News : Obama Wishes You Happy Pride Month!



Few minutes ago President Barack Obama posted this photo (above) on his wall with the sentence “Happy Pride Month” ! Don’t forget that not too long ago, a president would have never made this statement in public.

Whatever your political views, I think it is amazing that USA, first, has a President of colour and second, that he is so inclusive and communicate tolerance, love and equality.

Don’t you find it hard to believe? Think about other countries where it is still illegal to be gay or where you can be lapidated for having anal sex. I am very happy to live in a place where I can be myself and live my life the way I want!

Have a great Pride month guys and be proud of who you are. I know sometimes it can be hard and some people can be mean about it, but who cares? What matters is you right? 🙂


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  1. Tim

    Not sure of your point. One of his minions posted that.

    By this point in history and Barry’s administration I would hope that you had higher expectations for him than just being black and open minded. Well, open minded for some.

    You see, I’m white, highly educated, fiscally conservative, and well paid. He constantly demeans me and those like me.

    See my point? He’s only inclusive to people he likes or who agree with him.

  2. Mark

    Oh Dave, Dave, Dave – with all do respect this paragraph is probably the silliest thing I have ever read on your blog

    “Whatever your political views, I think it is amazing that USA, first, has a President of colour and second, that he is so inclusive and communicate tolerance, love and equality.”

    Any job you have to lie for living sucks anyway but I believe this clod has be far exceeded ANYONE who came before him. I think you mentioned once before you lived in Canada 9 do yourself a huge favor … stay there.. this guy will do nothing for you across the border

  3. Joe Renolds

    Huh. Obama has doubled foreign aid to Nigeria where gays are executed by stoning. There’s a video on the White House website of Obama shaking the hand of and praising the Sultan Of Brunei who passed a law to execute gays by stoning.

  4. Hunter0500

    Our president is “of color” but more importantly he is of mixed race. While he had an opportunity to bring all people s together, he chose to identify with those “of color”. In the process, he divided the nation “Blacks vs. Everyone Else.” Whenever he can, he panders to Latinos, those of non-traditional gender, the poor, immigrants and everyone else the moment in front of the microphone gives him an opportunity to say “I’m for YOU!!” Is it a surprise he speaks up during Pride Month?

    He could have gone down in history as having more impact on society than Martin Luther King Jr. History won’t write him up that way.

  5. Mark

    Dave – not saying I am not happy living here.. just saying don’t praise this guy for being something he isn’t.

  6. Digdeep

    You can try and nit pick everything he does, but as the leader of a nation he has to consider our own interests first unfortunately. The situation for gays in most of Africa is terrible, but when dealing with leaders of foreign countries we need to pick and choose our battles. We can’t be in diplomacy with a country and at the same time trying to tell them what to do with their laws and ordinances, that just won’t fly.

    It’s pretty unusual among presidents though that he even authorized his image to be used attached to this message. Ask bush during his presidency if he would allow his image to be used to his social media management person for pride month.

  7. Phil

    I don’t care or believe one word this liar says. Next week it will be he didn’t know that was posted until the media told him. He has hurt me way more with his policies than he could ever do by posting this bullshit. Fuck him fuck the Congress in both sides. Vote them all out.

  8. rob

    Oh…you opened a can of worms with this post….mother always told me never to discuss religion and politics with people.

  9. Excalibur_00

    Glad there’s a president who believes in human dignity. I am no less worthy of full recognition under the law than my heterosexual brothers. As long as Republicans treat me as second class citizen, they will never get my vote. Kudos to Obama for being the first president to stand up for equality even when that could have meant his political downfall.

  10. Rob

    Regardless of his “inclusiveness”,(which is just political rhetoric) impeachment should be the order of the day. I suppose this won’t get posted but I’m going to say it anyway.

  11. Toby

    If any white President did the things Obama is doing, they would’ve been impeached long ago. It’s laughable for anyone to celebrate Obama for supporting gay marriage or gay pride when he’s stomping all over the Constitution–your rights– and bypassing the checks and balances by enacting his own legislation. And the worst part is, no one is stopping him.

    He’s keeping the pot stirred, pitting gays against str8s, men against women, poor against rich, conservative against liberal, because the more we are at each other’s throats, the easier it is for him to continue his agenda of sinking this great nation into the communist cesspool.

    His administration is corrupt from top to bottom, but should we expect anything different from a group of mafia thugs from Chicago? There is absolutely NOTHING to celebrate about the Obama presidency. When he’s finished, this country will be just like the other third world countries–a handful of filthy rich corrupt elitists and the rest of us dirt poor and enslaved to the elites even more than we are now.

  12. Mark

    I echo Tim and Mark’s comments above. While it is great to have a President change his tune to where he now supports gay marriage and that he has always supported equality for America’s citizens, Obama never was cut out to be the President and shame on all those who neglected to do their homework by voting for him…twice! His “experience” as a community organizer, yes a community organizer is showing its worthlessness from blunder to blunder and scandal to scandal. This arrogant SOB does not care about the United States and I am eager to see him go sooner than later. Thanks for the transparency, Barry.

  13. Jerry Spaniard

    Jeez, don’t you recognize PANDERING and condescension when you see it? I echo Tim’s statement above: “You see, I’m white, highly educated, fiscally conservative, and well paid. He constantly demeans me and those like me.” Joe also correctly points out (just one instance of) Obama’s cozying up with “leaders” from countries that have ZERO human rights, and routinely slaughter women and gays and apostates and christians and just about anyone that looks at the cross-eyed.

  14. Tim

    Blog — you missed Dave’s point. Barry only says things because they’re politically and financially beneficial to him. If he really believed in gay rights or women’s rights he’d do something about the horrible conditions in countries where we have sway. We’d like you personally to stay in Canada because we don’t need more “gesture liberals” here. We have more than our share.

  15. pete

    Zero can kiss my ass. He’s done more to fuck up this country than anyone before him.

    Unfortunate the first black president was a racist piece of shit.

  16. Tony

    You Bitchy Queens missed Dave’s point. He did not say the President was perfect. None of us are, his point was that no other President has ever done or said any thing for Gays as Barack Obama has. And there you Bitter Bitchy Queens go tearing his statement apart and finding the negative as you do with almost any subject Dave post. Gay is a Happy Word some of you on hear cant remember the last time you were Happy.

  17. ricky

    Give Dave credit for once on his blog – after all it’s a blog. But I like how his post brings out the racists gays on here. I never understand sometimes Gay people that I am ashamed to be called gay. We are so prejudiced to others – NO ASIANS, CLEAN ONLY, MASULINE ONLY, NO FEM . After all we have been through , empathy and tolerance should be in our cards.
    How many of you remember 1981-1983 with Regan and the AIDS epidemic ? Recall Ed Koch ? Geez!!! President Obama hands are tied by a congress who vowed to make him a one time president less than 3 months into his presidency solely cause of his skin color!!

  18. Excalibur_00

    I see some guys woefully iminformed about the issues. Guys are regurgitating Fox News propaganda, which is very Anti-gay. Obama as done so much for the gay community: repeal DADT and argued against DOMA before Supreme Court ( and won), lifted ban on HIV positive immigrants entering U.S, extended federal benefits to same sex federal employees, instructed defense department to grant marriage visitation rights to same sex couples who are in army and passed Matthew shepherd law (among many others). He stands up for us when most Republican politicians are ashamed to be associated with our community. Very clear cut for me.

  19. 1versfucker

    Ever since Kennedy was murdered by Big Money, who by the way have now infected the rest of the world with their corrupt and criminal ways, we have all been set to fight amongst each other as a distraction from the big reality: we are all being screwed over by the latest puppet government, handed the odd tid-bit, while out lives have become more oppressive, loss of personal freedoms, living under threat if we ‘speak out’ about anything. Then we have blogs such as this forum distracting us with petty controversies which is exactly where they like us to be. Your government is a sham, so is mine. Fortunately many are recognizing the bigger picture. The jig is up.

  20. Hillie

    As a blk gay man I’m not a big fan of President Obama. However I do realize the significance of his image and the support of gay pride even though its rather late.
    At the end of the day its more and a step forward than Bush or any other former President. Baby steps….

  21. trae

    I am an african american gay college educated male living in a country built on racism and stupidity. “Dont praise him for somethig he’s not”….”he constantly demeans me and thise like me”….see an african american in power and of course a white repu lican would say anything to shoot him down and if im not mistaken hes the only president who in anyway has been concerned with REAL equality in this bent up country. Its so like this gay lifestyle to quickly judge and attack someone who isnt like them

    Grow up guys really smh at the foolishness on this blog. How is it that we recieve praise for our president from someone across the border and yet here in our own country we have people putting him down that oes to show how bent out of shape we are as a country


  22. JAY


  23. JC

    Barack Obama has his faults, #1 being too eager early in the first term to make nice with Republicans who never had any intention of making nice with him.

    But he has EARNED my respect. I believe Obama is the best President in my lifetime, maybe even of ALL time. Because of the Faux News noise machine, and the rest of their ilk, this truth always has shade blocking the sun.

  24. Raul

    Way to many bitter fags… get over it.. remember the past administrations like Bush Jr who ran against Governor Ann Richards here in Texas BOTH HIM and Carl bashed her for Having homosexuals work in the Governors office. and of course the biggots ate it up winning him the election

  25. Del

    Dudes, beat your wigs back into place…at the end of the day it’s politics. For those of you who loathe Obama, I guess getting a “Happy Pride Month” message from Romney, Perry, Santorum or any other POLITICIAN will make you feel warm and cozy inside? Ugh.

    So for you well-educated, fiscally conservative, and highly-paid white men, is this the first time anyone has demeaned you? Welcome to my world.

    As a well-educated, black, “one-percenter” I’m going to enjoy Pride Month with my well-educated, “one-percenter” white husband. To hell with the politicians.

  26. PozNProud

    I can finally die in peace now that the president has acknowledged that it is OK for me to live my life the way I choose. *rolling my eyes at the blog post*

  27. Twinkerz

    (@Tony) Thank you for speaking up. President Obama is not perfect. The fact that he is inclusive to our community and is public about it makes him a big deal in my books. Georgy was the biggest piece of shit president we’ve had, and I rather have Obama any day than bigot racist dinosaur McCain, Idiot slut mom Palin, and racist rich bastards like Mitt who have no consideration for poor lower class citizens or……. GAY PEOPLE LIKE US!!!!

  28. Monchichi

    I love that our President at least acknowledges the gay community (even if it was uploaded by one of his minions as some bitchy queen said earlier). It’s lame duck season and the President is letting it all hang out lol.

  29. Charlie

    I do not believe a word that comes out of that s.o.b. If he really said that it was a political move of some sort. I would be happy if he was to move back out of this country while there is something left. Maybe Canada would take him?

  30. Undecided

    First let me state I thank the President for making such a bold statement to not only the people of this country but also to others around the world. Very few world leaders even acknowledge LGBT people (other than to condemn us) let alone speak to the fact that “Love Is Love”. Even acknowledging us during our month of pride is huge for us. Has any president before done such a thing????

    Whatever your political, social or economic views remember what condition this country was in before his term in office. Remember that the majority of this planet was upset with our leadership before and he’s done his part to repair the views of this country globally. I’m not saying things are perfect but has anyone thrown a shoe at him??? Think about that before you start a bitch-fest against the man.

    As to you Mr. “white, highly educated, fiscally conservative, and well paid” (read-priveledged) I’m “Non-white, Semi-educated, fiscally struggling and under paid” (read-average american) and this president has done more for those people across the nation that are like me than past regimes that usually cater to people like you. When you stop to think that there are more people like me than like you, you’ll realize that this president is trying to bring people closer through his policies than anyone recent to being able to live the “American Dream”.

  31. Daniel

    I laugh at all the homo’s screaming “impeach”. My dears, do you know what impeachment is? Because it’s not exactly a one way ticket out of the white house. He could be impeached and still serve the rest of his term scott free sipping lemonade.

    Before you go on your bitch fests, get your political terms correct.

  32. Don

    So many people talking bad about this administration, it looks they just forget how bad, hater, and economically failed was the past one with Bush. In USA people complain too much for non sense issues, too selfish people only thinking about themselves, oops I just defined republican.

  33. headsupguy

    WOW! I will never cease to be stunned when I encounter gay men who align themselves with conservatives and Republicans who have made it crystal clear that in their world, only wealthy, old, white, heterosexual men should have any rights. (Lesbians seem to lack a taste for the kool-aid.) Granted, President Obama has disappointed on many counts. But consider what our world would be like, had his opponents won the past two elections! I wish the parties that control the U.S. would offer better candidates, but they haven’t and probably won’t as long as low-information voters continue to do the electing. But cheer up, my conservative brothers; you may get your wish during the next election cycles. Then you’ll get to see what it’s like to live with an administration that more closely resembles those of the African countries you decry.

  34. bbcslave

    Mark,TIM,Toby,I don’t need to write anything further after reading your post it is exactly how it is!!!!!! I totally agree n couldn’t put it any better!!! Obama should have been impeached!! What he has done to this country will haunt our children n grandkids for years!!!! He has totally stripped us of about every right our forefathers died fighting for.Clinton just slept another lady and was impeached!!????

  35. simplyhead

    His statement just didn’t sit right for me.
    It shouldn’t say “more free”, but rather “truly free”.

  36. Mike

    January 2016 can NOT come soon enough so he can leave office. I have not and will not ever believe one word that comes across his teleprompter and through his lips.

  37. Doug

    The only thing transparent about this president and his administration is the pandering for votes and support that happens just like this.

    If he were serious, he’d admit to his own sexuality, which has been covered a lot (Bath House Barry?). It seems to be an open secret in the black community in Chicago.

    He is a liar, more than most politicians.

  38. Whore Hold

    I find it hard to celebrate this when only a few months ago he was still saying marriage is between and man and a woman. He’s a flip flopper who condones what is important at the moment then renigs on it. So celebrate today for tomorrow he’ll change his ding bat mind.

  39. Antonio

    If you voted him in the first time…you have the right to bitch..we all wanted and hoped for change..HAHA..If you voted for him the second time..SHUT THE FUCK are getting what you deserve

  40. Jerry Spaniard

    So, anyone who has serious, specific, and completely justified complaints about Obama is written off as a “Bitchy Queen?”
    Really classy, Tony. Yours is the most VAPID comment on this thread.
    And quite frankly, I think most of the rest of us here are probably quite a bit happier, in general than you are.

  41. blog

    wow, how disappointed I am to read some of your comments. I clearly wrote ” whatever your political views” and I get tons of hate msgs and people calling Obama dumb ass etc… Thanks to the other guys who’s political views might be different, who were smart enough to recognize that Obama sent a nice msg with his latest fb post.

  42. Tim

    Undecided — So the fact that I worked hard in school and succeeded in a profession makes me “entitled” and somehow an enemy of the people? So you want to live in and support a country full of the poor? Move to any third world paradise. Start with Cuba!

    Barry and Michele have lived large… But god forbid anyone else does. You do know Shelly had a no-show job that paid $300k in Chicago, right?

    Finally… If you think Barry personally wrote or approved this posting you’re just stewpid. He has a legion of well paid advertising guys reaching out to his target audiences. I thank god I’m not one of them.

  43. Trae

    Most of you are obviously republican which is very surprising, most of you are foolish which isnt all that surprising being that you’re republican lol….but seriously to call this man racist, a lier, a pussy, and a trader is just childish. You sir are obviously a dumbass who wants to have his rights to equality repressed just like the other foolish minded peopleon this post.

    Everyone is entitled to there opinion but at least have the courtesy to back up whatever you say with information. Like how obama is the only president to really fous on same sex rights in a positive light unlike republican scum who look at our lifestyle as an act against god and believes that we are all “damned to an eternity in hell”

    Open up your minds people and stop being so foolish…but im pretty sure if he was a white man with the same goals everything would be ok right….get the racism out of your hearts

  44. disappointed

    If by “To repair the views of this country globally” you mean “Making our allies lose any and all respect for us they once might have had and making us look like total pussies to those who already hated our guts” then you’re right on, undecided. And to those saying that he’s done more for the middle class than any other president, My family and I have not seen any of these “benefits” because we’re firmly in the middle class. I’m trying to go to college, and even though the tuition is relatively cheap compared to other places, I’m having trouble paying for it, and I’m Military to boot! And I can’t get a decent scholarship because my PARENTS aren’t poor enough! How F***ed up is that? If he wants to help this country, he should be making education more accessible! But no, he wants people dependent on the gov’t, and educated individuals can make their own decisions on what’s good or bad for them.

  45. Bigcat

    Whenever someone of means is speaking about race minorities or
    gays dont believe a word they are saying, especially a politician.
    We are a country of hypcrites. This message is correct but more importantly politically correct.

  46. Joe

    I love how the fact that Obama likes to appease(stick his tongue up our ass) the LGBT community with sweet ‘shout outs’ like this, while fucking over the USA as a whole!

  47. cph9680

    Whoever wrote this drivel is a fool if he actually believes this. Bumbles is only interested in himself and his views will change depending on which way the wind blows.

  48. trae

    You’re kidding me right -.-…,the main things he and his wife both are focusing on are education creating new jobs and creating a healthy america. My parents are middle class but i was able to het scholarships i also “worked” two jobs to pay for the things the scholarship couldnt .get off your ass man go get a job or two

  49. Joe

    No-one is more free under this administration’s *transparent* “leadership”.
    Wake up people, it may already be too late. Freedom is vanishing, it doesn’t matter what color tie you vote for either. We are far less free than we were when I was a child and even less free than prior to Woodrow Wilson. Don’t take my word for it, read, research, learn. All this tolerance and acceptance shiat is a fucking sideshow.

  50. Aaron

    I think the worst thing about this is the word Tolerance. As in someone only tolerates someone or something different. It should be Acceptance, not Tolerance.

  51. Arye

    To Mike, actually you will have to wait one more year. The election is in November 2016, so the change of power (assuming nothing doesn’t happen before then) will be January 20, 2017.

    Clinton helped the economy a lot, even though I disagree with a lot of personal decisions he has made. His two successors have been bumblers. One would have had less catastrophe with a real bumblebee elected president.

    To those on a soapbox about Obama being the first Black president. That is inaccurate. He is mixed race. 50 does not equal 100. If you think otherwise, go back to math class in elementary school. If you are charged 10 dollars for an entree at a restaurant, and hand them 5 dollars, they will tell you to recount. We have yet to get a Black president. We had that chance in 2008 with Cynthia McKinney — I was proud to have voted for her. She also defends the people of Palestine, and for that, she is a heroine.

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