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 Support the GAYSPCA and help an insecure gay man put down his phone….

“Every day, thousands of gay men do not leave the house until their selfie gets enough likes for them to feel secure” said Gay comedian Phillip Henry. While you watch this parody about gay guys searching for validation, you will laugh your heart out and will re-think how to take the perfect selfie. Did you know that on average, a selfie is the product of 30 photos taken and 35 minutes of editing?

What’s your opinion on people putting selfie on Facebook and Instagram allllllll the time?

Watch the parody below



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  1. JA-

    Jesus Christ that was hilarious. So many self pics seem like that —planned and edited. This made me laugh so hard.

  2. robert

    Never done a selfie, not on twitter, instagram, facebook, or any other social media site and never intent to be.

  3. Chil_Cruise

    And what’s even more hilarious and sad at the same time is when they put “not looking”, “not into hookups” or “just looking for friends” on a sex site/app when you know the pictures speak louder than those words, that they’re just dying to get some. They’re just code words for “I’m a potential BF material and not a slut” without any hint of irony just in case somebody they wanna date stumbles upon their profile.

  4. Name

    Guys I’m not gay enough because I don’t take selfies.. or you know, maybe it’s just because were not all stereotypes like you seem to think.

  5. einathens

    I’m thinking of establishing an outreach to teach 3-point lighting to young homosexuals.

    And wtf is up with this ducklips nonsense? I don’t need to know how small you can make your mouth. I need to know how wide you can open it.

  6. Tim

    Roflmgao. My man is like this. He even has his fag hags watching for updates. Over Easter he went to Atlanta and posted 24 pics of himself… And one, yes one, with his sister. His parents, other siblings, and relatives didn’t make the cut. Yes he is a narcissist. There are worse things.

  7. Twinkerz

    Lol!! Too funny. Yes I am a selfie whore! My Instagram page is filled with gay hashtags and tons of selfies. I didn’t know I needed help… :O

  8. Frank

    That had me rolling on the floor I think I wet myself. I couldn’t agree more with some of the other comments her too! I LOVE how some will post these photos of them trying to look all seductive and in hookup mode, BUT then state “not into hookups”, “looking for friends only”, etc. What’s truly hilarious are these are the SAME guys you’ll see at the bathhouse after the bars close on the weekend!

    This was priceless and hopefully some will rethink taking selfies!

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