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Music : A4A Blogger Dave’s New Demo!

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Hey guys,

Some of you know that I sing, some newer members/blog readers don’t, but I would like to share what I recorded in studio last weekend. It is a cover of “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World. I hope you’ll like it! Feel free to share it with your friend or if you have any contacts in the music industry 🙂

I am planning on recording a full album in the next year. So if you like my voice and wish to contribute to help me fund this project, click on this link to do a donation. Contributors will receive a mention in the booklet as “producer”, “co-producer”, “donator” , “supporter” or “contributor” depending on the amount given and they will also receive a signed copy of the album!

Feel free to like my new Facebook page as well and I will keep you posted on everything related to my singing:)

Listen to the track after the jump and let me know your thoughts!



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  1. seth

    great voice. stay in your range cause when you go out of your range you can tell that you struggling to hit those notes. when you are in your range you voice is awesome and eerie. not a bad thing, its actually good.. gave me goose bumps..

  2. CHRIS

    Dave! Amazing voice and performance! I prefer this to the original. You definitely need to have my babies now. 😉 I wish you much success.

  3. simon

    Yeah, it was okay…
    I didnt feel the emotions of sadness and frustration in your voice.
    I agree about the high notes.
    When ending each line it was “you,” you sang “youuuuuuuuuuuu” it made it kind of whinny

  4. Tony

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Nice Dave! You have a nice voice. Stay encouraged and you will go far! I’ll buy your album in a heart
    beat!!!! GOD BLESS.

  5. Dawgit01

    It would be interesting if you could try it again,,, only this time have them
    put ur voice in front of the music instead of behind like it is now,,,,

  6. Tom

    wow Dave that was just so awesome…………………………i loved it a lot
    you have a great voice and hope u do make more songs n cut an album
    keep up the good work and good luck

  7. Greg

    Great voice. Not sure what they are talking about with the high notes. I’m fairly picky and it sounded great to me. The whole “stay in your range” sounds like someone has been watching too much American Idol. This is a hard sing to sing because everyone and his brother has covered it.Would be interesting to hear you sing an original song.

  8. BearOKC69

    hmmmm..not getting any kind of error message (like plug-ins not up to date etc) but nothing happens when I click on the image that says “SOUNDCLOUD”

  9. Kuruption

    I think you have a fantastic voice. I know you like this song. I want to hear another one.

    Think of a song that touches you. Something that says who YOU are, how you feel and sing it. The song that describes the best or worst moment in your life.

    I want to hear that one. 🙂

  10. Pageboy49

    Great! Keep it up. Wish u all the best. As for the ones finding fault…like they say “those than can do…those that can’t find fault!”

  11. David

    Very impressive! cant wait to see the video. and yes I would buy your album. and not just because you are a sexy dude you are sexy inside and out! Rare this day in age. Just saying…best of luck to you, YOU rock!

  12. factual

    You have a great voice. I’m not a fan of “Torch Songs”, but you did a wonderful job with that one. Keep singing and I hope you are tremendously successful with your music.

  13. Javy

    Oooh my! I was really surprised to hear this cover. You did an amazing job. You are definitely no amateur. I’d love to write you a song to feature on your album one day. I feel that music is a beautiful way to connect us gay men and show how passionate and loving beings we are. Truly Beautiful! Good job

  14. Harrison

    This is purely amazing. Sounds way better than the original. I love music and have been writing songs for about…7 years exactly. Yeah, 7 years, but i stopped for about 3-4 years and started again last October. I admit that I don’t have the best singing voice, but I still try my best. Used to make cover videos on YouTube, but stopped because of alot of negative comments. I even removed the majority of my covers from there. After about 2 years away from there, I realized that I shouldn’t be concerned about what others think or say about me. If I’m doing what I love, that’s what matters most.

  15. K

    It’s not bad, but if I may:
    I could hear more of the music than I could of the vocal
    The higher notes are okay, but not exactly in your register.
    The vibrato is a bit much, and not necessary on a song like this.

    Overall, though, nice work

  16. archel_07

    Your vibrato is so sweet and soothing 🙂 I like that you really savored those long notes coz your tone really shows

  17. Harrison

    Listened to this song again and it still sounds amazing as the first time I heard. What will your next cover be? Oh, I’ve finally decided to try and produce two songs, one of them being instrumental. Hearing your voice when you sang this song inspired me to get started with my music and not wait until its too late.

  18. Harrison

    That would be great, but I’d have to write some songs that would be good for your voice. I’m not sure if we’re into the same genres, that’s why.

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