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Hey guys,

So last month I wrote about a journey into solo anal play and exploration with some toys that were on sale, and taking them at my own pace.

First there was the Devi, slowly and subtly opening you up. A lot a fun and great for just a nice session, or as an opening act.

So then I wanted something fun to gain some length and enjoy textures. I found The Manticore. At first I was put off by it. But it was on sale and the textures in the picture looked great and with it’s 8 inches, could definitely help me go deep. The pictures are awesome and do the detail justice. The ridges, bumps and spikes were all great and fantastic

Immediately upon delivery and opening the box, nothing fancy, cellophane package, it is what it is.Pick it up and you notice that it’s heavier than you anticipated. This is not a gelled or immediately soft toy, not floppy or weak. When warmed up, in the shower or hot tub (if you have one) it can get quite pliable). So there plenty of softer beads out there but I’m much happier to have this.

The Manticore is like 3 toys in one.

The enlarged head bead is great for a butt plug, a nice texture change after smooth glass. The bumps and ridges are all highly defined. So having just the head alone is almost orgasmic for a bit. Then 2ndly it’s the ridge, bumps and separation of beads.

Taking each bead is a fun challenge, each a new feeling and a new ridge of course this is where the tough part come for some when bottoming. Gaining some length training and loosening up those muscles. Knowing what to expect one day when you meet a guy with an 8 incher and you don’t wanna say no!. So take the beads at your own pace. I found myself quickly going down three. Worked the 4th in for a few days and then worked the 5th with it’s wide base for a week. After that I changed speeds and started to have some real fun.

3rd, it’s practically a dildo. The  core being a harder plastic allows is to be much more reinforced when pushing and pulling it with the handle. It doesn’t flop around, it goes where you want When you tackle the length of the beast it’s really a fun ride at high and low speeds and start adding some twist and a really no slip handle.

There is very little noise if you don’t want there to be, but if you want to shoot for a show, the right motion and speed and popping is pretty loud and clear. So simple to clean up and in black you never really notice any wear and tear as you would with flesh toned toys . 

This toy is intensely fun. Be it a quickie before work, a night in, or a clean out in the shower before heading to a club. The Manticore is more a gentleman then most beast you’ve had in your bed.

Next month I’ll be writing about a charming and intimidating toy named Victor. All I really have to say right now about him is, WOW, he’s such a fun shower buddy in the morning!..


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  1. slow mo

    honey, I had victor last night at dinner and afterwards at home. mr victor is virile, vivacious and very accommodating. I highly recommend yall giving him a call for a good time.

  2. Hunter0500

    The best sex toys are connected to flesh and blood men with hearts and brains. Pieces of rubber or plastic in any configuration are going to come up short.

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