sport teams….I prefer gay sports in metro areas…but any jock without a jock would be nice.

    Seasonal happenings in areas. I live in Illinois…so the big wkends I always want as much info on….From Chicago…IML wkend….Great Lakes Bears wkend…Halsted Market Days…We all tend to travel…SF always is hopping…Hotlanta!…feedback from gay cruises and excursions….Fire Island…Da Cape(MA)…Seattle…The Dells…Minny’s hot spots…

    The best vaca spots to head to….Puerto Vallarta!!(my fave)…but there are tons of others.

    Gay men and pets!

    Periodic pieces concerning how gay rights have emerged…Gay Marriage…then and now…and it is one thing for newbies to seek out a partner….but when you are alone 50+ and thinking if it is time to partner up?!….

    Keep the site running and thanks for the work!!

  43. Freefallinii

    Excellent job on the blog Dave. I also like to hear first time stories or hook ups that happened spontaneously.. The arts are another idea, topics like favorite song, movie or best movie lines. It gives me better ideas about what to listen to or watch a movie I may have over looked . Thanks

  44. JBtonBi

    I think a blog that talks about “beefy” guys would be a good topic. As a 6’2″, 240 guy, I’m far from a twink – but I’m not Santa Claus by a long shot. I work out, carry it well, stay healthy – but I often see comments about “under 200” or “no heavy guys.” Well, there is a difference here…

    Also, a big topic would simply be about learning about people. So much engagement is done through nonverbal method – online chatting, email, etc. Most guys have already created the mental image of the guy on the other end of the computer, before they have even heard each others voices. Personally, I won’t hit the sheets with a guy I wouldn’t have a beer with. It doesn’t mean we have to go out first, but there needs to be a little bit of a connection.

    Another topic – finding happiness. It’s not at A4A… Everyone finds different levels of personal satisfaction. But if guys come on here over and over and over, and expect to magically meet “the one,” they may be missing out on life itself, and that’s sad.

    I’m not sure if these are good topics or not, but they are things that matter to me… And I think that makes them important.

  45. RayRay69

    I would like more of your SEXY STORIES. I enjoy jerking off to so many of them. Plus more of naked guys would be nice too. I enjoy everything that you come up with to post. Keep up the GREAT work.
    Just an Iowa Guy

  46. Micah

    1.) Tips for guys that want more out this site than just sex.

    2.) Safety tips for online dating.

    3.) Effective coping strategies for dealing with rejection and loss.

    4.) Q&a. (think “dear Abby”, but about dicks.) Just pick one or two user submitted short questions and publish them with a response. Try to keep them on a similar topic.

    5.) Talk about body image. Body dismorphic disorder, eating disorders, steroid abuse, excessive use of self-tanner. Why the gay obsession with bigger, younger, more more more?

  47. Cravenmoorhead

    I am alway’s telling everyone about your great blog. The Problem is my Social Circle of People are not only great and have much on their minds butt they have a Hard time finding the blog for you have to hit the memebers on line to even see that there is a blog and even then you still have to scroll down to the very bottom to see it.

  48. Jeffrey

    To Kirt28202 I think it is appropriate for older guys to wear trendy underwear. I am 43 and own many pairs of Andrew Christian and other brands of underwear. Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we need to act or dress like we are older.

  49. Azalean

    I would like to read stories on shocking gay encounters (someone meeting up with a stalker or meeting someone off craigslist who turned out to be very creepy, etc…). I would also like to hear why HIV+ men feel entitled to HIV- men, and why so many of them claim to be undetectable as if that’s any better.

  50. geo12

    i would like to see a instant update where where could change our headline instantly with whatever we want other than whats in the dropdown menu to put that would be great addition thanks

  51. Soft & Fluffy

    @ Jeffrey

    ”I would like to hear guys suggestions on navigating relationships with younger guys, guys that flake, guys that log off or ignore you mid conversation, and guys that contact you and seem interested but then never respond to your response ”

    Based on my experience you’re too literate/intelligent for them !
    I’ve also noticed that guys on handheld devices are more likely to behave like this .

  52. Jim

    TO ‘Rob’

    I too have a scar… on my forehead… I sometimes get the pity, or the what happened? or the name calling of freak or Frankenstein. It gets old real fast… had the scar for over 30 years. Just got to find the person out there that will look past the ‘I survived and lived’ stamp of nature.
    Maybe seek professional help to boost your self esteem… and get the ‘ I dont care about your shallow feelings…. take it or leave it’ Next!

  53. Guyinthecounty

    Porn fetishes like toon inceat beastiality old on younger things most would never admit to like due to embarrassment or judgement from others

  54. jockn2cbt

    1). Age when you first figured out or suspected you were gay.
    2). Getting caught
    3). What you were doing while all the other guys in H.S. were screwing their girlfriends.
    4). Being hiv pozzed from oral only activities.
    5). Reasons why some gays stick to small rural redneck towns.
    6). Sexiest up and coming actors (athletes, musicians, celebs).
    7). Regrets of never starting a family.

  55. AL

    Hi … I have a question. I responded twice to this blog yesterday with a legitimately good comment but then my comments disappeared off this blog? They were posted at first but then they were gone. Did I do something incorrectly?, please let me know … thanks.

  56. David

    I’d like to see a recurring blog reminding we subscribers again about keeping safe and staying negative. And new and present breakthroughs for we longtimers-I’ll have 32 years this coming November. New cases are rising and we’ve been living with Hiv for 40 yrs.***
    ***WHO’S NOT LISTENING? I enjoy your fun blogs immensely, Dave.

  57. PHDnRimming

    10 Blog Topic Suggestions

    – Gays in Daytime Television and the way they are portrayed serious and down-to-earth (DAYS) vs. for comic relief (General Hospital)

    – Interracial Sex…why is it still so taboo for so many?

    – “GayCation 2015” (Inspired by the newest DWV music video/hit single)20 places in the USA to visit during Summer 2015 and have a blast! [Gives you a year to research, maybe have some deals and giveaways]

    – Is it possible to be gay and celibate? (why do we love sex so much)

    – Where are they now? (Porn Stars of “yesteryear” e.g. Matthew Rush, etc.)

    – Interviews with A4A members who can say “I was an online porn star and regret it/it ruined my life.”

    – Exhibitionist Speak Out (fetishes involving public sex or sex tapes)

    – Sock Fetish: Thigh highs, over the knee, dress socks, soccer socks, why do we love to see men in them?

    – Relationships: Why are gay men so scared to commit/willing to just settle for FWBs?

    – Hot or Not: Sex Movie Theaters (does anyone even go to them anymore since the creation of porn on the Internet)

  58. Cesar

    Why do you even have Britney up in this Gaga believes he knows better than anyone else!!!!! How about u talk about more pov things like what are we doing to change the world to help our self there is still a lot of hate crime out there

  59. latinlust69

    More hot stories would be cool. Profiles of the day (make the post as a profile option). Porn stars of the day, or even porn stars of the past. Or even advice on how to post more successful profiles. Loving the blog most times already!

  60. dennis

    something about those of us who are Widowers…. i have lost 2 lovers, had been blessed being with them, both over 15 years each, now here i am 54, single and lonely and cant find anyone interested in me

  61. John

    In the HOT or NOT. I have a thing for PLUMBERS CRACKS. I know … I’ve seen some pretty bad ones .. but a nice repair man with .. his shirt goes up .. his pants slip down .. just enough to make you dream of the treasure that lies beneath … I think that is hot

  62. Jeffrey87108

    While this is a sex sight and I do enjoy most of the post I would like this blog to address more serious issues in the gay community. You Dave, have the means to make us talk about the serious issues. I would like to see you use your platform to address issues that effect us all.

  63. Steve

    How about suggestions for opening lines?

    I consider myself a smart, rational adult … and yet often stuck for a greeting in contacting another profile. Most guys (including myself) HATE “smiles”.

    And may be some etiquette suggestions? I get guys — with no profie to speak of and no pic, of course — who open with things “let’s meet.” Ya, not gonna happen.

  64. NYC Michael

    Sex Parties
    The Increase number of Sex Parties
    Keeping Your Profile Real
    Miss Connection
    Relationship Before Friendship
    Merging a Current Affairs and gay: i.e The gay Immigrant.

  65. JS

    How about “Around the World” topics with the LGBTQ. Educate the people about the diverse cultures in the U.S.A. and the World, old and new on how the Gay community affected history.

    Ancient Gay Myths…Greeks, Roman, Aztec, Norse, etc.

    Gay Heroes… not just today’s topics. But actual historical ones…

    Gay Artists/Writers/Singers/Performers/Etc. to feature your other members?

  66. Idea man

    You could blog about dating as a closeted gay man. For instance why does discreet=hook-up? Is it possible for a closeted guy and a outted guy to actually date? You could take a few posts to discuss different subcultures I.e. Bears, trans, drag queens vs. CD.

  67. HardOnPALine

    I miss the ability to chat; it is cumbersome to email all the time and leaves my inbox cluttered. Also, any chance of getting an open chat room for the individual cities?

  68. htbutt

    I think one of the funniest nights i ever had out to dinner with friends, was when we started trading horrible date (sex) stories. “The worst thing that ever happened to me” sort of thing. the stuff that makes you look stupid, and would laugh if only had happened to someone else?

  69. Northface

    Let’s talk about the emotional side of cursing online….the affirmation that guys get when one gets a compliment, the compulsion to check your inbox for new messages, self-esteem issues, racism online, and issues with growing old.

  70. LeShaun

    How about offering “eye color” as an option in profiles? Some prefer green, some prefer other colors.

    Also, I think “waist size” as an option in profiles is silly. Most people can figure out if a person has a slim waist, an average waist, or an overweight waist, just by comparing their height and weight.

  71. Soccerjocks78

    Would love to have a photo sharing option when you are chatting / mailing each other. This way you can send other pics to members that aren’t the ones you have posted. Keep up the great work

  72. Rockrocknow

    I’d like to hear about stories and/or fantasies about those that want to seduce the mailman, UPS/Fed-ex guy, Cable guy, pizza boy, construction guy, gardener, or Realtor. I use to work in the blue collar field and was hit on a few times. How exciting it was for me. I wonder if there are any others like me or are there any “seducers” out there. Thanks.

  73. Harrison

    I think you should talk about those in here that are into making music and do little interviews with them. I know for a fact that their are several guys on here, like myself, that produce their own songs. Could be a great way to get their music noticed.

  74. LaRay Latta

    Please update the “Change City” for the search. I’m out of town now and cannot find guys within a 50 mile radius ))-:

  75. Dylan

    As for the blog….l LOVE IT! I read it all day while at work. Shhh don’t tell my boss. As you read me ever comments, as with this thread there are a lot of them. If you wanted to respond to a persons comments you have to get in line and usually way down at the bottom of the list. FB had an option that you can comment directly under a persons comments directly. As you stated in the beginning of this thread “sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas”. Let me help you out on this and give you a lil well deserved time off. Make the day you can’t come up with something “freebie day” just let ppl post anything they want like bitches, complaints, new sexual positions they liked, a recent hook up, new lube, glory hole encounters….what ever they feel like chatting about. I’d bet it would be very interesting.

    As far as the site, I love that as well and my boss pays me to stare at it all day long (shhhh don’t tell him that) here is a short list of items I think would improve this site.
    1. I’ve noticed a recent trend in trying to get supported members. I agree. But some guys may not want A4A appearing on their credit card statement where a partner, wife, accountant may see it. You should be able to run to a grocery store and buy a gift card master card and put money on it and use that then throw it away. “No trace” and easy for the members who want to guarantee their anonymity. I’d be the brown paper wrapper of porn for its day.
    2. prob time to change the site color again.
    3. I don’t think the “HOME” button is utilized enough. If you put all of the other things such as MEMBER SEARCH, MAKE A DONATION, BLOG, HEALTH, SETTINGS, CONTACT …..etc with the rest of the buttons it will make navigating the page easier “one stop shop” it will free up valuable space on the page (more advertising space) and in general cleanup the site.
    Keep up the great work, this site helps so many ppl.

  76. raiderson

    Hey how are you man? I would like you to hear a story about your first love how it was? And if you guys are still together? But my main intention is focused now on how to get over my ex my very first love! I tried and tried but I feel like a part still want him around even if I was not the principal guilty in how we broke up. Any love lived or any suggestions will be very thankful. And thanks for this blog I really enjoy following it.

  77. To Dave

    It would be very helpful for those of us who are only tops or bottoms to be able to filter for: tops only, bottoms only, etc.

    It would also be very helpful for those of us who want to stay negative to be able to filter for: HIV Negative Only and Safe Sex Only.

  78. HungBull

    You could the following topics…

    1. Being gay and black (still so much discrimination and prejudice) these days it is called “well my preference is white” “sorry it is just a preference.”

    2. Is there room for pornography in a gay relationship? (some partners are offended by it/disgusted/feel inadequate or less because of it)

    3. and one I would really like to hear stories from members here… “I found love/have a partner/boyfriend, but I keep looking at porn daily/logging on to look at profile pictures.” (Hard to break old habits)

  79. RockyHardon

    Davey Wavey explained the color code of sex need to do an article or someone find an entertaining video of all the labels we have in the community, so A4A users can use them CORRECTLY.

    There is a big difference jn being a bear vs. obese…just saying.

    terms should include:


  80. Michael

    Reversible is Jennifer 56 the the benefits let me let me know if you’re available to chat I have a con if you’re available to chat or have a conversation let me know let me know if you have any interes I have a good date is some great food a I have a good date is some great food and go from there

  81. Shaun

    There are so many issues that men bring to the table. I think this blog could be a great resource to men who have similar issues and being able to connect to them. There may be a way to do this now, but all I see is a name usually. There have been a few times a guy has posted something that makes me really want to connect with him but there is no way to do that – unless it’s a paid feature I don’t know about.

    For example, I live in San Francisco and don’t quite fit in with a lot of the guys around here. I’m a bit more conservative and don’t enjoy the cruising or bar scene. There’s go to be others here, but, like me, they are probably home and reading a book or surfing on line. It would be nice to connect with those people. Hell, it would be nice to carry on an email conversation with people of similar minds who live elsewhere.

    But great job on your site. I’ve often read your blog and the reader responses and don’t feel so alone.

  82. trappedintheCLOSET

    Hot or not Anal oral sex aka “tossing the salad”.
    Dating a man What ( is not openly gay, (closeted) how long would/could you stay in the relationship;, Before coming out”to the friends and family….

  83. trappedintheCLOSET

    Hot or not Anal oral sex aka “tossing the salad”.
    Dating a man that is not openly gay, (trapped in the closet) how long would/could you stay in the relationship;, Before coming out is necessary for the sake of the relationship.

  84. GaGaMadeMeDoIt

    I agree with the ideas of Northface and HungBull. I would also like a story/page dedicated to gays who are in wheelchairs or disfiguredand these obstacles have hindered them from minding partners/love.

  85. Rex Ganymede, esq.

    dispense away with the withholding of comments before they’re screened: sometimes it seems like it takes forever before my posts are published!

    moderate after the fact — we are more than capable of bringing to your attention, Offensive Material.

    also, make commenting more html-friendly: this interface looks like it’s from the Soviet Union, 1994!!

  86. brian username. .captainhooklives

    I would like to see older blogs that have been posted..big blog reader the input and feedback on some subjects are good advice if you find yourself in a situation and you refer back to other people’s opinion on some matters..y’all cover a lot of ground in those new to coming out..I like the diverse opinions in most of your blogs..its everyday situations and people’s opinion in those situations are from sincere experience that I look for 😉

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