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Hi guys!

Am I the only one out there who doesn’t like to rim an ass? Ok I’m bottom, but all my bottom friends like asses. I don’t! I won’t touch, finger or rim an ass EVER. I am simply not attracted to ass… I actually find it gross. But when it comes to cock, Ohhh Myyyyy, move over the Hoover is coming! I can suck cock for hours.

So all you 100% ย bottoms out there, do you like ass? Do you play, rim and finger an ass even though you are bottom?

And to all my 100% tops out there….Do you like your ass played with?

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  1. JC

    No matter how fresh-from-the-shower “clean” a guy may seem to be, when you put your tongue anywhere near that ass you are still making content with fecal residue or worse.

    You may as well be licking a toilet at a filthy gas station.

    Every time you do that, you are putting yourself at risk for Hep A, B, or C. You are risking the development of internal parasites which can be nasty. You are at the same risk of contracting diseases like giardia that are a part of daily life for those in third world countries.

    Once you convert to one or more of these diseases, you become a carrier and can pass it to others through casual contact.

  2. dee

    To each his own but this just seems silly to me. We are all adults and too old for that ” I don’t do this and that is gross” type of shit. I enjoy bottoming, I like to get rimmed and suck dick too. But I also enjoy topping, not as much but I like it. I like getting my dick sucked and rimming a hot, clean hole. I am attracted to men, all of them, not just dick or ass but both…arms, pits, chest, quads…There are lots of sexy parts. I just feel like people are limiting themselves by following the top/bottom guidelines.

  3. Mark

    I’m a versatile guy and I like to play with, rim and finger a guy’s ass IF that guy enjoys it. There seems to be a wide diversity among guys: some guys have sensitive asses, taints and holes and it is definitely an erogenous zone for them; others have very little sensitivity there. In that regard it’s much like nipples on guys. I enjoy it when the other guy enjoys it and it makes him even more aroused. Under those circumstances a good fuck is “right around the corner” as they say.

  4. einathens

    I don’t understand why only 100% bottoms or tops were asked.

    I also don’t understand why anyone would categorically disregard any part of the body as a potential source for giving/ receiving sexual pleasure, but if you don’t like it, don’t do it .
    And don’t apologize.

  5. Wayne

    Im all bottom but doesn’t mean I don’t like a nice ass on my tops lol something to hold on to. What bugs me are Tops that won’t suck or at least rim their bottoms but bitch about not getting their dick sucked. Get it together boys, bottoms might love to please but it doesn’t hurt to be pleased every once and awhile

  6. Glenn

    What does being 100% top or bottom have to do with fingering or eating ass? Either you like t do it or not. Ones sexual position has nothing to do with that.

  7. robbie

    I don’t like doing anything with a guys ass. no rimming, kissing,fucking,etc. What I do like is sucking a nice clean cock and balls, licking arm pits and the whole body (except ass hole).

  8. Guy

    If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Nothing is a requirement, but don’t judge those that do like it. I’m a bottom but I am very attracted to ass. I occasionally top and occasionally rim but it’s not my favorite thing to do either. I do love a man that wants to stick his tongue, cock and toys up my wazzu.

  9. marc

    There is absolutely nothing like rimming an ass — a tight hole with some hair surrounding it, heaven. And when a man moans and squeals when I put my big long tongue on and in his hole — super heaven!

  10. Jay

    If you don’t like to deal with asses, then just don’t. I’m assuming you’re not attracted to women, if it’s not your thing it’s not your thing.

    This seems like a non-issue and no one should continue this thread.

  11. phlop

    It really depends on the mood and situation. If we are in a bed or similar situation I love rimming a clean ass. When I’m sucking a nice cock and licking balls it just is@natural for me to slip my tongue down there and eat ass like I would a woman’s pussy. Usually when I’m involved in a random hook up situation it would have to be a very hot situation but most times it won’t happen.

  12. Randy

    I am a total bottom and I LOVE to eat ass. If the top I with likes to be rimmed I am all over it. Don’t think it should be a bottom/top thing. To me it’s letting the dude know that I am really into him and want to show him.

  13. Jace

    If you don’t like eating ass, whatever your reasons, don’t eat ass. It’s really that simple. If you’re letting others shame you for not liking it, you need to examine who you’re spending time with. The bottom line is, no one is obligated to sex acts of any kind, no matter the situation.

    To JC: Coming into contact with fecal matter is not the same as licking a dirty toilet seat at a rest stop. Can we drop the hyperbole please?

  14. JC hater

    I think ass eating is fantastic. Guys go down on girls and look what comes out their junk, gross. So I have no qualms about it and think it is very enjoyable and necessary to help the bottom relax and enjoy the experience more. As for tops in my experience they love it BC they get anal pleasure without any pain from a dick or any demasculinization that penetration can

  15. mike5038

    I don’t know about catching anything but while you are on that subject you can catch stuff by other ways too. I am the type of person that if I get a chance to eat a nice clean hole out. I am going to dive in. There is nothing better than eating a nice ass out while have a gut suck on your cock!

  16. NOtReaLLyNuSe

    I personally dont prefer it. If I am with a guy I care about and he wants it I will do it. Now I am an ass admirer and even tho im 100% bttm I love my guy to have a nice looking booty

  17. mark

    I don’t think it is silly at all. I think he has a point. Everyone is different and everyone likes different things. Just because one person likes something that doesn’t mean it should be liked by other people. I am not real versatile and so I can speak first hand. I like making out, mutual jackoff, naked body contact, and getting sucked. Everybody is different and we just try to find a person that likes the same things and are compatible to what we like.

  18. rammer96

    I dont rim ass. Thats just nasty. Occasionally Ill finger a guy if he likes it to make him cum faster. I dont like to have any guy do anything to my ass. Ill suck a dick anytime tho

  19. jay

    I disagree with jc. if they’re clean inside and out then you shouldn’t be coming in contact with waste. I’m a top and i love eating clean booty. i have let someone lick me before but it feels kinda weird. not really my thing but i did it. If you only like dick, nothing to be ashamed of Dave. I bet you be getting your booty ate, don’t you? Lol!

  20. ddm

    I don’t think rimming has to do with being a top or a bottom necessarily. I think it just comes down to what turns a person on or not. However, I can see why some people may not want to rim/get rimmed if they’re bottoming/topping. I’ve found in my sexual encounters that it really doesn’t matter who takes on which role in relation to rimming. As far as rimming being unsanitary, sex in general is pretty gross if one actually considers the acts taking place (this goes for hetero sex too). I’ve rimmed lots of asses and never had a negative experience in terms of health. I know a bottom guy that I met on here and he loved rimming me. Every time I went to his place he would eat the fuck out of my hole before I did the same to his. So, I guess the topic should be assessed on a case by case basis.

  21. SeeJay

    I’m mostly a bottom but love to eat a clean ass and tongue fuck their hole. Most of my tops get off on it and they love when I finger fuck them too.

  22. Jayed

    interesting.. I am a total bottom and i don’t like to rim an ass either. I have done it in trade before but he was washed and fresh to the nines. (only way i could do that.) but it was only fair i only come to the party extra clean myself.

  23. blond511

    in my opinion rimming is one of the most disgusting acts I can think of,and pissing in someone’s mouth as well. but that is just me. and we sometimes wonder why we disgust the “norms” of society,but then again, they could be doing it too. I just don’t do it.

  24. denitria Santiago (bttrpecanrican)

    I’m 100% bottom and I see what you mean, it doesn’t have anything to do with age and being immature but preference. Of course I wouldn’t top if I’m 100% bottom so I don’t see a point to play with or hover over his ads…

  25. David

    Yes, I like to rim ass but it has to be clean. I have to be in the shower with the guy doing the afore mentioned cleaning. I don’t really like having me ass rimed. Always afraid I’m going to fart.

  26. Erik

    …I have this debate with a bottom friend of mine all the time. He says a “top” should not like to get rimmed…that it’s foreplay for getting fucked. Well…I consider myself a top. I can count on one hand the number of men who have fucked me. But I LOVE to get rimmed. For me…it’s a more submissive act for the rimmer…I’m still the one calling the shots!! He’s doing me a favor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Jay

    JC you are absolutely right; rimming is a filthy act that puts you at rislk for contracting a host of diseases. Anyone who thinks it is “silly” to be concerned about your health, is dangerous and immature. The moment I discover a man is into rimming, I am no longer interested in him, at all!

  28. Jason

    Seems to me it’s always the ones that say they won’t rim are always the ones who love it when it’s done to them, just like the guys who think that if they only top or don’t kiss or suck another guys dick there not gay. DON’T KID YOUR SELF!!!

  29. Ted

    In a way I agree. But rimming just isn’t for everyone. But I am into rimming. Always have been. But only after I know the person well.
    Everyone has likes and dislikes. Just don’t try to put your beliefs on everyone else.
    You gave your opinion and that’s cool. Now move on.

  30. Kev

    I have to say I hate ass too…I’m a bottom who has no desire to go near an ass at all. But yup I will service a dick for hours, not to mention other parts of a guy…kissing, nipples etc…so you’re definitely not alone in hating ass!

  31. JandC

    18-year long couple here: 1 is 100% top and the other is almost completely bottom. We both love to rim a clean ass. We love all parts of the male anatomy. When we play with a 3rd (or more, lol) it all goes…safer of course! It’s all good. Different strokes for different folks.

  32. Hunter0500

    Rimming is nothing more than another tool in the toolbox of mansex. Some like it. Some don’t.

    It’s nothing more than a matter of choice and preference for gay men when looking for Mr. Right Now or partners. Much like top/bottom, kiss/no kiss, hairy/smooth, bear/cub, fem/masculine, aggressive/submissive. Just another label and characteristics of mansex guys look for. So now what … rimmer/rimless?

    Personally, rimming is not a “must”. It’s not even a “usually”. It is, however, something I’m willing (maybe eager) to do with a couple of buds once we’re on the workbench. Not all buds, however.

    I don’t question why.

    It’s not an all or nothing thing.
    It’s not a black or white (not race) thing.

    It’s a grey area in the toolbox of mansex.

    And sometimes grey is good. Very good.

  33. Viceroy219

    I am a top but I have never rimmed an ass. There are some things that are sexy and some things that are just unsanitary! I don’t mind if a guy wants to rim me, though, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite!

  34. Wow

    In the famous words of Miranda from Sex and the City “I don’t do that”. By Dee’s own logic I think he’s Omnisexual.

  35. Jonathan

    let me start off by saying anyone who is that close minded is probably not that good of a lover.
    that being said I am a top, I do like to rim, finger, lick and fuck an ass. All my past lovers have known how to actually clean out their asses like a good bottom should. So in saying that you don’t like it or it is “gross” is being very childlike because what you won’t do someone else will and they will do that stuff so good you’ll just be the vanilla lame bottom that only likes to get fucked.
    it’s a personal choice and as a top I very much like being rimmed and I very much on the occasion like a finger in my ass

  36. John

    I love rimming a nice, clean ass, especially if the guy is hot, built and has a bubble butt. I find that most married men who play around love it. When I first introduce them to it, they cum unglued!!

  37. jay

    im 100 percent a bottom but i love eatting ass it makes me nut so much i love wen a top or a bottom fucks my face nothing makes me nut faster then eatting a fat pillowy ass.

  38. James

    For me, it’s all about chemistry and how turned on I am by a guy. If the sex is hot enough, I can’t resist diving face first into a hot clean asscrack. But obviously, the predicating factor is that it has to be CLEAN. Ironically, as much as I can enjoy eating ass, the idea of fingering an ass doesn’t appeal to me at all. Go figure…

  39. AC

    I’m a 100% top and I love getting rimmed. Used to feel grossed out about it when I started having sex with guys, but started liking it eventually. Even kiss guys after they’ve rimmed me. Don’t like to get fingered though. I do my share of rimming as well, the assumption being that the person I’m rimming is clean. Love to get rimmed more than doing it myself, will be honest about that.

  40. Tancredo (T-Buff)

    I consider myself a rim master. I love to rim a good ass before sticking the pole. But I have my rules. Before my tongue touches the hole I do finger fuck to check how clean it is. If it’s not and we’re playing in the house, I’d give you the chance to clean thoroughly. After that once again I do the finger fuck to make sure. If we are playing in other place with no shower access I will not stick neither my tongue nor the pole.

  41. Austin

    Jc, as adults we are fully aware of the risks of engaging in rimming or any other oral activity. We all are entitled to our opinions but this blog post and your post are completely unflattering. I don’t care if its the ass, dick or armpits. There is a risk in doing it all not just one specific oral activity. But then again you may be incapable of understanding. This is not a place for negative thinking.

  42. th otalfuckbuddy

    Being aware of the issues that affect one’s health is not silly. Jc make some good points… however I suppose you would think it hypocritical since I like getting my ass licked but will not do the same for someone else.

  43. Chad

    And I thought I was strange because I love it when somebody eats my ass but that is one thing I do not like to do i’ll play with it I’ll finger it ill fuck it does not eat it I would have to be with somebody for quite a while before I would feel comfortable doing that

  44. tomzuk


  45. Akuma

    I’m a top and I don’t like my ass played with. I will play with my boo ass but I can’t get into my ass being played with

  46. Toby

    A hot ass on a man turns me on more than anything else. My favorite pose is when a guy is on all fours ass in the air with cock n balls hanging down in full view. Would luv to see a dozen college guys lined up posing like that.

    I luv to rim a hot ass real good, if it’s clean. For those worried about bacteria or diseases after rimming, swish some hydrogen peroxide diluted with an equal amount of water. Let it sit in your mouth until it fizzes and fills your mouth. Spit and rinse. Mouthwash works too, but I don’t use it due to the chemicals. Happy rimming!

  47. J.D.

    I’m a total bottom….but I do find a nice-looking ass really hot! I like to play with it, rub my cock against it….will even finger it if in the right mood, but I’m with you, I will NOT rim one. I don’t care what you say or do, but I just can’t bring myself to doing it. Also, I really find it sort of gross when I’m getting rimmed, the guy spits in my hole! Really??? That’s a turn-on for them?

  48. Parker

    I for one do not like to rim… just not into doing it… I do not mind fingering guys or playing with toys… it gets me going… lol

  49. huskiez

    I love getting rimmed. It really puts me in the mood for someone to put it in me. Will I bottom without being rimmed? Yeah. But I don’t like it nearly as much.

  50. Squidmo

    Not into rimming. I’m a top and run into a lot of bottoms who want that, but it is always an uncomfortable, and thus not likely to be good, experience.
    Unless they are really young men and squeeky clean, but that is an uncommon combination.

  51. Tim

    Rimming is on the same plane as fucking to me. Both are something reserved for someone more meaningful than a casual encounter. Even then, rimming is always something I choose when and where to do it. It isn’t like I am penetrating his ass anyway. Tickling the taint and grazing the anus is enough to please and encourage him to flip me over for a payback ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Fluffy

    I’m 100% bottom; can’t won’t and don’t top or use my dick to penetrate. I’ll only occasionally let partners even suck it ’cause it is just uncomfortable.

    I also don’t like rimming others. It gives my stomach a lurch. Honestly the taste doesn’t matter much to me (it doesn’t taste bad *or* good if they’re cleaned up well). I’d do it if ordered to as part of a power-exchange dynamic but, nah. Not gonna ask to.

    Receiving? Oi. I like it. A lot. But I won’t *ask* a partner for it; it’s only worth it if they really *like* doing it as a precursor to a good dicking.

  53. yum

    If someone shitted on a plate but then cleaned it really good with bleach, would you eat off of it? Maybe not because the CONCEPT is what bothers you. But saying that no ones ass is ever clean to eat is incorrect. If someone has a lot of fiber and iron in their diet, their shit is hard and solid. Not runny. So when they shower or bathe…there is no residue assuming they was ass properly. So its all in what you think about or chose not to think about personally, i like the smell and taste of a manly, hairy, sweaty ass ๐Ÿ˜› even like the smell of my own lol

  54. nike1974

    I love eating my boyfriends ass” I can eat it all day long, and stir it with my tongue !!! I’m a top and I can’t imagine fucking my boyfriend before I eat his ass”” That shit is just not right”” you got to eat the ass !! That’s how you prep it for fucking*** Eat the ass dude, and quit playing with your man before you lose him”” ๐Ÿ™‚ My boyfriend loves it”” If I didn’t eat it he’ll think I’m cheating on him””. Lol And yes he eats my ass too~~~

  55. Paul

    I am a total bottom and i do like to rim a nice ass. I know its not for everyone, but for me when i rim someone and the pleasure the other person gets is a big thing for me.

  56. JR

    I am a total bottom that does not like to rim. I have had guys rim me for over a hour and only want to rim my tight sweet hole, but I will not do the same. I love to suck cock and deep throat and swallow. I never have rimmed any of my LTR’s and don’t plan to start. I notice a lot of young guys almost use it as a greeting and will rim me the first thing. I had a BI guy that I used to see and he was the best rimmer I have ever had and could rim me for a long time, but he would never kiss. I don’t really want to kiss a guy after he has rimmed me. He said kissing was too personal. Funny rimming is real personal too me.

  57. Chris

    I absolutely love rimming and I would call myself a versatile bottom. I can stay erect for a long time and make a good top, but I prefer to bottom and before that happens, something I like to do building up to that is eat a clean, sweet ass. I love it and I own it!

  58. Dude

    Vers/bttm here. I get asked numerous times if I will rim someone and my answer is always “no.” Then I get asked if they can rim me, and my answer is, “If it helps you enjoy the moment, sure.” But I get no pleasure from being rimmed. Also, when they do, I will not kiss them until they visit the bathroom. Just my thing.

  59. Chirocoyote

    Hey Dave. I am with you! Ass is gross lol. Total top here, other than I like to suck a nice cock too. But, with bodies like yours, love to fuck. Grossed out by fingering it though, and will NOT put my mouth anywhere near it lol. I like to put my cock in, but that’s all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. Steve

    I am curious to try dom top (skinny yng best) but am not into rimming a bottom I wonโ€™t touch, finger or rim an ass. I do like how Dave said he loves sucking would like to try getting a guy bj on cam too.

  61. Synn

    I’m the same way. I’m 100% oriented to cock, and find NOTHING attractive about ass. Not into rimming, fingering, toys, etc at all.

  62. Jeff

    โ€œLIFE is a banquet, and most poor suckers are STARVING to death!โ€ โ€• Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame.

    Being 100% of anything limits your chances of what can be good sex. Sure we all have our preferences. And for some of us those can change daily or from partner to partner.

    Is there anything wrong with a top who sucks dick? Or a bottom who rims?

    There are plenty of tops out there who might not consider anything going in them but still love getting it tongued. And a man who enjoys being rimmed will have a clue as to how to rim right, top or bottom.

    Some want to talk about risks of rimmimg, but there are risks in sucking too or any kind of sex except masturbation.
    Good hygeine should be a part of whatever you do.

    I really don’t see oral sex, front or back, as having anything to do with what position a man takes in anal sex. So 2 tops can suck and rim eachother just as well as 2 bottoms can. And if a guy is versatile then he has a bigger audience. Can we call oral just good fun for everyone?

  63. captainhooklives

    I find if in a secure monogamous relationship..I like it all..but a random Joe..nah..I have my boundaries. .especially 1 night stands..fingering an ass is 1 thing but rimming a stranger is another. .now..if it turns him on to rim my ass..who am I to argue? Lol..

  64. goldenloverinmym

    Dee I agree 100 lover n I r both versa.. I love to eat ass and get my ass eaten always foreplay for sum hot hard fuckin

  65. CentralFlBtm

    As a total bottom, I’m not into ass in any way, shape or form. I can appreciate if a guy’s got a nice butt, but that’s the extent of it, and as I only play with tops, or versatile guys who prefer to top, it’s not their ass I’m looking at ;-).

  66. Melvin

    I agree with Dee. All gays including Dave should remember that there are many people in world that think being GAY is gross perioe. Most of those people do not know the difference between bottom or top.

  67. latinlust69

    When I was a total bottom I liked to eat ass and hey rimmed. When I switched to total top I loved being rimmed but not fingered. I love being vers now

  68. craig

    I love eating ass (cleaned out of course). nothing tastes better than asshole (well maybe with the exception of cum), Ass eating is great.

  69. shakerrump

    I’m versatile but lean more towards a bottom. Great question because I’m on vacation in Hollywood,CA and me and my boy just showered and I just licked that ass and swallowed that Big Latin Cock. Here for a couple days y’all should join us. Lol

  70. Mark Thorpe

    in the course of yr m2m career youwill fully enjoy giving what u enjoy receiving and vice versa. thats the abondanza of m2m diknazz fucking.

  71. Johnny

    JC is correct. There is no such thing as a “clean” hole. If a guy fucks me, then there’s no way I’m sucking his cock until he’s been in the shower with a lot soap.

    Everyone talks about rimming as if it’s no big deal and perfectly safe.

    It’s not safe at all and anyone who says it is? They’re lying.

    To say it’s “silly” or “we’re too old for that” is simply sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the facts. An anus is an exit for excrement, plain and simple. Contact that with your tongue and you are risking the exact list of things JC says. It’s impossible to get one totally clean, ask ANY doctor.

    I’ll lick a pit, toes, cock, balls, whatever, but ass is off limits. And I won’t kiss a guy if he’s been rimming me, either.

    Feel achy, can’t drink as much alcohol as you used to, have yellowing skin or whites of the eyes? Diarrhea often? These are all signs you have either Hep or Giardia. It’s serious stuff and yes, can eventually kill you if not treated.

    Ignore this information at your own peril.

  72. Sam

    I’m not 100% anything and prefer vers guys, but that said, I know plenty of 100% tops who love to get rimmed. Sometimes it’s a gateway to trying more, sometimes not, but it’s always a source of pleasure for the guy receiving and it turns me on to give pleasure.

  73. Bob

    Hmmm! I just don’t don’t really understand the many idiosyncrasies with regard to a mans beautiful ass. Men are beautiful from head to toe and if you find a man that you are totally attracted to then pleasing him should come without hesitation. I have never met a man that didn’t love a tongue up his ass. Many don’t want cocks as they are proclaimed TOPS, but suck their dick, lick their balls and work your way down to that ass and they will go crazy. It’s fucking incredible to watch a hot ass top squirm when you eats the hell at of their hot ass. Most men are clean if this is something they enjoy. it’s nothing at all like licking a toilet JC… in fact it’s much more like making love and giving pleasure to the hot fucking top that is about to take you to heaven when he fucks the hell out of you. Big beautiful studs bring your hot sexy ass my way… let me bury my tongue in that hot manhole. WOOF!!! I’ve been eating ass for 30 years and have yet to get any kind of hep or other disease associated with my tongue being up a hot sweet masculine clean ass! Took me a little bit to get use to it Dave but once you get a beautiful clean ass on your face… and are thinking about pleasing the man not the hole… you will totally enjoy both him and his reaction to your pleasing him much more.


    I’m a bottom and I enjoyed when my ex used to rim me-when we were together once he cheated he lost ALL THIS :p- but I also enjoyed rimming him as well and he was a top.
    I find it funny how most guys complain about rimming and sees it as ‘disgusting because it’s dirty’ yet they want to be satisfied orally?????? We pee from there so should we still satisfy you in THAT area as well?

    I mean Top and Bottoms are assumed to be strictly loving penis and butts, but for me it’s whatever you’re into. I enjoyed kissing, jerking off, licking, massaging my boyfriend-when we were together- so I mean it depends on that other person. I have met bottoms on here who HATE getting rimmed and tops who hate getting blow jobs so it really depends.

    Me? Well I would like my butt to be treated respectfully and with care ๐Ÿ˜‰
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxox ~ GREYECHOES

  75. Jim

    Total bottom here, and asses do NOT entice me. Nothing about them piques my interest. Cocks? They will hold my attention all day. And, obviously, I have no issue with anything pertaining to my ass. Just other dudes’ asses do nothing for me.

  76. BigDickedBttm80

    As a power bottom, my rule is: if you don’t eat it, you don’t beat it.

    That being said, I LOVE tonguing a top’s (clean) ass before I get fucked!

  77. Matthew

    To say that someone is “missing out” for not wanting to rim someone is idiocy. As sexual beings, we all have preferences. If a man does not like to rim, his is not missing out because it’s against his preference. Would we say to a gay man “Oh you’re missing out becuase you are not having sex with a woman,”? Of course not! This statement was just dumb: ” I just feel like people are limiting themselves by following the top/bottom guidelines.” There are no “guidelines” for sex that people observe. Two people learn what each other likes.

    I am a total top and I will not rim ass. I’ve been with bottoms who have gone into the mode of pouty/whiny junior high girls at the prospect of not being rimmed. Time to zip up and leave.

    If you like rimming then don’t cry if you get Hep A/B/C.

  78. Scarpien

    To each his own. As a top, I enjoy eating a “fresh-from-the-shower/clean” ass. But it all depends how “into” the guy I am. However, I don’t like having my ass played with or eaten. And there are times I don’t even enjoy having my dick sucked.

  79. Phillip

    @JC: I think you’re being overly squeamish/worried about ingesting fecal matter by rimming. If the guy’s ass is clean, it’s clean… You’re not picking up amoebas or something by licking a clean hole!

    Personally, I’m 100% top, but I enjoy rimming sometimes. Generally if the guy’s ass is clean (and he’d better be, if he’s looking to have sex with someone!) AND it’s a really hot beefy bubblebutt, I’ll want to lick it before I stick it. Think of an amazing ass like Tom Katt in his prime… who wouldn’t want to rim a spectacular butt like that?!

  80. Marco

    I’m an official certified TOP who doesn’t like to rim anybody’s ASS! Haha
    When you think about what comes out of the tract and the residual excretions it leaves even In the pores of the “hole” …
    I’ve seen some beautiful assess but haven’t been inclined to rim.
    I’ve been asked if I wanted to be rimmed and thought to myself “yuck”, and if he only knew lol’ (although most don’t care).
    I use condoms even with a steady partner because you never know .
    It’s a matter of choice but make sure you know the risks of disease and I don’t just mean HIV. Research STDs and communicable diseases before you put your mouth / tongue onto or into an ass!

  81. jumar

    I love to be rimmed and I am 100% bottom and I love to rim a clean hole and fingered etc, etc.

    Funny thing I used to find it gross and I swear I will never do that….. my first time was the first time I did poppers and this guy came behind me, put me in myfour and started rimming my hole while I was doing poppers…..OHHHHHHHHHH mYYYYYYYY love at first lick!!! then he made me lick his and I was ultra horny and I tried and I LIKE IT!!
    To each his own; we all are aduts, we all take risks and we know the consecuences. Is a personal decision.
    I love it!! give anad take a good rim

  82. Dean

    I love to eat butt hole!! I love a hairy rim!
    I can eat butt hole for hours!! I once ate a dudes butt hole for 3 hours…was delicious. I give amazing rim jobs!

  83. Bryan

    I strictly a bottom and I do not like to get rimmed. But I love nothing more than rimming a guys nice ass while he is sucking my dick.

  84. goldenloverinmym

    my lover and I r both versa we have the best possible combination.we both love to rim and get rimmed.usuallaly foreplay for sum hard fucking.i agree with DEE I like all thing is now HWP

  85. Kyle

    Rimming is an interactive activity. If the bottom isn’t really into it or moaning and squirming I loose interest. It also can serve as the lube.

    But whatever the trains your down there it has got to be clean

  86. JustPassTheMayo, please...!

    ButtMunchers….gawd….hard to live with ’em….but some are very skilled.

    Me? I like to be facing the frontside of a man. I can recognize any man’s penis….face? I doubt it. And when I have a nice man near me….I love to have my hands on a set of hairy ass cheeks!

  87. buttboi

    100% bottom here.
    I don’t rim either! But you can eat my ass all day ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But I’ll suck a dick up like a brick through a straw.
    As Dee said….to each his own.

  88. Pete

    I am a VERY versatile and VERY oral bottom. I love getting my mouth all over a hard cock and licking smooth balls and ass! My ideal man is one who enjoys this type of mutual pleasure and that we can flip fuck. Agree with the previous poster regarding risks! I would not eat a hole unless I know it is clean. I moan like crazy when I am getting rimmed or fucked. My orgasms are convulsive when there is a tongue or cock up my ass!!!! Conversely I enjoy reciprocating to other bottoms and get very turned on sucking and rimming them.

  89. Joel

    I’m a bottom but YES I love licking my top guy’s ass!!! No I don’t like to lick a dirty ass but if my top man’s ass is clean then YES SIR let only my tongue & lips go to work on that hole:)

  90. Gert

    I think it depends on the moment. Am 100% bottom and not too keen in being rimmed but also don’t like a BJ. But more than willing to service the guy I am with and if he likes being rimmed and if he is attractive enough will rimm. I know some tops that love to be rimmed. But as the other comments say there are health issues

  91. Lookingforsteady

    I’m a total bottom and I to am totally not into rimming fingering or anything to do with an ass I do love mine licked or fingered before sex though.

  92. Dylan

    Dave, WTF….normally in right along with you and your opinions. But this? Cum on!!! There is NOTHING HOTTER than grabbing a 21-26yo (just preference to my fantasy) in their room, pushing them towards the bed, having them kneel on the very edge of the bed ass up face down, back arched. You get right in there and just slowly work the out side of his hole. Him being in the kneeling position enables him to do three things.
    1. He can stay there for the hour you intend to eat that hole.
    2. He can rock back and forth (this is an important sign as your bottom will want more in him as you rim and eventually fuck).look for the sign.
    3. Your going to rim him so well and drive him in to a frenzy where he will beg, YES I SAID BEG you to shove a cock in him! Ain’t nothing hotter!!!
    After working the out side you GENTLY force the tip of your tongue in to his hole (I said TIP only). And pull it out. Kinda like edging. You work that hole. This is where the rocking back on his knees will come in to play. He’ll want more. Give him a lil more. More rocking then eventually you’ve got him spread wide open and your face is wedged in there and tongue so deep it hurts the back of your mouth and throat. Pull out and bite his ass ever so gently both cheeks. Then slammm back in to what you started. He will eventually start ripping/pulling the sheets from across the bed as he won’t be able to contain himself. This is where he will BEG, yes BEG you to fuck him. It usually sounds exactly like this,”oh my fucking god!!! Shove that cock in me!!! PLEASE!!!! Fuck me deep!!!” Deny him that! Rim him for another couple of min. Reach under and feel that cock. It will be hard enough to smash a diamond. Keep rimming as you stand up. Then pull off and slide that cock deep in. One fluid motion. Watch his body!!! He will most definitely turn his head and give you that look. If you did this right there will be a huge puddle of cum underneath that boy. If the guy is hung enough, as a bonus and kind of a favorite, I love pulling their cock back between their legs and deep throating them. This usually boils them over. Never, EVER had one complaint. Dave you have to try this. You won’t be sorry. I said I’d never rim a guy until the lil hottie begged me. He was so in to it and that got me in to it. Now I’m a MASTER at it. Please try it once. You’ll see.

  93. WD

    A hot clean ass is a great thing. I find it totally hot to have my tongue probe and massage it. I could shoot my load that way and I can make others shoot, but I like to feel their loads blast between mu lips. Its also VERY hot to kiss a guy after his tongue has been in my ass.

  94. David

    As a total top, one of the best ways to pleasure a bottom, is to rim him. I especially enjoy a hot ass straddled over my face, my tongue lapping and licking, and slicking his hole moist. Tongue fucking him and getting him prepped for the bigger joy to cum. And while he is busily mashing his hot buttocks down into my face, he is simultaneously engorging himself, impaling his throat on my cock, getting it wet with desire and pre-cum oozing across his lips. It is called foreplay and that along with some hot nipple play can really get each other going! As long as they are clean and freshly showered (if not I offer them the use of my shower. If he seems allergic to water then he allergic to my tongue, too!), and I don’t brush my teeth before or after but rinse with a real mouthwash both before and after, I have never had any issues. Neither my dentist, nor my doctor have ever mentioned any health issues/concerns for my oral cavity. It is a matter of choice, and like in all situations, using your big head and your instincts. Occasionally, when playing the role of a Dom Top, I will make the submissive service my hole this his tongue…it feels great and it is the only “muscle” allowed near my hole.

  95. marty

    I can’t help it. Ever since third grade when for some reason I realized I couldn’t take my eyes off Danny M.’s perfect round mounds, it has been my favorite thing. Later I made excuses to be close enough to lightly brush against my cute classmates and cop a feel. Today, eating ass is always a part of the foreplay. I love for a guy to ask me to do it. That’s sweet music to my ears. I sometimes ask my guy if he can roll over and let me eat his ass until he can get up to feed me a second load.

  96. devimay

    Some already said how I like it, i am total top. 1. I got to be into the guy. 2. Ass must be fresh out of shower and smell like lavender. 3. Guy must had released himself, I don’t know what bottoms do but its a must. i can rim a nice ass for days. 4. I like my ass played with and rimmed BUT NO fingers or aanything going in lol 5. Rarely I see a dick I would suck. Must be cut, pretty looking and clean. Second they must not be heavy precummers, it grosses me out therefore most like will not suck them. I know, I have been called a selfish top.

  97. joe morriss

    I am a guy in my 60’s. I only rimmed a guy once, and that was 30 years ago—and I caught Hepatatis from it. I never rimmed anyone again. I never actually wanted to rim to begin with, but I had seen all sorts of porno videos where rimming was always shown as an automatic part of guy sex. So I did it. After I was so sick for 6 months I vowed never to rim again. Some guys seemed OBSESSED with wanting to rim; they have become quite insulting & angry at me when I say that I don’t rim out of fear of catching a diseases. They claim that “rimming does not give you a disease, it is a diseased person who does.” In other words, if you rim someone whom does not have diseases you won’t get sick. So I really don’t want to argue with people who are addicted to the practice. My real question here is this: Does it seem that only gay guys rim/get rimmed? Have you ever seen a Hetero/straight video or story or ANYTHING where straight guys rim women or get rimmed by women. I am sure there must be at least one or even a few, but there seems to be an overwhelming lack of straight-rimmers/rimming. If rimming feels so good physically, then why would not ALL guys (gay or straight) want it? A gay male butthole is the same as a hetero male butthole. Can any of you rimmers help me to understand where the pleasure for you is in rimming—is it physical? (your TONGUE feels pleasure?) or it is the pleasure psychological? (you are turned on at the THOUGHT of rimming man-ass; but you would not be turned on by rimming female-ass?) If blindfolded, could you tell if you had been rimming a man or a woman? Can anyone tell me where the pleasure from rimming is–physical (tongue), or psychological (the thought of it).

  98. paul anthony

    I am not a fan of rimming a mans asshole but i am bisexual have been married and i have eaten out plenty of female assholes i had a girlfriend that i was trying to convince to go out and get herself fucked in the ass with the full load deposited inside of her and rush home to me and sit on my face and let me have it!the closet we came to this was me fucking her pussy cumming in it and eating it out or fucking her snatch doggie style pulling out and spraying her inner ass cheeks and then putting ny face in between her ass cheeks and yum!i am a anal bottom with men and i love for my hole to be eaten out thouroughly and when im loosened up put that cock in my asshole and go to town !!!

  99. Chil Cruise

    Just to correct the comment above, hepatitis B & C do not have fecal-oral transmission; only A does. There are vaccines available for both A & B and they are both recommended for everybody by the CDC, especially for men who have sex with men.

  100. Dave

    Some of these comments are so gross and so ridiculous. I’ll have a gourmet dinner over then saying “eating ass and cum is so delicious”. No wonder our community is so hated. It’s just so absurd. Most of the commenters do not represent respectable gay men. You make gay people look vulgar and gross to others. Yo should be ashamed of yourselves. Now come back at me with a hissy comment. Typical…..

  101. Bill

    Not sure if anyone else already made the point, but I have found that rimming a top is often the very best way to get him super hard and ready to give me a deep hard banging.

  102. Jimy

    I myself enjoy being rim, I am what the other person want me to be, if he want me to be top, I will do that, If he want me to bottom I will do that, The guestion was ask why do most top guys don’t like to do anything but top, won’t suck won’t rim
    I myself is versatal and want it all

  103. AL

    I am in agreement with you, I don’t have fun with ass either, I think ass is disgusting. having said that, I will give up all the a man wants because I love me some dick….oh well, that’s my nickels worth….

  104. rim N Fuck Guy

    Wow, amazing that guys do not like ass! Simply the best as it I fuck then I rim, its required! No rim then no fuck!
    What is not to like about being rimmed as top or bottom, simply the best!

    Take the time to savor the experience!

  105. JC

    If those of you who’ve called me out here don’t want to take the word of an anonymous poster on a hook-up site’s blog, fair enough. After all, one could reason, I might not know what I’m talking about regarding the pathogen issues associated with rimming or the consequences thereof.

    But don’t then write on here how safe rimming is, how it is just a matter of personal choice, etc. guided by your own sexual desires. Because you just might not know what YOU are talking about and your words influence others to do what is most certainly not a great idea, health-wise.

    I would like to see the OP, or maybe the operators of this site, persuade a disinterested third party to chime in on this subject while not hiding behind a screen name. To be relevant to this discussion, that party would be an accredited professional with specialties in internal medicine and infectious diseases. It would be enlightening to obtain advice regarding rimming from someone who has made the avoidance and/or cure of disease his or her life’s calling.

    There is a good reason the doctor uses a glove each and every time he or she performs a digital rectal exam to search for prostate issues.

  106. Sammy

    Hey i m bottom, and I get turn on by seeing nice shaped ass. I just cant resist to touch it… feeel it.. rim it.. I wanna lick my tops ass… put my face inside it… let him seat on my face… lovely…

  107. Jeff

    I agree with Dave! I don’t like to rim an ass either. In fact, I lost a really hot young jock boy because I wouldn’t rim his ass. It was always sweaty and grossed me out! YUCK! But, give me a hot cock and a nice pair of nuts and look out! I’m down on ’em! ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. brian

    Its actually really weird..even though I’m def more of a bottom..I’ve never got any enjoyment from being rimmmed…it does nothing for me…if a guy has a hot ass..I’ll rim it…but thats it

  109. Dan

    Amazing how you let some of the grossest comments stay on here. No wonder gays are so hated. Clean up your act guys. Stop embarrassing the community.

  110. Steve


    100% Bottom here (okay 98%). Just because I’m a bottom doesn’t keep me from playing with another guys ass. If I can give someone else the same pleasure I enjoy (fingers, rimming, toys, carefully selected things in my butt), absolutely! It’s fun and since I know what feels good to me, I should be able to provide the same pleasure big-time.

    I agree with anyone who says you are at risk for diseases as we all are, having contact with anyone. And we all now it isn’t always convenient to second guess the other persons hygiene. But do. Make it a part of the conversation if possible before you start having too much fun and it gets away from you.

    As I’ve said before, it doesn’t make any difference if the partner is top, bottom or vers, I can (and will) adapt to their needs and we will have a blast!

  111. Cockcumassucker

    Man I love to eat a nice “clean ass”.. as well as have mine eaten too.. also luv servicing a nice pr of feet too.

  112. James Manley

    Evidently, somebody’s never had a real ass rimming. When you find the guy that makes love with his tongue, it could change your mind. I love to make love to a nice little hole till my tongue as makes your body tremble. Babe, I enjoy what I’m eating and promise satisfaction. ECSTASY.

  113. Me

    Don’t usually comment on these blogs, but always find them interesting. I don’t think it’s irrelevant, like some comments have said. I love eating ass!! It’s a shame I didn’t really get into it until my 30’s, now in my 40’s. It’s something that is rarely expected, but always enjoyed on either side. Vers top. I think it’s funny that clean is commonly mentioned. Who the fuck are you guys having sex with? Not into dirty guys, and have rarely had that issue. I guess older guys have got the hang of this sex thing. Big hint, clean that shit out in the shower. They make good douches that you can buy at a sex shop, or take a shower head off of the end of the hose and shove it up there. They carry them at any home store. If you’re dirty and don’t take care of yourself before sex I don’t want to eat your ass or shove my dick up there. A musky asshole does taste good, as well as the rest of a manly smelling guy~

  114. Tybo

    I find it quite a turn on to eat my tops ass before he goes to pound town on my fuck truck!!! I’m also one that believes if i expect it then I should be prepared to do it, regardless of what it might be. I i also have a few checks and balances b4 i go that far south!!!! I find it easy to clean out to the point where water runs pretty damn clean, then proceed to wash the outer limits with tea-tree shampoo, which is a natural anti-bacterial and viral cleanser, then follow up with a dose of tea-tree oil after drying off and such. That’s just my Lil regimen.

  115. Dan

    Glad to see guys sticking up for their preferences, but haven’t seen enough commenters stand up to JC and the other righteous fear-mongerers on here. A few facts:

    1. Hepatitis A, B, and C can all be prevented by vaccination. Don’t know where all of you live, but in my home state of California, Hep B vaccination is mandatory by the age of 16, and Hep A vaccine can be gotten for free from any county Health Dept. as well as most private clinics. Hep C is extremely rare in the US, where it mostly only affects the elderly and mental patients living in substandard care homes where the workers fail to follow regulations.

    2. Uncooked meat can have bacteria and parasites; that’s why you cook it. Unwashed butt can have bacteria and parasites; that’s why you wash it. If you weren’t homeschooled by religious nutjobs who prevented you from learning any science like certain commenters, you know that bacteria are single-celled organisms with fragile membranes that can be broken by a variety of effective methods, including, but not limited to:
    -washing with soap and water
    -applying alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or other disinfectants
    -applying friction and heat

    3. If you do get giardia or the more common types of parasites, you don’t become some type of “silent carrier.” You’ll know. You’ll feel queasy, you poop them out over the course of a day or two, and you won’t call the guy back. Of course, if you want to really protect your intestines from these diseases, don’t eat at McDonald’s or Taco Bell. Eating butt is wonderful, but eating fast food is just nasty.

    In conclusion, don’t eat JC’s butt and you’ll be fine.

  116. david w

    yes I am a a 100% bottom, but I look at guys with great asses, and rim them as well, nothing to be embarrassed about, I am a man and I like looking at a great ass, even though I like mine getting filled thats all that matters anyway, we can look but not touch and feel, just as long as my ass gets filled I am all good with it

  117. DaddyDon

    Wow! Best response I’ve seen here on any question in eons! To each his own. And it has nothing to do with Top or Bottom! For myself I like nothing better than rimmng a fine ass and fucking the hot man who appreciates it.

  118. scott

    if its a nice ass, no hair, and clean-i will eat it. some of my bi-men contacts love my tongue. its no big deal-str8 men eat woman ass all the time.

  119. Sitrop

    JC, your logic for not eating ass is so flawed. Sex is not a “clean” act. You run the risk of all kinds of germs during sex. I love eating a clean ass. Out of the shower is best. So stop being such a judgmental church-lady

  120. tom

    i’m a top and i LOVE having my ass rimmed. in fact, one time a guy was rimming me and i don’t know what he was doing back there, but i shot my load without even touching my cock while being rimmed. love the feeling of intense pleasure i get from being rimmmed.

  121. Ryan

    I am a 100% total bottom. I love my ass to be ate, but I will not go near anyone else’s ass. I tell the guys up front I do not go there and I don’t expect them to go there with me, but they are more than willing to eat my hole. Getting my hole ate just drives me up the wall. I will not finger either.

  122. David

    I’m 100% bottom but love a hot clean ass on a guy. I will eat it if he’s game. A lot of guy’s think I’m a top because I can rim so well .

  123. JC


    By “fecal residue,” I was not referring to the little bit of brown-colored stuff that may remain if you don’t wipe your ass clean enough after a dump. Ewwwww. I know, but some guys just aren’t meticulous back there.

    I was referring to the clear-colored substance that a doctor gets on his glove when conducting a prostate-related rectal exam. My doc spreads that colorless slime on a lab slide to be tested after the exam is over. This slime consists of a combination of organic material from just inside the patient’s anal opening and any lube used to make the exam less painful.

    My doc has referred to this slime as “feces” as he spread it on the slide. I think he would call it something else if it was not feces.

    This is what I referred to in an earlier post as “fecal residue.” It is what one’s tongue comes into contact with–even with an allegedly clean ass–when rimming. It does carry pathogens consistent with disease.

  124. Eric

    I am 100% bottom…..but put a nice in my face and I want to dive right in. I am not ashamed to say I love eating ass…just as much as I love having my eaten and pounded!!!


    I am a bottom,I do not top,rim,finger or touch ass..I would prefer to have a top take control and if he likes to rim,finger me , then let the good times roll.I prefer to have my ass played with before being penetrated..Rimming gets me loosened up and ready to accept my partner.I have a rather hung friend,that likes to really get me ready for his massive member.If he did not take the time he knows I couldn’t handle his girth and length..He works hard to prepare my ass for his entrance, because he is rewarded by me taking every inch of him..Without the ass play it would be uncomfortable to say the least. He has me begging for it..Hygiene is key with anal..enema, colon cleanse, etc..

  126. Sukusenseless

    I love it when a guys says, “I’m strictly a top!” I say, “A top is just a bottom who’s not had his ass eaten correctly!” Over the years, I’ve turned more tops into bottoms or at least vers, by showing them how erotic and amazing a good rimming (of a nice, clean ass) can be.
    My favorites are “straight college guys” who are just looking to get their cock sucked. But, when they’re laying back, getting great deep-throat head and you start to lick down below their balls, rarely have I had one that didn’t let me at least play with his ass, or rim him. Once you’ve got the whole “suck/stroke the dick, fondle/lick balls” thing, going on simultaneously, they usually love getting rimmed (gotta be clean, tho).

  127. slitmee

    Well, I’m not a bottom per se, but I do not like to rim ass…but I’ve tried it on rare occasions, and only liked it once! It was the cleanest and freshest tastiest ass I believe I’ve ever had. It tasted like candy…and that boy was sexy and hot as hell…it was like a gift from heaven…maybe because he was Irish?!

  128. Robert

    Absolutely love it, but I must say, those are the most unappealing asses you chose to post as pics for this post haha

  129. LarryD

    I live to eat ass. It is my favorite, although licking hairy balls is a close second. In fact, while I’m not attracted to straight guys beyond being able to recognize a good looking man, I must confess I have seen a straight ass or two I would love to eat. #keepsagging

  130. tommy

    If you have never been rimmed you are missing out. I have never done it but I would like to try. For me it is the best part before the cock enters. It also means the top is really into you. As I get older, I want to move to more of a top and so I would like to learn how to do this safe.

  131. darryl

    I had a feeling there would be many responses to this question. Guys, there are no rules when it comes to sexuality, and what turns you on. Each Man is different, so one would try to bury his head inside a Man’s hole if he could. Others say not one bit closer lol. The same could be said about oral sex. So it’s all about what get’s you off. Make sex fun!

  132. tr

    I hate to be judgemental, but it’s time. I was a total top for decades. Love men. Love their bodies. Love sex. Love love love sex. Then a few years ago my boyfriend with a raging hard on refused to let me sit on his cock, because he was a bottom. We broke up a few months later, and that’s when I came upon so many whiney self ccentered bottoms who only care about their own pleasure. I finally gave up n now I bottom. At least now some tops are getting a hot fuck. My advise- shut up and eat his hole. Eat it like a man. Give your top the pleasure he deserves!

  133. Alain

    I so completely agree with you! An ass hole has no erotic value for me, I find it repulsive, would never put my mouth there. But the cock…
    The most beautiful part of a man!! I can worship a nice one for hours!

  134. Mario

    Versatile/top. I enjoy tongue fucking ass and the more they moan the harder I get. My hang up is meeting a guy that cannot practice proper hygiene – If the object is to get fucked, douche! If I smell anything I lose my entire desire and will leave then have to endure a nasty smelling ass.

  135. TonyMazinga

    I’m more of a Bottom than I am a Top. I once accidentally farted inside a guy’s mouth while 69’ing him with me on top giving him head while he enjoyed my ass… suddenly, I accidentally farted in his mouth. I was embarrassed. I looked behind me over the horizon of my backside and all I could see was dude’s head collapse back and gasping for air. The sight if it looked funny as hell, and we both got a good laugh out of it. But in my mind, I was Very embarrassed. Nonetheless, he and I still had a great time and our session was a gas! But hey, we’re only human- and those fart accidents do happen.
    That incident was almost 20 years ago… since then, I never wanted to get rimmed ever again. I meet guys who enjoy getting rimmed, and I kindly ask them to douche and shower Before I lick their ass. I love the taste of a freshly showered clean ass that’s been through lots of soap.
    If a guy wants to rim me, I would freshen up as well before meeting him, washing and douching myself with lots of soap (anti-bacterial soap and shampoo work fine for me). Otherwise, I let it be known up front that I am not into rimming either giving or receiving it. To each his own.

  136. TonyMazinga

    Another thing I’ll add. Even if some of us don’t like to get rimmed; we still enjoy having our taints licked. And even so, I make sure I shower and wash my ass so it’s smells Man-fresh before a guy licks my taint. I also enjoy licking taints… but if a guy’s nearby buttcrack smells like worn sweaty skidmarked underwear after a hard day’s work, I’m Not even gonna go down there. To the shower my friend, so that I can lather you up and Then snack on that gooch, and perhaps I’ll even toss yer Salad! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  137. Pete

    Nope, nope, nope. I don’t like rimming, or having anything to do with an ass that isn’t mine. I love the fact that there are guys who want to rim my ass and fuck me and do other fun stuff with my ass, but I want their cock, not their ass.

  138. Eric

    i’m a total bottom and i have never had my ass eaten by a top. despite what you see in gay porno, tops don’t wanna lick your booty, and they don’t pull out either. i like to get my face up into an ass crack, especially a black top’s ass crack. a sweaty one fresh from the gym is best. i’ll lick that ass crack sweat off anytime, then work my tongue up around and into that chocolate booty hole. i don’t have a real long tongue, but it knows how to find those “whoo!” spots up in a chocolate hole. yes sir. anyone who’s had me under their rim seat, or my rim seat, likes to sit down, smoke some weed, watch some porn and squeeze my nips hard when my tongue is in the right place doin a good job. i’m knowing how to make love to a black top’s booty boy hole.

  139. JD

    Again, really delving into those hard hitting deep issues impacting us all.

    My take…it’s absolutely one of the most disgusting acts one can do to another person. I remember in a high school health class a video narrator was reading off types of oral sex and when he said “mouth to anus” the entire room erupted in groans of disgust and laughter. It was quite funny.

  140. muzyqman

    I love when another man rims me, for as long as he likes. I have great patience for something that feels so good. But I’ve never rimmed anyone else–at least, not on purpose. Once, the man I was with moved. It took me about 3 seconds to realize that the feel and taste of the skin under my lips was different, and I moved my head elsewhere. In the last 10 years, I’ve always wanted to try this, but the opportunity never came up. So I’m still waiting. If the right ass presents itself, who knows?

  141. bttmboiky

    I am a total bottom. I like a nice ass. Be they top or bottom. A nice ass is always nice to touch and play with if the other guy likes it. I like to have my ass licked and fingered, especially if the top is thick. I will rim and finger the top if they like it. A good prostate massage along with a really good blowjob is great. But what it all comes down to is boundaries. Some people have them and some dont. Just put them on the table from the beginning and then everyone has fun.

  142. Ronnie Leigh

    I am mostly a bottom. LOVE to be rimmed. It is a prelude to some hot sex. To have a tongue in my ass as far as it will go is mind blowing. It also can serve as a good lube. Do it long enough and I’m good to go.
    I have rimmed a man, but not very often. Usually so hot when he’s done I’m ready for a good fucking lol.
    If you are clean I see nothing wrong with it. But it BETTER be clean

  143. Andrew

    I can lick ass but the guy has to have a clean ass and I am turned on by him! The first poster is correct you can Hep A, B, or C but you should get a shot from a doctor to cover it. But you should be careful eating ass, only eat ass of a guy who had a shower and his butt is clean. You can tell also if the guy ass smells LOL!

  144. goldenloverinmym

    0nce again HELL YES my lover n I both versa got to lick it before we stick it!!!! if it aint clean enough to lick it aint clean enough to fuck he agrees with me

  145. John

    I mostly am a Bottom, have Topped but prefer other. I Love to have my clean ass rimmed for hours, the feel of a mans tongue, lips, face stubble gently glazing my manhole is a total turnon. I do also get into rimming, exploring a clean ass, it is a big part of foreplay for me !

  146. JC

    Dan (June 28, 04:09):

    1) You are incorrect. There is NOT at present a publicly available vaccine for Hep C. The CDC is working on one (visit their website or google “Hepatitis C vaccine”). You are correct that Hep C is less common in our part of the world than A or B, but it is of growing concern here, especially among the gay male population. Gee, I wonder why…

    2) If you live in a state that mandates everyone get the Hep B vaccine by a certain age, you live in a very progressive state and hats off to them! Most people do not.

    3) I never claimed that if you contract giardia or any number of similar gastrointestinal illnesses that you would become a “silent carrier.” You will absolutely not be “silent,” and you will know you are sick and probably wish you could die. You will not feel better until you are treated with flagyl or other prescription meds. You just don’t “poop them out” as you wrote and that’s the end of it. But you CAN spread such diseases to others until you are cured through both sexual and more casual/common contact until you are totally cured.

    4) Lastly, can we keep to debating the subject matter, using actual facts, and avoid the snarky personal attacks?

  147. JC

    If you truly must rim, and want to do it a lot more safely, there are ways to compromise.

    1) Use a dental dam. There are varieties that have been around for about 20 years now designed specifically for oral-genital and oral-anal contact. Google it, or ask a lesbian friend. They are often more knowledgeable on this subject.

    2) Create your own barrier. Use a layer or two of Saran Wrap between your tongue and the ass. Make sure it’s NOT the microwave-safe variety; those have microscopic holes that might defeat the effectiveness. There is a technique I saw once in an online video for properly positioning the Saran Wrap so it’s tucked snugly in the ass crack; this required the use of the hands of both parties. Bottom line: the “rimmer” gets the “thrill” of doing the nasty; the “rimmee” gets much of the feeling. Unless the “rimmer’s” tongue pierces the Saran Wrap, this is a lot safer than going without a barrier.

  148. Ken

    Man, I love to eat ass for hours, especially a big hairy guy…….sitting on my face sucking my cock while I tongue his hairy hole.

  149. Ryan

    All these ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww comments about a mans fuckhole.Pretty weird.I know I speak for many of my brothers out there when I say few things are hotter than a nice ripe sweaty hairy hole to eat.:)

  150. Gary

    I love to eat an ass out. I love it as much as kissing and sucking cock. I guess I love to do it b/c I Love to get it so much and I know how good it feels. If you have not tried rimming, you have to. It is one of the great joys of being gay. Give me some poppers and a guy I like and I can go at his ass for quite some time. I love to rim and I love even more to get rimmed.

  151. Josh

    Thanks for this as it gives me a perfect venue to ask my question – it has become biggest let peeve and I honestly don’t understand the mentality behind “total bottom.” I like both, top and bottom, tho if I had to choose I couldn’t live without getting fked. I’m talking to someone and everything is perfect until the dreaded what are you into question
    And I’m just hoping they don’t say the dreaded total bttm. It sets me
    Off like because can someone pls tell me WTBFD is
    To top someone for 15 minutes that just spend a hour taking care of
    You (or will spend).
    I don’t think it’s asking for much, you lose out on intimacy by not doing both and you lose a potential meaningful encounter just because
    You refuse to do something that should bepretty natural for most
    Men. Granted if the penis is too small i understand.
    And it’s not like you are asking someone to bottom which can be painful.
    And my arguments have convinced a few so called total bottoms to at least try which is a I wanted and I was very happy. So why won’t more do that?? I ask again WTBFD ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you

  152. BluntDick

    I’m 100% bottom too.. And if i meet a guy and he doesn’t eat ass I’m kinda turned off now lol. I love it so much i got myself a fuckboy who does just that! I go over his house whenever i feel to be eaten out and licked all over. If i meet a guy with a sexy ,clean ass and he wants the favor returned , I’m up in that booty. My husband will have to eat ass no matter how handsome he is :p

  153. Rimming101

    If you’re going to rim, get vaccinated against Hepatitus A and Hepatitus B. It is easy to get these vaccines (sometimes they are combined) at your sexual health clinic. If you don’t have a clinic nearby and are shy at the doctor’s tell them you are going to the Dominican Republic and want to get it done. Hep C is only a risk if there is active bleeding..for those of you putting your finger in the asshole, watch those finger nails! The skin is easily torn. Unfortunately, giardia and parasites are a risk to rimming, but they are not untreatable afflictions. For those really concerned about safe rimming, use a dental dam or cut open a condom into a square and use it as a barrier between your tongue and the hole. I admit I like rimming, also only clean ass. Yes there are risks to other forms of sex eg. blowjobs.

  154. Tim

    Actually google fecal transplants, rimming might actually be healthy for a person to regain a proper micro-organism balance in the intestines….seriously they are transplanting feces from one person to another and in some diseases, it is working very well, like IBS.

    Lick my ass might be a new type of treatment….yet I always use a hot shower in fore play if it’s going there…and a hot shower in after play…

    So few guys really know good after play, and it can be just as gratifying as fore play….either goes one of 2 ways, into another round of sex, or excellent relaxation and soothing touch….with a great nights sleep….clean up optional…

  155. mark patterson

    i am sexually monogamous with a bi stud for 30 years,he has a 25yr old relationship with a woman,whom they are now just friends,she’s cool with it,i don’t rim him,or he me neither,it takes a WOW,WOW GUY for me to think or do that,and showered for sure,CRAP PEOPLE,HE HAS STRAIGHT VIDEOS,AS HE ENJOYS WATCHING WOMEN,MEN REGULARLY,REGULARLY SCREW THE WOMAN’S ASS,THEN GO TO THEIR VAGINA,AND MOUTH,I HEARD LONG AGO,THIS CAUSED VAGINAL INFECTIONS???,THEY FORCE,””AKA BRIAN PUMPER'”,REGULARLY WOMEN TO RIM THEM NOW,STRAIGHT MEN ARE INTO THIS BIG,NOT ONLY GAYS

  156. Pat

    I totally agree. You might think your clean back there but give me a good ol “PETER PRINCIPLE” any day !!! I like cock and could suck on one all day long. I don’t care what flavor he is……………… Nothing like a good penis to lick and drool over.

  157. steve kay

    I’m a 100% top. But I’m also a Nurse in Health Care. There are soooooooooooooooo many diseases you can get from rimming. The 1st one is easy to figure out. Its E.Coli, which is in fecal matter, no matter how clean you think your butt is. In Nursing School, they had these gross pictures of what happened to some people after rimming. These pixs were sooooooooooooo gross, I decided right then and there that I would NEVER rim anyone else.

  158. Alejandro

    A man’s body is beautiful and includes his ass. To rim a man is everyone decision. Personally, to have a good man rim you is awesome, it is a erotic and touches your senses to new high. A clean ass is best and to clean up inside your ass is good and will be hours of pleasure over and over again.

  159. joey

    It’s like anything else, if you choose to do it then do it. I was with a GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT guy who loved to rim, but it wasn’t my thing and he respected that I didn’t want to do it or have it done to me. I thanked him by given him the ultimate blowjob. It all comes down to your comfort level and respect between you and your guy.

  160. Charles

    I love to rim and get rimmed, however it must be squeaky clean. I got rimmed so well once, I shot cum
    all the way to my chin. Then he fucked me and I shot another load. As long as it’s all clean, rimming is so hot.

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