News : A Trans Woman On The Cover Of Time Magazine


Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox becomes the first openly transgender person to appear on Time’s magazine cover.

Titled “The Transgender Tipping Point,” Time‘s cover story relates the recent rise in transgender awareness by highlighting the work and journey of trans individuals like star Laverne Cox, app developer Teagan Widmer, 11-year-old Mac Davis, and 17-year-old Ashton Lee.

“Transgender people — those who identify with a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth, are emerging from the margins to fight for an equal place in society,” said Time‘s Katy Steinmetz in a press release. “This new transparency is improving the lives of a long misunderstood minority and beginning to yield new policies. … As the trans movement has gained momentum, opponents have been drawn in to fight, many of them social conservatives who cut their teeth and fattened their mailing lists opposing same-sex marriage. But perhaps the biggest obstacle is that trans people live in a world largely built on a fixed and binary definition of gender. In many places, they are unwelcome in the men’s bathroom and the women’s. The effect is a constant reminder that they don’t belong.

Congratulations to Laverne for this cover and for rocking that Hervé Leger blue dress and thanks to Time for the visibility they are giving to the trans community!

Watch Time’s behind-the-scenes video of Cox’s cover shoot below.


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  1. raparker

    Nice cover, This is an amazing topic one I know very little about. . . . I have known sever transgender people and their thirst to become one within themselves is an amazing journey one most people could never travel. I like the topic of social equality. We are all waiting for that!

  2. greg

    Of course I’m for equal rights for everyone, BUT Americas obsession with the GAY topic,like gay marriage is getting ridiculous..I hope people realize that yes this important..but this is also a HUGE distraction from what the politicians are doing behind closed doors..passing laws without OUR consent,and taking away our FREEDOMS..and now the media is jumping on the transgender train…TOTALLY predictable.

  3. Tim

    I just don’t understand. At all. If a person is born w chromosomes that match their genitals and hormones, how can they “be” another gender? Anything that requires surgery and hormones to “fix” isn’t broken. And they’re way to assertive. A man w a fake no-erection penis or a vagina picks me up and there will be issues.

  4. Noel

    Nice, only thing I have to say as a trans man is your title is incorrect. The word transgender is an adjective, not a noun. So to say that Lavern is “a transgender” is grammatically incorrect to say.

  5. Warren

    Now this is amazing and transcending (no pun intended!)

    Laverne Cox is such an amazing advocate for trans people. She is extremely eloquent, intelligent and is an amazing actress in her own right. If you haven’t seen Orange Is The New Black, I highly recommend you sign up for Netflix and start with Season 1. I just re-watched the entire first season in preparation for this week’s season 2 debut. Laverne’s performance in the series is amazing and a testament to helping people understand the plight of trans people. As a gay man who has trans friends, Laverne is a leader, a true leader to those who don’t have the a forum to shed light on their lives. Kudos to Laverne!!

  6. Ed

    May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless all His Children whether they be Transgender,Lesnbian,Gay or Straight and help us all to walk in HIS LOVE an HIS LIGHT and especially those who have the Strength and Courage to Lead The way in this Fight for Equality and a BETTER WORLD so WE ALL MAY LIVE IN PEACE.Thank you MZ Laverne for your STRENGTH and COURAGE.

  7. Scott

    i dont like trannies at all. “she” looks like a man. i can tell. it does not look good for this kind of magazine. just telling you what i think.

  8. Hunter0500

    Congratulations to Laverne Cox for being recognized as a transgender woman. At issue is how the LBGT “Community” stands behind “her” while seemingly looking the other way at not only transgender men, but most everyone else who isn’t the stereotypical fem, young, fashionably trendy model it promotes as the “cream of the crop”, the epitome, the “one and only” model for being gay. Laverne is all that and should be given her time in the spotlight, but still the majority of gays, male, female, and transgender males are sent to the back of the bus.

    • blog

      Scott: Very unrespectful comment.
      Transgender not tranny.
      You like that people call you fag in the street? Same here….

  9. Josh

    Scott, boo hoo, You take “offence” to Ed’s comment? Get over it! I’m sure people take “offence” to you being gay. Live and let live!

  10. Greyechoes

    I clicked this blog for the content and I assumed since this IS gay hook up site, that the men on here would be understanding about this topic, yet I’m seeing so many distasteful comments. How can YOU being a gay man find it ‘wrong’ for a man to become a woman when you’re gay yourself? It’s disgusting smh.
    In my opinion I have NEVER seen the show ‘Orange Is The New Black’ but I have seen Laverne trying hard to be P. Diddy’s assistant in the show ‘I Wanna Work for Diddy’ and you can tell Diddy was uncomfortable when it was revealed that she was transgendered. So to see her being embraced now is amazing. NOW if you compare her to Carmen you are DEAD WRONG! Carmen blasted RuPaul for using the word ‘Tranny’ so openly but it was revealed yesterday in a recent interview that Carmen gave, that she stated: “I’m working with trannies now”….ummmm.

  11. puftwaffe

    How are homosexuality and gender identity confusion in any way related? I really am tired of every single sex/gender cause being forcibly stapled onto the “gay rights” movement even though their only relation is what they are not (strictly “normal” heterosexual psychology). It doesn’t bother me in any way if someone is transgendered, but just being a gay man doesn’t (and shouldn’t) make me care any more than I otherwise would about how that person is treated by society.

  12. Safe than Sorry

    Maybe I am thinking in advance to society is at this stage of acceptance,but I always thought transgender people are misplaced within the LGTBQ community. I never quite understood why they are lumped in with the community when a transgender man or woman thinks that they are the opposite sex. doesn’t that make them straight with a twist? Now if a transgender man or woman perceives himself/herself as “other” but is also attracted to the same sex, then the community has a place for them. The only reason why all subgenres are lumped together is for political reasons, which I find quite distasteful.

    As a plain ole gay male, I find the Transgender community just as convoluted and confusing as the straight community.

    1.trannys who choose not to get sexually reassigned when cost is not a deterrent, even though the surgery techniques are far more advanced than previous decades

    2. trannys who are also drag queens when they could be pursuing the art of “female impersonation”

    3. trannys who get into violent relationships when they knew from the beginning that it will be toxic….

    4. trannys who pursue straight men without revealing true face

    yes, I understand that the list above are in part subgenres of the transgender community, but these points that were made are getting the most public exposure for the community… Jerry Springer anyone?

    many people don’t even realize that there is post transgender (after the surgery).

    As you can see, The transgender category should have their unique community versus relating them with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and questioning where we do NOT have confusion about our body parts. No shade.

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