Hot or Not : Shower Sex?


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I dont know what kind of shower you have, but if you got those big shower full height with lot’s of room, chances are that you already had sex in it. Am I right?

When I was with my ex, we had this huge shower with ceiling “waterfall” shower head and I really enjoyed it. It was fun to give head with the water falling on me, it created a sloppy blow job moment without actually being all nasty and full of saliva lol.  I actually miss having a big shower for this. But at least now I have a bath to relax… not the same for sure.

Do you enjoy shower sex? I bet having sex in a public shower would be great as well….I’ll stop right now, because thinking about it makes me hard!

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  1. Suckthe8

    Water sex in general is awesome, lake, river, waterfall and shower. Gym shower can be hot as well but need more caution and that depends on the shower. At home I have a average shower, stone walls tho do not easy to grab onto. But sex in there has been pretty good. Im a bi dude so it’s been both sexes. I think the excitement of the shower head helps. Mine comes out of ceiling and falls like rain, very fun.,ok im hard now,mthanks Dave

  2. vafratboy

    I enjoy shower sex in a big open shower. in the classic tub insert, I’ve done it and, while fun, it’s just a bit cramped for my taste.

  3. Jason

    I love it with a boyfriend or someone you an trust not to drown you. I love being on my knees in the shower at his mercy sucking his tool. My ex used to move us in and out of the water and I’d suck him before we fucked in the shower at our dorm in college.

  4. miker

    Absolutely love shower sex. The water, soap and hard disks make for a wonderful shower experience. Get as messy and sloppy as you want and still come out clean!

  5. Jeff3

    Shower sex is fantastic, even in a tub/shower. Like taking all my guys to shower before bed. We can both relax and know the other is clean.

  6. psl_borg

    Hell yeah,,, I love it always very sexy and wet, soap is a great lube , My cock will slide in any ass better when its nice and soapy 🙂

  7. lexbuy

    Shower sex is a great way to start. Plus it’s also a good way, and fun at the same time, to get all clean and fresh.

  8. edd

    Hi Dave, I agree sex in the shower is awesome, it also great when the hot water hit your body. And sometimes when you are washing yourself, with cant help to touch yourself a little to specially after a long day or just to relive some stress.

  9. Jeff

    Shower sex is hot!

    Inviting a bud into your shower can be very seductive. Start with dimmer switches, candles, music and a favorite beverage. Then you can start to slowly strip eachother savoring each moment, the touch, the peeks.

    A great shower head goes a long way – maybe a pulsater? Get the water temperature right – warm! Put your bud under the water and then get close, really close, so you can also get wet and “check the temperature.” Enjoy the wet body contact. Make out. Get hard. Tease him.

    Lather up your hands with a nice liquid spa soap, nothing too fragrant. Then slowly give your bud a massage from head to toe. You’ll both be enjoying things at this point. And when you kneel if front of him to get his lower body taken care of you get to inspect all the goods! Take your time.

    He should be ready now to do the same for you. Want to be really clean? (big grin) Lather eachother up again without a rinse, then slip and slide against eachother and makeout some more.

    I’ll leave the rest up to you. Either go for the sex right there and then, or pat him down with a fluffy towel, take his hand, and lead him to freshly laundered sheets.

    Did I leave anything out? LOL

  10. muzyqman

    For me, the sex is always about the man I’m with. If I’m really into him, the sex is great anywhere, including the shower. If I’m not as into him, it’s still an orgasm, but it won’t make me crazy.

  11. Kayne

    Aw fuck yeah. the only thing better than piggy raunchy filthy sex, is getting clean in a shower – especially a public one where everyone gets to be serviced.

  12. Hunter0500

    Shower sex is fun. Always a good way to get to know a new bud. Practically speaking, it’s problematic in most cases due to space and lublication issues. But it is a great way to start the day with a guy or to get to know someone new. Another tool in the toolbox of manfun. Sometimes it’s the right tool; sometimes not so much. So next time we try something else.

  13. John

    Shower sex is the best!!!! I love the warm water cascading over me while I suck dick. The guy enjoying me and the water makes it more intense. Even fucking is better in the shower. I LOVE SHOWER SEX!!!!!!!

  14. Mike

    Shower sex is super hot! I love rubbing soap all over a hot guy’s body. Nothing like sucking cock and having the water running down your face!

  15. organlover

    Partner and I have a large shower with 2 shower heads. There is easily room for 3. Taking a group shower is a great way to get to know a guy intimately. and when you eventually run out of hot water, we take the fun to the bedroom. Then after hot sweaty sex, its time to get into the shower again, either for more fun or to soap up each others bodies and clean up.

  16. Brin

    I always THINK shower sex is going to be hot, but I’m a giant baby about getting water in my eyes, so I always end up cowering in the corner rubbing my face

  17. Ethan

    I started to do it in the shower with a friend. After we did swim practice we would go into the same shower and close the curtain. We had sex in those every night we practiced late since our dormmates were usually going to bed at that time.

  18. matt

    I love all kinds of sex in the water. I really enjoy shower sex and steam room sex. My first time was with a daddy friend. I was 2o tall and thin and and he was 42 blonde and fit. He used to be a model. He had a hot hairy chest and a nice 7inch uncut cock. He took me in the shower and we played until the hot water ran out. He came all over my lower back.

    Then I had a friend in my shower named Dave. He was a younger, well built red head. I lit some candles and he gave his ass to me. I pushed him against the shower wall and I pumped his virgin hole full of my load as he shot his cum on the wall.

  19. jace

    ya might hot till some one has a hart attack that drops those guy who do that are risk have hart attack to true medical fact if you go and do this your putting you self risk of droping dead

  20. Mykel

    It’s freaking awesome. Just be sure the floor is either non-slip or you are using a bath mat so you don’t slip. You don’t want to break something important.

  21. Rockafella

    Hotter in porn than in person unless you’re with that right guy and one of you is in the wheelbarrow position. Is it weird to feel a rush in the battle of fighting off an orgasm and at the same trying not to drown? LOL. It sure wastes a ton of water though. I say just use lube and keep the drought in California from gettin’ worse.

  22. Bill

    I love shower sex…
    Slippery when wet makes a whole different sensual experience. Not BETTER… but definitely different… and then you get to the soap… 🙂

  23. Andrew

    Hot, definitely hot. What could be hotter than getting up in the morning, going to have a nice hot shower, and have a nice helping of piping hot sex with your hot boyfriend in your hot morning shower. Definitely a hot one as far as I’m concerned. Also, no mess! The sex cleans itself up. Who wouldn’t love that. Also, it can be very sexy and sensual if you and your partner help wash each other, I think that’s a big turn on.

  24. Matthew

    My brother and I have lived together for a decade. Because both of us are gay and love shower play with guys, we pitched in together and renovated the guest bathroom to be conducive to shower play. Technically, it’s my brother’s bathroom as mine is in the master suite but I digress. It has a Roman tub with jacuzzi jets and next to it is a tall shower with different spray options: cascade from the ceiling, jets from the side, and conventional angled. The shower has two modes: flow through for normal cleaning and recirculation for pure play. In the latter mode the same water is pumped back through the heads but you can also have the water be maintained at a certain temperature. Thus you can play forever without wasting water which is crucial in California. We also installed an A4A nozzle enema (the one with the braided steel hose). We have fuck buddies begging for an invite to come over, be cleaned out via enema play, and then banged senseless in the shower.

  25. SETH


  26. TrizzyTroy

    Shower sex is THE BOMB!!! Omg, if a dude wants to be my #1 this is one of the musts! Not all the time but definitely on the regular. To b dirty while getting clean is awsome. And as a part time ‘ho lolol its definitely a way to wash the street off that lil piece of ‘trade’ one may find on the way home on the late night. I found that most guys can enjoy being washed n massaged. It lets both parties relax n get very well aquainted. Say YES to SHOWER SEX

  27. DionStringer

    It used to be so much fun being in those public communal showers, watching other men shower and soap up while you did the same thing. Occasionally, you’d catch someone checking you out, or they’d catch you checking them out, and if the connection clicked, then you move to the steam room or the sauna and go from there. Public showers are a little too risky to have out right sex in, but if it was a facility that had a whirl pool, steam room or sauna within the men’s locker room, sometimes action would happen in those. The shower always seem like a prelude to … whatever is going to happen next. That has all changed now that children and teens are allowed into mens locker rooms.

  28. karlkassin

    sex in the shower is amazing. I really enjoy my partner using mint hair conditioner as a home in my personal shower I have a teak stool a sure shot and a couple of dildos that I use every day to keep my b hole stretched and always ready for cock.

  29. goldenloverinmym

    yes shower sex is hot till u r all soapy n hard then run out of hot water.i know mine when that happens it’s all good then boom ice water u say SHIIIIT n get out now lol

  30. Chil_Cruise

    Shower, pool, tub and all kinds of water sex sounds hot in theory and pictures but, in reality, are only good for straight sex. Because girls don’t need prep and lube for their vaginas.

  31. Thickass1

    HOT! I’ve had sex with a sexy daddy in the gym showers! Guys are walking around the locker room and he’s fucking me quietly as the water pours on us

  32. Michael

    Nothing beats shower sex (except maybe steam room or sauna sex)!!!!!
    I have a very large shower with a non slip tile floor and bench. Multiple heads to direct water. My BF’s favorite position is reverse cowgirl as I sit on the bench and he rides me. I use a silicone lube which doesn’t wash away completely with the water. Bit more work to clean the floor afterwards but some Simple Green and a stiff bristle brush takes care of it.

  33. Bill

    Love shower sex. It feels so good.In fact I am having a friend come over tonight and he is going to come in and slip into the shower with me and we are going to have some fun both in the shower and in bed

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