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Hey guys,

So two months ago, I wrote about a journey into solo anal play and exploration with some toys that were on sale, and taking them at my own pace.

First there was the Devi, slowly and subtly opening you up. A lot a fun and great for just a nice session, or as an opening act.

Then last month I wrote about gaining those extra inches and loosening up inside for real penetration. The Manticore and it’s bumps and ridges was a happy act one finale, be it alone or with a friend on the handle.

So now I’m gonna talk about the show stopping awesomeness that is Victor.

From Russia with love, Victor may be a toy, but he isn’t playing around. This toy when I first got it out of the box just gave me a hard on. Sure seeing a toy and it’s measurements on a website in black are informative, but until you wrap your hand around it….. wow.

Victor is 8.5″ total length, 6.5″ insertable, 2.07″ max insertable diameter and a lot of fun no matter the place or time. But for a tight and new bottom he is thrilling, terrifying, a little painful at first and then even worse…. Victor can turn you into a cock craved monster.

The first day with Victor I knew what was gonna go down and I set aside some time for our first real encounter. So like any sexual experience make sure you don’t have anywhere to be or are rushed.

I started in bed, cruising porn on my tablet. Opened myself up a bit with my Devi while looking at porn and and doing some kegel exercises. After about twenty minutes of loosening up and getting comfy and all hot & bothered, I decided it was time to meet Victor.

So I moved to my shower to take advantage of his suction cup, also a cleanliness factor. As a long time top I didn’t have much experience cleaning. Cleaning anally, be it enema’s or what ever else is an important habit to get into, just like playing with someone, or playing alone you should be clean or in a place where if you’re not, it’s not gonna matter.

After about I’d say 8 minutes and maybe the head and an inch or so later I was blowing the hottest load of my life. I repeated that twice more throughout the day and never going past more than half of him. At least not for the first week.

It felt great and amazing, but also hurt a bit and was scary but the best thing about Victor is that no matter how intimidating he is, YOU’RE in control. So while it’s every virgin’s dirty fantasy to just be barged in on while jerking one day and forced to take a monster cock attached to a jock with pecs of death, in reality he’d probably end up ripping your colon open. So being able to go at your own pace with something this thick is VERY important.

Not gonna lie. First week there was some blood spotting after play. I didn’t freak out, but also I did allow myself time to heal as soon as I noticed. 6.5 isn’t very long, but 2.07 around is a big switch. Anal sex comes with a certain type of discomfort at first, but if you feel pain or true discomfort, stop, take a rest and don’t worry. Everyone started somewhere.

After I made sure I was fine I made it a mission that week to tackle Victor in all his glory. And it truly was a fun and amazing accomplishment. One that every new bottom should try.

Victor is and always will be a toy close to my heart. His textures and details are awesome, the material is great and in the shower/heated up a little you really can’t tell tell it’s a toy. The suction cup is useful and pretty strong. I’m a bear and I play hard with all my toys, the cup kept up and once you learn how to properly fix it to a wall, it’s not going anywhere. Wood, tile, bathtub, sink ANYWHERE!

Only thing missing is a hot accent and the feeling of hot breath on the back of your neck.

While my beginner toy box isn’t like everyone else’s it really doesn’t HAVE to be. Victor has brothers and TONS of them. From Hector, to Peter and then some all different in length and width. I’m probably gonna invest in some family time with a few of them. So if Victor sounds too scary, browse around the “Realistic Cock” section and find one that you’ll be happy with.

The guide to becoming a balance lover is one that you really write yourself. What feels right and good at your speed is what matters when you’re starting out. Pain is part of the process, but it’s just like that initial fear you get when you hear the clinking of the chain on a roller coaster as you go up. Sure you’re scared but once you get off, you just wanna ride it again.

Get Victor here!

Till next time,


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  1. Chil_Cruise

    I have Victor and he’s wonderful! Although, I will have to say the true inches are more like 6.5 inches when measured from base to tip with a tape. Just like most guys out there, he adds 2 inches to his real length. LOL. He’s fucking thick, though, and will stretch your ass up. And that’s really more what you can feel than length anyway when you’re getting fucked.

  2. Roman Lopez

    Kove the articles will like you to talk about diferent cock ring ,specially metal ones a have seen In some profiles some .they look like penis enlargement .am a 5.5 size and will like to try them but dont know wish one to buy .and that one looks great is on iwan2fuck profile


    Sex toys that turn me on come in the 5-1/2 to 6 foot or so variety. They’e made of flesh and bone, and come with a variety of attachments. No batteries are required. They can carry on intellectual conversations and provide emotional feedback. When with them, hours fly by like minutes.

  4. karlkassin

    Victor is amazing Sam’s I made a cool video of myself riding Victor for an amazing anal orgasm.the next step is Jeff stryker

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